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Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

Many thanks to Thomas Laborey and the team at and translated by Thomas Laborey. Kizz belongs to, including Antoine Drouart and Thomas Kelly Henley; Raven is by Thomas Laborey;
Lampert, authors of the French RPG Contes de Fées. Légerdoigt inspired by a character by David Elliott
While CdF is very different than Seven Leagues, it was and Art Feldman.
nevertheless a significant inspiration for this game. In
addition, Mr. Laborey helped considerably during All illustrations are in the public domain, except a
Seven Leagues’ development with his generous advice few which are ©2005 Hieronymous. Cover image is
and thoughtful comments. taken from “The Fairy’s Funeral” by John Anster
Christian Fitzgerald. Should you find any
I also owe at least a nod if not a deep bow to the illustrations herein that you believe to be
other game sources, direct and indirect: to Philippe copyrighted, contact the publisher at once.
Tromeur for the inspiring Wuthering Heights RPG,
Marc Miller for Traveller (first edition) and above all Seven Leagues is typeset in 11 point Cochin; titles are
to Denis Gerfaud for Rêve de Dragon (Rêve: the Dream in Glasgow. Made with Macintosh.
Ouroboros in English). These games may bear little
overt resemblance to Seven Leagues, but they were Dedicated to O.S., C.N., and E.M., who someday
nevertheless an important influence. may read it.

Thanks also to the playtesters and advisors: Jeb
Boyt, Tom Gerrow, David Givens, Mike Greene,
Kelly Henley, Darin Henley, Whit Madere and Jade
Tinnerman as well as suggestions from the Forge:
Ron Edwards, Ironick, Kenji, Bill Masek, Selene Tan
and other contributors to Any
defects in the game are doubtless due to my not
listening to them closely enough.

Certain brief passages were contributed by Thomas
Laborey and David Givens. “You Only Live
(Happily Ever After) Twice” is by Antoine Drouart
Victor Vasnetsov

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

Acknowledgments ...................................................... i
Contents ......................................................................ii
What is a Roleplaying Game? .................................. 1
Introduction ............................................................... 4

Part the First: Once Upon a Time... ............................. 6
Character Creation ................................................ 7
Roll Thirteen ........................................................ 12
Conflict ................................................................. 16
Adjudicating Charms & Taboos ......................... 23
Disasters .............................................................. 26
Influencing the Story ........................................... 29
Character Growth ............................................... 31
Seven Protagonists ............................................... 36

Part the Second: The Hut on Chicken Legs ................ 43
Nature .................................................................. 44
Provinces .............................................................. 46
Domains ............................................................... 74
Mortals ................................................................. 76
Troupes.................................................................. 79
Antagonists .......................................................... 82

Part the Third: Tales ................................................ 91
The Emperor’s Painting ...................................... 92
You Only Live (Happily Ever After) Twice ........ 100
The Ass’ Skin.......................................................108
Edmund Dulac
Appendix: Character Sheets...................................... 121

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

Potentially an RPG involves an roles of the characters of that story. activity for fun that is to be won. moral. That is the experience at the heart of a roleplaying E. a satisfying roleplaying game is as In simplest terms. yet carry the seriousness and heaviness of the desire to win. The unexpected twist in the plot. When we were children. Finite and Infinite Games). A novelist or playwright writes in improvisation as their currency. But what is a adult level of intellectual. But in fact the objective of winning is not inherent to the notion of a game. ambiguity in the latter. the are an imperial art collector trapped in a literal unforeseen character reactions. RPGs are by definition social. in an RPG there are no “winners” or “losers”. The result is you’re the cowboy” is at its root the same as “I am a both socially satisfying and also potentially dreaming painter creating an idealized world and you surprising. A true roleplaying game takes as its fundamental premise this characteristic. This encapsulates the inherent contradiction of most games: they are purportedly for fun. (In that regard I highly recommend James Carse’s elegant little tome. aviation is the players collectively tell a story by assuming the from paper airplanes. A. a roleplaying game is one where far from the child’s “let’s pretend” as. In other words. philosophical. On the other hand. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . In Seven Leagues. lend both a paradigm. and game? The facile definition is that a game is an artistic creation and challenge. but on whom I rely for patronage” — verisimilitude and degree of pleasure to a roleplaying there’s just a greater level of complexity and game not always available from other activities. we played “let’s pretend”. “I’m the Indian and solitude. Yet there remain commonalities between “let’s The motivation for playing such a game is to create a pretend” and RPGs. The fundamental characteristic of a game is that it to be played. we play “let’s pretend we are archetypical magical beings in an allegorical world”. say. Both use language and story together. Abbey game. ◊1!◊ What!is!a!Roleplaying!Game? Seven Leagues is a roleplaying game — RPG for short.

Put more simply: in any RPG. collaborative narration central to its action system. Seven Leagues attempts to for a game of chess. they are explicitly so. ◊2!◊ More importantly. these are thus called the player My friend Thomas Laborey (may his Kir never be characters. This social defining what a roleplaying game is not. or PCs. losers is that one can pick up the thread again (There are even some RPGs where the duties of the tomorrow (or next week. It mechanics of an RPG (the internal rules by which is also not necessarily Dungeons and Dragons™. play a single assumes the role of all the other characters in this session of a roleplaying game and walk away. It is therefore Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Seven Leagues also roleplaying games is that they can be used to tell a follows many roleplaying games in that one player never ending tale. fictional events are simulated and the outcomes of although D&D is probably the best-known RPG actions are resolved) while ignoring the meta-game around. One also needn’t (and probably shouldn’t) rules that are ultimately more important: the social dress up for an RPG. player exhausted!) reminds me that an inherent quality of characters are called Protagonists. only the furtherance of the story. all but one player take on the role of a single character each. the source of its pleasure and interest. most RPGs. and real mechanics of game play by making albeit of a related species. this open-endedness leads to the inherently open-ended (and potentially time- inevitable conclusion that in a roleplaying game there consuming!). the Narrator in this game. The experience game master are collectively assumed or even of the game. fictional world. This player is called the nature of a collaborative story without winners or game master generically. It is not dimension is often overlooked. In Seven Leagues. less important details besides. or month). of course. in Seven Leagues. but the collaborative. words are the real but There are other. The very fact that the in-game interactions These days. there is such a vast diversity of have improvised dialogue as their inherent and roleplaying games (and games that call themselves necessary structure demands that a roleplaying game RPGs but in fact are not) that it’s probably worth be an extension of a social contract. There is even a something played on a computer (although you may legerdemain here: we often fixate on the game be reading this book from your computer screen). any more than one dresses up interaction between players. is eliminated altogether). rather than its won or lost outcome. One can. In implicit driver. are no winners or losers. One does not crawl through avoid tiptoeing around the elephant in the room and steam tunnels or in a forest — that’s a LARP (live addressing this discrepancy between the perceived action roleplaying game) — another animal entirely.

players often roll dice according to prescribed rules to determine http://www. the reader might want to browse the Wikipedia definition of “role-playing game”: http://en. or use playing cards. some games use dice in a variety of different ways (Seven Leagues uses a twelve-sided die and of course Imaginez. but other games use a variety of dice). Here sdossier&theme=jdr Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .net’s article (in French): http://imaginez. or eliminate the random element altogether and substitute a bidding definition.htm John Anster Christian Fitzgerald and in shorter form (also in the tongue of Molière): When outcomes need to be determined. ◊3!◊ again. the success or failure of a proposed action.

they cannot delve into too much detail. although these authors must take their place as the core of Seven Leagues’ inspiration. fairy tales — be they modern or classic. but they won’t be found here. Player characters enjoy powers and limitations well beyond those of the Mortals telling their stories. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Players assume the role of a fairy-tale character. And as fairy-tale characters. the game is just as well suited to tell modern tales of the magical. The point here is to come as close as mathematics and simple probability. or detailed progression tables. Those elements Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . The Brothers Grimm. In Seven Leagues. These are the kinds of stories that the Seven Leagues fantasy roleplaying game (RPG) seeks to tell. nor given the genre should they. As compact as these rules are. Rather. Baba Yaga. Seven Leagues is Edmund Dulac designed to use collaborative storytelling and narration as the basis for its mechanics as much as Many roleplaying game rules are rooted in possible. The Tale of a Thousand Nights and One Night. Those coming to Seven Leagues from other games might look herein for rules for imposing game balance. Nevertheless. Histoires ou Contes du Temps Passé. The King of possible to the paradoxical imaginings of tellers of Elfland’s Daughter. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Here the definition of fairy-tale is rather broad. and not limited to the classic stories of Perrault or Fontaine. ◊4!◊ Introduction The Mabinogion and the Mahabharata. Those are all very fine things. or ‘crunchy’ game mechanics.

The Oxford English Dictionary has over The word fairy (as in “fairy-tale” or “fairy-tale 290. Three Tales give the In Seven Leagues. outlines the mechanics of character italicized. Narrators should them if you plan on being a Player.. refers to the marvelous lands the grammatical engine that makes it run. if lowercase. and includes several sample Antagonists. seven and beginning Narrator a place to start — don’t read thirteen recur throughout the rules. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . owner of the language site. the term’s discusses the Faerie world and the kinds of mundane sense is meant. it will be bold-faced and Upon a Time.wordorigins. Faerie. therefore inhabited by the magical characters of Seven Leagues seems like a fine underlying mechanic for a game that — not necessarily the author’s particular game world. and will typically be followed by a short creation and game play.. sprinkle them liberally in their own Tales. The Hut on Chicken Legs capitalized. albeit in a simple form. on vocabulary of some 20. www. and the other hand. attempts to tell collective stories. When a new term with a specific game-related Seven Leagues is divided into three main sections. Once meaning is introduced.000 entries and well over half a million word character”) is meant in the general sense of “a forms. Language. if that term is meant to be characters for Players and Narrators alike to use as understood in its game definition. Otherwise. but many of this game’s rules are based in language and Nomenclature!&!Numerology grammar. the prime numbers three. and includes seven sample description.000 words*. ◊5!◊ are certainly here. Thereafter. *According to David Wilton. it will be templates or inspiration. adventures to be found there. If you are reading this you probably have a mythical being of folklore and romance”.

the Player characters. non- Player characters whose roles are assumed by the Narrator. That’s not to say that there might not be trolls. the game referee. In fact Seven Leagues characters constantly gain and lose Virtue points. Even characters who seemingly “die” may eventually resurface in a later Tale. or Antagonists. albeit in a diminished or altered form.. although they may eventually change Arthur Rackham to the point of no longer being recognizable. There are no stock species of creatures or “monsters” or “standard races” for Players to play.. or that they are immutable. Curses. who all more or less conform to a common ideal of trolldom. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Charms and Taboos. ◊!6!◊ Part!the!First Once!Upon!a!Time. for example. however. That is not to say that they cannot be hurt. the product of the imaginative power of Faerie. The personages populating Faerie also differ from many other roleplaying game characters in that they are for the most part immortal. they cannot be snuffed out entirely. This is true whether they are Protagonists. All Seven Leagues characters are unique creatures. Luck. Made from the very stuff of imagination. But that model will vary from game to game or campaign to campaign.

Players are free to distribute courage. wisdom. Heart and Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and tells us who she is — which is not always the same thing as what she is. ◊!7!◊ Character!Creation Seven Leagues characters are and should be fluid. A Russian witch. quickness. It defines the character. Virtues.g. fortitude. e. Charms and Taboos. reason. empathy and charisma. wit. Heart is the character’s score of 0 in a Virtue. Aspect Each character’s Aspect captures the character’s essence. use Heart rather than Hand to resist poison or disease. Protagonists’ initial Virtues range from 1 to 7. and text descriptions and a very few numeric values. and Name. or God of Dreams. of which the first word is almost always an article OR the second is a preposition. Heart. Only Antagonists may have a memory and intellect. and Hand represents all the character’s physical are therefore simply described by a combination of attributes: strength.: An ogre magician. and at and Hand. whether classic or modern tales. There are seven components to each character: Aspect. stamina. their 13 Virtue points between Head. each is defined and explained below. This is a three-word descriptor containing at least one noun. Legend. Virtues Aubrey Beardsley There are three Virtues in Seven Leagues: Head. Renown) equals 13. Fortune. resistance to poisoned apples for example — Players should try to come up with characters that although at times the Narrator may have the Player are true to the genre. The Aspect sums up the character in a line. Head corresponds to all the mental creation the sum of all three (the character’s faculties of the character: observation.

with a number of Charms equal to their lowest Virtue 2 Low. as it will allow them to gain more principle of Roll 13 (see below). Beginning Protagonists needn’t be fully realized and 6 Extraordinary. for example. the the background would have a 2 or 3 in all their Narrator should review them and may ask the Player Virtues. the mechanics of Conflict in Seven Leagues places more emphasis on the narration What good are they? In addition to describing facets of a Charm than how “powerful” it is. Little Tom Thumb. Initially. On 4 High. an should have room to grow. of a character as a scalar value. Narrative Bonuses (see below). has a Heart of 5. far more so than a Charm that is nearly all such rolls are made according to the “powerful”. has a 6 in Hand. consistent with their character concept will be to would be resolved using Virtues. Protagonists begin 1 Minimum. — hence at most four and at least one. the with the character’s Aspect. Being incorporeal. A unicorn. ◊!8!◊ Hand. a ghost would are given one-verb descriptions. As a guide. The Narrator should review the Player character’s Virtues and make sure they are consistent Charms After deciding on an Aspect and scoring Virtues. An animals’ Head might be 1. to adjust them or (rarely) veto them altogether. And as characters live through 5 Gifted. 7+ Supernatural. Charms 0 Nonexistent. A Charm is a special or magical ability which is implied by the character’s Aspect. Virtues function to Charms like Omnipotent (to cite one extreme example) help resolve actions whose outcome is uncertain. ogre. and are not defined have a Hand of 0. they may gain new or expanded Charms. In Seven Leagues. much about Charms that are unbalanced or excessive. Naturally. pluck. A should be disallowed. A careless giant might have a Heart of 2. the Narrator may allow bonus minor might have a Head of 4. But Players will quickly find die roll required to determine whether a character that a Charm that is interesting and especially managed to jump over a magic hedge. The Marquis of Carabas. Most mundane characters populating Once the Player has invented his Charms. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Merlin’s Head score would be 7 To a certain degree. For one thing. 3 Modest. by numerical values. their advantage. or incidental Charms if these are consistent with the character’s Aspect. a wise and magical beast. with his courage and Tales. the Narrator need not worry too (or higher). Virtues may character’s creator should list the character’s Charms loosely be scaled as follows: and Taboos. the other hand.

As they lowest Virtue score. A starting Protagonist may therefore have at very most six Charms: four from the highest possible Initially. score). the Charm should eloquently indicate the kinds of magic or “spells” which it represents. usually small amulets (which can in fact Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Each can potentially modify characters can only have as many Taboos as they a character’s Roll 13. Ivan Bilibin Many example Charms and Taboos can be found Taboos among the sample Protagonists and Antagonists. Beginning facets: Luck and Curses. ◊!9!◊ Likewise. Charms which are too broad lose their potency. A Taboos are the opposite of Charms: they are discussion of adjudicating Charms and Taboos extraordinary limitations or supernatural hindrances. Initially.e. at most one per lowest Virtue varies slightly. given items. and two more from taking on proceed in their Tales. they may find or be four Taboos. Creakbone Animates forest plants to carry out his will. a Player may voluntarily elect to invent a Taboo for her character. in the Seven Protagonists section below. Protagonists will have no Luck. a character need not devote a separate Charm for every “spell” he can cast. (Roll Thirteen). the Fortune character may gain one Charm above and beyond the A character’s Fortune is expressed by two polar above limit for beginning Protagonists. characters may begin with no Taboos. follows the section on action and Conflict resolution whether physical or psychological. Magic especially should be carefully considered.. However. It is perfectly acceptable for a character to have a single Charm which allows for a range of magical effects. likewise. however. In other words. The Sand Merchant Casts illusions with magic sand. a single blanket Charm like Casts spells is too broad. However. because paradoxically they do not allow a Player to fully exercise her creativity. For every two initial Taboos. Rather. although their application have initial Charms (i. For example.

Luck may last longer than one Tale Vampire cursed for inadvertently looking into a (although this is not recommended. the Narrator would assign it a Curse. Luck grants a fixed Roll 13 bonus of up to +3 under specific circumstances. “+1 in forests”. for example. But if the Vampire were to pass up a chance Luck as result of fulfilling a certain task set forth by to drink blood in defiance of its Taboo. say “-2 to all rolls involving Hypnotism”. are scripted into the Narrator’s Tale as consequences which are like bad or “negative” Luck. At the Narrator’s or the completion of a task. To be fair. whether bestowed (against “Hates mirrors. It can even be gained as a consequence blood. possibly sleeping in its own grave for a week. a short passage establishing the character more fully. from a is physically prevented by its Taboo from entering an rabbit’s foot to a glimmering magical talisman). or were tricked into looking into a mirror of aiding another being. they are attached to the character directly. except by the proscribed method. They are accrued either as the result Legend of Defeats. crosses. such as being the thing. or assigned by the Narrator whenever a character knowingly or not breaks certain Taboos. Curses may also be attached to items. abode uninvited — this Taboo can’t normally be bringing them Luck. away on their own — usually by undertaking a generally only for a single Tale. This quest disappears or the amulet becomes inert. Luck doesn’t last forever. ◊!10!◊ have virtually any physical appearance. at the end of which it relevant quest of the Narrator’s devising. The Legend helps color the character’s Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . garlic. but Luck gained at the end of a Tale will last through the could consist of the satisfaction of certain conditions end of the following one. need not be arduous or an entire Tale unto itself. More Cursed). in which case then betraying the granting being will cause the loss try as he might the cursed character cannot get rid of of the Luck in question (or worse. Unlike Luck. each character is fleshed out with a For example. Characters may also be granted broken. the Vampire in The Hut on Chicken Legs Legend. for example. to -3 penalties to Roll 13 under specific circumstances. Curses are up for certain actions. At creation. Craves human the Narrator. as the Luck then mirror might rid itself of the consequent curse by begins to function more like a Charm). wild roses”) intentionally or not. Curses are typically the result of Defeats or Protagonists and Antagonists can also have Curses. even if not deliberately. “fading” by one +1 per Tale. commonly. the discretion. though. Curses must be broken and do not go or “+2 to Courage Rolls”. If the Luck is a bestowed by another being. For example.

the Narrator will character’s Legend. the character is named after its creation. Will they be classic Tales of ogres. set the tone of the Tales to be told.. like one would find in the pages of Perrault? opportunities to expand the Protagonist’s Legend. Should anyone ever learn a character’s Inner Name (as specifically scripted in the course of a Tale). A Keyword is a sort of narrative hook stories set in the mythic past of the cradle of which allows the Player to affect the outcome of a civilization. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . to see the kinds of be applicable to would be determined by the characters one can play. Name As with a child. Of course. the Named can be given a Curse and even controlled by the Naming character. the Player should underline as many Keywords as her lowest Virtue. and talking As the character grows. the player should underline Keywords spanning the Mortal realm and Faerie? Or heroic in the Legend. a given Hand score may be applicable to What!Should!I!Play? both a musician’s manual dexterity and a troll’s New Players coming to Seven Leagues might want to strength. All characters also have a secret Inner Name. and is generally a single word or to bring order to a frightening world? very short phrase. the Player will have animals. cruel stepparents. They might both have the same high Hand skip ahead to the seven sample Protagonists at the scores. never spoken nor written down (in fact probably the Player and perhaps even the Narrator are ignorant of exactly what that Inner Name is). Or dark modern urban fables of a blurry twilit world Furthermore. but what specific actions those scores would end of Once Upon A Time.. Initially. For example. ◊!11!◊ Virtues in addition to detailing her Aspect. when gods and heroes fought monsters Tale somewhat.

have inherently uncertain Most actions require no die rolls at all: they are either outcomes. At or negotiated (Narrator and Protagonist agree upon other times. the Narrator (or even Protagonist) the outcome of a proposed series of events). climbing down a ladder from a hay loft may be automatic in most situations. and adds and subtracts any bonuses or penalties that might apply: Circumstantial Modifiers. Victor Vasnetsov but if the character is carrying a heavy burden and Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . not really. or in some cases an opponent’s Virtue modifier applied as a penalty. Narrative Modifiers. no roll is generally necessary. Whenever she Rolls 13. Some actions. on a d12 (a twelve-sided die. for example. very nature — think of them as pure collective Roll 13 means that the Player must roll 13 or higher storytelling. the Player adds the appropriate Virtue score to her die roll. For example. trying to leap across a stream. Unopposed rolls are those in which a character is acting or reacting alone. In negotiation obviate the need for game rules by their these cases. But even a trivial task can become difficult if there are adverse circumstances. But that’s impossible! Well. the Players resolve actions by Rolling 13. ◊!12!◊ Roll!Thirteen There are several types of actions in Seven Leagues. Sometimes the Narrator and Protagonist narrated (whether by the Narrator or a Protagonist). The wants to inject a sense of drama and suspense by linguistic and collaborative nature of narration and making the outcome of an action unpredictable. There are two general kinds of rolls in Seven Leagues: Unopposed and Opposed. however. the only die you use in Seven Leagues). cannot agree on the outcome of a proposed action. If the action is so simple or easy as to be almost sure to succeed.

