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Cebicheria “ DON JAIME”


Alcalde Lozada, Manuel.
Domínguez Gutiérrez, Carlos.
Ibañez Gallo, Bryam.



Trujillo – Perú

DEVELOPMENT OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN OF THE AVICOLA LESCANO S. constituted under since 2008. Actualmente. El local está situado en la calle Nicolás Rebaza # 320. TYPE OF COMPANY: Closed Corporation Company Name of the Company: CEBICHERÍA “DON JAIME” 1.1. by Mr. SIZE OF THE COMPANY: MYPE.3.C.Urb: Las Quintanas.A. producción y servicio. mariscos. . y que diariamente se venden más de 150 platos entre pescado. Trujillo. IDENTITY 1. 1. Jaime Torres. el restaurant cuenta con 20 trabajadores distribuidos en diferentes áreas tales como son: administratriva.2. Cebichería “Don Jaime” tiene variedad de platos típicos y criollos. frente al coliseo Gran Chimú. COMPANY DESCRIPTION: “Cebichería Don Jaime” es un restaurant que lleva 30 años dedicándose a la venta de potajes basados en pescados y mariscos. 1. etc.I.


así como ofrecer un servicio personalizado acorde a las exigencias. a través del reconocimiento para en el futuro tener sucursales a nivel nacional y espacios más amplios. con la capacidad de brindar un servicio de calidad para nuestros clientes. . MISSION: Somos un restaurante de pescados y mariscos. VALUES  Dedication to work: We foster a work culture where the effort and dedication of our employees are oriented to provide services and products of the highest quality to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and consumers.2. ofreciéndoles un ambiente cálido y acogedor. comprometido con la innovación de la creatividad. logrando ser una empresa altamente competitiva y dedicada a la satisfacción plena de nuestros clientes.  Compliance with obligations: All our actions are governed by an honest. 4. transparent and ethical conduct. VISION: Ser el restaurante de pescados y mariscos líder en el distrito de Trujillo que ofrezca servicios y excelencia en la preparación de platos basados en pescados y mariscos. 3. alcanzando con los más altos estándares de calidad a través de la exquisita variedad de platos y sabores con la que cuenta el territorio peruano exclusivamente en pescados y mariscos. and the faithful fulfillment of our obligations and strict compliance with the laws of the markets in which we operate.

Achieve 100% of human capital performance. RESPONSIBILITY Reducing pollution and waste.  Culture of success: We set challenging goals and we work hard to achieve them. for both customers and parking lots. RESOURCES PHYSICAL For next year. MARKETING where it is expected to be your best choice for the following year. have new branches with ample spaces.  Social responsability: We recognize that we are participants in a social system with which we interact. RESOURCES Increase productive capacity and this will be achieved by PRODUCTIVITY having larger premises at specific points to achieve better reception and productivity. training staff every semester. GOALS Create the marketing area to be present and recorded in the minds of our consumers as leading providers. to obtain greater credits and possible to create new branches. FINANCIAL The maximization of profit of 50% for the following year. 5. All our decisions and actions are consistent with this social system. . As well as trying to achieve perfection in each of the tasks they perform. Develop and run from time to time. Know how to help improve service and increase HUMAN RESOURCES productivity. We seek to maintain and / or achieve leadership positions in all the activities we carry out. seeing if it has good reception. We contribute to the retention and renewal of natural resources and the progress of the communities in which we operate. a new dish through combinations between ingredients and somehow give to taste the INNOVATION customers. Improvement of the environmental and sanitary SOCIAL conditions.

01 5 Number of times recognized as the company of the year at the regional level. 06 15 Number of dishes served. Seek a profit and take advantage of an PROFIT advantage. 01 3 Quality surveys related to the service 01 4 Number of awards given to the company. 01 2 Number of comments and likes to the website. 05 14 Number of machines purchased. with an REQUIREMENTS increase of the incomes of 30% HASTA AQUI AVANCÉ!!!! DESDE LA 6-7 LO HACES 6. 03 10 Number of percentage of quality and time produced by each employer. a surplus in the company. METRICS 01 1 Having the necessary to have the best marketing department. . 06 16 Time used for cleaning. 02 6 Efficient production increase percentage number 02 7 Number of strategic plans that help improvement service and production 03 8 Number of trainings. 03 11 Number of times he proposes new working techniques. 08 18 Number of sales made per service. 03 9 Number of times our consumers claims. 07 17 Percentage number of pollution and waste reduction. product selection. 04 12 Number of credits approved.

 Public insecurity.  Increased tourism. THREATS  Good quantity of suppliers.  Competition of cebicherias.  Climatic changes affecting our main supplier. the sea. demands a great competition in prices.  Socioeconomic growth.  The rise in input prices.  Location close to public institutions.  Participation in fair “MIXTURA” WEAKNESSES  Lack of marketing and direct advertising. STRATEGICS TOWS MATRIX TOWS MATRIX STRENGTHS  Loyal customers.  A pleasant place for the public.  Identification of society with Peruvian food.  Lack of a strategic plan.  Not enough kitchen staff. OPPORTUNITIES  Population growth. .  Quality raw materials. due to the years of “Don Julio”  Personnel trained to provide the best care. 7.


ANSSOF MATRIX PRODUCT NEW EXISTING EXISTING PRODUCT MARKET DEVELOPMENT PENETRATION MARKET MARKET NEW DIVERSIFICATION DEVELOPMENT Analyzing the culture of the company and the mission. . the strategy that Avícola Lezcano must implement is the product development to adapt to the needs of all types of dining rooms to encourage its constant growth.

