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No good work flows without the help from Faculty Members, Industry Professionals, Colleagues, Organization and Friends.

Summer Internship is a nurturing period which is indispensable for joining any company. On the voyage of learning I came across many hurdles but each hurdle was a good experience for me. At each step of my training, my mentor gave me full support which helped me in carrying positive attitude whenever I faced any problem. Firstly, I take this opportunity to thank Prof. B. Bhattacharya (Vice Chairman, IILM Institute for Higher Education), who has always stood by me and encouraged me to embark on the path of learning. I wish to convey my special thanks to Mr. Neeraj Kakkar(CEO at Hector Beverages), Mr. Suhas Misra(COO, Hector Beverages), my company project guide Ms. Bhavna Chandel (HR Manager) and all employees who have helped me directly or indirectly in my difficulties at Hector Beverages Pvt. ltd., Area Office, Gurgaon who have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me. I wish to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to my Faculty Guide and mentor, Mr. Anil Vashishtha who has continuously guided me throughout this project. Last but not the least I would like to thank my fellow management trainees from IILM, Lodhi Road. By interacting with them, I was able to generate more meaningful ideas that have enabled me to further complete this project successfully.


Hector Beverages brings healthy, tasty beverages to the Indian consumer. The company strives to bring the best for human health that emerges from scientific observation/ analysis of nature and creates tasty beverages, associating with leading companies and personalities. Cases in point are the first two launches: Frissia (TM) Chocolate Protein Drink and Frissia (TM) Vanilla Protein Drink. These products are a delicious blend of Soy Protein Isolate with natural identical chocolate or vanilla flavor for really busy people. Soy's benefits for health are well recorded but a significant barrier to adoption has been its bitter after taste that we have taken care of in this blend. It¶s as good as any chocolate/ vanilla stuff that the consumer may consider. And, at the lowest calories/ gram of complete protein its perfect for work-days spent in meetings and working on laptops/ blackberries Hector also brings about a genuinely new approach to market- dropping political correctness for an honest communication with consumers in all interactions. In short, they have these extremely meaningful products and are going to talk quite straight to their consumers. These are exciting times for Hector.


..22 TARGET MARKET««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« 22 COMPETITION«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««23 BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY HEADS««««««««««««««««««.17 BENEFITS FROM PROTEIN POWDER«««««««««««««««««««««18 SOY PROTEIN POWDER«««««««««««««««««««««««««««20 FRISSIA««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.11 MISSION«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.12 VALUES««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««13 COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS««««««««««««««««««««««««««.25 MARKETING PLAN: ««««««««««««««««««««««26 PRODUCT«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY«««««««««««««««««5 TABLE OF CONTENTS«««««««««««««««««...12 OBJECTIVE««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.8 DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS««««««««««««««««««.12 VISION««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.27 6 ...16 PROTEIN DRINKS SEGMENT««««««««««««««««««««««««.TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT«««««««««««««««««.6 INTRODUCTION««««««««««««««««««««««««..13 COMPANY STUDY : ««««««««««««««««««««««15 BEVERAGE INDUSTRY«««««««««««««««««««««««««««..

.31 PLAN«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««32 SWOT ANALYSIS«««««««««««««««««««««««.......31 OBJECTIVE««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««......PRICE«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««28 PROMOTION««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««28 PLACE««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.31 PROBLEM DEFINITION«««««««««««««««««««««««««.28 PROJECT«««««««««««««««««««««««««««.30 STATEMENT OF PROBLEM«««««««««««««««««««««««««...29 INTRODUCTION««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.45 REFERENCES««««««««««««««««««««««««.38 CONCLUSION«««««««««««««««««««««««««41 RECOMMENDATIONS«««««««««««««««««««««43 APPENDIX««««««««««««««««««««««««««.51 7 ..