In circumstances is: cases where a character is attempting to prevent another from accomplishing a given action. even for situations outside of literal combat.e. d12 is about 7 (6.5 actually). unless the Modifier + 3 (“Average”) character’s Aspect would lend itself particularly to Average roll + 7 the activity at hand.6 = 13). as Tales are by their very nature 3 to succeed half the time.. In some cases opposed +1 Hard rolls should be handled using the Conflict system 0 Pretty hard below. the Modifier Description character attempting the action must take as a + 4 or more Easy negative modifier the opposing character’s +3 Average appropriate Virtue. adjusted for the appropriate Virtue. order to make a roll at -6 (12 + 7 . an Unopposed Virtue 3 roll would be probably be required. Since an average roll on a dramatic and ofttimes arduous. consider that a character with a Circumstantial Modifiers the Narrator feels are supernatural Virtue (7) would need to roll a 12 in appropriate. Hence a good guideline for assigning modifiers based on Opposed rolls are handled in much the same way. the Player must roll a modified 13 on a d12. +2 Not too hard imposed penalties or bonuses. 13) and see Often actions in the context of a Tale will by default what modifier would be required to allow a Virtue of be “Pretty Hard”. Let’s work backwards from a successful roll (i. As with all actions requiring = 13 (success) rolls. ◊!13!◊ the ladder rungs are covered in ice. -1 Difficult -2 Pretty difficult Circumstantial!Modifiers -3 Problematic -4 Very difficult The Narrator should keep in mind that a modest -5 Highly improbable Virtue (3) should succeed in an average task -6 or lower Nearly impossible requiring a roll about half the time. in addition to any Narrator. a good base modifier for an average task is +3 or +4 to insure those kinds of odds: Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and any On the other hand.

rolling a 1 on a Roll 13 indicates an for one combatant or another to win without the use automatic failure. A 12 is always a success. the narration perfectly uses the character’s traits. Arguably. may be the right one after all. even seemingly “wrong” Virtue choices advantage. a roll may be made with either of two Bonus Narration!is. evocatively. however. This will play an character’s actions. The Natural!1. Narrative!Modifiers alternately. Use the following table as a guide when Which!Virtue? assigning Narrative Bonuses. ◊!14!◊ Throughout a game session or Tale. The Narrator should give the important role in determining character’s growth.!Natural!12 mechanics of Conflict. The Virtue should be +3 The Narrator is completely caught off used consistently for that character and that magical guard by the originality of the action. possibly with a windfall. the Narrator might even impose a penalty for a particularly insipid or unimaginative action. use Hand. Imagine a character whose Aspect is A brilliant swordsman. many Seven Leagues characters -1 to -3 Foolish. the section of that name. Virtues. In those cases. in particular. such a Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .. and effect. or poetically described. either Head or Heart could be used +1 Well delivered or embellished to Roll 13 when casting a spell. the Narrator) should record the It is always possible for a character to earn a bonus in cumulative total value of Narrative Bonuses (or Rolling 13 based on the Player’s narration of the penalties) awarded by the Narrator. insipid. for example. consequences at the Narrator’s discretion. possibly even turning a Taboo to Furthermore. see Player a bonus of up to +3 if the action is cleverly. each Player (or.. when in doubt. possibly with calamitous of such bonuses. For example. err on the high side: Often it’s obvious which Virtue to use. as the system deliberately relies on their liberal use. or out of character have magical abilities. again at The Narrator should not be stingy with Narrative the Narrator’s option. In some cases. the +2 Exceptional use of a character trait or Player may choose which Virtue to use. make it difficult In any cases. such as the ability to cast 0 Average spells. If performing a physical action. depending exploitation of an opponent’s weakness on the nature of the magic. In some cases. Bonuses.

so that then he would use Hand for combat. 6) but only a slightly above-average Hand (on Players vote on whether the narration of the Virtue is the order of 4). even though one might expect all combat to be made using Hand rolls. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Head Virtue instead of Hand. with the Narrator casting the deciding vote in justify making all his sword combat rolls using the case of a tie. the other (say. If a Player in most cases the best Virtue for Conflict. If Good character design (a coherent Aspect and fighting bare-handed (his sword was stolen or lost). Legend) will play to the character’s strengths. The character could reasonably valid. ◊!15!◊ character might have an extraordinary score in Head proposes a Virtue which is questionable.

Crescendo. add drama. In this section “experience” or “loot”. from a seduction to a game of chess. but this system can be used to narrate any Conflict between two or more opponents. Narrator designs her Tales. It is essential that Conflict not merely be a series of die rolls. the contest as a whole is expressed as a natural progression with an Overture. she should use it accordingly. Seven Conflict often takes the form of actual combat. As the than is afforded by a simple opposed Roll 13. when a more detailed narration is desired story.C. regardless the Conflict is resolved similarly. or create narrative tension. The purpose of Conflict is to further the of Conflict. This is intrinsic to the Conflict system in Seven Leagues: Players and Narrator must describe their characters’ actions in detail. Hidden Dragon). or rounds. but with some embellishments. Conflict is not broken down into a long series of detailed blow-by-blows. Wyeth Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . N. ◊!16!◊ Conflict Struggle and strife are the stuff of fairy tales. Conflict is often used to represent combat. indeed. A Conflict can be narrated to take place over the span of a few moments or even several days (as in Jen Yu’s pursuit of Lo in Crouching Tiger. but an opportunity to further the story. and Finale. The Leagues uses Roll 13 as the basis of its Conflict goal of combat in Seven Leagues is not to gain system. the Defeated has the terminology will be that of direct combat. Instead. but in generally more to lose in combat than the victor has fact the following system can be used for other forms to gain.

the Narrator declares any modifiers due to Even more than the Virtue score. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . the character making Crescendo the highest adjusted roll begins the narration of the The winner of the Courage Roll begins the next step Conflict in the Crescendo. establishment of later (her Victory Conditions). called an winning character rolls a natural 12 for the Courage Embellishment. to +3 (or even a penalty!) for a particularly creative (or poor) narration or description. Narration is attack or run away altogether. As might not seek to do physical harm but instead might with any roll. Baba Yaga has a Heart of 4 Victory Conditions and defining Circumstantial and rolls a 6. Finally. the narration of the Conflict. The child will count participant’s pluck as well as determining who begins escaping from Baba Yaga as a victory. she decides to attempt establishes its opening movements. for a total of 10. he gets a +1 bonus in the Finale. applied either globally to all Embellishment’s Narrative Bonus is potentially the participants or to specific ones. at her discretion. Embellishments cannot be changed. with their respective Aspects and Legends. This is a single act or short series of Roll. defending. Baba Yaga has Overture just spied a small child. Players and Narrator should Next. It has three to capture the child to take home to her magic hut for a meal crucial components: a Courage Roll. Moreover. and should be characters’ stated Victory Conditions are consistent creative and descriptive in their narrations. ◊!17!◊ Let’s use an example to illustrate Conflict. the old witch wins the test of Courage The Courage Roll establishes both the state of each and will begin the narration of combat. the circumstances. The Narrator should note whether the whether attacking. an attack the heart of the Seven Leagues Conflict system. rolls a 3 for a total of 8. closely related acts. The Narrative Modifier is Condition might consist of an attempt to avoid an announced and recorded immediately. according to the guide on than the Player intended. The child has a 5 Heart and Modifiers. if any. or may turn out very differently it a Narrative Modifier. lost in her forest and skirting a The Overture sets the stage for the Conflict and magic hedge. Reroll in case of ties. her character. All participants roll a die and add their Heart score. or both. those that aren’t simply won’t come to pass even if the character The Narrator judges each Embellishment and assigns “wins” the Conflict. Feeling rather ravenous. the Narrator may assign a bonus of up consist of merely capturing or impeding an opponent. Note that a Victory page 14. Once spoken. single greatest determinant of success in a Conflict. from -3 to +3. each Player declares Victory Conditions for vividly relate their character’s actions in the Conflict. If the of the Conflict by narrating an action.

Again this is witch and the child are Protagonists (controlled by Players). the the loser of the Courage Roll. In practice. the child declares that the Embellishments are concluded. Feeling he is running out of hand. and Embellishments. Finally. ◊!18!◊ In addition. but The narrative thread of the Conflict then passes to consistent with her Charms. it plays an important role in determining Baba Yaga flies towards the child in her magic mortar and character growth. Naturally it her (the broom). thus the first Player’s narration appropriately with her ducking under the rim of her flying pestle. Since she was responding to the child’s actions records that value (hopefully positive). Aspect. and rakes a nearby silver-barked poplar with her claws. between 2 cutting the tree through and through to collapse on the child and 4 per character will be appropriate in most in the process! A +1 bonus for her. the child tries to bite Baba Yaga’s hand as For the purposes of our example. options. though not quite as clever as his If Baba Yaga were controlled by the Narrator. This narration of Conflict thinks this is a clever way to use a reflexively childlike action passing from one Player to the next. appropriate for a child. and Legend. (hanging onto the broom end) the Narrator gives her a +1 bonus. like a story as a defense. is critical to the Conflict system in Seven Leagues. each into a sack which she has ever at the ready for just such an Player tallies her cumulative Narrative Modifiers and occasion. and so awards the child a +3 bonus. her Narrative Modifiers might be fixed at +1. on the other earlier actions: still worth a +1. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and uses Baba declaring Embellishment over. however. pestle and tries to grab him (with her iron claws of course)—a direct assault and not terribly imaginative. Seeing the child hanging onto the broom. The Narrator own Embellishment. who should respond to Narrator gives her a +1 bonus. hoping to stuff the little brat Once the Embellishments have been concluded. the Narrator gives the child a +2 bonus. being handed around and embellished at each turn. But the child sees the old instances. However. Since he’s used Baba’s own Charm against Embellishment after this declaration. behooves the Players to keep the Embellishment ball rolling for as long they are doing well. Baba Yaga tries to lift him right into her pestle. grabs the lower ned of it. The child tries to avoid Baba Yaga by quickly sitting down to tie his shoelace. the other Yaga’s own momentum to carry him out from under the character(s) are allowed a final retort of one final crashing poplar. This back-and-forth of Embellishments crone’s broom dragging behind the mortar and pestle (to can be ended simply by any Player or the Narrator erase her tracks). There are theoretically a limitless number of possible attempting to careen around the trunk in a hairpin turn. we’ll assume that both the she attempts to lift him into the pestle. Next the witch swoops in low in her mortar and pestle.

using the table on page 8. or in the event of a tie. Occasionally a Conflict will occur between two Protagonists. rolls a 3. then the combat is at a stalemate. As an alternate to the Narrator’s judging the value of her own Embellishments. all the Embellishment Narrative Modifiers and Rolls 13. the witch reflexively drops the the Victory Conditions established in the Overture gnawing child. ◊!19!◊ As her retort. If the winner rolls a was true to her nature (blinded by hunger for the tasty young natural 12 or the loser a natural 1. the Finale Conflict is over. A good Narrator will objectively rate both the Players’ narrations and her own when determining Narrative Modifiers. manage to find withered flesh between the old crone’s iron nails. using her appropriate Virtue as a positive The child rolls a d12 and gets a 6. while the child will have +6. The (these cannot be changed by the Player once Narrator gives Baba Yaga no bonus. then the Defeat is child)—such a simple attack might have even netted a spectacular. the furious witch lashes out with her claws. Baba Yaga will carry a total of +3 into the Finale. but most of the time it will be between Antagonists and Protagonists. Thus with a total of 18 his teeth Narrator in the Overture. which with The character with both the highest adjusted roll and her 8 Hand and +4 from Embellishments gives her an a minimum total of 13 has won the Conflict and the adjusted 15. Either way. and may not recommence for a while In the Finale. penalty. easily over the magic 13 but still short of the lower rolling character is Defeated. plus his 6 Heart and +6 modifier. Badly bitten. Baba Yaga. each character takes the cumulative of — say not until a “change of scene”. Antagonists may be given a uniform Narrative Modifier of +1. It is recommended that at the beginning of the Tale the Players vote whether to allow the Narrator to rate her own narratives or opt John Anster Christian Fitzgerald for the invariable +1 If neither characters gets a 13. on the other hand. plus Circumstantial Modifiers set by the from his Embellishments. who manages to scurry away into and Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . even though her Player declared in the Overture). as influenced by child’s score.

or she will begin to relentlessly immortal. or that she is now fact they can and do change. the Narrator’s scripted Tale should have Aspects. in hunt this particular child (a new Taboo). and informed by the Aspects. but Defeated) rolls. which Baba Yaga cannot penetrate (it is ◊ Maiming magical. nursing her wounded hand and pride. sometimes for the Cursed for having failed to capture and eat a tender child. but the above can be used as a guide. There are penalties other than death which violation of one of her Taboos. all characters proceed as above. The witch howls in Defeat! ◊ Acquisition of a new Curse ◊ Loss of a Keyword ◊ Acquisition a new Taboo Defeat ◊ Loss of a Virtue point Defeat can take many forms. Note that the winner’s Natural 12 (for the victor) or Natural 1 (for the Victory Conditions need not be applied literally. In the Crescendo. depends on the nature of the combatants and their Also. but at minimum implies ◊ Loss of a Charm the vindication of the winner and dispossession of the losing character. In the Overture. what form that incapacitation takes “damage table”. and she is in her flying mortar and ◊ Loss of Luck pestle). that doesn’t mean they are immutable. after all. a worse. rather serve as a framework which the Narrator will use to adjudicate Defeat. each character speaks in turn based on the Courage Roll (highest to lowest). Baba Yaga may find that her Hand score has dropped by 1 point from While Seven Leagues characters are in principle her maiming (unlikely). as well as circumstances of the narration up Victory Conditions listed for each confrontation. and of course the Victory Conditions Loss of Virtue or a Charm should be reserved for established in the Overture. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . the Defeated It’s best to leave the details of the Defeat to the character is incapacitated (for a long or a short time. this Curse may take the form can result from Defeat. ◊!20!◊ through the hedge. to that point. These should be assigned by of “-2 against young children” — quite a penalty given her the Narrator based on the situation at hand as “Eats children” Taboo! appropriate. At the very least. narration rather than rely on a predetermined as appropriate). Legends. Defeated. and Victory Conditions of the two combatants. Possible additional Defeats include: Mêlée When there are mass combats (more than two opponents).

when devising a group of Antagonists. Finn Fell Ninefoe is awakened from his camp by a thunderous roll. the Narrator Victor Vasnetsov might have assigned the army (or one of its divisions) a Hand of 9 or even higher. soon he sees the icy glittering spears of a vast column of the Snow Queen’s army. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . it might have been a different matter indeed. whether meted out by the Narrator as usual based on Protagonists or Antagonists. Whilst traveling through Lapland. Defeat is virtually immortal. Instead of using each individual soldier’s Hand of 3. In the great battle which would undoubtedly have ensued. Yet certain characters. How can this seemingly irreconcilable consider a mass of lowly characters as a single being contradiction be resolved? with an increased Virtue score. as the latter is a deadly foe of the Queen’s. He watches silently on as they march past him through the day. and so such as an army for example. ◊!21!◊ each side pools all their Embellishment Narrative Modifiers and makes one collective Roll 13 in the Death Finale. The roll is made by the elected member of the Earlier. the Protagonists might have faced the army as if it were a single being (or even two as a division might attack them each!). The Green Knight. Finn Fell Ninefoe has no quarrel with the monarch of winter or her army. could conceivably kill individuals’ Victory Conditions. unable to advance in his travels. Baba Yaga does after all eat small Alternately. the Narrator may on. we said that Seven League characters are group. for example. has a decapitating axe. So numerous is the host that it takes from dawn until dusk for it to march by. Had his friend Creakbone been with him. The area is too flat for this to be an avalanche. using his appropriate Virtue score. typically Hand. children. nor they with him. the Vampire craves human blood. other characters.

It is for this reason that the Narrative Bonus especially is all- important — it literally makes the difference between a draw and a victory. and good judgment. unless other modifiers meet their demise out of combat. linear spread of possible consistent with the killing character’s Aspect. but only with the (like a Courage Roll. the nature of the characters involved in the death. Conflict will therefore sometimes end Legend. or permission of the Player and when the Tale is served. ◊!22!◊ Here the Narrator must be guided by circumstances. The Ties are deliberately common in Seven Leagues killing of another character should only be allowed as Conflicts: Virtue scores usually have single-digit part of stated Victory Condition if so doing is values and there is a wide. In other words. Narrative Bonuses. situational modifiers) come into play. rolls on a d12. Designer’s!Notes their Aspects and Legends. Two perfectly matched opponents will not the exception. it is in a draw. not the norm. Characters may also normally defeat each other. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . or a Charm or Taboo.

Taking some liberties with Homer. Charms are typically not quantified numerically. characters possess. The Narrator is the offered with the sample characters. And just because a encounter between the enchantress Circe and Odysseus. Perhaps the most difficult Charms to arbitrate are those which are very open-ended. such as the ability to cast magic spells. Rather than offer a limited list of possible Charms. ◊!23!◊ Adjudicating!Charms!&!Taboos As stated earlier. In either case. Nevertheless. and the Charm. where a magician might seem to have a tremendous advantage over a character with more specific or fixed Charms. In other words. typically Charm is inherent to the character doesn’t mean it magical abilities which almost all Seven Leagues can’t be lost or stolen. Charms simply work. let’s imagine the initial specific mishap befalls her. All Charms are final arbiter on interpreting the scope and power of a only a phrase or at most a sentence. the Charm cannot be taken away unless the character is Defeated or some Tale. Finding his men not returning from an exploratory foray Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Crescendo. Spells!&!Magic although rarely they might be. the narration of the combat is the key determinant for the character’s Roll 13 in Overture. or a magical item the character possesses. many Charms are character’s Aspect and Legend. it is left to the Narrator and Players Charms function within the parameters of the to devise their own. description must contain at least a noun and a verb. and Finale. Charms are extraordinary. The key thing to remember is that regardless of the Charm. Whether Victor Vasnetsov the character uses the device of a spell or a sword or Charms may either be an expression of a character’s some other means is secondary. characters always play out combat according to the normal rules. inherent ability. This is especially true in combat. In most cases.

he quietly scouts the place and spies the awarded no bonus. The Hut on Chicken Legs. witch turning his men into swine at the banquet she had laid out for them. Circe meanwhile raises her magic wand in order to transform Odysseus into a beast like his men. the hero leaves his ship and consistent with his Charm). and element of surprise (he gets such a high bonus because worth only a +1 bonus — not a clever or eloquent narration. but is determined by the die rolls made within the structure of the Conflict rules laid out previously. Odysseus states that Here Odysseus leaps forward. In the context of Seven Leagues. Artist unknown We’ll use the statistics for these two characters provide in Part 2. but with a little imagination we can reconstruct them. the success of Circe’s action is predicated not on her Charm of transformation (we assume that her Charm pretty much works automatically — in other words Odysseus is not entitled to a separate “resistance roll” or “saving throw”). He intends to bodily threaten the beautiful demigoddess — killing her wouldn’t be his style. Circe. Odysseus charges into the room. Upon arriving at the manages to wheel and raise her wand threateningly. yelling at the house. and is sorceress’ house. the Greek one with the curved blade. Not too original. ◊!24!◊ onto the island of Aeaea. she will have another pig for her herd. he will have cowed or killed the woman. sneaking around rather than taking the frontal assault is but the Narrator allows that Odysseus is trying to avoid Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . brandishing his short skirmish he is sneaking around rather than barging into Circe’s sword. only disembarks onto the enchantress’ isle. on the other hand. In other words. Homer does not record those rolls for us. and the Narrator grants him a +2 bonus for the witch to drop her wand or meet his steel. sword drawn. Victory conditions have been declared. but he will if he has to in order to save his men. We can safely assume that he has gained the Courage bonus in this Overture. if Circe wins. If Odysseus wins.

she'll incite nothing but disgust. Unlike cast her spell. is the key. Like Charms they cannot be lost without special conditions being met. Typically. A Vampire. she comes up with a 10. he can’t help but character a narrative advantage. her spell fizzles. can be important. and Ithaka compels him to leave her. and adds +3 for Embellishments: 16. The narrative. declares that she casts her spell. as determined by the Narrator. flatter others nor all cases by the character’s Aspect) might give a even recognize their achievements. her magic begins to take effect. however. Furthermore. The Marquis of Carabas is “Vain”: he While it is true that the flexibility of magic (limited in won't. But this is where the placed on characters’ abilities. Baba Yaga is “Hideously ugly”. appearance. behavior. and in that Seven Leagues such as “spell damage” — only the case the character is simply incapable of breaking combat’s outcome at the end of the Finale is them. and so on. +0 for Embellishments. Circe. the owner Now our characters Roll 13. broken. For a year she will be which means that she can't even attempt to Roll 13 Odysseus’ lover (new Taboo!). ◊!25!◊ spilling the witch’s blood. Odysseus can Taboos are in a sense Charms that impact their feel a certain nausea overcome him as her spell begins its owner negatively. The magician has the same storytelling (even if he's already fed moments before). Odysseus rolls a 7 with a 6 must undertake a quest as determined by the Hand. or Embellishments end. but at a price. won't pass idly by an opportunity to feed Charms. to free his men of their enchantment. until his pining for Penelope for eliciting pity. but with a roll of 5. They are inherent limitations work of transforming him into a swine. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Short of the requisite requirements. spells are not show disdain. fear and revulsion. still fumbling with her wand. not the Charm. and agrees on Chicken Legs. who “Craves human inherently more devastating or powerful than other blood”. Awarded a bonus of +0 by Taboos the Narrator. she drops her wand and is grasped forcefully by Odysseus. Circe has tried to Narrator in order to remove a Taboo. Taboos have no specific grammatical and a 5 Head. Even inadvertently breaking such a Taboo should result in an appropriate Curse. whatever the circumstances. Charms. there is no concept in Certain Taboos are physical in nature. Who is this mortal who has bested Looking at the example Antagonists from The Hut her? Poor Circe finds herself attracted to this hero. 13. et cetera: try as she might. requirements and makes the same die rolls as everyone else. love. Psychological Taboos.

only survived. They cannot be defeated. N. Disasters are rated by a single score. Wyeth Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and are appropriately either a change in the character’s description (Legend). These are always listed from least to most injurious. even in Faerie Disasters can happen. Aspects are always stated in terms of an event (A house fire) rather than an effect (Burning). The first Penalty is almost always a variation on temporary incapacitation. Aspect and Charms are collapsed into one Narrator should script the occurrence of these entry. Disasters follow simplified rules cliffs or burn in house fires (especially as a fitting derived from those governing Protagonists and ending). ◊ Rather than having three Virtues. or loss or alteration of a Keyword. ranging from 1 to 13 (a 1 doesn't necessarily mean the Disaster isn’t dangerous. The ◊ Name. if inanimate ones at that. the Disaster’s Aspect. consequences representing the degrees to which the Disaster can affect a character. called Calamity.C. In Antagonists: Seven Leagues. In general Penalties do not involve loss of Virtue or Charms. ◊!26!◊ Disasters Occasionally in classic fairy tales characters fall off of Being character-like. Disasters are treated as simple characters in the story. Note that Disaster with an Antagonist. change in Fortune. More injurious Penalties are rarely if ever given a numerical rating. new Taboo. The Aspect uses the potential mishaps in her Tale just as an encounter same rules as for characters. ◊ Disasters have no Taboos nor Fortune. ◊ All Disasters have three Penalties. just that it has a remote possibility of causing harm).

◊ If the Disaster “wins” the Conflict (Narrator has The Narrator. each side is allowed at most three marked limp. based on the nature of the Disaster and the character’s Aspect. seven.). a mermaid can’t very well noted below. nuances of incapacitation. determines high roll of at least 13). Victory Conditions designing Disasters as part of a Tale. Unlike a normal and survive. Narrators should use these examples Finale: to help them design their own. “frailty”. On the other hand. while the character responds is perfectly reasonable for a character to fall off a cliff with narrative Embellishments. danger. thirteen. but not In the Crescendo. bring drama. the Narrator are automatic: survival for the character. the minimum condition for a Defeat (even though these are applied in a tie!). Charm of Is impervious to fire be immolated in a house fire (although she could be hurt by a falling beam or In the Overture. In the context of fantasy. certain Charms will allow automatic progresses as with any Conflict with exceptions survival of a Disaster. least harmful penalty is imposed. play Naturally. Not every house fire will suffice to describe the scene. Embellishments. however. the Narrator describes the necessarily physically so. and should keep in mind that like Conflict they serve to prescribed for the Disaster by its Penalties. In ◊ If the Narrator rolls a natural 12 OR the player general. much less could a character who flies Roll he has an opportunity to escape the Disaster be concerned with a fall from a tall cliff. etc. two poisons aren’t necessarily the same. “feebleness” et cetera are ◊ If the Finale is a stalemate (neither side makes 13) then the first. rolls a natural 1. with help from the Player. Oftentimes. the circumstances of falls from a great height can The Disaster’s Penalties are applied as follows in the vary. They should be dramatically realistic. if the character wins the Courage collapsing roof). ◊!27!◊ When a character is faced with a Disaster. then the last Penalty is applied. Terms like “exhaustion”. it Disaster as it plays out. merely illustrations. be identical. for Disasters. it should be on the order of days (three. then the middle Penalty is applied. a single Embellishment each will inspiration for the Narrator. When altogether. and narrative tension to the story. and so on. these aren’t rules natural 12 he is unscathed. though forever more walking with a Conflict. as Disasters tend to be compressed Below are seven sample Disasters to serve as events. but shouldn’t copy ◊ If the character achieves a victory or rolls a them verbatim over and over again. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . how long the character is incapacitated. the Narrator uses the Disaster’s drown in a shipwreck nor can a character with a Calamity for all rolls.

character survives in a decrepit limp in gait / Lose a Keyword most closely state. barely able to move about (Hand 1). if none seems pertinent then gain a new Taboo: acrophobia. A!freezing!winter Calamity 6 Penalty Weakness / Loss of fingers and toes / Frozen forever more (or until magically revived) Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . ◊!28!◊ A!house!fire Calamity 6 Penalty Exhaustion / Disfigurement / Death Shipwreck!at!sea Calamity 8 Penalty Feebleness / Marooned / Lost at sea A!wasting!famine Calamity 5 Penalty Frailty / Diminished eyesight and loss of teeth / New Taboo: Gluttony or Greed or other overcompensation for the experience of famine. associated with high places. A!poisoned!apple Calamity 4 Penalty Violently ill / Sleep until magically wakened / Waste away to nothing Ivan Bilibin A!withering!disease Calamity 11 A!tall!fall Penalty Bedridden / A limb is shriveled and rendered Calamity 7 nearly useless / Whole body is almost Penalty Unconscious / Broken bones and a permanent mummified.

