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become =comenzar a ser; close

down=cerrar; drop= caer(disminuir),
grows=crecer; expand=expandirse; export
=exportar,import=importar; launch=lanzar;
market=comercializar; merge=unirse;
produce=producir; set up=iniciar; take over
dobusiness (with), makeadeal(= business
agreement), make a decision,do a job a loss
(oppositeprofit) , do market research, make
money, make somebodyredundant
do well do badly, a business(orfirmI
company) a branch=sucursal(bank),a
chain=cadena (cadena de negocios),
headoffice=oficina central, a multinational
=many offices or factor in many countries.
theCEO=director ejecutivo, a client=buy
service proffesional, a colleague, a
customer= buy goods and services, a
manager=administrador, the owner, the
staff .

overcrowded, megacities, underdeveloped,
multicultural, subway, bilingual, monorail,
autopilot, antisocial, misunderstood,
Homeless, hopeless., careful, useful.,
bullet-proof, waterproof., unbreakable,
absent =absence,
alcohol=alcoholism, brother=brotherhood,
child=childhood, cold = coldness,
distant=distance, entertain =entertainment,
excite = excitement, friendly=friendlines,

pollute=pollution, race=racism,
reduce=reduction, ugly=ugliness,
Lose= loss, Dead=death, Succeed=
success, Think=thought, Believe= belief,
Hot=heat, Strong=strength,
Hungry=hunger, High=height, Long=length

Although= a pesar de, pese a, even
though= a pesar de que, though= aunque,
in spite of(despite)= a pesar de, pese a, to,
in order to= con el fin de; so as to= a fin
de, in ordernot to, so as not to, for, so
that= de modo que, para qué. A piece of, a
pair of, some.
Earworms, get into your head, Word for
Word, theirs ears perk up, had their day,
a captive audience, hit a false note,
causes health issues, pretty much,
comes to mind.