INTRODUCTION The beverage offerings in the developed world are so much better than those in the developing world. I feel. and seemed to know that his good is in the greater common good. in as few words as possible. The reason. the character as written by Homer in the Iliad. however. The latter part (Beverages i. The Prince of Troy was noble. He was able bodied and as fine a fighter as they come but in one-on-one combat he was pretty much the underdog when he walked 9 . is that they really dig Hector. Hector beverages is the new kid on the block that aims to take on the beverage majors by offering real value to the consumer. like protein and micro. to challenge the beverage majors and their attempts to maintain the status quo which they have been doing for all the years they have been in business.delivering macro. no Santa Claus. Well. is not so self-explanatory. and believe with a lot of intensity. its important to share with all. Hector Beverage Pvt Ltd. Worldwide beverages contribute a lot to the consumer's health. is here to bridge the gap. no reason apart from the fact that the beverage giants have a vested interest in sustaining the status quo as that keeps cost down. for the better and Hector intends to be the people doing it Hector is a beverage company with a twist. sweetened/ flavored water.that¶s it. The beverage game is bound to change. no bells. Hector beverages believes. Now that does not really mean that Hector¶s products have a dash of lemon (some of them.just healthy. The twist is that Hector¶s beverages are meaningful. so simple. no whistles.nutrients (protein) and micro (vitamins and minerals) and there is no reason why that should not be the case in the developing world. The first bit.) is self explanatory so I will resist giving a spiel about that. Beverages in the US and Europe are an important delivery mechanism for nutrients (macro. tasty drinks. why they call themselves Hector Beverages.e. in the future may indeed but that's well besides the point).vitamins and minerals) while in the developing countries they are little more than (as we have noted) sweetened fizzy water. that beverages have to be more than fizzy. He was as much of a skeptic of the existing order as he could have been given the times. no celebrities.

their inertia. in an industry which is so dominated by major players like Coke and Pepsi. it still believes that it will survive and win customers. So. Hector associates itself with this story. Hector Beverages think that this Hector Vs Achilles will also be a contest of historic proportions. albeit with a significantly different outcome 10 . Where we believe is going to be a departure in our case is that we know of the Achilles' heel. and smugness and their commitment to status quo. As it is a very small player.out of the gates of Troy to take on Achilles. But he did walk-out leaving behind the safety and comfort of his kingdom and took on a fairly odds-against challenge. new one also. Hector knows of what are the fundamental shortcomings of the existing beverage players.


´ VISION:Hector¶s vision is to capture Delhi and NCR market by providing quality.  Achieve a comprehensive output in market penetration. healthy and tasty protein drink. strong growth each year not withstanding seasonal sales pattern.  Maintain a significant research and development budget to enhance future product developments.DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS MISSION:Hector¶s mission statement is as follows: ³Our mission is to serve people by quality. 12 .  To take in fresh minds as interns and permanent recruits to lead the organization to a greater development path.  A double to triple digit growth for the first five years.  Increase customer satisfaction simultaneously. healthy and tasty protein drink at a suitable price to keep people healthy and fit. OBJECTIVES: Maintaining positive.

Integrity: all irreverence aside.VALUES:We thought about this and decided to have this section not because every company seems to have something reasonably rich to say on its values. Audacity: for obvious reasons. we are committed to the greater common good. Rooting for the underdog: the underdog can not but try harder. a new business is anyway tough. And unwaveringly so. As some poet. The fact that we would be taking on the Beverage Behemoths makes it even more exciting. 3. As the bona-fide underdog in the beverage market we have a vested interest in rooting for the underdog. We realized that this is the beginning of differentiation and our values to us are just some of the fundamental things that excite us. forgotten cruelly by literature must have aptly noted: "with more self-serving nonsense we will not bore further thee but. We love thinking big and are in it because we want to ask the big boys to "bring it on" 2. instead. just spread out for your reading pleasure our values three" 1. 13 .

Cases in point are the first two launches: Frissia (TM) Chocolate Protein Drink and Frissia(TM) Vanilla Protein Drink. Soy's benefits for health are well recorded but a significant barrier to adoption has been its bitter after taste that we have taken care of in this blend. at the lowest calories/ gram of complete protein its perfect for work-days spent in meetings and working on laptops/ blackberries Hector also brings about a genuinely new approach to market. The company strives to bring the best for human health that emerges from scientific observation/ analysis of nature and creates tasty beverages. In short.Hector Beverages brings healthy.dropping political correctness for an honest communication with consumers in all interactions. associating with leading companies and personalities. These are exciting times for Hector. These products are a delicious blend of Soy Protein Isolate with natural identical chocolate or vanilla flavor for really busy people. Its as good as any chocolate/ vanilla stuff that the consumer may consider. And.COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS:The firm has started its operation to fulfill the need of the market segment that still have not been fulfilling properly. in any capacity 14 . we have these extremely meaningful products and are going to talk quite straight to our consumers. tasty beverages to the Indian consumer.do get in touch if you find all this interesting and want to be a part of Hector.