◊ A new feature can only be added. the Narrator’s Tale. In each Tale. an existing feature cannot be changed or removed. whose Legend includes the Keyword bard. or thing). declares one day while traveling with his companions that beyond the next hill lies a great carnival. place. ◊ The new feature cannot immediately or Daniel Vierge intentionally harm another character (although it Both Antagonists and Protagonists can subtly (and might eventually do so). Marissa (waif) declares that the next village will be home to a kindly old woman who will take her in. thereby editing the Tale. Taillefer. but it can be used to sometimes not so subtly) alter the warp and weave of thwart them. however. Recall that each character has a Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . All used Keywords are restored at the end of the Tale (unless lost as a result of a Defeat). characters may add a feature to the Narrator’s story corresponding to a Keyword. and whatever might befall her. The Narrator has complete control of the new character. ◊!29!◊ Influencing!the!Story number of Keywords in her Legend equal to her lowest Virtue. ◊ The new feature spawned by the Keyword must be a noun (person. with the following limitations: ◊ Each Keyword can at most be used once per Tale.

or his pursuers’ very feet — they will come upon it. a Player For either option use the Character Growth rules may attempt to underline an existing word in his below. however. ◊!30!◊ Finn Fell Ninefoe (mountaineer) while being tracked in the Characters can also undertake quests to either: frozen waste by his enemies. added when it has been used in connection with a single action netting Narrative Modifiers totaling at least +7. creates a deep and vast crevasse ◊ Add new Keywords above and beyond the above in his passage. failure indicates the new Keyword is added. Once per Tale and at any time in the Tale. A Keyword can be Tale. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . He can’t cause it to spring into being under rule. The player Rolls 13. using the current number of Keywords as a modifier. If they insist on leaping over it or climbing down it. it’s ◊ To exchange existing Keywords for new words possible they will suffer some mishap. already in the Legend. At most one Keyword can ever be added per Legend and add it as a Keyword.

the Narrator can record these. The imagination and Faerie. the rules for achieving this are in play. Abbey Part Two.A. character’s Renown is the sum of his three Virtues scores — or the Virtues are derived from his There are also opportunities in Seven Leagues for Renown. they also globally represent the character’s Renown. characters to increase their Traits. characters relationship between the collective Mortal (both Protagonists and Antagonists) will change. roleplaying games often distinguish the end of the Tale. Charms. But another way of thinking about Virtues is that in addition to being a measure of how good a character is at activities related to Head. At Traditionally. a their Virtues diminished or even lose Charms. in Seven Leagues that distinction is maintained in part by differentiating Charms from Virtues. or have each other for their power. Traits refer globally to Remember that each Player records the cumulative Virtue scores. After all. Taboos. Alternately. E. As total value of Narrative Modifiers received in game might be expected. but for the most part are Narrative Modifiers for the current Tale on the guidelines. who has high Virtue scores will tend to get noticed more than one who does not. gain new ones. respectively. In other words. The Hut on Chicken Legs. and Curses. Heart and Hand. Players may circle their current tally of some measure fixed. counter provided at the bottom of the character sheet. Suffice it to say here that in section on Conflict above has already covered how addition to drawing their existence from the they will from time to time suffer Defeats and collective Mortal psyche. discusses the Over time and through several Tales. the Faerie also draw on possibly thereby gain new Taboos or Curses. whether Antagonist or Protagonist. a character. Luck. the Player with the highest what characters can do from how good they are at doing Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . ◊!31!◊ Character!Growth them. or simply change them around.

than once per Tale. be granted a wish by a powerful Faerie entity. et cetera. and follows these three In addition. Transformation Minor changes to characters in the form of Luck and Curses have already been discussed previously. makes no difference. The process is the same. Virtue of her choice. There are a multitude of devices for characters to change as a result of narration. drink from a magical fountain. be influenced by a magical place. any Player who was awarded at least +13 rules: in cumulative Narrative Modifiers in a single Conflict or action may make the above roll for the specific Virtue most used in the action (Narrator’s decision Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . The character could earn or find a magical item. Characters can also undergo major transformations to their Charms and Taboos. or the Howard Pyle alteration of an existing one. Consider too. failure indicates the gain of one No Player may roll to increase any Virtue more more point in that Virtue. Whether the change in question is the acquisition of a new Charm. loss of an existing Taboo. although usually gradually. but in cases of multiple 13+ Narrative Modifiers may choose which one to roll for. ◊!32!◊ cumulative Narrative Modifier Rolls 13 using a which Virtue in cases where it might not be clear). that having a character die and then return after the requisite hiatus can be a dramatic and potent way of effecting radical change in the character’s Traits (see Death and resurrection above). fulfill a prophecy.

Resurrection ◊ New Traits should be scripted as part of a Tale. whether through a Defeat some prior condition. then the Player is allowed to +55 Eliminate a Taboo gained in play decline the change (naturally no such option +44 Alter an existing Taboo exists when it comes to Defeats!). if the proposed change comes +66 Alter an existing Charm from the Narrator. The returning character is essentially a new one and created as such. provided an appropriate ritualistic change is made to the Trait. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . it a target cumulative Narrative Modifier. or is replacing lost ones. Whenever a new Charm or retrieved from the Caverns of the Dead by his Taboo is acquired. death in usually in the form of a quest. In the case of character has had since creation positive changes. A character can at most observance is held (the dead character is feasted ever acquire three new Charms. only that he may if the Player wishes. Legend should be rewritten as required to account for the change. On the rare occasions when it does occur. the Tale (a scripted death. +33 Underline (add) a new Keyword +22 Substitute one Keyword in the Legend for ◊ The new Trait should always be consistent with another the character’s Aspect (which itself cannot be changed except through death). not counting three times in the Hall of Heroes for example. Thus after fulfilling his quest the Player “spends” the Alternately. In any event Seven Leagues need not be permanent. but one based on the old character. ◊!33!◊ ◊ Initiation of the new Trait can come either from Tally New!Trait the Narrator or the Player. will be available Narrator should evaluate the new Charm and assign to be played again after missing three game sessions. Any character gaining the Trait should involve the fulfillment of who has been killed. using the This does not mean that the Protagonist must table below as a guide. if you will). reappear on the fourth game session following his death. or even through some requirement of the Narrator’s Once all the above conditions have been met. the Narrator may allow a character to appropriate cumulative Narrative Modifiers and the return sooner. Either may feel that it +99 Add a new Charm is appropriate for a character to gain a new +88 Remove a beginning Taboo. dictated by an opponent's Victory Conditions. altered or lost. one which the Charm or be rid of a Taboo. the character’s comrades).

he’ll have one Charm more than normally option. and the fact of Seven Leagues’ characters mutability. vampire waif”. or even “A moonlit wolf” if he with the new Aspect and pending the Narrator’s rises from beneath the Rockville on the night of a full approval). moon. In his new of the death (or resurrection). Longtooth The new Aspect may allude to the circumstances Fangbite had earned a new Charm. the balance of Head. just the number of Charms. at least one Charm or Taboo should be altered if not exchanged for a new one altogether. Hence the new character will have the same Renown as the Bear (Mother of grizzlies) kills Longtooth Fangbite (A old one. allowed a beginning character. just as with a beginning character. character. The new Aspect must previous incarnation are carried over. habitually kill with rock slides. Before dying in Bear’s rock avalanche. The new Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . include a word alluding to the killing character. A Vampire kills Marissa (A sorcerous waif) in the usual Note the actual Charms gained are not necessarily way: by draining all her blood. any losses are wiped clean. acquire many or all of the classic vampire Charms and Taboos. accordingly. but at minimum 13. as is consistent given how he met his doom. at the Player’s incarnation. but in a rock slide destroying Fangbite. ◊ In order to represent the trauma of death. Heart and Hand can Charms. except that the killing character and was a direct function of the number of Charms gained or Taboos lost from the killer’s Aspect or Charms. ◊!34!◊ and benefitting from some of the previous Charms and Taboos must be consistent with the incarnation’s gains: character’s new Aspect. so Virtue losses from dire wolf) in a spectacular mountain battle culminating the previous incarnation are wiped clean. The new character gets the same number of Charms and Taboos as any ◊ The returning character’s Aspect will be other beginning character (even if some Charms transformed if the death was ritualized by the had been lost for example). the new Longtooth Fangbite need not allude to Bear in his new Aspect or Also. Marissa will return as “A carried over. But his aspect might become “A stone wolf” be rearranged (a little or a lot. Since Bear does not gains are kept. Naturally his new Charms would be adjusted ◊ Any Fortune (Luck or Curses) is wiped clean. and might even be enslaved by her ◊ Any gains in Virtues are carried over to the new killer.

If the character were an incidental one. He’d end up in her bag and on her supper table. Finally. ◊!35!◊ It is incumbent upon the Player to propose the character’s changes. and the Narrator to approve them. the Player can choose new Keywords. the child were a Protagonist or an important character. but with slightly different Virtues. a non-Player character just filling in the background perhaps to demonstrate the witch’s ferocity to a witnessing Protagonist. and he got so thin (-1 Hand) that he slipped through the bars of his cage. or as an autonomous skull atop her magic fence. If. even if the new Legend is similar to the old one. If in spite of all that he did indeed get eaten. he could come back after three Tales or sessions. then his death might be considered definitive. Charms. at the very least as a ghost. then the Narrator should choose an appropriate Defeat. just as with a new character creation. Arthur Rackham Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Let’s suppose that in the earlier example Baba Yaga did Defeat the child. however. Perhaps he escaped after having had a hand eaten. and Taboos. or the witch forgot to feed him instead of fattening him up. He could even return as another child.

and then he is always sure to Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . His illusions involve his sprinkling sand over eyes or from the simple to the complex. While they are designed to be template Protagonists. the Sand Merchant is often referred to as the Sand Man. Note that occasionally a character will have an extra Taboo (extra in that it is an odd numbered one. When Mortal (and Faerie) children can’t sleep their parents sometimes murmur a W. and modified to suit. The!Sand!Merchant Aspect Bringer of Sleep Virtues Head 4 / Heart 7 / Hand 2 Charms Puts you to sleep Casts illusions with magic sand Instant travel to bedrooms unnoticed Taboos Must come when called and children need to sleep Charms don’t work by day Legend Not to be confused with the God of Dreams (who is sometimes erroneously attributed as the Sand Man). Heath Robinson prayer to the Sand Merchant. friendly features with a pronounced Roman nose and glittering bespectacled eyes. and therefore not worth an additional Charm) when this simply makes sense for the character. from a variety of classic and modern sources. they can also be used by a Narrator as non-Player characters. come. They are inspired objects to be glamoured. ◊!36!◊ Seven!Protagonists In this section you’ll find seven beginning characters. a long sleeping cap. carrying a satchel or bag filled with a seemingly endless supply of glimmering sand. He appears as an elderly barefoot or sandal-shod man with a robe over a nightshirt.

He still refuses meat. but new ones alight upon her subsisted on the likes of frisé lettuce and stewed eggplant. and did Blows pass through her not believe in Faerie or ogres. and has since dead butterflies in her wake. It is unclear occultists. his own Charms Flies silently name for himself from when he first saw himself in a mirror. As she moves. whether the butterflies collectively are Shehshoya. His name is a corruption of “Qui ça?”. At the floating gracefully just above the ground. monocle. walking stick. ever surrounded by age of six he was traumatized when he could not control his a wispy cloud of lepidoptera. ◊!37!◊ Kizz Since his return to Faerie. although Virtues Head 2 / Heart 5 / Hand 6 hunger almost always gnaws at him. tusks and small. education that their comfortable existence could afford. his cat Roux. It Shehshoya was thus that the infant ogre Kizz found himself raised by Aspect A butterfly nymph well-meaning Mortal parents of means in the Faubourg St. and gave him the best covered entirely in butterflies (by day) or moths (by night). Can be virtually invisible Kizz’ Mortal parents were Rationalists. so they insisted that their son Taboos Amorous was merely the unfortunate victim of some birth defect. Kizz has maintained Aspect A gentleman ogre many of his Mortal habits. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . she leaves behind ravenous appetite for living meat and ate a beloved pet. often cruel jokes. a childish “Who that?”. morning coffees and evening cognacs dearly. He dresses like a Charms As strong as an ogre bourgeois of the 19th century: colorful silk waistcoat. In her case she appears as a lithe woman to raise him as a mortal child. while difficult to Impervious to disease and poison understand. In Not so good on a windy day spite of mounting evidence to the contrary (his alarming size. tailored Has thick hide trousers. minor spirits associated with a natural the bald pate. flowers As a young adult Kizz participated in the salons bloom and their nectar is sucked dry in a moment by her of his day. is cultured. Virtues Head 4 / Heart 7 / Hand 2 Germain sometime in the Age of Reason. His speech. Favorite author: Voltaire. When she passes by. as she refers to the butterfly cloud. pointed ears) they continued phenomenon. not to mention inhabiting Faerie. One of their tried and true ones is that of the changeling: exchanging a Mortal child for a Faerie one. which is how he fell in with some Parisian attendants. or Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Afterwards Kizz foreswore all meat. but always hungry! limitations he has read (and quotes) more literature than he Lisps due to tusks truly understands. He misses his Legend Some Faerie folk have a penchant for practical. Legend Shehshoya is one of innumerable nymphs startling strength and penchant for raw meat. immediately to take their place. one of whom showed him the Kissing Point in the whether there is actually a “person” beneath the insects. although due to his ogreish Taboos Vegetarian.

Whether this is Légerdoigt’s true appearance is disputable. some seemingly enigmatic and purposeless. her touch is as light novel in an unknown language filled with dark secrets (one and airy as the kiss of a butterfly. a kaleidoscope which makes anyone intended and showering him with thousands of feathery peering through it insane. In any event. supposes). piping hot. he is never without his battered leather satchel. magical lock picks which quietly open doors at even aggressive with her advances. It is marked with a faded gold monogram: PDQ. a dented chipped chamber pot kisses. coffee stains and cigarette burns and all. He appears oldish and somewhat shriveled. breathe it out slowly). a magic sword. she can instantly arrange all her butterflies to perfectly camouflage her with her surroundings. becoming virtually invisible. This shoulder-slung and coffee-stained pouch looks all the world like a bohemian novelist’s book bag. The satchel contains an astounding array of devices. ◊!38!◊ If need be. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . which sings a bawdy tune when used. Légerdoigt Aspect A small trickster Virtues Head 5 / Heart 3 / Hand 5 Charms He’s terribly sneaky Has countless small magical props He’s a master of disguises Taboos Kleptomaniac Legend Légerdoigt (lay·jher·dwah) is a small dexterous gnomish fellow with a dry sense of humor and unprepossessing manner. Charles Robinson others practical. She is very flirtatious. all obviously magical. his eyes are twinkly and sometimes kindly — although he can be threatening when need be. swirling around her Légerdoigt’s command. rope that tied itself. Among the trinkets he has been known to pull forth from the satchel: a whistling The nymph’s voice is a melodic whisper (when teakettle. a you say her name.

Quattrocento her life was already far longer than most of her materialistic. She began her existence as a Mortal in the highlands of Tuscany. as is often the case in Taboos Lives on the street matters of Faerie. from New York to Palermo to Aspect A sorcerous ragpicker St. affinities she had frequently trespassed into Faerie. Petersburg. By the As one might expect. and somewhat prone to philosophical bantering Mortal contemporaries. and the potency of midnight Légerdoigt snatched it back and escaped. companions. rituals. middle-aged academic. two). He was so startled that early age. serving as midwife or healer or poisoner as the need people’s property. Throughout her life she traveled from village to Légerdoigt’s sole joy in life is the taking of other village. straight and true. part garden gnome. driving her from him. He does this without concern for others nor arose. A student of hedge magic from an he opened it to examine its contents. And if she takes a shine to someone she’ll Mad (as in hatter) dispense a bit of wisdom or a potion or a spell. it must have been sometime in the with cronies. and marks alike. Légerdoigt is rather non. and seek rather to find where he In her travels and by virtue of her magical unloaded it. she learned the virtues of plants and herbs. Mortal Charms Drifts in and out of Mortal and Faerie realms children still chase after her. Nowadays Crazy Nonna visits the Mortal realm from time to time. so elusive that one may as well give up on getting one’s stolen property back from him. And he is receive a blessing. Crazy!Nonna You can see her on the street. Often village children would chase after her with cries cut down in its prime for tonight’s soup? He is not of “Pazzesca nonna!” until she would turn and frighten them particularly interested in keeping things. a homeless ragpicker with a strange gleam in Virtues Head 5 / Heart 6 / Hand 2 her eye and mumbling countless stories to herself. if outlandish and fantastic appearance: part that magical Realm. avoiding persecution by the Church by virtue of her out of cruelty. so he is just as with a crooked smile or baleful glare. only to find the old gnome springing from it once more than a little mad. cities for as long as she can remember. like eating or sleeping to stooped and ragged appearance (and a well-placed spell or you or me. Those brave enough to likely to pawn the Oyster King’s crown jewels for a fine meal approach her after that would be told a magical story or and a pipe than concern himself with its true value. but the experience traumatized her. Performs hedge magic They can tell there is something otherworldly about this Has witch sight creature which adults fail to notice. according to Legend Old Maria has lived on the streets of Mortal their need. Do you mourn the celery stalk. the Shadow of Shadows tried to steal Légerdoigt’s satchel She survived. much as she visited Faerie in days of old. ◊!39!◊ A well-known Tale in Faerie recounts that once she witnessed the horrors of the Florentine plague of 1348. It is a compulsion. as a child Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . although they are warier now. the power of muttered incantations. He presents a early years of that century that she truly became a denizen of rather shabby.

volition. If need be. and it is thus that he knows of the doings. birds and stones speak to him. Creakbone can easily be Creakbone is sluggish and less well able to monitor his mistaken for a moss-covered old oak. and when he Aspect A sentient tree speaks his deep slow voice is powerful and authoritative. ◊!40!◊ Creakbone green-flecked hazel eyes gaze out intently. and nurtured his own small forest. Not as vast as the Gloomwand by any means. it is nevertheless a Domain. and then the other forests of Faerie. Virtues Head 2 / Heart 4 / Hand 7 Charms Reigns over his forest Domain As strong as a giant Animates forest plants to carry out his will Taboos Afraid of fire Enemy: Mother Winter Legend Creakbone was a sapling when the Gloomwand was already well established. places. then they bend their branches to thwart intruders. and keep a watchful eye for signs of illusion of being a tree is complete. but still hale. He will often stay On occasion he will leave his home. Some of the trees are malicious in their own right. which now bears his name. bare-branched in Domain. dryads and fairies of his wood owe him some allegiance. The trees. She delights in spreading mischief in the cold season. were it not for his nemesis Mother Winter. to wander rooted in the same place for a season or more. and can even Arthur Rackham move by night to relocate themselves as Creakbone desires. and Creakbone is its master. Ages ago Creakbone migrated out of the shadow of that place. and even the satyrs. When awake his large expansion of the Gloomwand. and will at Creakbone would relish the wintertime when he and times frighten or threaten visitors to the forest of their own his trees can rest. comings and goings in his woodland kingdom. he can even wake the trees of the forest to do his bidding. Creakbone’s toes often furrow rootlike in the soil of his home. when When standing still. nevertheless this gnarled and massive tree-giant is old even by Faerie’s reckoning. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . huge and stooped.

He is well-known to most tribes. having to flee from victims as well as from allies lest he turns his wiles on them Artist unknown and thereby lose their trust. ◊!41!◊ Raven Aspect A trickster bird Virtues Head 4 / Heart 5 / Hand 4 Charms Fly tirelessly Lie shamelessly Melt in shadows Dream of the future Talk with the dead Put to sleep with his voice Taboos Glutton Braggart Coward Keeps his word Legend Raven is the native Trickster of the Northern woodlands. He claims to have escaped unscathed from the very maws of the Dog of the Underworld and hunted with the Wild Huntsman. His favorite time is twilight. He is thus a wanderer. He can be found at funerals. well-liked by those he has helped. when he is one with the blurred shades and yesterday turns into tomorrow. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . despised by those he has robbed of food or glittering trinkets. where he can hear gossip and steal from shallow graves. but this can safely be dismissed as at best gross exaggeration.

