QUEZONIAN EDUCATIONAL COLLEGE, INC. Atimonan, Quezon Educational Technology 1 Al A.

Laurio – Instructor Course Code Course Description : : METH 1 This course deals with the study and integration of educational technology in traditional classroom settings through in-class discussion, reading, case studies, field experiences and webbased resources. The aim of this course is to examine and apply appropriate computer / technology resources for more effective conducive, efficient teaching approaches. 3 At the end of the semester, the student should:

Course Objective


Course Credit Expected Outcome

: :

• • •
Suggested Text Technology 1 Quezon City Course Requirements : :

Be able to define educational technology; explain the advantages and disadvantages of technology; identify/choose the appropriate methods, materials and technologies in teaching strategies,

Brenda B. Corpuz, Ph. D. and Paz I. Lucido, Ph. D., Educational Lorimar Publishing, Inc., 776 Aurora Blvd., cor. Boston St., Cubao,

Major Exams (Prelim, Midterm, Semi-Final, Final) Oral Report, Quizzes and Seatwork Major Exams 40%, Attendance 15%, Project 10%, Quiz 15%,

Grading System Performance 20% Course Outline


*Define Educational Technology *Differentiate educational technology from technology in education *Explain the relationship of educational technology, instructional technology and technology integration and educational media to one another *Technology, boon or a bane *Roles of educational technology in learning *Define systematic or system’s approach to teaching *Enumerate the elements of a systematic approach to teaching *Explain The Cone of Experience

*Identify the sensory aids in the Cone of Experience and its implications to teaching *Guidelines to be considered in the selection and use of instructional materials .

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