whisky. BEVERAGES AND THEIR CLASSIFICATION A beverage is a liquid formulation specifically prepared for human consumption. Simulation results in increase of the heart beat and blood pressure. to enjoy a social setting (social drinking). Beverages can be broadly classified into two.COMPANY STUDY BEVRAGE INDUSTRY:INTRODUCTION Beverages are potable drinks which have thirst-quenching refreshing. gin. The word ³Beverage´ has been derived from the Latin word ³bever´ meaning rest from work. Most of the beverages supply energy in the form of sugar or alcohol. many societies regulates or restricts its sale and consumption e. Significant blood alcohol content may be considered legal drunkenness as it reduces attention and slows reaction speed. Ethanol being a psychoactive drug. liqueur etc. By refreshing. commonly known as alcohol. stimulating and nourishing qualities. Nourishment is provided by the nutrients in the beverages. 16 . milk gives calcium and citrus fruits give vitamin C.to enjoy the taste of the beverage. especially fruit juices. After work. e.g. one tends to feel thirsty due to fluid loss through perspiration and one is inclined to drink water or other potable beverages to compensate fluid loss. The following lines explain the classification of beverages. For example. Alcoholic beverage An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol. Compound beverage: Distilled beverages with added flavorings and relatively high sugar content are generally referred to as compound beverages. one means the replenishment of fluid loss from the body due to perspiration. with a depressant effect. to get drunk. etc. They are Alcoholic Beverages and Non-alcoholic Beverages. people drink for one or more of six reasons.or as part of a religious or traditional ceremony or custom (proposing toast). beer. They also provide other nutrients like mineral salts and vitamins. to quench thirst. Ethanol is a psychoactive drug. to feed an addiction (alcoholism).g. This is due to the intake of spirits (alcohol) or tea (thein) and coffee (caffeine). with a depressant effect. Generally. rum.

our bodies will metabolise our muscles to provide protein replenishment to our vital organs. Sounds pretty straight forward. we need to consume protein in our diets everyday to replace the destroyed protein structures.g. protein is the most prevalent substance in the human body. Most 17 . allowing the amino acids to repair protein structures more quickly ± these protein sources are optimal to support weight training programs. Without a protein rich diet. the body metabolises the whole protein structure. ProteinSources There are some protein sources that are easier for the human body to metabolise than others. Different types of protein are graded on the body's ability to breakdown and use the protein efficiently. breaking it into amino acids. Once you become familiar with the basic principles of protein consumption. When we eat protein. If we don't eat enough protein to repair destroyed proteins. How the Body Uses Protein: Protein consumption is critical for the proper functioning of the body. Protein within the body's cellular structures is being continuously destroyed. PROTEIN DRINKS:Protein consumption is an essential part of a balanced workout and nutrition program. right? Unfortunately. Aside from water. Such drinks are generally drunk for refreshment. you cannot build lean muscle mass. or to quench people's thirst e. As a result. squash. protein from whole eggs and protein from cow's milk. The top three best sources of protein. it's pretty easy to follow the guidelines to ensure you'll achieve optimal results from your weight training program. there's more to it than simply eating meat.Non alcoholic beverage: A non-alcoholic beverage is a beverage that contains no alcohol. protein drinks etc. including muscle and vital organs ± protein is the building block of all of the body's muscles. The body then uses these amino acids to repair and replace destroyed protein structures. according to their Biological Values are Whey Protein. There are different types of protein that are better for building muscle than others and there are formulas for how much protein should be eaten in a day and when to eat it to best fuel workout and recovery periods. juice. It comprises most of the body's tissues. The scale is called the Biological Value scale and it depicts the best sources of protein to quickly repair and replenish destroyed structures within the body.

Benefits from protein powder You people must have heard about protein powder supplements. Most of the protein powders are almost bland or tasteless and hence people use to blend it with other beverages or foods in order to make 18 . If you are consuming more than 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day.bodybuilders rely on whey protein supplements to ensure they're consuming enough protein to aid in muscle recovery after a hard workout. For most people's purposes. Protein digestion can put a lot of strain of the kidneys. 1. so it's important that you consume the minimum amount needed to support your training goals based on your current weight. some use it as an alternate for consumption a lot of higher calorie or higher fat containing foods. On the othe rhand. Also. Some studies suggest 1. It also helps in building up lean muscles. while others suggest 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Other sources of protein that are recommended to support weight training include.5 to 2 grams of protein is ideal to support their weight training routine. you'll need to consume higher quantities of protein than if you're weight training to tone. but most of the people are not exactly aware about the number of benefits that it is providing for your body. lean or bend protein helps in attempts for losing weight. lean cuts of fish and lean cuts of beef. Some serious bodybuilders even suggest up to 4 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight.5 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Protein powder is one of the preeminent and well known sources for keeping our body fit and fine. There are several different formulas that people use to determine the ideal amount of protein to support muscle growth. body composition and weight training goals. How much is enough:- Since protein is the building block of muscle. If you're weight training to achieve mass. it's important that you drink plenty of water to help protect your kidneys. How much protein should be consumed depends on your bodyweight. it's necessary to consume quality protein everyday. Protein powder with added taste: If you want to make sure that your body is gaining raw resources that are required for keeping your body perfect to function perfectly then protein concentrate is the best thing for you. boneless skinless chicken breast. It is the chief diet for numerous athletes as they use it up to help them at the time of competitions or their special competitive events.