◊!42!◊ Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

This not a country of definite borders or a fixed geography. We’ll also look at how Faerie interacts with the Worlds — that is. In this chapter. the Mortal realm — and the nature of their particular relationship. we’ll discuss the general nature of Faerie. some of its geographical regions — Provinces and Domains — . Within its fluid and malleable confines lie enchanted forests. Nor is it one with a defined map which every Narrator is expected to adopt. Each Narrator should bring her own interpretation of Faerie to the game table. vast caverns. and the denizens who inhabit them. eternal deserts. and take the source material presented in the section as inspiration rather than gospel. storm-tossed oceans. Finally. ◊!43!◊ Part!the!Second The!Hut!on!Chicken!Legs The Tales of Seven Leagues take place within the land of Faerie. magical palaces. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and meandering rivers — and the fairy creatures who populate them. a host of Ivan Bilibin sample Antagonists are offered to serve as inspiration and illustration. precipitous mountains.

except to note that the sun rises in the east. misted. but it would be behold. sets in the west. drink and sleep only because the the north. Baba Yaga’s forest is seven kingdoms away. fears. for example. hopes. blurred. Long distances are measured in the number of days or lands it takes to traverse them. it is one whose surface is clouded. It is the despair and insanity found in absinthe. cardinal directions are Aubrey Beardsley meaningless. a reflection of the collective mythological unconscious of the Mortals who inhabit our own mundane world. but instead its stories. It is the dream of a lover barely remembered moments after awakening. It is your last breath. myths. It is the devastation of a lost child. It is the gladness in the heart when singing a song. It is the unfamiliar forms familiar objects take in a child’s room in the middle of the night. dreams. ◊!44!◊ Nature Faerie is a mirror. urges. Faerie is fierce. Objects in Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Faerie is seductive. absurd to discuss of “the Faerie economy”. There are because they biologically have to. loves. shadowy. They have coins few cities. Time and therefore distance in Faerie are subjective and mutable. It is your first kiss. desires. aspirations. not inhabited wilderness. The lands of Faerie tend to be sparsely Mortals who dream them expect them to. When traveling. But if mirror it is. It does not reflect the physical nor historical Mortal realm. as befits a fairy tale. Faerie is dangerous and a sanctuary. and that generally it is colder in Faerie creatures eat. hatreds and poetry. although those that exist are a marvel to when they need to buy something.

and allow (and even deliberately there is little concern about the fate of off-stage create) inconsistencies.) there are at times inconsistencies and discontinuities in Faerie. This will only serve to increase that they are fairy-tale characters. ◊!45!◊ Faerie are persistent only insofar as they are know that they are fictions. and so on. even places and characters. a kingdom once visited is now “far far away” and (for the moment) cannot be (To a certain extent Faerie characters even know reached. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and don’t when they met in an earlier Tale has forgotten the Protagonists aren’t needed. although they the Players’ sense of surreality when in the rarely acknowledge the fact. Things exist be gradual and not abrupt: perhaps an Antagonist when and where they need to. It is recommended that these “props”. the Narrator should feel free to structure his changed between acts the audience does not fret vision of Faerie to suit his whims or the needs of the about where the set pieces have gone. so too in Faerie Tale at hand. and as a result emotionally real for it. They are fictions who Narrator’s setting. or has changed slightly. albeit are not any less important to a character or a story. But just as in a play after the scene is In short.

just like a character’s. representing the minimum knowledge that anyone would have of the place. change these or add her own. but gradually wildflowers and grasses. In the Wilds one can find relationship to each other as a rule. have no permanent geographic mutable part of Faerie. vast prairies of wind-swayed does not upheave itself overnight. Each Province is given an Aspect. referred to these places. like the Gloomwand or the Caverns of simply as the Wilds. violets and rusts. ◊!46!◊ Provinces Formed as it is from Mortal mythology. and furthermore do not rely on any single entity for their identity. The Narrator should also figure that even if not clearly remembered. nor does it pervasive in the Mortal collective psyche that they have a fixed cultural imprint. A Province need not be large: some are quite small. karst-like mesas of stunning changes like a lazily revolving kaleidoscope. snowy coniferous expanses Follows are brief descriptions of seven Faerie inhabited by bear and caribou — in short any Provinces. This is a Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . By definition Provinces are more or less stable. Faerie has no Yet some of Faerie’s geographical features are so definite size or permanent geography. rolling verdant hills hemming in deep narrow lakes. In the case of Provinces the Aspect is called its Genius Loci. Faerie endless forests. the most unstructured and the Dead. fertile ground indeed for the Narrator to unearth her own Provinces! Artist Unknown In addition. each Province has an Influence. That said. Most of it resembles a may as well be fixtures of the Faerie landscape. Even natural wilderness of startling sublimity. unlike Domains (see below). Their distinguishing characteristic is their (relative) permanence due to their cultural significance. Each Narrator should feel free to ignore or imaginable primeval Mortal milieu. others immense. all of these places figure prominently in Mortal dreams.

This Narrator should use Influence as a guide when represents the only instance in Seven Leagues when playing Antagonists in determining their general Protagonists are encouraged to act outside of demeanor. called Influence for a reason. the Narrator must award a +1 bonus per is to a Province as Keywords are to characters: only Influence word used to the character’s Roll 13. ◊!47!◊ list of three words — consistent with the place’s Province’s Influence — either by directly Genius Loci — which characterize the behavior of incorporating one or more of the Influence words natives and events in the Province. of an additional Narrative Bonus. It is. and not the other way ’round. Note that the Influence bonus is in addition to any others awarded for good narration. This in this case Influence is a means by which a place can is true even (or especially!) if the Influence is affect a character. The contrary to the character’s own Aspect. and applies to Influence!Bonus each Influence word (hence up to +3) implicated in Protagonists are also subject to Influence. In many ways Influence place. in the form the narration. after all. and which may into her narration or just adhering to the spirit of the also influence visitors there. character. Whenever a Protagonist narrates an action which plays on a Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

and those who fail to heed the telltale signs Influence Despair. Dread. there is only one possible path to articulated human bone. labyrinthine series of underground galleries inhabited by the shades of the Mortal departed. black with age and mossed with lichen. The path through the swamps is three days long. Damnation warning travelers to stay on the path meet a terrible end. then the marsh mists shift and the path is lost. too. and terminates in a rounded stone crag split open by huge cave opening of natural rock. allowing travelers. them. the them free entry to the Caverns of the Dead with Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . The head of the path is always guarded. If the guardian is not overcome or enigma solved. foe. ◊!48!◊ swamps will thwart any who stray off the path. Clammy and wet like a drowned man. Whipcrag Victor Vasnetsov is his common name: his head nearly reaches the pall of low clouds that ceiling the place. utterly forgotten by friend. is guarded. yawning cavernously like the gaping mouth of cyclopean stone skull. but always by the same sentinel: a fearsome giant whose feet are buried in the rock of the hillock before the cave mouth. Sometimes it is a terrible monster which must be bested in combat. No Charm can penetrate Genius Loci A haunted labyrinth them. but the nature of the guardian changes from Tale to Tale. This cave mouth. It is said that those who die in the marshes are The Caverns of the Dead are a vast. Regardless of the direction from which the Caverns are approached the path will emerge from the lugubrious mists of the marshes to face any The giant will ignore any Faerie creature. kith and kin. The!Caverns!of!the!Dead whether by foot or wing. but more often than not it is a mysterious figure who demands that a riddle be answered. and he wields a Hemmed in and circled on all sides by completely massive whip made of hundreds of segments of impassable swamps. twisting.

then many of their visitors if they are upset or crossed. Dead there are not truly ghosts in the sense of being while criminals and the insane lurk in the crawl the actual spirits of the Departed. others are rough but vast natural caves. Rather. The only way for a Mortal to enter the carved columns. like shadows with features. All are interconnected by a Caverns of the Dead proper is to threaten the giant bewildering maze of shifting passages. The Dead do not speak unless the phantom impressions of the dead. they are spaces and oubliettes. and has lost her way. although may Bars Mortals from entering the Caverns of the employ riddles Dead Cannot leave his post The Dead themselves tend to congregate in caverns that suit their station or nature in Life. while death with a blinding blow of his bone whip. for their eyes. but then they can be dangerous. Thus a Faerie being must aid a Mortal in entering the Caverns). known to certain Dead. for they afterimages that have slipped away to Faerie. (It may be that Whipcrag’s the Caverns. lashing the miserable wretch to spaces. Those who The Caverns themselves are gloomy indeed. The were powerful tend to find themselves in great halls. But woe to any Mortal who attempts The Caverns are varied in scale and appearance. then others still are grandiose hypostyle halls of stone calmly adding the poor unfortunate’s bones to his whose soaring ceilings are supported by elaborately weapon. Whipcrag will be Some are claustrophobic and nearly impassable crawl true to his name. For if can steal Luck from or even bestow Curses upon living Mortals dream of Faerie. ◊!49!◊ hardly a grunt. They appear dreams remain there even when the dreamers have vague and ghostly. but fewer still return. which shine fever-bright. never to emerge. ghostly spoken to. Few ever visit with his Inner Name. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . entry! Seeing a Mortal approach. The!Dead Aspect The haunted dead Whipcrag Virtues Head 3 / Heart 7 / Hand 0 Aspect Sentinel of Hell Charms Insubstantial Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 21 Can steal Fortune Charms Huge giant Taboos Hate the living Wields a fierce bone whip Cannot leave the Caverns Cannot be surprised Bound by their word Taboos Ignores Faerie beings Must answer questions truthfully. and many a being Inner Name is within the Caverns themselves. except passed.

◊!50!◊ Given such an inhospitable place. few venture there except for very good reasons. eradicating some Taboo or removing a Curse. Mortals sometimes venture there in order to find the answer to some question or speak to a departed loved one. Gustav Klimt Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Faerie beings may journey to the Caverns in order to fulfill a dangerous quest.

centaurs and trolls roam beneath its gloomy boughs. Satyrs and fauns live upon its wooded slopes. ◊!51!◊ and not a few of whom are of unusual size. One. and dryads and hobgoblins delight and dismay the unwary — to name but a very few of its many denizens. The Gloomwand is home to all manner of beings. is said to be ruled over by Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Everywhere the forest grows thick and hoary. and darker beings besides. Menacing It is said that the Gloomwand is the most ancient of all the many forests and woods of Faerie. from Gloomwand gossamer-winged dragonflies of prodigious size to Genius Loci A dark forest enormous talking caterpillars. from bears to boars and Within this vast forest are innumerable Domains. although many are at least indifferent to the fate of visitors. several of whom have the power of speech. the Gloomwand is for the most part a dark and forbidding place. The Gloomwand is also home to many animals. as if the occasional dapple of bright sunlight only serves to underscore the deep melancholy of the place. harts. and even its clearings and rare meadows seem oppressed by the old menacing trees which encircle them. Serpents and spiders live there Arthur Rackham too. As its name implies. from beeches and linden to towering pines whose leaves are so dark as to seem black. whether in valleys or flatlands or as it covers and engulfs whole mountains. Primordial. Its primeval trees range from mighty and gnarled oaks to elms and ashes. Not all of them are malevolent. for example. from every imaginable forest animal to the most fantastical Faerie creatures. Influence Sinister.

Time out o’ mind the fairies’ coachmakers. to name but a few. —William Shakespeare. and their insect servants: midnight canopies. Her wagon-spokes made of long spiders’ legs. forlornness. a talking spider of huge size. ◊!52!◊ Ungthart. The traces of the smallest spider’s web. Not so big as a round little worm Prick’d from the lazy finger of a maid. the forest is teeming with life. Scene IV. Her wagoner a small grey-coated gnat. atomies. most of its creatures skulk warily beneath its fairies. Province in Faerie. Her whip of cricket’s bone. there are more Kissing Gloomwand. the lash of film. This may explain why so many Indeed. In another. Her chariot is an empty hazel-nut Made by the joiner squirrel or old grub. Romeo and Juliet Act I. Drawn with a team of little atomies Athwart men’s noses as they lie asleep. The cover of the wings of grasshoppers. lines 50-64 John Anster Christian Fitzgerald And indeed wee folk aplenty can be found in the Perhaps due to its great age. for all of its darkness and seeming Mortal tales portray Faerie as a forest. although Queen Mab reigns over her gamboling elf-kind. The collars of the moonshine’s watery beams. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . pixies and sprites. In shape no bigger than an agate-stone On the fore-finger of an alderman. although they are secretive and shy: Points in the Gloomwand than almost any other gnomes.

too. The city emblem is alternately the hangman’s noose and the cross (displayed like an X).” The day of rest here is Wednesday. albeit a fantastical and exotic one. or on a nearby monument. Crossroads and gallows figure prominently in Gothga. There are certain recurring figures in the myriad Arthur Rackham statues throughout the city. full of bizarre and menacing pageantry. so deals and contracts are always struck at a crossroads or intersection. Sadistic. to tell a lie at a crossroads earns the liar a Curse. an old man with a crutch sprinkling water accompanied by a dog is a common Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . hat brim pulled down Genius Loci City of crossroads as if expecting rain. Influence Byzantine. Corrupt Gothga is a sprawling city-state founded on a crossroads. “The tailor is two crossings from here. it is said to be one of the oldest cities in all of Faerie. insofar as Faerie measures time and age. are statues of a one- Gothga eyed man leaning on a spear. The most oft-used unit of distance (and time) is the crossing. Sited at the intersection of the only road to ever leave the Blue Forest and an important highway down to the Sea. as in. In Gothga. and every intersection bears some insignia — be it in the key paver of the crossroad. statue or fountain. ◊!53!◊ fountain motif. As much as it may superficially resemble an ancient Mortal city. this place is pure Faerie: huge and colorful. sometimes called Mercurai. Common.

a tyrant and nearly absolute prince who rules the city-state through coercion and manipulation. poisonings. torture and necromancy. Supervius!Mal!the!Thirteenth Aspect A tyrant ogre Virtues Head 3 / Heart 4 / Hand 9 Charms As strong as a bull Is a necromancer Rules over his Domain. There is therefore little incentive or opportunity for new ideas and fresh perspectives. intelligent and fatalistic. Your typical Gothgan is selfish. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . they have little outside contact except for slight sea commerce with the mysterious Pythians. an introverted serpent race. the Gallows district of Gothga Taboos Paranoid Cruel and vicious Glutton Cannot resist a wrestling match Legend This gargantuan fellow has a penchant for Dean Cornwell wrestling and grappling. and in turn exercise their authority over those beneath them. Cut off as they are from the rest of Faerie. somewhat cruel. sometimes melodramatically sentimental. ◊!54!◊ Gothga is governed by a Padishah drawn from the ranks of the nobility. Mores in the city are corrupt. Gothgans tend to knuckle under to authorities above them. seductions. Life in his court is rife with intrigue and byzantine machinations. His prodigious gluttony is exceeded only by his notorious cruelty.

◊!55!◊ By the author Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

magistrates. carpenters. Outer Grim shantytown. the most Grimwall stands against the encroachment of the notorious and feared is the Hangman. (rather ruefully) that its ramparts are designed to Filth and disease run rampant here. This destitute valley is little more than a the Necropolis. Some legends say that the Hangman. called the Hanged Man. merchants and their attendant artists live in Gothga ever since. which long ago reverted to a natural state of overgrown Grim!fever decay. the Gallows has ever found its far border (it may really just be an district is so named for the public executions which extension of the Gloomwand). ◊!56!◊ Quarters The Blue Forest extends. Not really a quarter. administrators and ministerial factors. homes and offices of various ministers. dangerous creatures (and worse) abound. weavers. Others claim that he is the the Songmakers Quarter. no one The home of the Padishah’s palace. satyrs. centaurs. Roll haunted by lugubrious Faerie nightmares: harpies. civil tales abound of fauns. outsiders who keep the Dead in. mausolea. vicious gloom fly (a painful horsefly) are likely to monuments. In the wilder parts of the quarter. It extends catch a dire fever or ague. It is said that the only embodiment of all that is morose and corrupt in the sovereign remedy against grim fever is a song from city. as are the malicious atomies. was an early prince of the city who met the gallows head-on and has haunted Nobles. become a vast walled cemetery. Gothgans joke prostitutes. eat the food. the Outer Grim is so called because it is the last place the rising sun touches in The oldest part of Gothga is the area now known as Gothga. 13 vs. coopers. Mention of him goes all the way back to the one of its many talented musicians. the desperate and the maimed. often also tanners. beggars. it has shantytown. filled with graves. in a widening swath beyond the northern reaches of the map. Heart each day to avoid seeking death. forever. or are bitten by the quarter is immense. sepulchers. The place is reputed are an almost daily occurrence even to this day. this drink the water. Carnifex. glazers and wainwrights. ghouls and even vampires. various ministries — the Exchequer. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Originally a gallows ground. home to Gothga’s paupers. tombs and vaults. potters. criminals. hence its name. it is said. Of them all. The to be inhabited by strange and fantastic creatures. Abandoned except at its edges. It is home to artisans and craftsmen: smiths. sprites and and criminal Courts — all are located here. Calamity 5 Many a sepulture and ancient tomb complex is Penalty Exhaustion / Deep depression / Suicidal.

symbol of terror. the Lord of the Crossroads. also the home of Gothga’s nightsoilmen. it is also rumored that a extensive galleries have been abandoned over the warren of tunnels originates from beneath the Palace years as they have been exhausted or become and extends into the Necropolis. but always returns unchanged Taboos Can only leave the Necropolis on the winter solstice Julia Emily Gordon Hideous: bulging eyes. is the gloomy and convoluted Palace. To the nobility. tight-knit and insular bunch. On that night all naturally the home of the city’s masons. some leading to dangerous. ◊!57!◊ earliest tales and legends of Gothga. swollen tongue Suffering from its proximity to some of the most Single-minded murderer notorious areas of the Necropolis. Many of the Padishah are buried nearby. the masons of While the families of those who have served as Quarry delved deep in the earth. built into have been mined and quarried for centuries. The!Hanged!Man Aspect Patron of Gothga Virtues Head 1 / Heart 1 / Hand 21 Charms Is silent and deadly with his noose Reigns over his Domain. ancient subterranean royal mausolea. the haunted areas where those who provoke the Court’s titular head of the city. on the winter solstice. but he always comes end. who are a Gothgans stay indoors. Eventually Gothgans began burying their Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . the Hanged Man wanders the streets of Gothga looking for someone to The source of most of Gothga’s stone is Quarry. As its very walls. take back to the depths of the Necropolis. accessible surface stone diminished. To the common citizen. the Necropolis of Gothga Can never be killed. much of the city’s Legend Tales abound of heroes of old going forth into the waste is dumped in the Forsaken Quarter’s northern Necropolis and slaying the Hangman. face a massive bruise. others to he is a patron saint. back. One night a year. The limestone cliffs which constitute this area overlooking the harbor In the southwest corner of the Necropolis. he is a severest displeasure are left to their fate.

the same dark forces which haunted Mother Windows has always sold her buns from her roving the Necropolis also began to infest the catacombs. The monumental Lighthouse was built in the days when there was more trade with the Pythians and other long-gone peoples. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Unfortunately. while the children Goodhearted: can’t resist helping those in need fish from the dubious waters of the bay. shopkeepers and workers. ◊!58!◊ dead in the abandoned limestone mines as an eat a baker’s dozen to benefit from their good fortune. and most of the disused tunnels sealed. The two quarters of Crookhollow and the Levant are the most placid in Gothga. Pontus’ poor ply a small Cannot be found by the Gothgan authorities trade in trinkets and sundries from a moveable Taboos Wanders Gothga selling her wares bazaar of small boats and skiffs. The great bridge of Pontus is almost a town in and of Mother!Windows itself. Since then the practice of burying the dead in the for she fears the secret of her buns being wrested from her. the bridge is Aspect A roving baker mostly built on three levels. But a few unpleasant things still haunt them. carrying foot and cart Virtues Head 3 / Heart 7 / Hand 2 traffic as well as being a major aqueduct. Spanning across two islands. home to many of the city’s scribes. A little-known fact is that you have to Grandfather Carp alive will be forevermore blessed. The bakery Romualdo Prati of Mother Windows is a local secret. and occasionally surface. By day the Lighthouse emits a towering pillar of black and orange smoke which is visible for leagues at sea. By night a permanent fire illuminates the harbor and serves as a beacon for those few ships that still come to Gothga. houses and Charms Her magic breads shops are built right on it. but alternative to the dangerous Necropolis. thirteen of these little breads will make you very sleepy. abandoned quarries has largely ceased. cart. There is a Legend Her hot cross buns are not only delicious but legend among the children that anyone catching also bring good luck. avoiding detection by the Padishah’s agents at all costs.

but it is quieter. pittance to their fellow Gothgans. Many underground passages riddle the and broad avenues of Thistle. A community of woodcutters lead a Craven (a corruption of Crag Raven) is a small hard scrabble life. shunning contact with their fellows: escaped criminals. some of which have already gone. There are few fallen into grave disrepair and partial collapse. Only the and old men digging in their gardens and children Pythians. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Entire ships have been pulled from great buildings are partially standing. thin. goats graze and are bought and sold where great thespians of the distant past once spoke long- Situated on a hilltop island in the Serpentine River. when Gothga was a major trade the Thistlewood against which it is built stink of center. What few been claimed by those Faerie beings wishing absolute crops the farmers don’t eat themselves they sell for a privacy . is now an open-air stock market. Many of the fishing village. inhabiting the ruins of repurposed for other uses. and piracy they can visit on the coast and the Pythians. long-abandoned as the city became cut off cooking fires of Gothga. ◊!59!◊ Once upon a time. serpent-people who lead entirely nomadic playing in the broad grassy streets are likely to turn lives aboard their ships. Nowadays. So maligned is the produce of Mirth that anything ugly in Gothga is said If the Blue Forest reeks of the supernatural. Life here is no easier than elsewhere in Gothga. From here something else: soot. This up an old fragment of the past in the form of a piece former center of commerce is little better than a of statuary or a broken column capital. continuously burning the wood community nestled among the ruins of an ancient they harvest from the forest to make coal for the castle. from the rest of Faerie. Once the very trees and brambles of solitude of windy Craven over the unbearable Outer the Thistlewood extended as far north as the gaping Grim. replaced by poor.. An odd mix of The ironically-named Mirth quarter is a vast and folk live in Craven. Once this area was all stone ship captains sailed across vast seas to trade with houses and broad streets. skirting the noble houses some Curse. the to have the face of a mirthapple (as the wretched community of Thistle and the northern reaches of local potatoes are called). and sea captains and sailors left. now trade with Gothga. Harbor was its economic heart. Now the trees are ruins of the old castle. hermits and recluses who come here to fulfill banks of the Noose river. or former greatness and subsisting on the meanest what’s left of it. the stones of old Thistle are have long since failed: all that the captains find today likely to be used to shore up a faltering garden wall. Duskers who chose the dour landscape. The great Arena. but they have the water and inhabited as buildings. complete with bath houses distant lands. All attempts to reopen old trade routes and arenas. rocky soil. are open seas for as far as they dare to sail.. forgotten lines.

