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With the skyrocketing numbers of consumers using smartphones and other

mobile devices, organizations are looking for ways to extend service to their
customers with mobile applications.
HARCOM, provides a rich suite of software combined with strategic consulting
and managed hosting services to help you develop and implement the right
mobile strategy for your organization.

New Paradigm of Revenue Generation

1. Provide Anytime, Anywhere Access.
2. Take advantage of the mobile world and break down the barriers
between systems and people wherever they are.

Outline the development of data model and approximate estimates in man hours.


IT Manager, Project Manager, Business Development Manager


To develop the application based on ToR provided

Services Involved:

The intended product has in abstract 3 major modules

1. Data modeling represents Plexus eco system

2. Android application
3. Web Application

The in-detailed features of each module are outline below

1. Database / Data Model representing Plexus eco-system
This component represents detailed data model of the following information:
1.1 Village information along with regions, area, extensions
1.2 Farmers information with unique ids assigned by plexus
1.3 Administrators, Cdp's, Extentionalist information's assigned to villages
1.4 Season details
1.5 Farmers current seasons
1.6 Farmers current intake of seeds
1.7 Farmers current intake of sprays
1.8 Farmers current intake of jute bags
1.9 Farmers credit information
1.10 Buying plan details
2. Administrator Android application
This component provides a data collection android application that can be used by
Administrators of plexus to store information provided by CdP
2.1 Information regarding seeds provided to farmers
2.2 Information regarding sprays provided to farmers
2.3 Information regarding jute bags provided to farmers
2.4 Information regarding credits received by farmers
2.5 Buying plan details based on the cotton brought by farmers to the market and auto
calculation of information that needs to payed to farmers.

The component also will support offline data in take from Administrators and auto synching with
core plexus database system. Validation of data before accepting the information from
Administrators and provide any anomaly if present.
3. Web application

This component provides a web application to access the core data of plexus. Includes following

3.1 Extenstinalist View: This provides interface to Externalist to log details regarding the training
provided by them to the farmers and credit details given to farmer.

3.2 Validation reports: An interface that shows various validation exceptions reports if present.

3.3 Analytics and Reports: This can provide a standard set of reports that can be viewed by
Plexus management.

3.4 Yield prediction: Based on region, area, village.

3.5 Detailed view of each farmer information and history

Estimates and delivery time lines [Delivery is subject to the project kick off]

Phase 1

a) Android application for data collection

b) Offline data save in the tablet

c) Create the database with data modeling

d) One use case of updating online data to database

Delivery: October 1st week


a) Addressing all use cases of saving data from tablet to database.

b) Creating a server application to interface the database.

c) One use case of showing any specific report/data entry as requested by customers.

Delivery: November 3rd week


a) Implementing complete REST layer that covers all the use cases as outlined and agreed upon

b) Implementing the reports as agreed up on

c) Hosting the all the softwares as agreed between customer and us

d) Kick off the support window

Delivery: December 4th week

Android application As described in the requirements 1000
Database modeling As described in the requirements 500
Web application As described in the requirements 1500
Infrastructure set up Need to understand the customer 200
requirements. We can host on customers
provided servers as well as on cloud.
This includes server setup, installing all
needed software.
Testing Testing the application end to end. 800
Deployment Deploying scripts and guides 200
Documentation User guides, technical guides, 200
deployment guides.
TOTAL 4400

Price is quoted at $19.5 per hour excluding IVA

4400 x $19.50 = $85800.00

NB: The above hours are based on estimates only, depending on your requirement the hours can be LESS or MORE.


40% upfront payment upon acceptance of the proposal. 60% after handover of the project.
Architecture diagram

REST Layer

Service Layer

DAO Layer

Why Harcom Lda?

Harcom Lda, provides a rich suite of software combined with strategic consulting and
managed hosting services to help you develop and implement the right mobile strategy for
your organization.
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