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DATE : 18/3/2017

Learning Objectives :

● List the characteristics of various types of microorganisms
● Classify microorganisms into bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses and algae
● state examples of uses of microorganisms
● explain with examples the roles of useful microorganisms
● suggest potential uses of microorganisms in various fields
● List ways to prevent infection
● Relate the control of vectors to their habits and life cycles
● Explain with examples various methods of sterilization

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Prepared by: Mr. Benjamin Tee Xin Rui

Microorganism can be found only by (telescope/microscope) 5 They exist in different shapes. 1. They eat from live organisms. rivers and lakes (tasik). microorganisms breathe. They are ( Yeast/ Protozoa) 8. They can be found in lake. The name of bacterias are according to their shapes. Like humans. The smallest among all microorganisms is protozoa. 2. grow and move 4. A magnifying glass can be used to see some of the microorganisms. 5. Organism means ( living things/ non-living things) 4. All microorganisms breathe. 6. UNDERLINE THE CORRECT ANSWER. ponds (kolam). During breathing. All microorganisms are harmful. Worms. They can be found on mouldy bread and rotten food. They are ( protozoa / bacteria) 6. The similarity between bacteria and fungi is both are ( non-living things/ microorganisms) ACTIVITY 2. WRITE ‘TRUE’ OR ‘FALSE’ IN THE BOXES PROVIDED. sizes and colour. 3. 1. 2 Prepared by: Mr. Benjamin Tee Xin Rui . (carbon dioxide /oxygen )is taken in and (carbon dioxide /oxygen) is given out. We can see microorganisms with the naked eye. bacteria and ants are three types of microorganisms . They can be found in air . and water and in or on the plants and animals. They are ( Protozoa/ Fungi) 9. 7. HOLIDAY HOMEWORKS ( Week 12 ) Name : _______________________ Class : 5F Subject : SCIENCE ACTIVITY 1 : MICROORGANISM EXERCISE 1 . They are the smallest of all microorganisms. “ Micro” means ( tiny / large) 3. soil. Microorganisms are (living things / non-living things) 2. They geat food from other microorganisms. They are ( yeast/ viruses ) 7. 10.

They come in different (b) ___________________ and (c) ________________. Some bacteria. namely (g) __________________. it takes in d)__________________________ and releases e)_______________________________that can be seen in the mycelium of the fungus when it grows. Benjamin Tee Xin Rui . tempeh and tapai . (j) ___________________________ and (k)______________________. for example f) ________________________ is widely used in making yogurt drink. microorganisms can (l) __________________________. ACTIVITY 3 EXERCISE 3 . Yeast is a fungus. b)______________________ is an example of microorganism that is widely used in the food industry. It is used in the making of bread. cheese. Fill in the blanks with correct answers. Lactobacillus harmful yeast breathes oxygen carbon dioxide fungus humus Some microorganisms are useful and some are a) _______________to us. When it c) ___________________. 3 Prepared by: Mr. which is a g) ____________________ Bacteria and fungi in soil which act on grass and leaves or any other organic materials and convert them to h) ___________________________________ by a process known as biodegradation. There are five groups of microorganisms. Antibiotics such as penicillin are extracted from penicillium. We cannot see microorganism through our naked eyes because microorganisms are too (d)_____________ in size. Carbon dioxide makes the bread dough rise. they can be seen by using a (f) _____________________. Like other living things.Some answers may be used twice. (m) ______________________________ and (n) ______________________________ Fill in the blanks with correct answers.When yeast is added to a sugar solution. Microorganisms are a) ________________. it uses the sugar as a source of food. (i)_____________________. However. (h)_____________________.

C . F. C. H I. D. PROTOZOA. ALGAE __________________________ 4 Prepared by: Mr. G. Benjamin Tee Xin Rui . TYPES OF MICROORGANISMS : FUNGI. VIRUSES.ACTIVITY 4 Name the type of microorganisms A . E. BACTERIA. B.

a) All microorganism are harmful. They cause food too turn bad and make us ill. c) Microorganisms can be carried from place to place and spread from one person to another d) Patients who have AIDS should be quarantined to prevent the disease from spreading to another person. 2. Complete the following statements. Benjamin Tee Xin Rui . e) Flu can be spread by air f) We boil water before drinking to kill the living microorganisms in water 5 Prepared by: Mr.TOPIC : MICROORGANISMS ARE HARMFUL AND USEFUL. b) Cake. buns and milk are produced by using microorganisms. Write “true” for the correct statements and ‘false’ for the wrong statements. MICROORGANISMS ARE USEFUL. 2. 1.