Its endless labyrinthine passages and caverns are home to sightless worms and slimy lichens. Underground rivers burst forth are veritable cities of fey folk. collectively this subterranean world is known as Underhome. Some of its caverns are Edmund Dulac vast and wondrous explosions of fairy tale space: glowing. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . ◊!60!◊ shimmering pools whose surfaces are illuminated Underhome with the frenzied glow of thousands of zigzagging Genius Loci A dark fairyland fireflies. Many gloom of the earth. Sometimes they find a secret cave leading like frost on the walls and ceilings of these vast to a forgotten passage under an impassable mountain caverns. Underhome is for the most part a cold place. blind. or they fall down an abandoned well only to find a community of night goblins living there. is as honeycombed with dark underground spaces as the Mortal psyche is riddled with dark places. more sinister things yet. dank and wet. crawl forth from its cracks and crevices. Influence Frivolous. who add their dancing and form breathtaking waterfalls as they cascade into torch light to the refracted coruscating natural lights. But not all here is lugubrious. or investigating an old wardrobe in their basement they find a loose stone leading to an unknown crawl space and tunnel. The pools themselves glow with cool aquas. translucent fishes swim in its pools. shimmering bubbles buried deep within the These huge glowing caves are not uninhabited. stifling and oppressive. Faerie. and darker. The dance of insects and Often heroes and Protagonists in Faerie take the weird radiance of the pools are refracted a shortcuts (whether by guile or accident) in their long thousand times by the glittering crystals which grow journeys. All these chthonian spaces are convolutedly interconnected. range. Beautiful azures and verdigris from the phosphorescent mosses which line their bottoms. it turns out. Poetic.

rambling epics they recite for their jokes. teasing. Dapper and are not malicious. aubergine. bridges. but prone to frivolous illusions and Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . jesting. or in bowers slung beneath the bulbous and tune his instruments. course and uncouth. ◊!61!◊ their high singing and tinkling music to the echoing each troll has a special cave or corridor or hollow melody of the cascades. They love mischief. the elves just as they make anything with subtle and are always in groups. when the trolls decide they need to mushroom forests. They do not live under bursting out in laughter and starting another. They are as careless and misshapen. laughing. casual with their songs as they are with their love and especially the long. massive stalactites and stalagmite spires. Their skill in making musical dancing. The trolls and elves of these particularly suited to his voice and tastes. short The trolls of these Underhome cities are not like their twittering ditties which they can never finish without cousins of the world above. Whereas the trolls are kindly and solitary. ugly and Will turn to stone in sunlight loving. their cousins the elves are like chattering. lovemaking. They prefer songs to epics. and magical. a personal caverns make their homes among the crystalline place where he especially loves to recite his poems formations. mirthful children. weaving and dancing. and indigo canopies of the among their kind. they are highly days on end in gravelly and stentorious tones. Yet they love poetry. and consummate skill. There are no women argent. although their pranks instruments especially is unsurpassed. An!Underhome!Elf Aspect A playful fairy A!Troll!of!Underhome Virtues Head 2 / Heart 5 / Hand 6 Aspect A misshapen poet Charms Casts spells of transformation Virtues Head 4 / Heart 6 / Hand 3 Works illusion magic Charms Makes things of unsurpassed beauty Possesses otherworldly beauty Can sing shapes out of stone Taboos Flighty and frivolous Makes new trolls with song Ugly and powerless in sunlight Cannot be harmed by anything sharp Taboos Lonely If the trolls are like grave old grandfathers. and sing an epic poem the moist air nests made for them by their giant pet to it for seven days. or in carve a troll from a stalagmite. carved. drinking mushroom refined in dress and habit. they nevertheless appear wine. lungfish at the bottoms of Underhome’s deep pools and lakes. Unlike their gruff cousins. or in delicately and gothically add a new member to their race they gather together. although they build them exceedingly well.

whereas a more practical one would be disdained. trolls and elves get along reasonably well. For all their dissimilarities. even if the habits of one group are sometimes baffling or annoying to the other. There are no male elves. instead. to reproduce they find a beautiful fish or glowworm and transform it into one of their kind. for example. Arthur Rackham Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . ◊!62!◊ transformations — a spell that turns one into a cave fish to experience the cool wriggling of water on one’s scales is held in high esteem.

Rote. ◊!63!◊ The!Clockworks Genius Loci A mechanical city Influence Servitude. the Clockworks has grown considerably since its first appearance. but they tend to use their wits to devise cruel things at worst. Licitness One of the newer Provinces of Faerie. with thousands of convoluted orbital tracks upon which move most of its mechanical denizens. indisputably the most ancient structure here is the immense brass and stone tower of the central water-clock. London 1559 deep gongs. the Clockworks is a strange and wondrous place. at its heart it resembles a great armillary sphere supported on the aforementioned clock tower. or Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . lending credence to the legend which claims the Clockworks were founded by a certain particularly clever Mortal who strayed into Faerie after an especially prolific career as an artist and inventor. possessing a more philosophical or poetic bent. Then again. believe it to be an expression of Mortals’ growing love and dependence on things mechanical. surprisingly melodic sound of machines — some like The Cosmographicall Glasse. others like tinkling bells — fills the air. Some say it began as a toy-maker’s shop. Here are clever and innovative beings. just as the Gloomwand is borne of Man’s innate wariness of Nature and ancient subjugation to Her. Everywhere the From William Cunningham. Whatever the truth. Ever sprawling and growing. Still others in Faerie.

The Shackled (as their and futile. technology here Clockworks. As a result. Legend This living machine is nothing less than a machinations and mores of the Shackled are often magical robot. Abandoned to his fate. He now flies Iron carapace throughout the Clockworks. even Spindlewing convoluted. bound kin are sometimes referred to by the unrestrained) view them dimly as rogue entities and Nearly all inhabitants of the Clockworks follow an untrustworthy. as they are known. these paths are so complex His beak can chew through metal as to give the appearance of free will. understandable. to Flywheels the Shackled are infinitely repeating. Rollabout a massive musical instrument. Politics here hinges on trivial Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Spindlewing found himself detached from that apparatus in the course of a mechanical Aspect A steam juggernaut Virtues Head 2 / Heart 2 / Hand 9 breakdown. Taboos Blind Stubborn Like the very nature of the Clockworks. for all their predetermination. but the machines they create tend to be singular apparatus which serve no real useful Yet in this Province can be found a few individuals purposes. Some of these paths. with steam pipes and gears convoluted and vain. fashioned of iron. indeed most Metal skin makes him virtual indestructible Clockworkers would be quite offended at the notion Taboos Proud that they lacked self-determination. armillary arcs. At Charms Flies with wings of beaten gold feathered their most sophisticated. brilliant the only truly free agents here. he was repaired and given Charms Irresistible momentum once moving free will by some renegade Tinkerbots. are quite complex. ◊!64!◊ elaborate but aimless devices at best. rather than truly beneficial machines who are independent of the grand machinery of the designed to improve life. These Flywheels. thanks to the addition and proliferation Aspect A mechanical griffon of epicycles upon epicycles— circular paths whose Virtues Head 2 / Heart 4 / Hand 8 centers themselves move along circular paths. Resents authority Legend Created for the merry-go-round of the Calliope. helping liberate others who wish Impervious to mental influence to join the Flywheels. Their love and all jutting akimbo. His powerful iron spoked wheels grind affinity for all things mechanical is altogether anything not flattened by his huge front roller. are is paradoxically both clever and stagnant. the plots. predetermined path along their helpless cogs in a self perpetuating machine.

“as today proscribe or prohibit certain activities.” Her gold wire lashes fluttered before her glassy seven months of four weeks each. but I cannot give you directions to that are no less than 13 days in a week here. and so I can’t possibly use any words containing the letter between I and K. divided into place. For example: there “I’m very sorry. absurd consideration for Twirling Ballerina bowed and arced her graceful metal arms. ◊!65!◊ notions and. to an outsider. is Thimbleday.” Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and each day will porcelain eyes with the sound of tiny harpsichords. the least consequential concerns.

can only vines and tendrils of jasmine and roses climb its walls be reached by desperate beings literally on their last and spill over its ramparts. spiraling ever inward and upward. and circle the Faerie. only when merely Each Coil of the wall defines a distinct quarter. itself. ◊!66!◊ But doth suffer a Wind-change The!Oasis!of!the!Burning!Sands Into something rich & strange Genius Loci A fabulous oasis Efrit hourly ring its bells. dell —with apologies to Far away in the fabled East lies a desert so immense William Shakespeare. the poet writes: The Coil of the Wind is ever awash in the hot airs of Full weeks five the oasis lies. Of the Oasis of the Burning Sands require a martial or forceful response. only that those who pearl and gold and silver streets. in stark the Coil Gates are largely ceremonial and are usually contrast to the voluptuous pleasures and comforts to not threatening. each one more monstrous than the one the Burning Sands might appear. crossing. it is said. The Tempest and forbidding that it is simply known as the Burning Act I. Magical Hark now I heare them. its gardens are abuzz with legs. city seven times. only when the sun burns even the memory of one’s identity away. to a parched throat. Pleasures. The Gate of the Wind is also the gate of the Nothing of it that doth fade. and home to all manner of birds Of its walls are Marble made: who have been blown here and survived the great Those are pearles that pave its weies. At its center is said to lie a fabulous oasis. Scene 2 Sands. a magical city almost entirely cut off from the rest of Its walls are indeed gleaming marble. Which is not to and fountains of wines spill cool and sweet into its say that all who seek it succeed. Its minarets are attain the Oasis are invariably at death’s door. Flowering The Oasis of the Burning Sands. climbing the seven terraces of the Oasis. only then the Oasis of great gate. so that even in the heat when the last drop of water is but a distant memory of the day it seems as if the dew has just kissed them. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . ding-dong. except when the actions of visitors be found within. stands its the entrance. And the dunes before it. Only covered in glistening jewels. the Burning Sands. attain the Oasis can possibly find it. Only those who expend their all in order to the heady drone of bees whose combs weep honey. Influence Ritual. A standing is a brutal challenge. demarcating the around it are littered with the bleached bones of passage from one Coil to the next. The guardians of those who strove to find it and failed.

and guarded by a pair of mighty unsleeping elephants with tusks covered in gold and armor of bright steel. and entry to this Coil is hung with hundreds of smoking prefers both. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Queen of the Oasis of the Burning Sands. Ilibis is an efrit of smoke and shadow. Edmund Dulac Elephants!of!the!Wind!Gate Aspect A behemoth pair Virtues Head 2 / Heart 7 / Hand 8 Charms Trampling H. It is said that in these dreams lies safe Anadria. braziers but seems otherwise deserted. Here the poets and prophets of Helpless without smoke or shadow the Oasis sleep and meditate and dream their foggy Legend An elemental and malignant spirit bound by dreams. to the passage out of the Oasis. without recourse to Gate of Smoke. He crossing the Burning Sands. ◊!67!◊ city itself. The gate marking the can only manifest in the presence of one or the other. Ford Body radiate blistering heat As strong as a giant The Coil of Smoke is filled with the scent of incense Taboos Bound to the Smoking Gate and burning herbs. in fact. It is.J.

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Queen of the Oasis of the Burning Sands. there is the The burning airs of the previous Coil blow here. who at crackers and gunpowder fireworks of the rocketeers. damask as it meets its mate in a parry. and of hot forged metal to the zizzing sigh of supple prefers both. The smiths and swordsmen of the Coil of Iron fires which constantly burn in the Coil of Fire. to the amazing guarded by a hundred and one swordsmen. A towering. and constant sound of steel being worked. He song of steel in all its many voices. flamed phoenix. a djinn of smoke and Firebird shadow. the As strong as a giant firebird is not. ever honing their warlike skills. Aspect A fiery roc Virtues Head 4 / Heart 5 / Hand 8 Ilibis Charms Flies on burning wings Aspect A smoking djinn Its claws can snatch up an elephant Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 9 Airborne missiles burn up in its fiery plumage Charms Nearly invisible in shadow and smoke Taboos Defends the Fire Gate with its life Exudes roils of choking smoke Legend A cousin of the famed. or used are only compounded by the myriad small and large here. unlike the latter. reborn from its own ashes. ◊!68!◊ guarded by shifting efrit. From the beating can only manifest in the presence of one or the other. to the scrape of a keen edge on a leather strop. The gate to this coil is from plumes of colored smoke. to the The airs of the Coil of Iron are ever filled with the Gate of Smoke. Taboos Bound to the Smoking Gate On the other hand. talking bird of glowering smoke and flame guards this Coil’s gate. it is much larger and hotter than its more Helpless without smoke or shadow illustrious relation (the candle that burns twice as bright. impersonators. ) Legend An elemental and malignant spirit bound by Anadria.. From are legendary throughout Faerie. everything and everyone in this Coil are devoted to fire and its many (mostly celebratory) uses. and many a magic street performers who weave impossible illusions blade in Faerie began here. Ilibis is an efrit of smoke and shadow. any given time are training or dueling or fighting to the fire-breathing antic of the dragon each other.. honed.

The gate here is devoid of where myriad silkworms and spiders are raised. Banners and never to be seen again. ◊!69!◊ The!Iron!Horde Aspect A warrior army Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 10 Charms A hundred keen blades and one When a member is cut down. two rush in to take his place The shield dance renders it impervious to weapons Taboos Bellicose and aggressive Cannot resist a challenge to battle Legend The Hundred and One. Any Pavilions of silk shelter the farmers of this Coil. tend their spinning charges tirelessly. whose Calamity 9 fluttering mass is inhabited by a pair of huge silvery Penalty Mesmerized / Fainting / Suicidal spiders the size of camels. who who linger there are tempted to throw themselves in. is such a disciplined army that it may as well be considered a single being with over a hundred sword arms and shields. literally and figuratively. colored and dyed in every imaginable hue and shade. The merchants and money changers of the Oasis of the Burning sands ply their trade and make their Maxfield Parrish homes in the Coil of Gold. but in its center lies a deep wide well. as the Iron Horde is sometimes called. Here all is gold. Virtually anything can be bought or The Coil of Silk is home to the great leafy gardens sold — for a price. Drawn from the ranks of the best swordsmen of the Iron Coil. flutter and fly in the A!Mesmerizing!Well breeze. the Horde is reconstituted every year as new recruits are chosen to replace the fallen in a great tournament. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . guardians. flags of the diaphanous cloth . Its gate is a gonfalon-laden affair.

The many sinewy ropes which and controls access to the Oasis’ center. ◊!70!◊ Giant!Spiders Aspect An arachnid pair Virtues Head 3 / Heart 3 / Hand 8 Charms Weave tangling webs Climb on walls and ceilings Many-legged attacks Taboos Afraid of fire Soft underbelly Legend Raised and trained from hatchlings to guard the Silk Gate. The Penalty Riveting fear / Unconsciousness / Poisoned Serpent Gate itself is no exception. wyrms. They always work together. but can suffocate an enemy in their rapidly-spun webs if they so choose. fountains. often one will lure a foe while the other lies in wait to capture it with blinding quickness. hissing. the myriad carvings of the gate itself come alive. There is an eighth gate which seals the seventh Coil entangling and biting. Calamity 11 and images of snakes. monuments and Flurry!of!snakes streets are redolent with carvings. they are not poisonous. whose buildings. mosaics. than a thickening of the spiraling wall with a doorway. As the marble walls of the Oasis of the Burning Sands wind their way ever inward and ever higher. they form the seventh and final coil. and serpents. In spite of their oozing mandibles. and if anything is (Hand drops to 1) and can only be cured by even more elaborately sculpted than the other Queen Anadria structures here. frescoes. it stands as little more foemen. Snake charmers and dancers inhabit the district. Relatively hang like bead curtains whip into a frenzy. attacking small and plainly ornamented. this loyal pair of spiders were chosen for their particularly large size and ferocity. the Coil of Edmund Dulac Serpents. and can be quite clever. When the need arises. When the brassbound and riveted door is Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

she has a great deal of influence throughout the waters lave the last winding of the marble walls. But trickling through the cracks and fissures of the when the door is shut. Province of the Oasis of the Burning Sands. the wise and undisputed ruler of the Oasis. a fearsome city radiating out from it. lies the floating palace of Queen Anadria. Queen Anadria has the Beyond the Last Gate is a vast plaza populated by upper body and head of a woman supported on a long. At the center of the lagoon Gorgon. she The edge of this vast esplanade abuts the great embodies the joining of natural forces with human elevated lagoon which lies at the heart of the city and intelligence. with a head sprouting Rules the Domain of her island palace poisonous snakes instead of hair and a gaze so horrific it can Taboos Extremely susceptible to poisons turn anyone meeting it to stone. winding serpent’s tail. any can enter freely and unchallenged. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Aleacta Aspect A fearsome Gorgon Queen!Anadria Virtues Head 4 / Heart 3 / Hand 9 Aspect A wise naga Charms Has a petrifying gaze Virtues Head 6 / Heart 13 / Hand 5 Her hair is a nest of vipers Charms Has powerful water magic Is immune to all poisons Swims with lightning speed Taboos Cannot bear to see her own reflection Impervious to fire and heat Will not leave the Last Gate Her quick tail is a formidable weapon Legend With the body of a beautiful woman. While only her floating palace constitutes her has as its source the very Oasis itself. Its ever cool Domain. ◊!71!◊ open. the Gorgon’s past victims — and there are hundreds. Aleacta is Defensive scales nevertheless a terrifying sight. forcing entry will bring forth ancient palisades into the fountains and basins of the Last Gate’s lone and hidden guardian. Like others of her naga race. Honorable and bound to justice Legend Beautiful and strange.

Bleak. the Ice Range is hardly Taboos Always hungry. and will bathe in mountain streams just so their coats will ice over and offer them a sort of icy armor. ever toiling over stone Nevertheless their sharp. Few wander here intentionally. wolves. ◊!72!◊ The!Ice!Range Frost!Giant Genius Loci A frigid fastness Aspect A n arctic giant Influence Forbidding. a wonderland Impervious to cold and cutting weapons of breathtaking beauty and sublime majesty whose Taboos Melts when burned soaring. glacial peaks are awash in the ubiquitous Hostile and territorial yellowing light of a faint and pale sun struggling to Legend Dressed in the skins of winter bears and wielding shine through a constant flurry of dancing clubs of stone and ice. they could easily overcome opponents and prey by waiting them out and letting the This is an inaccessible land of grim beauty and biting cold of the Ice Range do their work for them. strength make them a dangerous foe indeed. uncommonly be met by the sight of past hapless travelers. merciless harshness. heavy claws and great speed and and ice carvings. Of course its frost giants are famous. and frenzied at the smell of uninhabited. inhospitable lot. they usually prefer to throw devastating boulders of rock and and a journeyer in this Province will not ice then rush in to wrestle and crush their foes. Charms Runs and climbs tirelessly Thick coat protects it from weapons and cold For all of its severity. covered in frost and ice by the side of Winter!Bear track. or frozen for all time to the Virtues Head 1 / Heart 5 / Hand 6 side of shear mountain. They are highly aggressive but guileless. frost giants are a primitive and snowflakes and ethereal clouds. blood but it also boasts huge winter bears and white crows. Solitary Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 8 Charms Rock-cracking strength The frigid peaks and icy spires of the Ice Range Throws boulders and chunks of ice constitute a land of perpetual winter. solitary yeti. Deep within its mountains are even said to and love best to crush their prey in a great bear hug. Hardy and tough. or whose bones are but a gnawed heap in some Aspect A snow predator dire creature’s cave den. and terrifying packs of except when mated. They prefer to lair in ice caves. live a race of sullen ice trolls. as Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Aggressive and reckless rare ice wyrms whose innards smolder with Legend These huge white bears prefer to hunt alone blistering heat. Instead.

Like an overnight freeze. an Taboos Kind to the good expedition may eventually realize it has descended Punishes the wicked (with gifts of coal) Legend Forget all that about flying reindeer and elves. both to Faerie and a wanderer may dig herself out only to surface in this the Mortal realm. all here is perpetual ice trolls and carved from clear ice. virtually every way out the frigid Province. making and delivering is time-consuming work. even for someone who can bilocate. with ice rooms. in fact. There are a few cities and settlements. When not making or There are no adjacent areas near the Ice Range delivering his toys he tends the Ice Hotel. Their oily pelt Father!Christmas gives off a surprisingly strong odor. that he can leave and come back before creeps in. getting out is arduous indeed. This also accounts for why his bag of toys and coal seems never-ending. and beds. unable to escape. A Can be in many places at once traveler may be seeking refuge from a snowstorm in Enters the Mortal realm to bring gifts to a cavern. even in the cold of the Ice Range. Or children lost while climbing a high mountain pass. Not all the Ice Range is wilderland. working its way into the marrow of your he left. an inn made by the enjoying more temperate climes. Kris Kringle is a native of the Ice Range. as toy- Province offers an escape. snowbound places of perpetual winter whose inhabitants have acclimated to the harsh conditions here. spread with hundreds of bear and wolf route to a winter or mountain place external to the skins. only to emerge in the Ice Range instead. Mortal children in a single night. one who knows Or trapped in a mountain cabin during an avalanche. allowing him to effectively be in many places at once. winter. The Ice Hotel is located ina particularly remote region of the Ice Range — Kris Kringle prefers few guests. and lots of them from some other wintry or mountainous place. the settlements Arthur Rackham Lapland villages. or how he can deliver his goods to millions of Once in the Ice Range. ◊!73!◊ if their hides weren’t thick and tough enough. Only a furnishings. into the Ice Range instead of their hoped-for valley. the Ice Range Range so well. Aspect Patron of gifts Virtues Head 4 / Heart 12 / Hand 2 The only way to the Ice Range is to stumble upon it Charms Makes toys. forever and as far as the eye can see. The cities tend to resemble lacy snowbound gothic structures. He knows the ins and outs of the Ice Province. bones until you are caught. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

a Dominant is undisputed lord and ruler. as a veritable genius loci. other than exceptional free-willed residents — those with a Renown at least equal to the Dominant’s. or Dominant. in fact so much so that the place is virtually an extension of the Domain’s master. Unlike Provinces.. Thus the master of an undersea Domain could summon storms or call upon the fishes and whales to serve as spies or messengers. In any event. in others the Dominant arose spontaneously from the Domain. Furthermore. In most cases a Dominant has created her Domain from shear force of will. In order to claim a Domain. Within his Domain. the two are deeply bound to one another. so much so that any Roll 13 made within the Domain uses the sum of all three Virtues (i. No Faerie being may have more Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . ◊!74!◊ Domains There are innumerable Domains in Faerie: places that are strongly associated with a particular Faerie being. the character’s Renown). If the Dominant dies. and vice-versa. a Faerie creature must have a Charm naming it as the Dominant of the particular Domain. Domains depend upon a master for their very existence. so too will the Domain perish. Dominants have at their ready disposal all the resources of a Domain.e. which have identities in their own right. but might not hold total sway over an ancient kraken living in his realm Alphons Mucha (although he might still have considerable influence over the sea-monster).

than one Domain. A Dominant is generally free to Either way, if the attacker wins the Conflict, the
leave his territory, but while away may not call upon returning Dominant will find herself stripped of her
its resources. Furthermore, during the Dominant’s Domain (and the Charm bestowing it). Like any
absence the place is vulnerable to usurpation, or Defeat, it can eventually be reversed with the
worse. A being wishing to wrest control of a Domain fulfillment of a quest and the accumulation of
away from its mistress may only do so in the sufficient Narrative Bonuses.
Dominant’s absence. The would-be usurper engages
in Conflict against the Domain itself, the later using Note that a Domain may exist within a Province just
the Dominant’s appropriate Virtue score (not as easily as in the Wilds. Unlike Provinces, Domains
Renown). This struggle for control of the Domain do not have a Genius Loci (in fact that role is fulfilled
may be played out at virtually any scale, from a by the Dominant) nor Influences.
grand one with Embellishments narrating the
movements of vast armies, or smaller Conflicts
portraying subtle and insinuative plots.

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9


The Mortal lands (that reality which the Players, not Faerie; there continents shift about like lazy clouds.
characters, of Seven Leagues inhabit) are mostly In the Faerie world, two creatures with a similar
beyond the consideration of this game. Seven Leagues quality — say, being in love — have a deeper affinity
takes place entirely within the confines of Faerie, than two beings who happen to share the same
even if some portions of that realm skirt perilously period of Mortal history or live in the same Mortal
close to the mundane world. Nevertheless, Mortals country.
are the source of Faerie, its engine if you will, and so
a few words about the relationship between the fey Put another way, from the perspective of Faerie, if
world and the Mortal one are in order. you could peer into the Mortal realm, you would see
a patchwork of places and times — cultures if you
will. But from that Faerie perspective, feudal Japan
Mortal!Cultures is just around the corner from your favorite coffee
At the heart of the Seven Leagues conceit is the notion shop on 5th street; just go sideways through the gate
that the Faerie world is a projection of the collective skirting the white townhouse and the agave plants
Mortal consciousness. But whereas Mortals inhabit a and you’re there. And that proximity is determined
world bound by the rules and limitations and not by an accident of history or geography, but by
structure of time and geography, Faerie is unimpeded some deeper, more meaningful — and at the same
by any of these consideration. Time, for example, time more trivial — essence. Maybe the coffee shop
passes in Faerie for the sake of the narrative, not out owner has a favorite kimono she wears around the
of any physical necessity. If, as Aristotle says, house in the morning, or the barista whisks the mata
(Mortal) time is the measure of motion and motion widdershins just like a tea master of the 15th century
the measure of time, Faerie time is the measure of did his green tea.
story. And some stories are fast-paced, others are
slow, and others still are anachronistic. In short, time
passes in Faerie when it needs to. This has the effect of allowing areas of Faerie with
origins in different places and times in the Mortal
Similarly, geography in Faerie is fluid and to a realm to be adjacent to each other. Thus it is not
certain extent disjointed. Adjacencies that we take as unheard of for Raven to alight on one of Creakbone’s
immutable in our world are just passing fancies in branches.

