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Department of Mechanical Engineering
15ME101- Basic Mechanical Engineering
Date: Duration: 45Min B.Tech: I Year Marks: 20

PART – A (Answer ALL questions) (20 X 1 = 20 marks)
1. A spring is an elastic body which_________.

a) Deflects under load b)shear under load c)bends under load d)buckles under load
2. The ratio of mean coil diameter to the diameter of wire is_____________
a) spring index b) spring rate c) spring constant d) pitch
3. The follower moves in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation of camshaft, then it is.
a) end cam b) grooved cam c) barrel cam d) disc cam
4. _____________is the motion of the follower away from the cam centre
a) Fall b) Dwell c)Rise d) Return
5. Identify the gear whose axis is at infinity
a) helical gear b) bevel gear c) rack and pinion d) spur gear
6. V-belts are usually used for
a) long drive b) short drive c) long and short drive d) cross drive
7. Idler gear helps the velocity ratio to
a) Increase b) decrease c) double d) no effect
8. Slip is limitation of ___________drive.
a) chain b) gear c) Cam d) belt
9. Which of the following is a non-renewable energy?
a) wind energy b) geothermal energy c) tidal energy d) fossil fuels
10. At the completion of ____________, the exhaust valves opens.
a) inlet stroke b) suction stroke c) Exhaust stroke d) power stroke
11. ____________harness the energy of water at an elevation and convert that energy into
a) Steam power plant b) nuclear power plant c) diesel power plant d) hydroelectric power plant
12. __________is the process of removing metal to desired shape from the sides of or edge of the sheet.
a) Blanking b) piercing c) notching d) punching
13. A temporary small weld done at the end of the joint to hold work pieces together during welding is
a) tack weld b) weld pass c) weld bead d) puddle
14. In______________, the ferrous is heated to red hot condition and a jet of pure oxygen is projected on
the surface which rapidly oxidizes.
a) gas welding b) arc welding c) arc welding d) spot welding
15. ____________is the process of making impression and rising of images (or) characters from punch and
disc into sheets.
a) embossing b) shearing c) coining d) drawing
16. Reducing flame is obtained in oxyacetylene welding with
a) Equal part of both gases b) excess oxygen c) reduced acetylene d) excess of acetylene
17. ____________is the most basic operation in which excess material from the given work piece is removed
to reduce its diameter.
a) facing b) parting c) knurling d) turning
18. The operation of enlarging of a hole is called
a) boring b) reaming c) counter sinking d) drilling
19. _________is cutting a thread in a drilled hole.
a) Counter boring b) counter sinking c) tapping d) spot facing
20. _________is an operation of producing cylindrical or rectangular shaped cups (or) shells.
a) Bending b) drawing c) embossing d) coining

Explain the Nomenclature of cam with a neat sketch. OR b. OR b. What will be the speed of rotation of the driven wheel and its direction? 3. PART – C ANSWER ALL THE QUESTION (5 X 12 = 60 Marks) 1. Describe the working of a pressurized water reactor with neat sketch. if the bore and stroke are 110mm and 130mm respectively. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY SRM UNIVERSITY Department of Mechanical Engineering 15ME101. Consider a simple gear train. a. Explain detail about open belt drive and crossed belt drive with neat sketches. What do understand by spring back effect? 7. The number of teeth on 1. 2 and 3 are 40. 2. Describe with neat sketches the operation of four-stroke CI engine. Explain the various Lathe operations with neat sketch. Describe with suitable sketches of Blanking. Describe the various spring terminologies with a neat sketch. each fixed on separate parallel shafts. it consists of 3 gears. The driver gear is running at 1000rpm clockwise and gear 3 is the driven gear. 50 and 80 respectively.Tech: I Year Marks: 20 + 20 +60 =100 PART – B ANSWER 5 out of 7 (5 X 4 = 20 Marks) 1. a. The mean effective pressure of an engine is 12bar. Explain the nomenclature of gear tooth profiles. OR b. . Piercing. Estimate the time to drill a hole 52mm deep at a feed of 0. a. Punching and Notching. 3. 5. Classify cams shape and explain them with suitable sketches. Describe with suitable sketches the operation that can be done on a drilling machine. Describe with suitable sketches for welding using metal electrode. Calculate the net work done by the engine. OR b. 2. 5.23mm/rev and speed of 320rpm. a. How energy sources are classified? Explain in detail. with neat sketch. OR b. 6. 4. What do you mean by slip of belt? 4. a.Basic Mechanical Engineering Date: Duration: 3Hrs B.