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Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection Services
Obtain precise, quantitative data about cracks and corrosion
in your pipeline and make better integrity decisions

nnCrude oil, refined product, water,
and condensate product pipelines
nnGas pipelines
nnOnshore and offshore pipelines
(with wall thickness up to 37 mm)
Features and benefits
nnUltrasonic crack-detection (UTCD)
technology pinpoints very
tight cracks:
–– Stress-corrosion cracking (SCC)
–– Axial cracking
–– Fatigue cracking
–– Hydrogen-induced cracking
Ultrasound technology is an incredibly the issues you’ll face and where in the –– Crack-like features
versatile inspection technique that has had pipeline the issues exist. –– Cracking in long-seam welds
wide industry use and acceptance for many
years. It can be used in crude oil, refined In-line inspection services with ultrasonic
(UTWM) technology locates multiple
product, water, condensate product, or gas crack-detection (UTCD) and ultrasonic
anomaly types, morphologies, and
pipelines – onshore and offshore. While other wall-measurement (UTWM) technologies
manufacturing abnormalities:
inspection services may be cheaper, they are use ultrasound waves to identify structural
–– Metal loss on outer and
limited and cannot detect the smallest stress anomalies both on and within the pipe-
inner surfaces
corrosion cracks that are potentially fatal to wall steel. The sound waves require a liquid
–– Narrow axial-external corrosion
the integrity of pipelines. couplant to pass to the pipe wall. For gas
–– Mid-wall features (laminations)
lines, Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline
–– Gouging and grinding (axial)
The Baker Hughes ultrasonic in-line inspection Services (PPS) can provide a turnkey package
–– Longitudinal scratches
(UT ILI) services offer you the ability to detect to include liquid pumping and separation
and notches
and classify anomalies other inspection services to allow the utilization of UT
–– Deformations
technologies can’t, giving you the best data technology, for example, by running the
–– Girth-weld misalignment
possible and allowing for better pipeline inspection tool within a slug of liquid such
–– Defects under repair sleeves
integrity decisions. The data produced is as diesel.
quantitative, not inferential, meaning you get
–– Pipeline fittings (valves,
the highest level of accuracy and resolution. The various inspection services can be run
tees, etc.)
So when remedial work is necessary, you can separately, or they can be run in a single
save time, money, and HSE risk by knowing pass for a reduction in time and costs.

The Representative of Intelligent Pigging

© 2014 Baker Hughes Incorporated.22 to 2. mid-wall cracks. fitness for a particular purpose or use. cost-efficient pass: nnThe Baker Hughes UT technologies are [SCC]. PUNITIVE. from different in-line inspection probability of multiple anomaly types technologies –– Provides a seamless integration and analysis of metal loss. reducing on-site weld.) (m/sec. These anomalies could potentially associated with the cross- time and minimizing client impact. corrosion. and other data anomalies from recent and past in-line inspections Examples of metal loss. or cracking in the long-seam –– Reduces the potential for errors product for generated data sets anomalies are usually too tight (less or contact us to find out how you can get –– Improves the classification and than 0. EXEMPLARY OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ITS NEGLIGENCE. These services also past in-line inspections. nnCombo UTCD/UTWM inspection provide metal loss inspection results that nnThe UTCD technology inspection services configurations provide simultaneous can be very accurately used to perform are ideal where there is a high probability detection of all anomalies in a remaining strength calculations. All information is furnished “as is” and without any license to distribute. go undetected by circumferential magnetic correlation of two independently flux leakage (MFL) tools because the Visit www.5 D x 90º Maximum pressure (psi/bar) 1. (HIC) anomalies that normally go undetected and other data anomalies from recent and –– Erosion (wall thinning) by MFL technology.bakerhughes.22 0. accuracy. non-infringement. corrosion in your pipeline and make better nnProprietary I-ViewTM software: nnThe UTWM technology inspection integrity decisions with the Baker Hughes –– Integrates multiple data sets services are ideal where there is a high UT ILI services. BAKER HUGHES INCORPORATED AND ITS AFFILIATES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT. Disclaimer of Liability: This information is provided for general information purposes only and is believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. wall-thinning from erosion. and other manufacturing-type loss.2 Minimum pipeline bend radius 1./mm) 0. lack of fusion. integrates multiple data sets and provides a Features and benefits (continued) surface laps. hydrogen-induced –– Reduces operational downtime designed to operate in numerous fluids cracking (HIC). Surface-breaking laminations.36 4 to 37 Optimum tool speed range (ft. The user agrees to assume all liabilities related to the use of or reliance on such information. INDIRECT. such as corrosion.741 120 Temperature range (ºF/ºC) – 4 + 158 – 20 to +70 I-View is a trademark of Baker Hughes Incorporated. deformation.12 to 2. SPECIAL. All rights reserved.1 mm crack opening) to cause a precise. Baker Hughes Incorporated and its affiliates do not make any warranties or representations of any kind regarding the information and disclaim all express and implied warranties or representations to the fullest extent permissible by law. fatigue cracking. including those of merchantability. deformation. Performance Specifications Wall thickness range (in. quantitative data about cracks and sizing of defects measurable disturbance in the flux path. however. corrosion. mid wall anomalies. OVERVIEW and morphologies. mid-wall cracks.) 0./sec. title. crack-like and other related costs without the need for sampling of the features. correctness or completeness of the information provided herein. Plus. 42034 09/2014 . our proprietary I-ViewTM software metal-loss.67 to 7. bulging seamless integration and analysis of metal –– Hydrogen-induced cracking laminations. of axially oriented stress corrosion cracking single.