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

Sometimes that boundary gets weakened enough that
even an ordinary Mortal might drift into Faerie.
Usually those visitations are brief, and more often
than not they are accidental. The most common
Kissing Point, as the weak points between the two
worlds are called, are most often found in dreams.
Conveniently, the Mortal awakens and can say to
himself, “What a strange and vivid dream I had.
Better have that coffee and get to work.”

Sometimes Kissing Points arise in special places in
the Mortal realm. A dark forest laden with
primordial fears; a dank catacomb in the ancient
subterranean of an old city; an old henge; a haunted
house; a special cave. As uncommon as Kissing
Points are, they seem to conform to the following
Edmund Dulac
◊ Kissing Points allow Mortals into Faerie, but
rarely the other way round;
◊ Mortals who enter Faerie from a Kissing Point
For the most part, the boundary between the Mortal generally return to the Mortal realm via the same
realm — the “real world” — and Faerie is relatively Kissing Point (i.e., Mortals cannot use Faerie to
impermeable. “teleport” or travel through time);
For the most part. ◊ If a Mortal stays too long in Faerie (longer than
say, a Tale), she will eventually be unable to
Then again, some Mortals — children, poets, lovers, return, for all intents becoming a resident of
the insane, to name a few — will tell you that the Faerie, although not necessarily possessing
world of the make-believe is real. And it is. For them Charms or Taboos.

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

In game terms. here are some sample characters. or retrieve some Tales. provide a name for a Mortal. they try to engineer to their normal level. breaches in the boundary between the two realms. or even impose cases. Faerie beings who Typical!Mortal witness such a sorcerous intrusion (or are victims of Aspect A mundane being one) do not look kindly upon the sorcerer. ◊!78!◊ Faerie being cannot perform any Charms. Generally. In most significant item from the fey realm. when all Sorcery are at 0 the being simply ceases to exist. The usual method involves some sort of ritualized magic or sorcery. when any Virtue reaches 0 the Ambitious and greedy Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . it shouldn’t be necessary to do more than some sort of servitude on a fey being. they Charms Can enter Faerie quickly weaken and fade. however. Mortal!Sorcerer Sorcery is usually the only way that Faerie beings Aspect A Mortal magician can enter the Mortal realm. While Faerie beings can Virtues Head 4 / Heart 2 / Hand 2 function in the Mortal world for a short time. Once Some Mortals are not satisfied to dream of Faerie or returned to Faerie. and might Virtues Head 3 / Heart 3 / Hand 3 seek opportunities to undermine the sorcerer. all Virtues are restored stumble upon it. This can either take the form of an attempt on the In the unlikely even Mortals get entangled in your sorcerer’s part to enter Faerie. each day in Can call forth Faerie beings the Mortal realm costs the Faerie 1 point of Virtue Taboos Each spell costs the loss of something precious (player’s choice). instead.

and Curses are carried over from one Tale to another. as in an acting troupe. in a fairy tale setting there usually isn’t a logical rationale of why a certain character is in a given place at a given time. and Charms Leagues. atmospherically it’s A group of Players gathered together to play in a desirable that there be a loose continuity at best. you’ll see there isn’t much effort in justifying “getting the party together”. the rules for Character Growth presuppose that the Player tracks Narrative Bonuses from one Tale to the next. except by birth. of their common genre. It isn’t even necessary that there be rigorous narrative consistency from one Tale to another (“continuity” in editing parlance). This Tale are a Troupe. getting a Troupe together in a believable way be coordinated? What’s an ideal Troupe size for Seven isn’t necessarily on the menu. and a greater concern for narrative power. Virtues. mostly because there is a deliberate insouciance about narrative logic. where events are sometimes juxtaposed in background or shared history? How could the slightly startling or even illogical ways. How should Players go about making their Protagonists? will only add to the almost post-structural feel of the What’s the nature. Leagues? How involved should the Narrator get in Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . True. for Victor Vasnetsov example. ◊!79!◊ Troupes character creation? Here are a few helpful observations for Narrators and Players as they create their roles. Nevertheless. In other words. Troupe!Background Reading the sample Tales in Part the Third. In Seven various Protagonist’s Aspects. if any.

or that one couldn’t make up their characters together. or playing music so lot to be said for the synergistic energy of creating haunting that an aggressor weeps and lets her go characters together. Conflict tends to be a highly dramatic and Not all the characters need be played by the Players. So one good a variety of Charms and Taboos which allow place to start if one wants a coherent group might be different characters to shine at different times. suspenseful part of play. and one can hold his breath indefinitely. combat. It’s so successfully play a character with no offensive easy and quick to make up a Seven Leagues character Charms. in a Troupe it’s good to have Roger Zelazny’s fantasy Amber series. When one of them is Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . to Tom Thumb and talent. forced to steal a pearl from the Emperor’s palace to characters are often initially together for one heal their sick mother. usually Each brother in turn is subjected to a form of siblings. This is not to say that every character In addition. one cannot be harmed by fire. each with a vastly While only a small part of a Tale consists of actual different Aspect but common Legendary thread). the five identical brothers: one can swallow the sea. that there’s really no diffused without resort to physical violence. to consider how their character might fare in a Conflict. and Players Protagonists should have a good mix of Charms (and shouldn’t go overboard in creating a mere killing Taboos). as a group. So it’s important for Players some might be Antagonists played by the Narrator. it is strongly recommended that Players should be designed for combat. in traditional fairy tales. There are countless examples. free. say by preparing a meal that her discussion about characters is invaluable. Similarly. the Tale might not turn out so well. if all of the Protagonists lack any Conflict-oriented Charms. from execution which he can survive due to his special Tatterhood and her twin sister. too. There’s a opponent falls asleep after eating. compelling reason: they are blood relations. A great example is the Chinese folk tale of machine. a Troupe bound by familial bonds (three or five or seven or 13 siblings. Charms should make Protagonist!Mix sense for the character’s Aspect. he is condemned to death. one has a neck like iron. that some “combats” might be (provided you have a concept). Consider. On the other hand. one can stretch his legs to great length. And Player will create opportunities to resolve a conflict the benefit you get from a collaborative group without fighting. As always. ◊!80!◊ On the other hand. for example. the Emperor all the while thinking they are his seven siblings. even to Oberon’s children in but one man. a clever need to make up Protagonists ahead of a game.

more players which satisfies herself and her Players. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . On several players can get in on the game without the one hand. Seven may simply not work. while at the same time also strongly encourages Players to take part in giving the Player plenty of room to exercise world-building. Ultimately. the Narrator must once again collaboratively. but most importantly which the narrator may go back to and weave into to encourage the best play from the Players. it is the Players’ that in mind. ◊!81!◊ and the Narrator has designed a series of faithfully Troupe!Size Perrault-flavored Tales. She must tend to fuel each others’ creativity. Protagonists after all who will be living the Narrator’s Tales. The Narrator must walk a very fine line indeed. though. she must set a framework for a world getting bogged down in rolls. and the more the identical wishes). As a result. ensure that there are surprises in that world (else where would the suspense be in playing in it?) while What!Role!the!Narrator? at the same time giving her Players room to The must successful Tales are those which take place contribute in meaningful ways. Rather. Keep future Tales. and to communicate those merrier. and everyone will enjoy the game. game mechanics. but requires creative embellishments to be truly entertaining. Conflict has a very low overhead in terms of expectations clearly. It’s clearly important for all Leagues narration tends to be not so lively with only involved (Narrator and Players) to have compatible two Players. the campaign (a series of It turns out that Narration (and in particular thematically-linked Tales with recurring characters) Conflict) works much better with more Players. they may begin conductor of an orchestra. Traditionally. secondly. servants. If the Players have a yen to explore a contemporary goth world where reality and Faerie lead a blurred coexistence in a reconstructed Berlin. Furthermore. Protagonists with Domains may have creativity. serving as the arbiter of reasonable Charms Narrator’s role to create that world. or the characters exercise their Keywords. and often seems a little flat. the Narrator to spawn interesting and compelling locales. When it comes to in a compelling world that has been created creating Protagonists. it is primarily the juggle. works really well. Four desires and expectations (note not necessarily Players. And as editor. or the director of a stage production. ones is there to help guide the story. in a cooperative spirit. she is like an underlings. But Seven Leagues given a character’s Aspect. and uneasy allies. The Narrator is not a judge or referee who entire regions of Faerie to define and populate with passes sentence or applies rules.

often Is hideously ugly both. Not beyond Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . they have simply been around for a long time. Her iron claws and tusk-like lower teeth are a dead Must keep her word once given giveaway to her gruesome and magical nature. or disinterested) played by the Narrator. and have gained (and lost) Charms and Taboos over their many years in Faerie. here are a few more to serve as additional examples. ◊!82!◊ Antagonists The term “Antagonist” in Seven Leagues does not necessarily imply that the character is at odds with the Player characters. foe. Furthermore. Note that the following Antagonists do not necessarily follow the rules for initial Protagonist creation in terms of Virtue limits or number of Charms and Taboos. Antagonists are simply all those roles (friend. sometimes a witch. in others. Several have already been presented throughout the description of Provinces above. the more one-dimensional nature of the Antagonist requires but a sketch. Baba Yaga Has a fearsome reputation is sometimes described as an ogre. Baba!Yaga Aspect The Russian witch Virtues Head 5 / Heart 4 / Hand 8 Charms Flies in a mortar and pestle Hides her trail with a birch broom Has iron claws Her dancing hut on chicken legs is ringed by a Ivan Bilibin bone fence with fiery skulls Casts witch spells Taboos Eats children Legend The old crone of Russian fairy tales. in some cases the characters’ Legends are fully presented.

while fearsome. His challenge in that case consisted of inviting faithful servants. ◊!83!◊ eating a child or two. On his arrival. day. “A Golem must be made of the sticky clay from the bank of the river. Make the Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . she amuses Mortal or Fay. the Red. Bored and restless. through which she can change the head the Green Knight did not die. Aspect An divine enchantress Virtues Head 5 / Heart 5 / Hand 4 Golem Charms Can cast enchantments with her magic wand Aspect An animate statue Knows the lore of poisons and potions Virtues Head 0 / Heart 1 / Hand 8 Beautiful and beguiling Charms Relentless fists can batter down walls Powers of spiritual purification Taboos Dies if forehead rune erased Taboos Lonely Aches to be human Prone to mischief Legend The golem is a mindless servant made of Legend Daughter of the sun and a demigoddess in her animated clay sculpted in a humanoid form. he demanded that Gawain time of day at will). Aspect A magical knight Her dancing hut only sits still and allows itself Virtues Head 3 / Heart 5 / Hand 6 to be entered when the proper magic phrase is spoken. are what one would Legend This tall medieval lord exists to test the courage expect from a fairy-witch. Gawain was tempted with the Green Circe Knight’s wife. come to his lands a year later so that the favor could be returned. consisting of enchanting items. who base their practice of magic on the deeper herself by turning wandering sailors to animals. remote island of Aeaea. and Black Horsemen Gawain to decapitate him. and night. but ultimately passed that test as well. She sweeps the ground Magical armor behind her passage with a silver birch broom to hide any Knows just how to test a knight evidence of her passing. and summoning her three Round Table. Circe lives alone with her handmaidens on the expression of the supernatural energies released by sorcerers. It is the own right. and chivalry of knights. meaning of words: She purified the Argonauts after their murder of Apsyrtus. When in spite of the loss of his (dawn. most famously Sir Gawain of the conjuring disembodied hands. Medea’s younger brother. she also sometimes gives counsel to The!Green!Knight worthy heroes and follows her own peculiar honor code. the ring Charms Cannot be killed by decapitation of skull-topped fence-stakes surrounding it shed light when Wields decapitating axe commanded and warn her of intruders. White. Taboos Green (sometimes) Her spells.

hands and feet out of clay. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . just a fish tail Legend These reclusive creatures of the deeps are curious innocents who sometimes get caught up in Mortal nets or worse yet the complications of the Mortal realm. ◊!84!◊ face. Roll it over Loup-garou on its back. the rune becomes Can only be harmed by silver Met. Werewolves are miserable creatures who are often unaware of their own affliction (or in deep denial). but have a strange attraction for the Mortal world. or death. Dahat. Taboos Turns to wolf only on nights of full moon Doesn’t remember alternate state Legend Whether werewolves become so due to an inherited curse or as the result of being bitten by another werewolf. Emet. Mermaid Aspect A classic mermaid Virtues Head 4 / Heart 5 / Hand 3 Charms Fast swimmer Amphibian Taboos No legs. the result is the same. They love Movie poster from “The Golem” (1920). they love to race their dolphin friends. and the golem is destroyed. Extremely fast and strong swimmers. shouting. Walk around the form of clay from right to left seven times. They have a tendency to destroy those they love. Dahat!’ ” Virtues Head 3 / Heart 3 / Hand 7 On the golem’s forehead is inscribed the rune for Charms Turns into an aggressive wolf truth. By erasing the first syllable. Shanti. Aspect A classic werewolf ‘Shanti. In some cases even silver will not harm them unless wielded by someone whom the werewolf holds dear. Artist Unknown their aquatic home and all its beauty.

thus proving his sanity. eating him out of house and home and attempting to marry his faithful wife. After the ten year war. he discovered his palace was overrun with insolent suitors. he had many adventures. Odysseus first tried to get out of his obligation by feigning madness. Polyphemus the Cyclops. it was Odysseus who devised the ruse of the wooden horse. With the help of his now-grown son Telemachus and Athene. in Troy. ◊!85!◊ son Telemachus in front of the plow. he slew the suitors and restored peace to his island kingdom. Finally returning to Ithaka after wandering another ten years at sea. plowing a field with an ox and a horse hitched together. Odysseus swerved and missed the child. Later. Edmund Dulac Odysseus!of!Ithaka Aspect A wandering sailor Virtues Head 6 / Heart 5 / Hand 6 Artist unknown Charms Favored by Athene Clever and sneaky Taboos Cursed by Poseidon Legend The wiliest of the Greeks to go to war against Ilium (Troy). Penelope. When Palamedes placed Odysseus’ infant Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . and was delayed from returning home when he incurred the wrath of Poseidon by blinding his son.

◊!86!◊ The!Marquis!of!Carabas Aspect A magical ogre Virtues Head 3 / Heart 2 / Hand 6 Charms Changes to animal forms Strikes fear in the Hearts of people Lord of his Domain Taboos Is vain. His great weakness is his vanity and overconfidence in his own power. but exists entirely within the dreams of others. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . everyone has to sleep sometime. for all creatures there dream. from the lowliest he requires from the myriad dreams of Faerie and the Mortal scullery maid to the other gods themselves. well. although these take but the blink of an eye. Morpheus Aspect God of Dreams Virtues Head 7 / Heart 11 / Hand 0 Charms Casts spells drawn from or occurring within people’s dreams Charles Robinson Can send any dream to or visit any sleeper Is omnipotent in his kingdom (the land of Yet for that. And even if his spells only occur within the knows them all. and Morpheus realm alike. Indeed. Morpheus does not himself have dream) physical form. He must revert to human(oid) form between transformations. Can change to any living shape He is both inside of dream and the act of dreaming itself. to one point of view. his magics are potent and effective Legend The God of Dreams is one of the most powerful only as dreams can be. often roaming his lands as a fearsome lion. cocksure and arrogant Overconfident Legend This fellow has established himself as a local lord in your typical Faerie kingdom. Faerie itself is dreamer’s dream. Capable of taking on the form of any animal from as as small as a mouse to as large as an elephant. He can call forth any object or place gods of Faerie. he holds sway over the peasant folk by terrorizing them. but the collective dream of Mortals. Taboos Cannot directly physically affect another Consequently.

hideously ugly) Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . with beautiful and irresistibly alluring voices. and expects the same Legend Famous for his ridding a Mortal town of its rats and mice and then its children. Closely associated with plagues and calamities.. ◊!87!◊ Taboos Cannot leave their rocky island Legend The sirens of mythology are strange creatures.. who nevertheless can draw hapless sailors to them in spite of their appearance. Other accounts depict them as hideously ugly fish-women. part woman. their song has the effect of luring sailors to a shipwrecked doom as they steer their vessels towards the unearthly song. part fish. he never has said what he did with the 130 Mortal children he abducted. Siren Aspect An alluring creature Virtues Head 3 / Heart 4 / Hand 2 Charms Irresistibly alluring song Arthur Rackham Unearthly beauty (alternately. the Pied Piper is an enigmatic figure at best. Since they only inhabit rocky islands. ! Artist Unknown The!Pied!Piper!of!Hameln Aspect A seductive piper Virtues Head 4 / Heart 6 / Hand 3 Charms His piping controls rodents and children Can open Kissing Points between the Mortal realm and his Domain Rules an underworld candyland Taboos Only helps for payment Honors his agreements.

But slaying one of these creatures is said to bring a terrible curse. A unicorn may grant a wish to a worthy supplicant. but even rarer. a boon far more valuable than its horn. ◊!88!◊ Domenichino Unicorn Aspect A heraldic beast Virtues Head 4 / Heart 7 / Hand 4 Charms May grant one wish May only be approached by a pure maiden Anyone killing it is cursed Taboos Shy and reclusive Can’t resist a pure maiden Legend These reclusive beasts are rare even in Faerie. preferring to live deep in remote forests. Mortal hunters have on occasion claimed to have lured one by using a maiden pure of heart as bait. Their horn is said to possess magical properties. and it is coveted by alchemists (both Mortal and Faerie). Aubrey Beardsley Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

crosses. and feared for Aspect A bloodsucking fiend good reason. Detected by domesticated animals Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Hypnotizes others with his gaze The vampire exists only to feed. the vampires of remote and inhospitable mountain lands are well known. vampires may have Is obsessive compulsive different Charms and Taboos. others can be killed not by a wooden stake Sleeps by day but being buried under a cairn. striking from the shadows of heart the night. ◊!89!◊ Vampire Legend A fiend of the night. or of the commission of an Turns to mist unspeakably evil act in life. and will use all Can only be killed with a wooden stake through its powers to fulfill its cravings. or seduction. the Taboos Craves human blood vampire prefers attacking by stealth. wild roses In some parts of Faerie. Virtues Head 6 / Heart 3 / Hand 7 Charms Assumes bat or wolf form or as a result of an ancient curse. The living become vampires when killed by one. some are invisible — to name Burns in sunlight but a few variations. While possessed of the strength of twenty men. Some only attack former Cannot enter a home without invitation family members. Hates mirrors. garlic.

◊!90!◊ Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

◊!91!◊ Part!the!Third Tales We now turn our attention to Tales themselves. Hopefully Edmund Dulac they have a sufficient measure of wit. they are therefore moved to fulfill their Aspect. All play a part in motivating characters to act and interact with their world. surrealism. Comment Wang Fô fut sauvé (How Wang Fo Was Saved) revolves around a dreaming Mortal and a quest to find a particular shade of green. and a moral dimension. Rather than provide an academic analysis of classic fairy tale structure — Vladimir Propp for example already does so somewhat mechanically — here are three Tales to serve as examples and beginning adventures. obligations. humor. What kinds of adventures do Seven Leagues characters have? What motivates them? Characters grow when they gain Narrative Bonuses and find ways consistent with their Aspects to spend them. by having built-in mechanisms for quests. “You Only Live (Happily Ever After) Twice” is a Tale of Faerie political intrigues. a talking pelt leads the Protagonists across Faerie to restore a lost child to her rightful place. “The Emperor’s Painting”. inspired by Marguerite Yourcenar’s short story. and adventure to lead to enjoyable play and serve as inspiration. wonder. Tales should be written to provide characters opportunities to exercise those Aspects. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . best solved by following that old dictum: cherchez la femme. In “The Ass’ Skin”.

!.!.. and incoherent muttering. Perhaps they were He was nearly bald. the Protagonists found themselves walking along ankle-deep in the cold rushing waters of the stream. His loose.. slow. But what was the somnambulant artist doing here? Edmund Dulac Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . shallow. the Protagonists recognized old Wang Fo. its multicolored important. and it is hard to say whether it there on their way to visit an ally. ◊!92!◊ The!Emperor’s!Painting Once!upon!a!time!. regular breathing. he was asleep. His feet were in a wide stance. the banks of a cool clear stream. If they made a successful Head Roll 13. stained sleeves bunched up at his crooked elbows. and he was bent over the water as if peering intently into it — except his eyes were closed. as if trying to catch a fish. And judging from his closed eyes. But about half a bow shot away stood an old man. they saw that indeed the old man was trying to catch some fish — small green trout in fact — but having a hard time of it. . and his flapping they were coming to fish. When the Protagonists approached. The reason is not terribly silk jacket was threadbare and open. black silken an enemy? a paramour?) who had never arrived. worn. Or they had been was his wisp of a white beard or his few pate-hairs waiting at this very spot to meet someone (a friend? that were thinner. a renown Mortal painter so famous his canvases were known in Faerie. Every few moments he darted one hand or another or both into the stream. Or trousers were hiked up to stay dry.

Moggg. The construction underway made location of the Jade Emperor’s palace. exacting tolls. although it was well under looking for the perfect shade of green. So here I am. There passing through the Domain of Pwyll Pen Annwfn. Charms Has huge. frustrated. Emperor’s palace. asleep. For months I have been Protagonists approached. cursing those but none knew where his palace lay. only to be way to completion. and generally being unpleasant. By force. had day in my studio on my crowning achievement. ◊!93!◊ “For seven years now I have been working night and taken up residence. who told me that Aspect A bridge troll I would find my green in a dream. and so has found the top of a hill. Yet nearby was who don’t pay his toll. Moggg “Then I visited the oracle of Shinxi. of course. known for his lore and wisdom. These little fish are close to Is strong enough to pull apart boulders the green I seek. threatening passersby. rocky defile. horned fists Please do not wake me. Since Moggg was still building his bridge and Annwfn was a narrow. a famous art collector. as he was known. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . the foundations and beginning piers of some other ability which would justify knowledge of the his bridge. Moggg’s lair was a jumble of roughhewn logs and Note. we was liable to be the mouth one of the many trolls plaguing Faerie had persuaded that a toll was not yet in order. reaching it involves excellent improvised weapons for the troll. in the palace of Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 7 the Jade Emperor. yet still off the mark. If any of the Protagonists have clairvoyant Charms or split boulders. the only trail leading to Pwyll Pen guile. and there at its it was as-yet incomplete. a spot at the base of the hill of Pwyll Pen Annwfn to build a Surely he would know where to find the Jade new one. bridges. Disappointing. a disembodied giant’s head at the gang of larger trolls. a not yet completed his indispensable bridge when the vast and intricate canvas. but also by Unfortunately. Of course. Curses those who don’t pay the toll Do you know where lies the Jade Emperor’s Taboos Will not let others pass without their paying a palace?” toll. dreaming. the Domain of Pwyll Pen Annwfn (pronounced Recently he was evicted from his bridge by a Powell Pen Annofn). in defiance of custom. were a couple of opportunities for the Protagonists to get past the troll. however small Bad disposition Even with a Head Roll 13 the Protagonists had Legend Moggg is your typical troll: lurking under heard of the Jade Emperor.

