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Learning Contract Worksheet

Intern Name: Brittany Wetherbee Internship: Reception Internship Credits: 5

Learning Learning Personal Tangible Target

Goal* Resources Evidence Evidence Completion
& Strategies of of Date
What do you What tasks will Accomplishment Accomplishmen
want to learn or you do to achieve How will you KNOW t By what date
accomplish? your goal? you achieved your How will you can you
goal PROVE you accomplish
achieved your this goal?

Improve -Meet with other -Collect data from -Take data from End of
communicatio employees and meetings meetings and use internship
n skills both departments -Acquire in Reception 8/25/16
orally and -weekly Reception Talking -Communicate
written coaching session Points from VP of effectively (daily)
with VP of Culture and with my team,
Culture and Training employees, and
Training -Always external clients:
-Communicate accommodate face-to-face,
with team, guests by using phone, and email
employees, and talking points, -Comments from
external clients offering beverage, guests in Guest
via email and and making them Experience Book
phone feel welcome -Feedback on
-Assist guests -Accomplish weekly reports
and welcome weekly goals in from supervisor
them to ALEX order to report to
AND ANI supervisor
-Weekly reports
to supervisor of
weekly goals and
-Go through -Ensure all books -Accurate End of
Redesign book and decide information has information will internship
Reception what needs to be been accurately be present in 8/25/17
Procedure changed, added, updated book
Book and/or omitted -Ensure all policies -Policies will be
-Update are updated adequately
necessary accordingly updated
policies -Double check -Consistent
-Ensure there is formatting formatting will be
consistent throughout final throughout the
formatting copy book
throughout book -Compare -Streamlined
-Streamline procedures to procedures
procedures reception needs based on
-Ensure ease of -Have co-worker Receptions
access look through book needs
and confirm -Easy to access
function ability and use for all
team members
-Overall, finished
product of
Procedure Book
Improve -Implement new -Will be able to -New, functional, End of
Reception procedures implement procedures will internship
Operational -Create procedure be in place 8/25/17
Flow corresponding -Templates/forms -Implement
templates and/or will be approved by Forms/templates
forms my supervisor that align with
-Ensure -Take notes during new procedures
department team -Redesigned
procedures align meetings/documen procedure book
with company t positive feedback -Create outline
policies -Ensure a concise after team
-Introduce and consistent meetings and
redesigned weekly report to document
Procedure Book my supervisor meeting
to team takeaways
-Weekly team -Submit weekly
meetings reports from
-Weekly report to supervisor

*Number of Required Learning Goals

The minimum number of Learning Goals you create is based on the number of credits you are earning for
your Field Experience (ITR 302). See the table below. (Example: If you are earning 4 field experience
credits, you will complete 3 Learning Goals.)

ITR302 credits Learning Goals

3-6 3

7-9 4

10-12 5