Introduction of Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group and today it is a 12 billion INR, multi product and multi channel corporation. Being Asia¶s largest direct sales organization, our force of 7000 direct personnel touches 1.5 million homes. Dedicated to the cause of providing healthier living, today, the co have successfully established ourselves as a business superbrand and our dedicated team works around the clock to make your lives healthier and more secure! The company has strive to provide the best after sales service and to achieve the same we have over 1500 service centres and as many as 4500 company trained technicians who visit over 20,000 Indian kitchens daily! The two major products of Eureka Forbes 1. Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers 2. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers
Eureka Forbes have all over 20 water purifiers ranging from Rs.2,000 to Rs.25,000. Their range of products treats the water with varying levels of technology. The main difference is that the expensive systems like the Integra Hi-Life have larger water production capacity per hour, more water storage capacity, and use the Reverse Osmosis Technology (RO) to treat the water.

Market Segmentation
Market segmentation can be conducted using a number of approaches including demographic, geographic, attitudinal, psychographic, and behavioural.

Geographic Variables

Regional: Eureka Forbes has branches in almost all the metropolitan cities and it is available almost all over the country.


Population density: It is targeted to Urban, Suburban and rural area in India.

y y y y Gender: Eureka Forbes is targeted to both male and female. . Water Filter belongs to a better people with better lifestyle. Behavioural segmentation y Benefits sought :Eureka Forbes water has created an better image to the consumers through its quality and better service y Product usage: Eureka Forbes service is open to all type of customers. Targeting Eureka Forbes in India has carved a niche as the leading company for water purifiers. The purpose is to target 60 million households in urban and rural residential areas which have never used water purifiers. hygiene and health conscious people. Psychographic segmentation Lifestyle ± different people have different lifestyle patterns and our behaviour may change as we pass through different stages of life. Religion: It is targeted to all kind of religious people. Eureka Forbes is setting up alternative and new retail channels to increase the penetration of water purification devices. Occupation: It is targeted to all groups of occupation. Eureka Forbes have a range of non power using products under the Aqua sure brand which we are promoting through the new channels set up by the retail division. RO is one of the most effective processes of purifying water with high TDS content.Demographic Segmentation y Age: Eureka is targeted to different age groups like young and middle and old age group as water is a necessity for all age groups. Income: Targeted to middle and high income groups of people.

In its early days the company only sold vacuum cleaners.TOTAL PROTECTION AQUAGUARD-SPECIAL USAGES AQUAGUARD. 2. mom-and-pop stores to sell its products. customer centric organization servicing the market need for purified water.Positioning Eureka Forbes has positioned itself as a cost effective. Its competitive advantage is the ability to generate revenue streams for sellers of the product. The water purifiers are classified as follows: AQUAGUARD-ECONOMY AQUAGUARD. Making and Growing Relationships. Strategies Adopted by Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers SELLING STRATEGIE S ADOPTED 1. this is virtue of network marketing system. EFL¶s crew tries to stay close to the customers.Door-to-Door Selling Eureka Forbes has an approach to sales that is well-worn in the West but is not so common in India.An Irreplaceable Commodity Whether people end up buying Aquaguard from a giant store or a door-to-door salesman. It will leverage its competitive edge to achieve the desired positioning. . After each sale a Eureka Forbes plumber installs the water purifier.DIRECT ONE 3. Direct Selling. which relies on closet-size. Product Segmentation Eureka Forbes sells different water-purifiers on the basis of classifying their utility and price affordability. Unlike Procter & Gamble. Eureka Forbes cuts out the middleman and instead uses a team of young salespeople to give in-house product demonstrations and convince consumers of a need that they didn't know they had. It has managed to persuade Indians to stop boiling their otherwise undrinkable tap water and instead use a now-ubiquitous water purifier better known as "Aquaguard". Service technicians conduct periodic maintenance.

Grand Hindustan unilever -pureit Philips intellegent Whirlpool Pure Fresh Jaipan Alpha Dewdrop Eurotek System GenPure R. In fact. it is a passion.O System BIONICS Compititor of Eureka Forbes Kent Water Purifier Kent Water purifier is a healthcare products company with a vision for making the world a healthy and a happy family. . Bringing healthcare products to you. Having this behavioural character is necessary to be sufficiently assertive for developing sales. Kent brand ambassador is bollywood actress HEMA MALINI. Strategies y Kent is positioned as a premium brand of water purifier targeted at SEC A&A + Most of the existing purifiers are based on Ultraviolet technology. is more than just a business. y Kent has implemented key marketing strategy of being extravert.Competitors of Eureka Forbes y y y y y y y y y Kent . the most prominent purpose of our existence. y Kent follows focus strategy and differentiation strategy because Kent is working only one product that is Kent RO.

Aqua guard. People there were not aware of any other brand. in Sambalpur. From being famous (or infamous) for Pioneering the direct selling in India. Though the mass of the population is still using Eureka Forbes. It used to enjoy a monopoly market. y Population density: It is targeted to Urban. other companies had emerged with their technologies and products. Eureka Forbes first launched the Vacuum cleaners in India. They are as follows:  Philips. Suburban and rural area in India. With the help of branding and media these company has gained a little importance in the town of Sambalpur. Eureka Forbes is a joint venture between Forbes (India) and Electrolux from Sweden.Competitors¶ Analysis: Initially Eureka Forbes was the only company manufacturing water purifier. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner Eureka Forbes (EFL) has come a long way. . The way Eureka Forbes has pitched in to the market with its wide range of products has allowed the users to select from the extensive choices available according to their preferences.Intelligent ± Out of 50 respondants 4% are aware of this product  Kent Guard ± Again only 4% are aware of this brand  Hindustan Unilever ± 8% of the people are aware of this brand  Blue Star ± Only 2% know about this product  Kenstar ± Around 6% of the respondants know about Kenstar water purifier  Aqua fresh water purifier P7 ± Only 1% of the total respondants were aware of this brand. Segmentation Geographic Variables y Regional: Eureka Forbes has branches in almost all the metropolitan cities and it is available almost all over the country. but still people are aware of some of the brands which have emerged. But with changing times.