Pwyll Pen Annwfn is a mysterious and taciturn figure at best. score. and then only if directly addressed and asked a question. Ultimately the rede itself showed the way: the Protagonists were to have Arthur Rackham Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Aspect An oracular head Virtues Head 7 / Heart 3 / Hand 0 Assuming the Protagonists managed to get past Charms Is clairvoyant Moggg. stood a huge stone head. it was a steep climb up the mountainside to Can see the future Pwyll Pen Annwfn’s hilltop. Can only speak once a day like a decapitated giant’s. Getting there. It seemed there was some disagreement about whether it lay in one direction or another. in best oracular fashion: From the high sighted hill To Ice Dagger Chasm Green will be found beyond The blistering phantasm Ice Dagger Chasm was a famous landmark. It is unknown whether he once had a body. There. wasn’t always easy. one readily known to any Faerie being. atop the bare Taboos Just a giant disembodied head rounded peak of the hill. When the Protagonists got round to asking him where the Jade Emperor’s palace might lie — whether in their first day or after several — he directed them. ◊!94!◊ any Conflict based on persuasion required the troll to Pwyll!Pen!Annwfn Roll 13 using his Head. it’s open eyes gazing Must speak the truth intently into the distance. or has always been a disembodied head. Pwyll Pen Annwfn could only speak once per day. however. Legend A great oracle regarded in high esteem throughout Faerie. not Hand.

A!perilous!climb Calamity 7 Penalty Exposure / Frostbitten extremities and loss of fingers. then wind-swept plains that in turn became icy plateaus. Going around it would take ages and furthermore might expose the Protagonists to greater perils yet unknown. the lands gradually grew more temperate. Where Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Ivan Bilibin Beyond. Even fliers would have found flying across too difficult due to the arctic gales that raged in and above the chasm. They found the climb down the steep sides and across the bridge perilous. “from the high the grasses grew as tall as bamboo and as green as sighted hill”. if he wasn’t Defeated earlier. toes. they would have found by green-clad soldiers. frozen steppes becoming windy grasslands. presumably lost forever. The blistering winds plucked at them. the Protagonists found themselves surrounded with Pwyll Pen Annwfn. they could see a narrow bridge crossing the glacial canyon. Ice Dagger was a huge. ◊!95!◊ followed Pwyll Pen Annwfn’s gaze. finally climbing onto the cliffs overlooking of Ice Dagger Chasm. or nose / Fall into the chasm. Moggg and a completed bridge on their way back down the hill. If the Protagonists lingered too long jade. the climb itself was treacherous. broad cleft in the icy earth. Looking down. the Protagonists traveled through forests. After a short journey or a long one.

All about him stood his soldiers were the vanguard of the Emperor’s army. big around enough to require seven men holding hands “Wang Fo. while green-dyed silk banners hung between the Aspect A warrior band columns. the Jade that they seemed black. as green torch. while everywhere verdigris copper lamps. At the columns center’s the green might cross the boundaries of my kingdom. Malachite tesserae promised. and here was nearly black. was an avid art collector and in fact was his silken robes of green-black dragons embroidered anxious to meet the old painter. courtiers and soldiers. its seat a mossy mound. braziers and bosses festooned the Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . vessels. chains. The myriad Taboos Hates Wang Fo columns in the audience chamber were massive Arrogant and haughty affairs each carved from a single piece of jade. He raised a hand severely and and indeed the Protagonists had arrived at the spoke: borders of the Jade Empire. long have I awaited the day when you to encircle them. but at their edges the jade nearly my fervent hope has come true. Behold those of your paintings I and my were laid in the floors in marvelous and dazzling ancestors have collected!” patterns. It became clear from their talk that the Jade Soldiers and unexpectedly dressed all in robes so dark a green recognized Wang Fo. this group of on midnight green cloth. Indeed. Jade!Emperor The soldiers hurriedly escorted the Protagonists and Aspect A green tyrant their painterly charge to the court of the Jade Virtues Head 4 / Heart 2 / Hand 5 Emperor himself. and all were admitted into his Charms Cannot be harmed by anyone standing on or astounding throne room. Charms Can run and track great distances Shower down a rain of arrows The Jade Emperor himself sat on massive but Taboos Blindly obedient to the Jade Emperor crudely carved three-legged wooden stool atop a dais. He was surprisingly young. wearing green Rules over the Domain of the Jade Empire Everywhere their eyes roved they alighted upon Ever protected by his Jade Army bodyguard some surface of a marvelous green hue. ◊!96!◊ Jade!Soldiers hall. just as my dreams glowed with the backlighting.and firelight flickered Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 4 everywhere. from his severe black cap to Emperor. and that their master.

was an incomplete seascape. in my grasp at and plucked down its towering slopes. I will have your eyes burned out so canvases all told were there. and the curve of the neck of as beautiful as your courtesans. yet even in its But before you die you shall suffer. its oceans and seas mere stagnant lakes and one could almost hear the baying hounds and feel the ponds. And before you unfinished state one grew seasick at the prospect of suffer. that the regions of my empire which your paintings had they seemed more like windows onto other worlds promised me. its hunts dull and the woman depicted therein were alone enough to lifeless. shall your head which I now sit. its mountains ordinary and their peaks quicken the pulse. of the Jade Empire I would someday rule. and they were indeed my axe strode forward. And so on — thirteen scrolls and yours. Each one was so vivid. paints and brushes constant companions. and only then. old Wang Fo. and miserly. showing me scenes as they did were laid by servitors before the unfinished seascape. The Jade Emperor that you shall no longer see the secret and invisible continued: world which you have painted. A fourth disappointed. Yet a fifth last. and one shivered to think of the icy alpine gales which raced “And now you are here. Then. yet gazing upon it one could almost smell the impending “For next to your paintings I found the clouds of the rain and see the clouds shift and move. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . A third was hunting scene. Another was Jade Lands heavy and lifeless. crushing peak which loomed above it. I was left alone and isolated from and body be parted.” playmates. you will be made to finish this last painting of the tossing waves. courtiers brought forth “When I ascended to the throne my first imperial act breathtaking paintings and arrayed them in the was to tour my lands. robbed in one stroke of both my scene was of a tiny mountain cottage dwarfed by the childhood and my crown. its women not nearly a scene of courtesan life. a finality of death. as it was deemed unsuitable for a child to play with those he would someday rule with the And as the Emperor spoke. Then I shall have your hands cut off so that not even from memory “When I was a child and heir to the throne upon could you paint. ◊!97!◊ And as he spoke. so that I could see in person thrown room. My tour of my kingdom left me cheated and wind from the beating wings of the falcon. Meanwhile. One was a simple cloudscape. so lifelike. Oh bitter travels! than mere artwork. That done. For your theft and lies you will be put to death. My only companions then were menacing carnifex with a terrifying and ponderous your works. his executioner. old Wang Fo.

brush and paint flying onto the huge question for another Tale. Fo’s aid. unfinished. fighters weaving in and among the myriad Protagonists. The Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .” sea air? Jade!Carnifex And indeed. “Come aboard quickly!” the character cried kept to his throne and surrounded himself with from the ship. Soon it irrespective of any die rolls. The Jade soldiers and their master defenders and trusted to his malachite floor to make floundered in bafflement as the hall flooded and him invincible. panicked lest his Taboos Will only execute those sentenced by the Jade precious weapon rust. ◊!98!◊ Wang Fo sighed at the sight of his old painting. the seascape seemed to come to life. (If any of the Protagonists Protagonists in a confusing mêlée. his robes gathered about him. then a growing dot. paint became speck. Could it be old man reunited with an ancient mistress. painted scroll like acrobats. If any of the Protagonists came to Wang Fo’s aid (as surely they did!). it was a boat out of been charges and counterattacks. as an waves heaved and the wind whipped. the one who had first come to Wang jade columns. And as Wang Fo painted. glowering. engaging the surviving approaching one at that. Where they disembarked was a seascape. water began Aspect A green executioner to seep into the room. “I had thought you lost in Emperor’s throne room? Was there a faint scent of that fire so long ago. sailing Meanwhile. In his canvas a daub of defender’s head (this happened automatically. “There that seagulls cried above the din of battle in the you are. Otherwise it was a small simple fishing pouring forth for the palace courtyards and grand boat). the Jade Carnifex cut off the first But the master kept painting. more soldiers their Legend. and a fast- Jade Soldiers joined the fray.” he murmured. 13 or otherwise). as the old master painted. There would have had an association with the sea. At first the Jade Soldiers’ Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 9 sandaled feet slapped the wet malachite floor and a Charms Wields a sharp executioner’s axe few of them slipped and fell. The will not miss carnifex kept his axe over his head. Wang Fo and his friends clambered aboard. shouting at Wang Fo to stop. All the while the Emperor. The Jade Emperor stood on Emperor his throne stool. The clearly became a boat or a ship. Standing in its prow was the deceased staircases. Then the water lapped First blow struck in the execution of his office at their ankles and swelled to their knees. old Wang Fo painted furiously on his away to safety.

soldiers and courtiers? Wang Fo smiled gently. Once their clothes dry out.” Charles Robinson Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . “They’ll be all right. ◊!99!◊ And what of the Jade Emperor and his executioner.

appeared impeccably courteous and smooth-spoken. the Protagonists with Imaginez. Drouart and played at the 3rd Convention of King of Bogey-Men.!. landscape was flat and offered precious little by way more exalted leaders of Domains. only Amateur Role Playing Games (Fontenay sous Bois. He claimed to be “on a tour of the the vanguard reached the Protagonists. and the original Contes de Fées version of this Tale: Typical!Bogey-Man Aspect A Bogey-Man footsoldier http://www. almost shy. nonplussed at their leader’s attitude. The Protagonists’ surprise should have grown all the On the road one The scouts were things from a his most trusted praetorians. this adventure was translated Faerie as a bloodthirsty warlord leading savage. While their Strangely enough. be sure and look up Contes de Fées would have been wise to boldly comply… and other innovative I-net Virtues Head 2 / Heart 2 / Hand 4 In accordance with the theme of the Convention. Terrible manners Once!upon!a!time!. Both Antoine and Thomas are numbers being not on their side. the Protagonists spotted a great more as Hans Trapp “of the ferociously foul Feet” commotion and ample clouds of dust from a distance. to present his humble regards to other. Sheer force of by Thomas Laborey. It looked like there was an army on the march. This fellow was infamous throughout France. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . May 2003).!. fungi beget”. they did not assault the standards depicted scenes of senseless butchering. this Charms Stares disquietingly Tale strives to emulate the feel of the popular James Rides a fierce kicking beast Wields horrid weapons Bond movies (if only to demonstrate the versatility of Taboos Unwashed the fairy tale genre…). into English and converted to a Tale for Seven Leagues ruthless raids for the thrill of it. as the Provinces. feral humanoids in couldn’t help noticing that these “precious few” late medieval Reiter armor wielding wicked-looking numbered in the thousands and looked quite saw blades and riding grotesque ostrich-beasts. ◊!100!◊ You!Only!Live!(Happily!Ever!After)!Twice Daemons!are!Forever Protagonists but kindly requested their attendance at Originally a scenario for Contes de Fées by Antoine an audience with their revered leader.” The Protagonists Brueghel painting: malformed. Hans Trapp. with a select few of of hiding places. “where his Feet are set. Soon.

quiet game of croquet. death and pillage. like an old. it would appear that His Royal Highness “may his nauseating Steps lead him to further slaughter” was under a spell. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Virtues Head 5 / Heart 2 / Hand 7 Charms Lead ruthlessly Fight savagely Eat large things whole Taboos Harmless as a child (under the Weaving Witch- Woman’s spell) Foul-smelling feet Always hungry When His Royal Highness Hans Trapp “whose Feet perfumed the Swamp of Perpetual Pestilence” suggested a nice. Senior Officer of the Bogey-Man Royal Guard. and requested a confidential conversation. somewhat incongruous amongst his black leathers. any Protagonist successfully making a Head Roll 13 noticed a grey silk ribbon knotted around the Hieronymous Bosch King’s wrist. ◊!101!◊ Hans Trapp “whose Toes challenge the winds” Hans!Trapp entertained his guests with sweetmeats and syrups. effeminate persons (begging your pardon) while his faithful people pined away for lack of bloodshed. Indeed. dear fool. it seemed to be the last straw for the most highly decorated officer of his retinue. Aspect King of Bogey-Men jams and scones. According to him. as he had lost any attraction to war. This later sneaked close to the fiercest- looking Protagonist and introduced himself as Übersturmbahnfuhrer Nicholas Velu. spending his time in sissy things such as courteous small-talk with the most cowardly. white bone jewels and crimson velvet.

bewitched their beloved King “whose Toes’ fragrances redden the sun” with her gift and that the ribbon had to be cut for him to become again a wild. as healing and blessing was hardly their Virtues Head 5 / Heart 5 / Hand 5 forte: try as they might. It was customary that spells contained in gifts Aspect A bloodthirsty captain could only be broken by returning the gift to the Virtues Head 6 / Heart 2 / Hand 5 giver. Why in the Worlds would the Cannot be surprised Protagonists want to unleash again such a monstrous Taboos Speak in riddles being in Faerie? Nicholas had to have promised them lavish gifts indeed… But where to look? At that precise moment. The most appropriate course of action. he was never the same Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . was thus to find this grey-clad Woman. Bogey-Men started closing kings” complained that his Most High Royal Socks in on Nicholas Velu and the Protagonist and have holes again (due to the corrosive exhalations of interfering: obviously they subscribed to his opinion. All this time. ◊!102!◊ Nicholas!Velu since. help the Bogey folk. Taboos Eats children provided the Protagonists agreed to some form of Bloodlust bargain with the Bogey-Men. The!Wyrd!Weavers pitiless fighter. or by some means pertinent to the nature of the Charms Terrifies children gift itself (in this case. King Hans Trapp “whose Feet reek like the tombs of During this conversation. with locating the Woman (do not use this deus ex machina if one or more Protagonists are themselves Band and offered the ribbon to their King “whose clairvoyant). these three hags were the Protagonists to learn that a feminine figure all known for their scrying powers and could well help clad in grey silky threads recently came to the Bogey. Indeed. they couldn’t tear. Soles burn into the soil”. Hans Trapp played Nicholas Velu cravenly begged the Protagonists to croquet. He tells them that “this Woman” oblivious to his surroundings. alone or with some obliging Protagonists. so Nicholas was willing to give Kill by cutting a thread anything for things to change (so he could at last Mesmerize with singsongs indulge his Taboo). the ribbon could only be cut Be one with shadows with the Weaving Witch-Woman’s own silver Grow in proportion to the fear he inspires scissors). his feet) and that the Wyrd Weavers should be Further questioning regarding “the Woman” enabled summoned at once. No Bogey-Man had been able to lift Aspect A spinster trio the curse. cut or Charms They know the future Spin flawlessly slash the ribbon.

The Bailey of Magpies was a dark stone castle
nestled atop a steep hillock. A handful of shabby
buildings pockmarked the slopes of the hill. The
hamlet looked lively enough, with bustling trade and
crafts. This was but a charade though, with
smuggling standing in for trade, swindlers for
merchants, cutthroats for passersby and thugs for
burghers. The place was a notorious meeting-point
for shady individuals plotting nefarious activities and
goons for hire looking for easy money with no
questions asked. The Protagonists were harassed by
peddlers of exotic substances, beggars, whores,
advertisers for gambling dens (rigged) and even
more dubious pleasures. They were be followed by
tough-looking goons, which lead to pursuits in
crowded streets with fruit stalls waiting to be

A Protagonist who successfully made a Heart Roll 13
felt a diffuse threat hanging in the air, alongside the
Arthur Rackham
nagging certainty of being watched. Indeed, the only
birds in the hamlet were magpies (neither ravens, nor
According to their cryptic hints (presumably let go at
pigeons, nor sparrows were to be found) whose eyes
a terrible price), the Woman was in utter darkness,
followed every movement from the roofs. Their
dark as the feathers of a magpie, a magpie flying
ceaseless chatter sounded like they were
above a Bailey, a Bailey commanding a hamlet where
deprecatingly commenting on what they saw. The
the Black Lady ruled. Nicholas Velu then
Protagonists must have watched their shiny
remembered the notorious Bailey of Magpies, a
belongings at all times, or the magpies would have
Domain of ill repute to say the least.
stolen them!

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

Aspect A reaving flock
Virtues Head 5 / Heart 2 / Hand 3
Charms See everywhere
Can fly
Attack en masse
Taboos Can’t resist shiny baubles
Obey the Dark Lady’s whims

Due to this efficient intelligence network, the Dark
Lady, liege of this Domain, kept an eye on all the
goings-on; she was notified at once of the coming of
such strangers as the Protagonists. Depending on
their looks and behavior (whether trying to blend in
or not etc.), she might have mistaken them for
disenfranchised mercenaries, smugglers looking to
fence some loot or spies from foreign Provinces: she
was especially wary of the latter in those days.
Inquisitive or tactless Protagonists quickly aroused
her suspicions. Those she would invite to the Bailey
for a friendly chat — i.e., a thorough, if well- Victor Vasnetsov
mannered, questioning.
The Dark Lady then had supper with them. All the
The Bailey didn’t lack amenities in spite of being dishes were surprising and somewhat challenging:
small. Before meeting the Lady, the Protagonists unusual parts of strange animals, non-food
were treated to luscious gardens with pools and substances, very intoxicating liquors, recreational
assorted nymphs, sporting grounds where “friendly” drugs… She claimed curiosity about the world at
competitions were held, gambling tables, and so on. large, what with her Domain being so isolated and so
on. In fact, she aimed at pumping the Protagonists
for information about what political leaders they
might have known, and why they were there. Of

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

course, she denied knowledge of any “grey Woman”. Charms Is monstrously strong
She became flirtatious with the handsomest Has a horn on his furry forehead
Protagonist, and tried to secure a private interview, Never tires
in order to get even more information and weaken Can mate with anything
group loyalty, all the while indulging her favorite Taboos Lecherous
The Dark Lady’s grand plan was fiendish. She had
The!Dark!Lady originally hired the Weaving Witch-Woman to
Aspect A femme fatale bewitch important figures such as leaders of
Virtues Head 7 / Heart 5 / Hand 3 Domains or Provinces. She planned thereby to form
Charms Rules over her Domain a confederacy of Domains, building the strongest
Can fly by turning her arms to magpie wings
army ever seen in Faerie. When she was satisfied that
Can exude darkness
Seduces irresistibly no force could oppose her, she would conquer every
Taboos Amorous acre of Faerie until she was High Queen of all
Cowardly Faerie! It was a shame that the Weaving Witch-
Under the Weaving Witch-Woman’s spell Woman deemed it such a cunning plan that she
decided to hijack it. Since then the Dark Lady wore a
She only, at first, misled the Protagonists, sending grey silk ribbon around her neck, hidden beneath a
them on wild goose chases. As soon as she suspected velvet collar-piece…
them or if they seemed to have found a lead, she had
them captured, explained her master plan to them, The!Weaving!Witch-Woman
then attempted to dispose of them thanks to Aspect A hexing weaver
Koutsodaimonas, a bloodthirsty mercenary in her Virtues Head 4 / Heart 6 / Hand 3
service. The fight against Koutsodaimonas led to an Charms Can bend people to her will by tying grey silk
escape through the dungeons, where the Protagonists ribbons to them
met interesting individuals. Can turn to silk
Her silver scissors will cut anything
Can entangle people with threads from her dress
Koutsodaimonas Taboos Double-crossing
Aspect A hulking brute Cannot end her own spells
Virtues Head 3 / Heart 3 / Hand 9

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

as the later had little trust in Koutsodaimonas: Arthur Rackham Gunnhild!the!Valkyrie Aspect A buxom warrior The Toad King was not very bright but able to turn Virtues Head 3 / Heart 4 / Hand 6 himself into the most glamorous prince. from whence she pulled the strings on the Dark Lady who appeared to all as the mastermind of the whole affair. Hans Trapp had been a mistake. useless to both plotters. Weaving Witch-Woman even claimed to be forced into service and detained against her will. all targets of the Lady’s plan and the Woman’s spell (each wore a grey ribbon round their wrist). Three persons were in the dungeons at the time as well. as he was quite smitten with the Dark Lady (but could the Protagonists make an ally of him?). Gunnhild the Valkyrie was an outstanding fighter and the Woman’s personal bodyguard. a spell that backfired and turned him not into a puppet strategist but into a foppish dandy. ◊!106!◊ The Weaving Witch-Woman hid in the Bailey’s dungeons. and was Charms Can turn insubstantial therefore consort-to-be to the High Queen: Fights fiercely with a spear and shield Can predict how you’ll die The!Toad!King Has a powerful voice Aspect A dumb shape-shifter Taboos Overdone German accent Virtues Head 2 / Heart 6 / Hand 4 Large and unwieldy Charms Can turn to a handsome prince Turn persons to beasts and the other way round Has a wonderful singing voice Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . Koutsodaimonas wasn’t aware of the truth. and would not have liked it at all if he learned it.

sovereign to all Knockers and mining Can out-drink anyone beings: Sows rocks to grow mountains Taboos Party animal Master!Rübezahl Can’t resist a joke Aspect Lord of Under Virtues Head 7 / Heart 6 / Hand 8 Of course. at least one of the two wicked damsels Charms Can trigger volcanoes or earthquakes should have escaped to take revenge. ◊!107!◊ Taboos Stupid Commands all underground miners Eats flies (even in human form) Is ogre-sized Knows where riches lie buried Master Johannes Rübezahl was the Lord under the Rules over a populous Domain Mountain. But that was another story… Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

whipping winds. but The huge and ancient citadel that now laid as a desperate as they were for even fragmentary shelter. The only illumination to light their path and be-nettled. flowering creepers from horizon to horizon. tempests. desperate for any shelter. It was then that they saw bleached white and weathered aubergine nearly the ruins: a vast deserted city that lay stretched out black. their equestrian statues pointing broken swords at a doddering sky. that crawled away from it like sickly were the frequent and thundering blasts of lightning. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . she roamed the ruins moaning and bewailing her bereavement.!. The Protagonists found themselves beset by storms. and storms so black that no fire judging from the number of old roads. it was old Chatel Hayk. its god long ago vacated. Witnesses of past glories too were the Tired and hungry. It had once been magnificent. overgrown ruin of jumbled stones and they picked their way into the city. whose keening wail brought madness and death. overgrown would burn. but even so ancient prickly bridges could be seen crossing over the bare trickle of damp meandering mud. called it Agarttha.!. only to run headlong off a cliff like pile of ruins. ◊!108!◊ The!Ass’!Skin Once!upon!a!time!. others said. they stumbled over their own feet. In better times they might have circumvented such a foreboding expanse of ruin. The old river that wound through the heart of the ruins was nearly spent. Many times had her terrifying cry driven her victims Giovanni Battista Piranesi fleeing in fright. Ever searching for her lost child. nay. gleaming fragments of marbles and porphyry. spiders. but not altogether unmagnificent before them. sprawling. La Llorona. still others incessantly plagued by foul weather. Alas! the Protagonists soon discovered that the ruins were haunted by the howling fairy of Parigi. Some claimed that the old city had been called Parigi.