But the answers are also pretty much simple. can enjoy the taste by adding flavors and get number of benefits with your healthy body. Also. you can consider the flavor as well and configure out that which one tastes the best to your tongue.themself absolutely able to ingest it in a proper manner. Generally. With these different flavors you can easily enjoy the better taste and with addition to the same benefits of protein powder that basically you desire. protein powder can be simply mixed with rich diet of soy milk or simple milk. It is your wish and requirement from which you can decide the factor that which one is suitable for your body. Protein powder comes in different forms and variety and hence is not alike at all. But the most important thing while buying a protein powder that you should not forget in any case is the category of protein powder which is highly suitable for your body in terms of its digestion or its compatibility with your digestive system Best supplement: Protein powder is known as the best supplement for the body builders and weight trainers. 19 . Number of questions usually comes in mind while buying protein powder are such as. This will convert it into more powerful protein shakes rather than simple protein powder intake. there is wide variety of options available in the market providing the best out of best protein supplements but Whey protein powder is generally known as one of the easiest protein enriched supplement to digest and most of the people are agreeable with it. body builders and athletes pick up whey protein powder as their best source as the protein supplement. Your body can easily digest it. For adding the taste and getting good flavor.Why Protein powder? Which protein powder? And many more like this.

Americans didn't warm up to it until just a few decades ago. and soy protein in particular has become very popular. Because soy protein is the most complete form of protein powder available. edamame and tempeh. While soy has been a staple in Asia for centuries. salads. There are many kinds of tofu. with many people adding it to their diets regularly. 20 . Soy protein powder can be substituted for milk and meat and is a good source of protein for those who are lactose intolerant or don't eat meat. The most obvious benefit of soy protein powder is that it adds protein to the diet. However. which has a yeasty flavor. which is soybean curd. While it is easily digestible. adding color. and mastering the preparation and cooking of tofu can be tricky. it does not mix well in drinks or shakes. Until recently. Tofu. immature soybeans that are picked early and served green. Tempeh. but protein powders are now commonly used in smoothies and other health drinks. can be bought by the block and is served in dishes such as stir-fry. similar to cheese. so it will require more mixing or shaking than dairy-based proteins. Other common varieties of soy are soy milk and soy flour. These beans are perfect on salads and in side dishes. Edamame. The three most common varieties of soy are tofu. flavor and protein. Protein powder used to be used mainly by bodybuilders and others wanting to buff up. has a meatier texture than that of tofu because it is a mixture of partly cooked soybeans and enzymes. Benefits of Soy Proteins Soy protein comes from soy flour and has two types: soy protein isolate and soy protein concentrate. is probably the most mainstream type of soy.Soy Protein Powder It seems that you can't shop anywhere without hearing about soy products. Tempeh is often mixed with grains. soy was known by Americans only as health food or as part of the diet of strict vegetarians. shakes and side dishes. it is ideal for vegetarians and those who need to add protein to their diet. soy protein also has been proven to reduce the risk for heart disease. Soy has become the new "it" food.

They are: Healthy The chocolate and vanilla flavor of Frissia. soy protein powder is beneficial to menopausal women because it helps prevent osteoporosis and build strong bones. Soy protein powders also contain many antioxidants. but in Frissia¶s case.and tumor-causing cells. one can have it pretty much anywhere. he/she might love Frissia for its delicious taste. gives 10 gms of complete protein. It can even lessen the symptoms of menopause. so the risk of such cancers as breast and prostrate can be lowered. about 14 % of daily requirements at only 120 kcal with all the goodness of soy. FRISSIA:Frissia is a beverage that has three basic features." but it can be covered up by other flavors in a shake or protein drink. Tasty Mostly the healthy stuffs are not too tasty. it is not so. The soy isoflavones in soy protein powder can slow the growth of cancer.and it helps lower cholesterol. Finally. 21 . some people notice an increase in gas when they consume large amounts of soy protein. So if someone is unhealthy. Convenient The sachets of Frissia has been designed to fit in to all laptops bags easily so one can carry easily to work and as it needs to be added to water. not at all. Disadvantages of Soy Protein The taste of soy protein can be very "beany. Also. especially if they are sensitive to soy proteins.

