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Rubric for Essay

Teacher Name: Engr. Jumar. Dimpas
Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 - Above Standards 3 - Meets Standards 2 - Approaching Standards 1 - Below Standards Rating
Evidence and Examples All of the evidence and Most of the evidence and At least one of the pieces of Evidence and examples are
examples are specific, examples are specific, relevant evidence and examples is relevant NOT relevant AND/OR are
relevant and explanations are and explanations are given that and has an explanation that shows not explained.
given that show how each show how each piece of evidence how that piece of evidence supports
piece of evidence supports supports the author's position. the author's position.
the author's position.

Sentence Structure All sentences are well- Most sentences are well- Most sentences are well constructed, Most sentences are not
constructed with varied constructed and there is some but there is no variation is structure. well-constructed or varied.
structure. varied sentence structure in the

Grammar & Spelling Author makes no errors in Author makes 1-2 errors in Author makes 3-4 errors in grammar Author makes more than 4
grammar or spelling that grammar or spelling that distract or spelling that distract the reader errors in grammar or
distract the reader from the the reader from the content. from the content. spelling that distract the
content. reader from the content.

Transitions A variety of thoughtful Transitions show how ideas are Some transitions work well, but The transitions between
transitions are used. They connected, but there is little some connections between ideas are ideas are unclear OR
clearly show how ideas are variety fuzzy. nonexistent.

Rating vs. Equivalent Points
4 - 20 Points
3- 15 Points
2- 10 Points
1 - 5 Points