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Water Conservation, Our Mission

A Plan for Action

Annie O. Calabio
May 2017

I noticed that there is a great shortage of this very important thing. We all know that we have limited supplies of fresh water. conserving water can also save energy. First. Considering that every single person on the planet needs water to survive and for the sake of our family and the survival of our future generations. the farmers. we must be aware why conserving water is important to us. For this very important reason. Lastly. we use water in great amounts for unnecessary purposes. we can make a difference. Second. Our water is our mission. our water is limited. Rationale One of our most precious resources is water. protecting our natural eco-systems from further damage is critical. water is a precious resource that we will run out of if we don't watch out. it was clear that water is one of our most precious resources. Using and knowing simple water conservation techniques we can help cut your water usage by more than half. to suffer. Today. First reason is that without fresh water you will die in just a few days. especially for the survival of some endangered species.I. If we commit just a little extra effort each day. using less water keeps money in your pocket. And lastly. . Second reason. Water has become the most used resources we have in this world and I believe that at one point we won't have it anymore. Our mission is to make an action. Third. I believe that we should conserve water in our community. the shortage of water would make the food providers of our country.

 I JOIN . but to maximize efficiency III. Objectives The aims and objectives are as follows:  Gain knowledge of the different ways to conserve water  Reduce losses and minimizing wastage of water  Not to prevent water use.I SAVE MY WATER Work with municipalities to identify opportunities for enhancing the sustainability of municipal water systems.  TIP TANK Enhance public awareness about water conservation .II.I CARE .  RUN FOR A COST Protecting source water by funding research that will provide further information on comprehensive management strategies that will support a common approach for all watersheds. Proposed activities  THIRSTY FOR KNOWLEDGE? Promote information and educating water users.

EXPECTED OUTCOME This action plan is a reflection of wisdom. The expected outcome of the proposed activities .IV. experience and perspective.