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Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Komputer dan Perhubungan

EKT 231 Communication System



Part A Noise

1. Define the following:

i) Noise
ii) Interference
iii) Distortion

2. Briefly explain what thermal noise is.

3. A domestic television receives antenna delivers a sky noise power of -105 dBm to
a matched coaxial feeder in a radio frequency bandwidth of 8 MHz. Find the
antenna noise temperature. (286.4

4. An amplifier has noise equivalent bandwidth of 15 kHz. When a 10 k resistor at

300 K is connected to the input, determine the thermal noise voltage of the
amplifier by assuming the meter is impedance matched to the amplifier. (1.58

5. An amplifier is quoted as having a noise figure 3.5 dB. Calculate the noise factor,
noise temperature and noise power. (2.24, 360 K,4.97x10-21 W)

6. An antenna is connected to some receiving system using a waveguide with a loss

of 0.3 dB. Calculate the overall effective temperature of the system if antenna
temperature, Ta is 15 K. Assume ambient temperature is 300 K. (47.75 K)

Antenna G2 = 20dB G3 = 15dB

Ta = 15 K Te2 = 6 K F3 = 4 dB
Waveguide loss = 0.3 dB
7. Calculate the equivalent noise temperature of a microwave amplifier with an
average noise power of 1x10-14 W and operating bandwidth of 25 MHz. (29 K)

8. An amplifier consists of three identical stages in tandem. Each stage having equal
input and output impedances. For each stage, the power gain is 5 dB when
correctly matched. Calculate the overall power gain.

Part B Transmission Media and EM Propagation

9. States four types of channels.

10. Define the following terms:

a. Terrestrial propagation
b. Multipath reception

11. A taxi company uses a central dispatcher with an antenna at the top of a 10 m
tower to communicate with the taxicabs. The taxi antennas are on the roofs of the
cars which is 1.3 m above the ground. Calculate the maximum communication
distance between the dispatcher and a taxi. (17.74 km)

Hint: d = [ (17 hT ) + (17 hR )]

Where d = distance in km
hT = Transmitters height in meter
hR = Receivers height in meter

12. List down three mode of propagations for electromagnetic waves.