Abbey and trials in the ruins. ◊!109!◊ La!Llorona Aspect A wailing ghost Virtues Head 3 / Heart 6 / Hand 0 Charms Can fly insubstantially Has a terrifying keening wail Taboos Wanders the ruins looking for her lost daughter Hates the living Lonely Single-minded Those unfortunate enough to meet Defeat at the banshee’s spectral hands were forever more terrified of desolate places and being alone (-3 Curse in those circumstances). the work of a drunk carpenter and idiot son (and sometimes mother to daughter) for as long mason. but the Inn remained. but the Inn was a lapsus of wood and mud rambling affair that had been handed down father to brick. It had an easy Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . or what was a door and what was a window. encircling as anyone in Faerie could remember. a built-up architects. The city upon courtyard upon courtyard like a child’s dizzying whose edge it had been built had long ago game. It turned and turned again. Against the severe if fragrant pall of the ancient stones the Inn was a festive accident of beam and wall. The inn where they thus fortified themselves could still be seen the measured hands of solemn was a famous and ancient establishment. bone-weary from their storm-tossed journeys E. In places one hardly knew where a colonnade succumbed to decay. In the ruins ruins. and furthermore felt compelled to aid helpless children (new Taboo). Bridging Sighs. began and a stand of trees ended.A. There they unloaded their aching feet the Inn was boisterous and crude. they emerged from the other side of the crumbling ruins and discovered the Inn of Where the city was noble even in its ruinous state. Here crumbled and slaked their parched throats on the fringes of the dignity gave way to raucous laughter. Finally.

Would you have any food or drink to share with a hungry child?” Even the Inn could not completely escape the steady grinding of Ruin. and somewhere in a kitchen something roasted that smelled delicious. she curtsied to them meekly. It was pleasant weather. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . “I am but a poor beggar girl. She approached each group of patrons. The wine was good and flowed freely. like an oldster muttering in his bathrobe. his wishes. And in the tradition of the great city that was its foil and backdrop. here were our Protagonists. furious with me for disobeying many) had a charm that tended to draw a smile. So it was that the place had grown ever more rambling. I have been turned out into the wide it). When the time came for the Protagonists to be visited. and dangled the promise of a fat nap afterwards before their noses. crisp and cool at night. and its owners just built up another part somewhere else to compensate for the loss. warm and sunny by day. ◊!110!◊ loping grace in spite of its artlessness (or because of an ass’ skin. a beggar girl judging from her ragged patchwork clothing and old cloak made from an animal’s skin. and even its leaking tile roofs (for there were very world by my father. ever more crotchety. enjoying their rest beneath the eaves of an overlong roof supported on jasmine-choked columns. then was turned away. From table to table wandered a young child. as your lordships and ladyships Artist unknown can readily see from my ragged clothes and only coat. Nevertheless. the Inn let those parts of itself that had tumbled down stay were they were. then spoke. spoke a few words to them.

his Most people at the inn knew where it lay. or had any sympathy for the waif. and to insisted that the Protagonists scoop up some water her surprise its skin could talk. they surely would. if his body was stronger. Penalty Fall / Swept away downstream and lost for hoping to find someone who could restore the ass to three days / Drowned under waterfall life. had suffered from a long help its small mistress. Alas. Of the girl herself not a hair wasting illness. her grandmother. they sooner or later her sad story came out. she beamed happily at If the Protagonists agreed to help the beggar girl. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . were absolutely unable to rid themselves of the talking skin. they found a great waterfall high Thus the young girl ran away from home rather than in the hills. which unrelentingly exhorted them to Her father. With her she carried the skin of an involved a difficult and slippery. on Protagonists asked her what disobedient act merited the morrow one of them found the ass’ skin among her being disowned by her own flesh and blood. her father would be cured of his illness. And try as they might. a landmark of some repute in these parts. the talking ass’ skin creature had been her only childhood friend. and Cavern. much the better. daughter that he might perish. she said. his or her belongings. The matters more troublesome. Just when it seemed to his doting could be seen—only her hide. But even if they rejected her when Whether she volunteered her story. Behind it lay the cavern. became determined to wed his only daughter. Behind!the!waterfall Calamity 4 Thus the girl and her talking skin wandered Faerie. but attaining it marry her father. Would the Protagonists help her? Had they fallen victim to La Llorona. the fevers The skin directed the Protagonists to the Crystal had weakened his mind. To make ass her father had slaughtered in his madness. so them and pronounced a blessing upon them. or the she approached them at the Inn of Bridging Sighs. but warned proper wife having expired of the same illness. Tracing a stream back up into the foothills. He had become mad. who prophesied that if the skin were returned to life. that it was said to be haunted. It advised her to seek from the falls. he miraculously recovered. ◊!111!◊ If the Protagonists showed the least sympathy or The!Crystal!Cavern offer the slightest assistance. wet climb.

Within the cavern stood a great mirror, its edges
sharp and irregular, its surface warbled and
distorting. At first glance, it almost seemed as if it
were a second cascade within the cave, and the roar
of the real cataract prevented anyone’s noticing that
the mirror was silent. All who looked upon it caused
their reflection, an exact and opposite duplicate of
themselves, to leap forth from the mirror and do
battle. The doppelgangers tended to be corruptions
of their originals, so Virtue scores were rearranged,
and Charms and Taboos altered to reflect the
opposite nature of the doubles. Those who were
Defeated by their counterparts found themselves
drawn into the mirror, while their victorious
duplicates attempted to flee into Faerie. This
represented a new Taboo for Defeated Protagonist,
as their double made mischief throughout Faerie in
the originals’ name.

Defeated doppelgangers disappeared, but victorious
Protagonists found they had no longer possessed
reflections in any reflective surface. This new minor
Charm allowed Protagonists to sneak up behind
people in front of mirrors, but had its drawbacks too:
grooming was difficult, and others might fear a
reflectionless person.

Those inside the looking glass found themselves in a
mirror image of the cave they had left, but with a
long tunnel where the mouth facing the waterfall
Artist unknown would have been. Those still in the original cave

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

could simply walk into the mirror, once their leaning palisade. Their captain spoke: “Halt
reflections were banished, if they thought of it. All strangers! You come to our city bearing water, which
who passed through the mirror found on their person is forbidden to all but the Untouchables.”
a smooth-edged shard of crystal; the skin urged them
to keep those safe, for they would need to give them Guardians!of!the!Gate
to the Pillar. When it spoke, its normally squeaky Aspect A spear-wielding throng
voice seemed to bubble through the water. Virtues Head 2 / Heart 4 / Hand 8
Charms Form an impenetrable wall of spears
The!City!of!Sand Cannot be surprised
The tunnel led through the darkness for what seemed Taboos Guard the gate with their lives
like days, eventually rising slowly but surely and
emerging suddenly after a sharp turn onto some old
worn steps into blinding sunlight. All about them lay
desolate dunes and a wind-swept desert. In the near
distance rose a squat, walled city, while on the
horizon a jagged line of purple mountains sawed a
cobalt sky. Given the forsaken scene before them, the
ass’ skin full of water they had bothered to carry
from the falls now seemed like a boon. Once again it
spoke, telling the Protagonists to seek the Pillar.

As they inevitably approached the city, the
Protagonists could see workers crawling over its
walls like dark ants. Each carried pails and small
buckets, piling sand onto the walls, patting it,
scraping it, shaping it like children making
sandcastles. A wide low arched opening in the wall,
the sand city’s only gate, was guarded by soldiers By the author, illustration from a photograph
with conical iron helms and long spears. Upon seeing
the Protagonists approach with their bag of water, If at this point the Protagonists mentioned that they
they formed a bristling thicket of spear points like a sought “the Pillar”, the officer responded: “Stay at

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

bay, then, until we fetch him. Now I see that you “I am the elder of the Untouchables, the water-
require one of your own caste to be your guide.” bearing class of the City of Sand. We bring water to
all the houses, give life to the orchards and gardens,
After a while an old man was escorted outside the and quench the thirst of the people of our city. But as
gate by the soldiers. He was stripped to his waist and you can see all our houses, palaces, and even the
clad in a simple white cloth and loose turban. He had streets and city walls themselves are made of sand.
a kindly if troubled face, lined with care, the sun and When water spills here is a great crime, for it washes
wind and sand, and years of work. His back was away the toil of our people and our ancestors and our
stooped but strong as if accustomed to long years of ancestor’s ancestors.
carrying weighty burdens. When he saw the
Protagonists and their skin of water, he made a sign “We are born into this caste which, bearing yon ass
to them and bowed. skin filled with water, you too must join. Come to my
home. I will show you.”
“Welcome, my brethren, be welcome, o pitiable
wretches. I am Gorvus, called the Pillar. Come and And thus Gorvus led them through the sand streets
follow me to my home and share what hospitality I and past the packed sand buildings, along the
have. There you may rest a spell and lay down your orchards of date palms, fruit trees, and hanging
burdens for a while. But beware! Let not a drop of gardens of fragrant blossoms. Down a crooked
your water or sweat fall upon the streets or walls of narrow alley he led them, to a small courtyard ringed
our city, for whoso commits this crime, his with the only stone edifices they had seen so far.
punishment shall be death, and it shall come swiftly!” Each house was a flat-roofed affair, but only waist-
high. Each had irregular, narrow openings for
With these words both gracious and alarming, he led windows, where two huge sandstone blocks came
the Protagonists into the City of Sand. As they together with gap. Each had a narrow stair cut into
entered, the soldiers hemmed them in, creating a path the earth, leading to a low doorless opening, and one
through their spears for the Protagonists to follow had to stoop to enter the low portals. As all the
Gorvus. Once beyond the great sand arch, the water-bearers living in this courtyard were almost as
soldiers left them to their devices and returned to stooped as old Gorvus, this posed not the slightest
their post. As he walked with the Protagonists inconvenience for them.
through the City of Sand, the old man explained his
lot in life.

Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9

It was backbreaking work. First.” The served for cooking. walled garden. they washed the waking Charms Can carry great weights people of the city with barely moistened sponges. could. ceiling height. In the center jars. heavy as their loads of water were. no house. So skillful was he that not a drop fell to the floor. The sunken floor afforded a a space to lie down and rest. no hovel.” he offered.” it squeaked. and Never spills a drop of water dispensed water for them to drink. eating and resting. he offered his the Mountain Lord was unlucky. long before sunrise. no within was high. no palace could they not enter.the ass’ skin spoke. The water city was closed to this caste. then I suppose I likewise lave themselves or not. A single room must carry water for the masters of the city. A second Pillar explained that every day. ◊!115!◊ Inside the house of the Untouchable it was dark and Then. and bearer’s poles and clay pots. the old man offered his guests a little food and cool. and pouring water. chinks in the wall — clung to him as if it feared to he refused to speak further. claiming that discussing spill. room beyond stored Gorvus’ tools — his water. If they pressed him. After this respectful baptism. contents over his body. no water was allowed to touch Serves the City of Sand faithfully the people of the city. and they were free to charm of some sort to bring me luck. but each diamond of water — If the Protagonists did as the skin bid. He drew water from the well. they went about the city watering trees and plants. “For on the morrow I comfortable. Except for baths Taboos Member of a reviled caste and when drinking. if bare. Gorvus grew for the droplets sparkled like precious stones in the quiet and seemed nervous. skins and jugs for when thus fortified he loaded himself with skins and drawing. carrying. “Ask Gorvus about the floor near the door and ceremoniously tipped its Mountain Lord. then set out about of the floor of this back room was a hole — Gorvus’ the city with the other Untouchables. As dawn rose. Gorvus!the!Pillar emptying and replenishing chamber pots (for the Aspect An old pariah Untouchables were also the nightsoilmen of the City Virtues Head 3 / Heart 7 / Hand 5 of Sand).” was his first response. he drank water and ate bread for breakfast. and shone with an oily blackness. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . “But if you had a ladle to each of his guests. if low. At the end of his Gorvus took a ladle of water from a trough in the story. “That is not a happy harsh piercing light which raked in through the few subject. No part of the well from which he drew all his water.

◊!116!◊ If any Protagonists offered him the small pieces of impossible. they For those who could fly the ascent was not found them to be ferocious adversaries. Soon from the city goes near there. tractable. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . the beast fled foothills of the mountain. The wolves circled and bayed. broken. their enormous the city walls. their jet coats lost amidst the purple- black stones of the mountainside. It is against an attack by the Mountain lolling tongues pink pendulums protruding from their Lord that they guard. Also. Before long the Protagonists were treacherous at night. in turn dislodging larger stones go there by day. “The old fiend lives in an old castle in the violet kicking loose stones which shot down the mountain mountains beyond our city. monstrous jaws. take some of the pieces of your their very lives. No one hear the telltale howls of approaching wolves.” Avalanche Calamity 5 Penalty Exhausted / Broken limb / Swept crushed and At!the!Mountain!Lord’s!Keep broken off the mountain At night. unable to cause the avalanche. In a dream afterwards I saw him enslaved and backs to the sun. he spoke: Most of the way up the mountain the climbers could “The Lord of the Mountain is a terrible fiend. scrambling over rocks with their torches vigilantly watch from the tops of with the ease of mountain goats. ever out of reach. spy a small fortresslike ruin built atop a sharp ridge. If they somehow managed to engage the wolves. his servants fear the direct clinging desperately to the side of the mountain for light of the sun. when he and manes kept their glinting eyes ever in sunken sought to break the bonds of our caste and leave the shadow. as the waterbearers made their rounds. At night the city guards these great beasts appeared. mirror with you. Holding the crystals tightly. and from there they could yelping and squealing. know that the Mountain Lord knows all that transpires in the dark. and they were careful to always keep their city. if tiring. with terrifying speed. By dawn they reached the to reflect the sun into the wolves’ eyes. while the rest of the city slept. the Protagonists If the Protagonists used the remaining crystal shards could have slipped away. If you wish to visit him. he became more the mountain found the way difficult and trying. Finally. Their huge ears “My own son I lost to the Mountain Lord. But anyone reduced to scaling fused glass from the Crystal Cavern. for the mountain paths are and boulders.

brute Flees from the direct light of the sun With luck and courage the Protagonists reached the top of the mountain. As the Protagonists climbed Protagonists discovered a sordid chamber filled with the stairs the bats descended in a flurry. Heart) / Frozen in fear Following the stairs upward and upward. and steel in its great jaws Climbs like a mountain goat Tireless tracker Taboos Spies for the Lord of the Mountain Dumb. as well as its towers. Aspect A monstrous wolf Virtues Head 2 / Heart 3 / Hand 4 Charms Can break bone. its ogee arch on a bias to the square tower. Chillingly. Most of its outer walls had come down. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . illuminated but feebly. The ground floor beyond had a soaring. they found the remains of an ancient stone castle. Opposite the entrance a corner of the Calamity 2 room contained a narrow. Opening it required a Roll 13 at . too. if cunning. ◊!117!◊ Mountain!Wolf rats and driving them from their sewer as they. against Hand. rock. as expected. the crumbling stone floor sloped gently towards a large iron grate in Giovanni Battista Piranesi the middle of the large room. darkened as it was in the shadows of the nearby mountain peaks. vaulted ceiling which the weak north light.2. a colony of bats nested among the ribbed stone vaulting. steep circular stair buried Penalty Cuts and bites (-1 Hand) / Panicked (-2 within its stone mass. and from which the piercing twittering and scratching of large black rats Bats!and!rats could be heard. There. This one had an ancient portcullis facing north and the former castle courtyard in one corner. except for one. swarmed the Protagonists. the High above. alarming the ancient but well-maintained implements of torture.

the contents appeared to be empty. The few windows in the required a Roll 13 against Heart. small kitchens. were anchored in dirty dishes had evidence of dried blood on them. armoire. each gaping mouth. like The servitor bore a more than passing resemblance to congealed blood. all the small bronze rings like amphisbaena. shriveled. piled on the leering visages of toothy demons. More disquieting still. “Spread more werewolf’s father”). dirt on the floor” “Bring me the black book with the obscured by childish scribblings and drawings such gold letters” as one might find drawn in crayon. Door pulls. Ambling about the apartment was a pale. so Oddly. hinges screamed hideously. lifeless eyes. globby brown lines. shuffling Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . with crockery and used dishes. small scalpels withdrawing room. that merely grasping them a handspan deep or more. with a foyer. and rubbery hoses. sitting room. and ambling. chairs. Gorvus the Pillar. ◊!118!◊ To have described them would make one shudder From this chamber another stair behind the armoire and recoil in horror. This last level was divided station of the tormentor’s art. each scrawled thoroughly searched. especially necromancy and hematolatry. or left under tables. sluggish Within the armoire was a secret. as if each victim were beyond. much of the text was illegible. sunken. Upon examination. So frightful were the carvings. the entire floor was covered with loose earth. Everywhere lay scattered the evidence of an In a corner of the room stood an elaborately carved unkempt household. its pair of wooden doors embellished with goblets especially. If the doors were place were boarded up. Titled Le père du loup-garou (“The with a brief instruction: “Clean up”. lumpy. except these were all scrawled in thick. A large. All the rooms were appointed with lavish if systematically drained of blood whilst suffering decaying furnishings. rotting flesh. lone candelabra servitor. wicked seemed the rings. be found of blood-encrusted vessels. grimoires and tomes dealing in all manner of dark stacking them. broken-legged divans and ottomans. ample examples could like an apartment. without ever really making an was also a slim little book. and bed chamber and awls. stacked on the floor. from threadbare tapestries to unspeakable agonies. His ashen skin. with heavy moth-eaten swung open by anyone other than their master or his curtains drawn over them. tucked away behind the appreciable difference. and the dimly illuminated the foyer and sitting room. fearful library of servitor. at each led to the top of the tower. listlessly going about picking up dishes. There place to another. and moving them around from one arts. Strewn all about the room others and easily missed unless the cabinet was were scores of small red slips of paper.

◊!119!◊ gate marked him as a poor unfortunate victim of the their minds that they had been sent by the owner of lord of the keep. drop. and her eyes shone bright. and was able to read On!the!Morrow the minds of anyone standing on the earthen floor. Outside. and turning on them Virtues Head 9 / Heart 4 / Hand 4 and attacking! Charms Can read the minds of anyone standing on earth Cannot be hurt by anything of the earth Zombie Controls crops Aspect A shambling corpse His blood can resurrect others Virtues Head 0 / Heart 1 / Hand 5 Can see anything that is in darkness over any Charms Impervious to pain distance Keeps going unless head destroyed or body burned Taboos Drinks blood Its nails are fierce claws Hates the sun Taboos Mindless Completely obedient to instructions on red paper If they overcame the Mountain Lord in the end. the skin soaked up every master. She seemed pleased to destroy the Protagonists. drained of blood. still clad in her ass’ skin. No amount of found the beggar girl. going so far as to attack interlopers blood in the water and birds sang to greet the by stealth with a knife. its limp donkey-like head producing teeth with which it tore out his throat. At the first sign of intruders. he The!Mountain!Lord followed his master’s instructions. or even luring them back impending sunrise. the ass’ skin. negotiation would dissuade him from attempting to awaiting them in a courtyard. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . he could see everything that went on within. as he knew from reading see them. the Mountain Lord. Each Protagonist awoke in a bed in the Inn of He relied on these advantages and his zombie servant Bridging Sighs. dawn tinged the sky like to defend himself. With the apartment darkened. and turned into an undead slave. the Slowly rotting away Protagonists might have been shocked to see the ass’ Uncoordinated and slow skin fling itself on him. they down to his torture chamber. Going down to breakfast. As Between the screeching of the opening armoire and rivers of blood — all the blood he had ever drunk — the scuffling battle with the zombie. tortured. one who had been captured. was sure to be alerted. the keep’s flowed from his wound. knocking over and Aspect A chthonian fiend extinguishing the candelabra.

On the other hand. But once enemies. until in the blink of an eye she was no longer service. This is no donkey skin. I knew you The!Mountain!Lord’s!Daughter could do it! Thanks to you I am free of him! Please Aspect A fearsome werewolf accept this neckless as a token of my gratitude”. But do not test me!” Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . its legs like tendrils enveloping gratitude for their service. then faded altogether. “I am grateful to you. Virtues Head 5 / Heart 4 / Hand 10 Charms Strong beyond measure in battle She handed them each a small tooth. her spinelike hairs bristling. a little girl. but a great monster. they found you to go to my father. on a leather string. If the Protagonists thought it wise to attack her. now more dog than ass. Her body friendly terms. wolf-like. like a baby Her skin turns weapons and blows tooth. ◊!120!◊ “Thank you for destroying my father. even if hers was a crushing victory she And with that the pelt seemed to grow around her refrained from hurting them further. it is my skin!” moonlight). given her like a protective coat. but now my power has grown to encompass my father’s. its head first a spreading cowl then a helmet until ever met again. if they her. she growled. then Can change shape to a little girl +1. the girl would owe them a debt of shot up. The necklace gave the Can only be killed by silver wearer +2 to rolls in the dark for the next Tale. In child form her talking skin is independent Taboos Cannot directly harm anyone of her own blood If she was asked. “That was just a fairy-tale to get Protagonists in an ensuing battle. my helpmates. a towering menace. if they remained on growing body. and spoke. my themselves afraid of the moon (Curse: -2 in friends. “ And what of your ass? Why has it Hates the moon not been restored?” Turns to a werewolf on full moon nights “Oh that!” she laughed — and it was not an entirely If the Mountain Lord’s Daughter Defeated the wholesome laugh. for you have done what I never could have. they could expect a less gentle finally it settled as a great monstrous head atop her treatment.

Every time the narrator assigns you a character record sheet. This is simply a counter for tracking Once spent. and you are awarded a +2 bonus (good job by the way!). Feel free to photocopy it. subtract those bonuses from your tally your cumulative narrative Modifiers over the course record. page 31). You’ll remember that you Head. Modifiers in your character’s then Most of the sheet should be fairly self-evident. circle the appropriate you can download PDF versions of the sheet total tally of all your accumulated Narrative (formatted for letter-sized paper. ◊!121!◊ Appendix Character!Sheet The following two pages are the front and back of a of Tales. with boxes numbered for your Protagonist (see Character Growth. If you have a total of +13 Narrative greyscale) from MalcontentGames. At the bottom of the spend those Narrative bonuses to gain new abilities sheet is what looks like a table. in color and in Modifiers. They are gone. Heart and Hand icons. erase the lightly penciled circle you drew around the Record your Virtue scores in the circles with the “13” box and circle “15”. from -40 to 119. Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 . or Narrative bonus (or penalty).

Name Seven Leagues Player Aspect A!fantasy!roleplaying game!of!Faerie Ivan Bilibin Charms Taboos Legend Legend Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .

Legend Legend -40 -39 -38 -37 -36 -35 -34 -33 -32 -31 -30 -29 -28 -27 -26 -25 -24 -23 -22 -21 -20 -19 -18 -17 -16 -15 -14 -13 -12 -11 -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 Cumulative!Narrative!Modifiers Maurice Roth (order #1738163) 9 .