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A successful completion of job is based upon the chain of factors combining together to
make an integral outcome. The cooperation of the factors mixed with sincere effort can
lead to best performance. Our project is also no exception to this. So it becomes
necessary to mention this before we start writing the study report.
We take this opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to all those who have
contributed significantly by sharing their knowledge and experience in the completion of
this project work.
We would like to place on record, our sincere gratitude to Mr. PV Srinivas Rao (M.D,
Sure Shot Communications Ltd.), Mr. Chandu (Manager-Parle projects) for giving us
support, guidance & opportunity to do our summer internship with Sure Shot
Communication in Parle Products project.
Last but not the least, our wholehearted thanks goes to the retailers and wholesalers and
consumers with whom we interacted and all those people who indirectly or directly
helped us.

Executive Summary

The report is an earnest endeavor made to understand the present market scenario in
biscuits captured by the Parle and the other competitor brands viz., Britannia, Priyagold,
and ITC.

The researchers were required to see the coverage by Parle Products Pvt. Ltd., and bring
out the potential and loyal retailers so that the company could maintain the market
leadership in the existing business scenario in the biscuits and the confectionaries.

During the course of study the researchers visited around 410 unorganized retail stores
and 30 organized retail stores and analyzed all major brands of biscuits available as well
as studied the brands, which are most preferred among the retailers.

The study encompasses the penetration of the existing Parle products (biscuits and
confectionaries) and the market potential for the new products like Golden Arch, Nimkin,
Monaco Funion, and Hide & Seek Milano.

Their motive was to understand the problems of facing hitting low sales targets even with
a comparatively bigger market when compared to the competitors and study the working
of the distributors in Hyderabad market. They have mentioned the problems and the loop
holes in the Parle’s distribution system and the promotional tools, which they have found
during the course of the study and recommended various corrective measures for it.

Their study also comprises the comparative analysis between organized and unorganized
retail stores in terms of brand availability with the help of hypothesis testing.

They also studied the behavior of consumers about their preferences for biscuits, candies
and their overall buying behavior with the help of questionnaire.
Statement of the Problem

To analyze the brands of Parle Products in unorganized and organized retail stores:

1. As compared to competitors (ITC, Britannia & Priyagold).

2. As compared to organized retail stores.

Objectives of the Study

1. To find out Parle Coverage in various areas of Hyderabad.

2. To check the Brand availability of the company products at different stores.

3. To compare the Brand with its competitive Brands like ITC, Britannia, Priyagold
in terms of coverage, number of brands available and monthly sales.

4. To analyze that which type of biscuits and candies are most preferred and demand
by the customer. It was done by asking storekeepers as well as customer.
5. To analyze the availability of new Parle products launched in the market.

6. To compare the organized retail stores with unorganized retail stores in terms of
brand availability.