Aquaguard water . Targeting The objective behind the move is to offer complete cleaning solutions at value-for-money pricing strategy and develop the specialised cleaning chemical market. Income: Targeted to middle and high income groups of people. Behavioural segmentation y Benefits sought: Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaner has created an better image to the consumers through its quality and better service. Psychographic segmentation Eureka Forbes had positioned their product as a prestigious product its of self esteem to use vacuum cleaner to clean the floor compared to the traditional methods. Religion: It is targeted to all kind of religious people.Demographic Segmentation y y y y Age: Eureka is targeted to age groups like middle and old age group as they Gender: Eureka Forbes is targeted to both male and female. y Product usage: Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaner service is open to all type of customers. . They had strike the attitude and perception of their people with their successful strategy.

functions and so on. Each had distinct features varying from each other in terms of price. Strategies Adopted by Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner SELLING STRATEGY ADOPTED: 1. usage. Two major categories in Eureka Forbes were studied. Multipurpose Daily Use Vacuum Cleaner. Shoulder Strap were designed for easy usage and in a convenient hand held position. It was a tough job for these Salesmen who had to go through the "cold calls" to get a sale. Instead the company created µthe friendly man from Eureka Forbes¶ and sent him to homes to fight dirt and germs. style. and it was amazing to see the number of sub-products under them. In this way. each product is positioned with its exclusive benefits in the minds of the customers. whatever it may beprice. supported by advertising. Suction & Blower Functions. This brand connects very well with the concern of mothers about the purity of the water at home. In such ways.purifier targeted at the top of SEC households. Because of the aggressive nature of these sales persons. people became scared even to listen to these sales persons. Eureka Forbes has been able to position themselves according to the users needs. At one point of time. this brand has effectively positioned itself as a one stop shop for pure water. Hence EFL chose the less travelled Direct Selling route. . Professional Sales Approach The Eureka Forbes sales man was called Euro champ. The route adopted was not the conventional one of distribution. conventional distribution was not viable. Because of the low interest and since the product benefits needs to be demonstrated to the customers. function. etc. 2. USER POSITOINING: The way Eureka Forbes has pitched in to the market with its wide range of products has allowed the users to select from the extensive choices available according to their preferences.

y Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner co. Strategies of Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner y y y They maintain abundant quality. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner company Panasonic is a leading edge company offering well designed vacuum cleaners with many advanced features. y Kirbyy Vaccum Cleaner co. The campaigns tried to build the image of a Euro champ as a Friend rather than one that is after the money. y Tasmanian Vacuum Cleaner co. Eureka Forbes has also tried to position their sales persons as problem solvers rather than sales officers. Eureka Forbes has introduced a new product with added benefits at regular intervals in the market. y Car Vacuum Cleaner co. Each product comes with a specific benefit. Panasonic new brand strategy has helped them to increase their brand equity and provide added benefit to their customers. Panasonic has taken an important step for development of their strategies for II Tier and III tier cities in order to focus their product specifically as per the consumer needs.g.s of Vacuum Cleaner : y Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner co. y y Panasonic has enhanced their retail presence and also their product line. y Hoover Vacuum Cleaner co. Benefit Positioning As seen in the above segment. apart from the normal features.3. From this strategy emerges their core concept of 'ideas' which will deliver Panasonic's brand value and ensure a smooth . For e. They have their retail presence of vacuum cleaners in II Tier and III tier cities. The MC-CG885 is an excellent example. combining style with functionality and durability in this midsize power team. 4. Competitors Co.: FORBES products are for Daily cleaning purpose and EUROCLEAN are for deep cleaning purpose.

Eureka Forbes water purifier has come up with many models in their purifier. Panasonic came up with creativity ideas which developed their brand name and many other china companies came up with their vacuum cleaners which also led to a competition with Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners. focusing on distribution and sales. y Panasonic is targeting a 50 per cent increase in sales in the next three years with the help of a four-pronged growth strategy. merchandising. Competitors Analysis Eureka Forbes initially had come up with the vacuum cleaners and they had adopted door to door strategy where the salesmen was approaching the customers and dealing with them. It has segmented and targeted and spread its network in many cities. Their main process of sales is door to door sales. the competitors such as Panasonic came up with the vacuum cleaners with better quality and brand name. and direct customer contact.Eurekaforbes. Eureka Forbes can come with an competitive advantage by developing effective sales promotion and campaigns which will bring an better brand image in the minds of the consumers which will lead to effective sales in the economy. Conclusion Eureka Forbes is a company of multiple products successfully running in the market.flow of ideas to create new products and services that are extremely valuable to our customers in their daily lives". They developed by entering the retail market by selling in retail stores in many cities. Within a short span of time many other companies came into the market and gave a tough competition. Even though many competitors have come to the market they are successfully moving ahead with their products. The salesmen were called Euro champ. They have targeted it towards the middle and high income group level as they maintain hygienic environment. Bibliography www. serrell and hartline ±core book . Even though Eureka had come up with different types of vacuum cleaners.

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