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"Mathematical analysis is a coherent symphony of infinity" (D. Hilbert)

Mathematical analysis is a vast domain of mathematics, linked to function, derivate

and integral.Concerning the integral calculation, the study of integral inequalities have a very
important role in the whole mathematics. These are often encountered in mathematics
Olympiads and in various math competitions.The thesis is structured in nine chapters
gradually approached, from inequalities studied in high school to remarkable inequalities.
The work is structured on nine chapters. Each of the first eight chapters comprise a
theoretical part (statements with detailed demonstrations) followed by a part of exercise
ranked by their level of difficulty. The exercises presented were selected from school
textbooks of XII class, magazines, data subjects at School Olympiads.
In the first chapter are presented the basic results for the Riemann integral, the results
studied during high school together with their demonstrations and some examples
The next seven chapters, contains some of the most important integral inequalities (
Hlder's inequality, the Cauchy-Buniakowski-Schwarz inequality, the Chebyshevs inequality
Jensen's inequality, the Young inequality and Minkowski inequality). Each of these chapters
include an inequality along with its demonstration, and some examples of exercises that can
be solved using these inequalities.

In the last chapter we selected a few of the various diverse inequalities and their