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June 14, 2017

Atty. Manuel P. Quibod
Dean of College of Law
Atty. Lydia Galas
Assistant Dean College of Law
Ateneo de Davao University

IN RE: Denial of 1st and 2nd Appeal letter

To whom it may concern,

I am Emilio A. Dayanghirang IV, am appealing once again for reconsideration for me to
be allowed to enroll in the Ateneo College of Law this 1st semester, School-year 2016-2017.

To show my resolve in finishing my law studies in this institution, I am appealing once
again while the adding and dropping period has not yet elapsed. At this point, I would just like to
reiterate that I am imploring you to grant me a second chance since as a previously regular student,
Civil Procedure and Social Legislation were my first subject failures during my entire stay in this
University, my grade of 65 in Civil Procedure being a 5 unit subject ultimately played a huge role
in lowering my annual QPI.

I sincerely apologize for not being to step up to the increased challenge of being a second
year regular student; when I finished my first year with an annual qpi of around 80, my work ethic
would have to be double for me to have any hopes of replicating or surpassing my previous
performance; now I have learned my lesson the hard way that the stress of having my dreams on
limbo is much greater than studying for any exam or recitation, and I am more than ready to make
amends for it.

I’d like to reiterate that I was fighting through the Dengue fever and dealing with the loss
of my grandfather during the first semester where I nonetheless was able to pass all my subjects.
But since my grades were not as high as I had wanted it to be, it left me without a buffer to answer
for these unexpected failures this second semester.

Likewise, both my parents are proud graduates of this institution, while they, like me, are
hopeful that I be reconsidered, getting removed from this school would be quite a tough pill for us
to swallow as my failure would have brought great disappointment and pain to the people who had
supported my endeavors even beyond their obligations to me as their eldest son.

Lastly, to bolster this appeal, should I still fail to reach the required QPI this year, I am
waiving any right to appeal next year. I understand that this university has a reputation to
maintain and that I have fallen miserably short of that standard this year as 2nd year regular student;
all that I ask, is that, I be given just one chance to redeem myself. Thank you and good day.

Sincerely yours,
Emilio A. Dayanghirang IV