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18 April 2016

Ms Edith van Wijngaarden

Program Director
Handicap International Philippines Program


I am Phill Sean S Recla, freelance documenter and editor and I would like to express my intent to render my
services for the IDRR project of the Handicap InternationalPhilippines Program.

This is in reference to a posting in Development Sector Jobs Facebook Page about requiring the services of an
encoder for the Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (IDRR) Project. I have been working as a project/activity
documenter for government and non-government projects for several years. With expertise in activity and
project documentation, I can be of help in the documentation of the project. In this light, I would like to offer
you my services. For this specific engagement, I would like to quote the services to be rendered:

Item/requirements Rate Inclusions Remarks

Travel Expenses c/o Project Travel, Board and
(Philippine Airlines) Lodging shall be taken
care of by the Project
Board and Lodging c/o Project
Professional Fee 5,000.00/day Encoding of training (rate is still negotiable)
coming from
photographs and
documenters notes
Attend relevant tasks
such as polishing of
encoded materials,
cataloguing, etc.,
Create work flows or
diagrams, maps or
drawings (in digital
format) in cases where
participants generated
graphical outputs from
the activity.

The budgetary requirements for this engagement are as follows:

Item Details Cost (Php) Task Code

Gross 28750
Professional fee
Withholding tax (15%) 3750
TOTAL 25000
Net professional fee (for five days @ PhP 5000.00/day)

Payment Schedule
Date/Time Activity Amount to be released
25% of the total PF
25 April 2016 Attend briefing in HI IDRR Office in Tacloban amounting to PhP 6,250.00
(net of tax)
Submission of folders containing encoded outputs to 75% of the total PF
29 April 2016 IDRR team amounting to PhP

Please note that the price indicated above is still negotiable. Also, I have attached my Curriculum Vitae and
sample work for your reference.

Should you have questions regarding this quotation, feel free to contact me through:

a. 09778437893 (Globe)

Thank you and God Bless!


Phill Sean Recla