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Data Science

Data Science Immersive

Course Overview

Today we analyze 1% of the worlds data. But machine learning and advanced
computing are opening unprecedented access to data, and with it, our
understanding of the world will fundamentally change. We are, indeed, at
the beginning of an information revolution, and data scientists will become
increasingly in demand to make sense of our worlds data.

The big questions are:

How can we use data to make better decisions in business and
And who will be making the biggest impact in social science, privacy,
industries, and technology?

Galvanize is the leading bootcamp education for data science. We accelerate

the careers of technical professionals and place more than 90% of our
graduates into data science roles. Our 12-week course is taught by industry
vetted professionals, who often have both PhDs and years of industry

Galvanize Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is structured as follows, see modules below for details:
8 weeks of structured curriculum
3 weeks of Capstone Project preparation and presentation
1 week of interview preparation

Data Science Immersive


Data Science Fundamentals: Python & Statistics

Students jump right into a Python-based Python & Software Engineering Best
curriculum where we explore and learn
best practices in statistical analysis, Practices
including frequentist and Bayesian Object-oriented Programming
methods. By practicing software SQL
engineering best practices, and pairing
programming with fellow students from Statistics
different backgrounds, students master Probability
fundamental data science concepts. Sampling and Estimation
Hypothesis Testing
Bayesian Methods
Exploratory Data Analysis

Data Science Immersive


Machine Learning & Real-World Case Studies

In the second quarter we start diving Regression

into machine learning, working on real Linear Regression
problems in classification, regression, Regularized Regression
and clustering utilizing structured and Logistic Regression
unstructured data sets. Well discover Gradient Descent and Optimization
libraries like scikit-learn, NumPy, and
SciPy, and use real world case studies to
root our understanding of these libraries
Supervised Learning
Decision Trees
to real world applications.
K-nearest Neighbors
Random Forests
Support Vector Machines

Unsupervised Learning
K-means Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering
Dimensionality Reduction

Data Science Immersive


Natural Language Processing & Data Visualization

In our third quarter we add natural Special Topics

language processing and recommender Natural Language Processing
systems to our body of data science Time Series
knowledge. We learn open-source big Recommender Systems
data processing, and cap the quarter off Graph Theory
with honing the art of data visualization Data Visualization
and insight. By the end of this quarter,
students should be well versed in
conceptual knowledge and are ready to
Big Data / Data Engineering
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
embark on independent projects.

Case Studies
Churn Prediction
Fraud Detection
Recommender Systems
Data Products

Data Science Immersive


Capstone Project & Job-Market Readiness

To complete our immersive program, Capstone Project

students work independently on an Capstone Presentations
applied data science project that Capstone Marketing
is unique to his or her interests or Interview Preparation
career aspirations in a capstone
project. Capstone projects reflect the
technical skill set students have learned
throughout the course, and demonstrate
their competence and fitness as a real
data scientist.

Data Science Immersive


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our

admissions team at

Disclaimer: The information contained in this syllabus is intended

for directional use only. The Galvanize Data Science
Immersive curriculum is updated on an ongoing basis to stay
current with industry trends, and is adjusted slightly to fit
the pace of the class in order to maximize student learning.
Additionally, the program may differ slightly between each
campus, as our curriculum is designed to be responsive to the
needs of hiring partners in each market.