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TFs, (HE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA RESIDENCE PERMIT CLASS B AC27/3409750 wrgsite2n6 re No. RPBI084095 Mr PAULUS PRANCISCUS CORES DEGROOT of RO.BOX 775 MWANZ4 ‘seieby authorized uy emer Taizania gid w Femi tevin for x peiod of TWO YEARS via 2 August 2018 Sorspeciic enigloymnt woth MAALAGETI.SAFARI CAMP LTD ned subject the provisions of he Inmigration Act. 195 and othe fellowing condor ~ 8)(9Piace sb teadence -MIVANZA AND MARA fi) Place ofwork | MUSANZA AND MARA ‘bbe Heder shall nn engage any employee sae, business ofession hes than GENERAL MANAGER ‘}wifeand children whese hain have been endorod on ths perm are not ellos lo esac in ony employment «(oer specific condition) STRICTLY NO CHANGE OF IMMIGRATION STATUS NOR EMPLOYER Description of Pasbere Coustty ofisue NETHERLANDS’ Passport No NSPCKIRIT Date oflesue Jip 2016 Natcnahity puTon Fee uss’ 2050 fecelved se ER No PMasTAS 9 OP Seprenier-2016 Rnedie TIC ee Pree! Commssioner of tntigvation Services All person enti to-enter he Und Republi under this permit mts on antemi the United Republi epor oan Immiration Orrer without any unde delay Reg 18) ‘Section 25) Enuorscment of names of wie andor cldten accompanying Ue heer int Tanzania Ful Nome Relaoesip ws Holder Ave ea ag: ae 2esemember core MUMIA AT pet emisrner os mmizraon Series