). Establish a strategic alliance with the entity for the training and technical assistance of each employee for E4 fifteen days. etc. Purchase a machine with tongs and more sheds to E7 O5.STRATEGICS Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan (market study. Access a bank loan for the acquisition of machinery E6 O4. O1. Incentivate economically the employees with bonds of E5 03 100 soles according to their performance. .06 increase production. etc. Carry out talks and social awareness activities about E8 the pollution and generation of garbage to our 07 collaborators.O6 hours. Establish a production policy with new lines and have O2 E3 at least 3 strategic plans for a better efficiency in production.) with an emphasis on quality and with better prices. Develop new varieties of innovative and more natural products in pack presentations (fortnightly. three times a week with a duration of 4 O3. 01 E2 sextenas. tens.O5 with an amount not exceeding 10% of the equity.O8 E1 competition analysis.

. to help motivate and engage its employees so that they can produce better results. must have a culture of collaboration. being an industry leader. each specialized in Structure certain areas. 8. Encourage teamwork and value the professionalism. As well as the time of delay in the elaboration of the footwear. RECOMMENDED ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Current culture: The Aviculture Lescano group has a competitive culture because it is in constant innovation. It also sets goals to maintain its position. Incentive Systems Will be rewarded with gifts and annual bonuses. It has a coordination of the heads of the different Interaction Modes areas with the manager. offering products and services of the highest quality. Culture you should have: AVICOLA LESCANO. economic growth and has a wide portfolio of products that allow it to be the leader of the industry. which determines the Type of Organizational existence of several supervisors. STRUCTURE STRUCTURE It is a functional structure. which serve as feedback. Formal Definitions of Centralized Authority Weekly reports on the production and sales of Flows of information poultry. The final finishing of the footwear (defined seams. Performance stability of the club and final presentation) will be evaluation of workers evaluated. 9. initiative and creativity of its employees.

O5. PROJECTS PROGRAMS / PROJECTS P1 PUBLICITY O1. O7 E6 Develop a job satisfaction assessment program O7. among others to improve the process time and thus provide a better service Evaluate suppliers with quality products to sign strategic alliances that allow us to provide O1. O8 1 Create diverse offers for our customers and achieve a loyalty percentage O1. O3.O4 E12 Create a staff development plan to achieve job satisfaction and performance. O4. P4 INCOOME GROWTH Evaluate proposals to buy machines. P3 DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN CAPITAL O3 E5 Implement a performance appraisal plan O3. O8 E2 quality inputs and loyalty especially. O8 E3 Update information on the web page constantly P2 SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS O2 E4 Carry out a portfolio of new dishes. O1. . O6. O5 E7 budget Hire a company specialized in market research to determine the feasibility of the project to O4 E8 open a branch. 10. among others to avoid exceeding the O4. O4 E9 Redesign the Excel system to optimize expenses and control inventory. equipment. a new way to clean and maintain green areas. O8 E13 Effectively utilize all available resources to increase profits O8.O2 E10 Start valuation process with shopping centers that then guarantee the quality of the service O6 E11 Make purchases of new equipment and / or machines. O2 E14 Increase revenue with the new presentation of the service in general.

2. 400.500.00 6 meses MANAGER its own page.00 5 meses RESOURCES CAPITAL the service company MANAGER General Manager of the GENERAL P4 INCOME GROWTH S/. 11.00 1 año service company MANAGER . PORTAFOLIO FINANCIAL TIME/ PROJECTS PARTICIPANTS RESPONSABLE RESOURCES SCHEDULE Social networks like ADVERTISING P1 ADVERTISING Facebook as well as having S/. 6. 30. Web HEAD OF SERVICES Responsible for each area P2 IMPROVEMENTS IN THE SERVICE S/.000.00 6 meses AN CUSTOMER of the service company SERVICE Skilled and skilled HUMAN DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN P3 employees from all areas of S/.

 They have state-of-the-art mills to process balanced foods.  Negotiate directly with your portfolio of suppliers. so its brand is not strengthened and reaches a limited sector of the market.  They lack a strategic plan.  Its staff is identified with the company.  They do not have a product that allows them to arrive as a brand to their target audience.  The company has the possibility to venture into corporate sales with other product presentations.  They have their own infrastructure and a production plant strategically located. 12.  The poultry has the opportunity to increase egg production.  They have five modern transportation units to distribute their products.  They do not have an alternate portfolio of clients.  There is the possibility of expanding and placing other points of sale in new markets to expand the customer portfolio. .  Margins tend to fall because of the strong competition they have.  The poultry does not have a marketing and marketing plan. both in the administrative and technical areas. is insufficient.  The number of personnel they have.  The BioSecurity System is still improving due to the latent possibility of contaminating the environment.  They have capital to invest in the purchase of new transport units. CONCLUSIONS  The company has a competitive advantage in the quality of its products.  Consumers prefer to switch their products to substitute products. so they are not very clear either their mission or their vision as a company.  The inputs have gone up in price and this is directly damaging to them. denoting years of effort and responsibility. so the supervision and control of their functions is inadequate.

generate doubts in the company whenever they want to invest in this sector. consequences of the World Financial Crisis and the economic. Transnational poultry will enter the country to install their plants and will become competition.  The strikes. strikes and others. . political and national panorama.