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Name: Samuel Jacob Olivares Student´s number: 2734006

Course title: Scientific Thought Teacher’s name: Diana Ortega Torres
Module: 1. Science and Homework: 1
Date: January 20, 2017 Team:

Blackboard (2017), Scientific thought, retrieved from:
ethod=search&context=mybb&searchSelect=_62190_1, January 20, 2017

Netflix (2016), Black mirror, retrieved from:, January
20, 2017

Identify the different types of knowledge and research methodologies.
First of all I read the instructions posted on Blackboard. Then I watched the
movie. After that I reread topic one and two in order to understand better some
concepts that weren’t clear for me. Finally I answered all the questions.

Non-scientific Elements of
Scientific Knowledge
Knowledge Technology
1.- Hybrid cars that use 1.- Hybrid cars still need 1.- Virtual reality
electricity to work. gasoline to work and 2.- Video calls
2.- How people rate there are no “electric 3.- The applications for
other people by seeing charge stations”. the people´s ranking.
how they are. 2.- The advance in 4.- Hybrid Cars
3.- The use of virtual optical lenses that can 5.- Security pupil lector
reality project images.

. 3. you can have money without being popular and have the same rights.. 5... what was it? Yes. screen integrated.Engineering.The privileges that are given to the popular people is not like in reality.. 2.The distinction 3. . What field of science has to do with the scientific elements used in this episode? 1. I learned that pretending being someone that is not you just to fit a social group will never be effective because at the end everyone is going to know who you really are and they might not like that about you. Just be you. Did you learn anything from this movie? If you did..Ethnology is related to the differentiation between the popular classes and the non-popular classes because they collect data and mark how popular is someone. it is related to the advance in the use of electricity to operate cars avoiding the pollution produced by gasoline cars. and which type of research would you use and why? I would use the phenomenological perspective method because its research subjects are specially humans and it describes and explains the reason of the interactions based on Lacey’s perspective so using this method we could understand why she had positive or negative interactions with people and also it can be based in her context.The higher wage you everyone that can be perceive if you are seen by everyone.Medical science and nanotechnology is related to the use of technologic contact lenses with tiny image projections.Cars’ windshield likely to our reality. someone “important” is 4. Which research methodology.. Professional Report 4..The existence of between social classes instant information of 5.