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My life in hifg school i entered was 11 years old and was smaller than i entered in the

university i was 18 years anda i was 18 years and i was more respectful and more innocent
and better in high school but when i was 12 years old shier and quieter than i am more
imperative in the university.

My high school was located in santa elena was litler more retired and longer name and
smaller in infrastructure and food was the older classrooms had not conforter and food was
more uniquer and more popular currenthy the classrooms is more confortabler and the
infrastructure is bigger and newwer classrooms and name longer of the institution and more
locater in a more central place . in my high school there weren´t more beautifull girls and
more studiouser currently ther is beautifull girls in the university in the high school as
wealthier as in the university.

The girls of my school when there was a celebration wore branded clothes such as more
expensive blouses, costlier zadalia but the school men dressed not with such more expensive
things as shoes and more expensive shirt but some of my classmate if I had money, His
parents was is more successful businessman, more recognized and more respected currently
the parents they are more economizer.

At school I was skinny and I was younger than the course and second most ingeligente and
attractive currently changed now I am fat and not attractive and I am no longer one of the best
of the course