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The First and Best Choice for Near Infrared (NIR) Measurement

Digital and PLC Bus interfaces directly from PC the Transmitter Stand Alone Transmitter Process Controller • 5. Operator Interface BUS Interface • All Analog Outputs.7” high resolution Touchscreen PLC PC Process Controller Computer Software DAS Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) Viewer Software is a proprietary Windows-based package. Near Infrared (NIR) Transmitter Operator Interface Color Touch Screen MCT460 (Optional) Stand Alone Configuration • Connects directly to PLC Incoming Power • No Operator Interface required Bus Interface 0-10V/4-20mA • Powered at the MCT460 RS232/485 Transmitter • All Analog Outputs. . perform or adjust calibrations. Digital and 0-10V/4-20mA Bus interfaces from Operator Incoming Power Interface Power & Communication • Large 5.7” Operator Interface/Display DAS (optional) MCT460 Operator Interface Color Touch Screen System Configuration • Transmitter connects to Operator Interface System Transmitter • Transmitter powered from RS-232/485. It monitors all MCT460 functions and allows an operator to insert set-up parameters. select product codes. examine internal diagnostic values and view trends of moisture and temperature.

Ammonia & Amines A Reliable. etc are also available. Wood Products Bus Interfaces. the light reflected off of the product is captured by a mirror and • Whole Leaf • Reconstituted focused onto a Lead sulfide detector. • Cut Paper Converting • Moisture & • Pressure Sensitive MCT460 Features & Improvements Coatweights Adhesives • Re-moisturizing • Carbonless • New micro controller. normally on a conveyor belt or • Cereals Crackers moving web. The filters separate the light into NIR wavelengths. the other programmed • Extruded Plastics • PVB Films to manage computations and communications options • Samples entire NIR signal train for increased measurement accuracy Chemicals & Minerals • Crumb Rubber • Plastic Chips • Embedded bootloader allows sensor firmware to be upgraded • PVC Powders • Detergents through USB or serial interface • Ceramics • Soaps • Filter wheel speed adjustment through software • Fertilizers • Ores • Temperature controlled PbS detector for enhanced stability • Built in cooling panel and Air Purge Assembly • Ergonomically sound IP67 cast aluminum enclosure For more information on Process Sensors instruments and accessories. Rugged and Accurate Transmitter Typical applications include: Each MCT460 measurement produces analog and digital outputs for control. high performance. The NIR light is • Starches • Cookies & then directed onto the product being measured. Modbus. a filter • Hardboard • Oriented wheel motor. The MCT460 is fully modular – each of these components can be replaced in the field within minutes. dual core architecture. visit our website at: www. Typical constituents include: O–H for Moisture & Alcohol C–H for Oils. • Hog Fuels Strandboard a Lead Sulfide detector and a single “smart” circuit board. The detector’s microvolt output is then • Lamina Strips • Expanded taken by the on-board “smart” circuit board and converted into percent moisture • Stems • Chewing Tobacco or other engineering units. • Hot Melts Coatings One core dedicated to NIR signal acquisition. selected specifically • Coffee • Milk powders by PSC for the measurement and application being performed. narrow band-pass NIR filters. Food Products The Near Infrared (NIR) Operating Principle • Snack Foods • Soy Bean & • Pet Foods Corn Meals Light from the lamp is directed through the rotating.processsensors. Tobacco Products Subsequently. • Particle board • Medium Density • Fiberboard Fiberboard The MCT460 is made up of 5 basic components: a quartz halogen lamp. . such as Ethernet. Adhesives & Plastics Nova Series N–H for Proteins. multiple NIR interference filters in a rotating filter wheel assembly. Fats.

Three modes available Damping. Max./m Fats/Oils: +/.0. Cooling: Vortex Air Cooler (optional) 6. Ethernet IP Gsm: (48) 509 202759 Modbus TCP. Window Purge: Airpurge Diffuser Milford. ProfiBus. Specifications: MCT460 NIR Transmitter Dimensions: MCT460 Measured NIR Constituents: 1.1gr.6kg)/IP67.0. RS-232 & RS485 HEADQUARTERS Weight/Enclosure: 19 lbs. 10.1% 7. EN61010-1 Process Sensors Polska Low Voltage Directive 10. NOVA SERIES The Innovative New NOVA Series The MCT460 can be configured to perform up to three NIR measurements.1%./m 12. 0-10V (isolated).com www. Northants NN17 5JG UK Warranty: 24 months Parts/Labor 12. 2 or 3 simultaneously Front View Moisture Range: Min.7 inch Color Touchscreen LCD info@processsensors./m. DeviceNet 3. MA 01757 USA 7. Cast Aluminum 1.1%. Max.38” Coatings Range: Min.95” Power: Languages: User Selectable All Power and Interface Power: From MCT460 Sensor or Local Connections on Rear Panel Cable: 10 ft (3 meters) standard Europe Enclosure: Cast Aluminum Process Sensors Europe Operator Interface Unit 4. 95% 14.19” Coatings +/.25” Repeatability: +/. 0.50” CE Compliance: Eastern Europe EMC Directives EN50081-1 & EN50082-2. T: 011 60 17620-2806 visit our website at: Fx: 011 60 6601 4588 Software: Window-based Stand-alone Program or OPC-DDE Server ASIA .1 gr.0” Specifications: Operator Interface Tel: (508) 473-9901 Fax: (508) 473-0715 Display: 5. (8. 0. integration and gated. Erazma z Zakroczymia 12 lokal 2 03-185 Warszawa Databus & Software Interfaces: Tel:  (48) 22 6739526 Bottom View Fax: (48) 22 6739527 Optional Bus Interfaces: ProfiNet. The MCT460 provides accurate. 50/60 Hz.0. reliable and stable outputs for measurement and control.Process Sensors Asia PT 2328 Pinggiran Golf Kemumin. 40 watts Outputs: 4-20mA.00” Tel: 01536 408066 Routine Cleaning: None Required Fax:  01536 407813 Calibration Verification: Calibration Check Standard infouk@processsensors. Simple to install and virtually maintenance free.2% . Adelaide House Maintenance: Corbygate Business Park Front View Corby. Kelantan 16100 Malaysia For more information on Process Sensors products.0” tomasz@processsensors. 50% Accuracy: (subject to application and product type) Moisture +/. 200 gr. Pengkalan Chepa Kota Bharu.0. Max.2% Product Distance: 8-18 inches (200-450mm) Calibration Codes: 100 Sensor Optics Response Time: 1-999 seconds. The MCT460 can also provide a product temperature measurement.5” Fats/Oils: Min.00” ul.31” Diameter Bottom View for Mounting Post United States Ambient Temperature: 0-50 °C (32-120˚F) with water Process Sensors Corporation or air cooling up to 80°C (160°F) 113 Cedar St.