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Mr. Sandy Javier the owner of Andok's and now Mayor of Javier,Leyte. Mr. Sandy's dream began more
than 25 years ago when he set up a small stall along West Avenue in Quezon City. Wanting to cash in on
Litson manok craze, he asked his mother's friend who a owned poultry store to "outsource" 12 whole
chickens which he then roasted with hopes that it will catch on with passers by. At the end of the day he
only sold two.Instead of being discouraged, Sandy decided to innovate. He experimented with his
ingredients and cooking methods until he found what he felt was the right formula that would capture
his buyers tastes. In 1895 Sandy's efforts were rewarded when the hungry masses began trouping to the
first Andok's Litson Manok-Liempo store at the corner of Baler Street and West Avenue Quezon City.
Andok's soon became synonymous with litson manok and its stalls were soon became sight in Metro
Manila.In 2002 Andok's branched out to the Visayas starting with 2 stores in Cebu followed by 9 more
stores in two years.Two years later Sandy decided to put up his first dine-in store at D'Mall Boracay.
Budget conscious tourist and Locals enjoyed Andok's affordable menu so much that 6 outlets were
operating on the island in less than a year's time. Andok's has even evoled to include selling daily
necessities such as rice, sugar, beverages and grocery products. At a seminar for business students at
the Colegio San juan De Letran,Sandy shared the lessons he learned from running Andok's."Even if you
don't have much money you can use diliqence,common sense, and hard work as your capital",If you are
enjoying what you do,you are not working at all. You are just enjoying". He also emphasized the Pinoy
trait of being thrifty by always spending less than what they are earning. Andok's is a perfect example of
a fad turning into an institution. From a corner stall with 12 roasted chickens, Sandy Javier now owns
300 outlets nationwide and counting, including his outlets here in Capiz that is located in Roxas Avenue,
Roxas City and managed by Mr. Jener Delos Reyes.Andok's is one of the affordable fast food here in
Capiz.Andok's earning the tag, "Pambansang Litson Manok".Andok's was the nickname of the late father
of Mr. Sandy Javier.They serve 24hours everyday with the Delicious dishes and best Costumer care. The
prior aim of Andoks is to known as the best native Filipino Food Company and want to make the word
aware of the delicious Cooking style of Filipino.