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Mapped the

Pineda 1519 in Texas Texas Coast for


shipwrecked on the
Texas Coast in 1528
Cabeza de Vaca Explored the Rio
Grande Valley

Explored the
Searched for Cibola: The Texas pan-
Coronado 7 cities of gold handle; found
the Palo Duro

Conquistadors Explored the New World in search
of Gold, Glory, and God. soldiers

French explorer who landed in Texas

La Salle while looking for the mouth of the
Mississippi River
Established Ft. St. Louis along the
coast of Texas
1519 in Mexico

Invaded Mexico and

Cortez conquered the Aztecs

a person who goes to a

explorer new undiscovered land

A planned exploration trip to

expedition a newly discovered area

Belief that a nations

strength power is based on
mercantilism its wealth (owning land
brought both)
Making towns or
colonize building in a new

Military outpost or fort

presidios to protect people

Religious settlement
missions ( a church colony)

shipwreck When a ship crashes near a coastal


Important effect
impact of an action or
The most important
Defining event event during a time

significant Very important

Natural Texas Time of Native

and It's People Americans and Texas

Explorers from
Age of Contact France and Spain
come to Texas and
Era meet Native