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Instructions: Work Breakdown

The  purpose  of  a  Work  Breakdown  sheet  is  to  make  it  
possible  for  you  and  others  to  take  a  clear  look  at  the  
process.  This  will  form  the  basis  for  making  improvements  
that  make  sense.  
1. Write  your  name  at  the  top.  
2. Fill  in  the  date  
3. State  the  job  or  process  you  are  documenting.  
4. Enter  the  name  of  the  organization.  
5. Briefly  describe  the  work  as  it’s  done  today.  
6. Fill  in  the  page  numbers  at  the  bottom  of  the  sheet.  
7. List,  step  by  step,  everything  the  “thing”  goes  through.  
“Be  the  thing.”  
8. Make  sure  you  note  when  the  “thing”  waits  or  sits  idle.  
9. Write  down  the  times  for  each  step,  including  waiting.  
10. Show  the  distance  traveled  for  each  step.  
11. Write  down  notes  and  ideas.  
Notes  and  Tips  
• Whenever  possible,  document  the  process  while  you  
are  doing  it  or  while  you  are  observing  another  person  
doing  it.  
• Use  a  watch  or  other  timing  device  with  a  second  hand  or  a  readout  in  seconds.  
• Write  down  all  the  ides  that  come  to  you  even  though  it  may  only  mean  minor  improvements.  
• Don’t  trust  your  memory.  Write  it  down.  
• Keep  on  the  lookout  for  ways  to  improve  every  small  item.  

Wastes in the office
 Incompatible-systems-  Useless-information-  Multitasking-
 Manual-checking-  Workarounds-  Underutilized-talent-
electronic-data-  Approvals-  Rigid-hierarchy-
 Data-dead-ends-  Reviews-  Extra-features-
 Re9entering-data-  Signatures-  Relearning-
 Converting-formats-  Inspections-  Handoffs-
 Unnecessary-data-  Searching-  Task-switching-
 Unavailable-data-  Waiting-/-delays-  Moving-/-
 Unknown-data-  Variable-flow-in-a- transportation-
 Missing-data- process-  Defects-
 Unclear-or-incorrect-  Incomplete-work-  Communication-
data-  Unclear-roles-- barriers-
 Data-discrepancies-  Lack-of-training-  Unnecessary-
 Redundant-input-of- Interruptions- complexity-
data-  Competition-(within-  Lack-of-useful-
 Redundant-input-of- the-organization)-  metrics/measures-
data-  Lack-of-training-  Lack-of-useful-
 Unsafe-conditions-  Ineffective-meetings- feedback-
 Unclear-sponsorship,-  Lack-of-project-  Turnover-
norms,-&-boundaries- management-  Mishandled-conflict-
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