weather alcoholic or non alcoholic. Body builders. So. but also for the common masses.TARGET MARKET:Usually there is a general belief that protein drinks are only for body builders and gym goers. Lifestyle gym goers. Students at professional colleges. protein drink. whisky. But the fact is that protein is required by everybody. tea. but every 22 . COMPETITION If we consider the overall beverage industry. it is a wonderful snack replacement as well. Working professionals and office goers. only protein drink brands are not its competitor. Ladies and housewives. such as milk. Fat and obese people. Various beverages. Frissia is not just a protein drink. Researches show that an average Indian is generally protein deficient. soft drinks etc are all competitors for each other. all the protein drink brands should ideally be its competitor. This drink is not only good for gym goers and bodybuilders. are competitors for each other. Only people residing in Delhi and NCR (as of now). Our daily requirements of protein are generally not fulfilled by what we take as our meals. beer. coffee. The target market as decided by Hector is specified below:         Age group: above 18 years and below 50 years. Frissia fulfills about 20% of the daily protein requirements. So to overcome this problem Hector has come up with Frissia protein drink. Bot this is not the case. As for hector. there is hell lot of a competition. All the beverages. energy drinks. Every beverage has a certain market share.

the leading beverage manufacturing companies in India are. UB group. Champagne Indage etc. doesn¶t matter. To name a few competitors. The following chart shows the various market shares for all the beverages in percentage. Hindustan Unilever Limited. SABMiller India. Sula wines. CCD.leading beverage company. Coca-cola. Nestle India. Godrej Hershey foods. 23 . Pepsi-co. Tata tea. Dabur foods. alcoholic or non alcoholic or compound. all are Hector¶s competitors. Amul. The date is only up to 2007 as further latest data are not available. Mohan Meakins.

he headed to Wharton to do a second MBA and is now in the thick of the action as CEO of Hector Beverages Private Limited. starting ChannelPlay. The cola majors have been registering impressive growth rates here. It is time the Indian consumer got her fair deal.with astronomical growth rates being registered in rural Rajasthan. In 2008. In 2005 he moved to Nokia. He had an amazing run with Coke.channelplay.India's first integrated Sales Process Outsourcing company (www. India COO: Mr Suhas Misra Suhas did his MBA from IIM Calcutta (Class of 2003) and joined Coke from campus. well. Corporate Folklore.biz) and now is the COO of Hector Beverages Private Limited 24 . He worked with Union Carbide and later Wipro before joining Coke in 2001. a brief note on Hector¶s key India personnel: CEO: Mr Neeraj Kakkar Neeraj's corporate career started after he completed his MBA from MDI. Gurgaon in 1998. before.BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY HEADS India is Hector¶s first target market because it is. India. again. would describe as sensational. Below. funding in some part their acquisitions of healthier beverage companies elsewhere.the kind that becomes a part of Corporate Folklore. in 2006. He had the kind of start that. with the high point being his time in Bangalore when he seemed to have settled the much-touted Cola battle conclusively.


3 33.0 7. body-builders) c. USA (a DuPont venture).4 7.9 51. the world leader in protein research and production c.0 341. our joint development agreement with Solae LLC. the well-researched protein deficiency even amongst affluent Indians b. the presence of a number of protein drinks in the American market aimed at regular people (and not the traditional constituency: viz.3 0.MARKETING PLAN PRODUCT:The Frissia range of protein drinks that is live in the Indian market is the result of: a.0 . procurement of best in the world natural identical flavors from Firmenirch and Givaudan (both Switzerland based worldwise leaders in flavors) NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: (per 100gm) Energy(kcal) Protein(gms) Carbohydrates(g) Fats(g) Iron(mg) Vitamin A(UI) Calcium(mg) Cholesterol(mg) 26 400.3 816.

 Hector believes that Frissia is probably the best 11am drink in the world. Soon Hector will start selling at other places also.  Each box have 5 sachets. whether newspaper.skin .bodybuilders. each sachet costs for Rs30. hair. housewives. 27 . hector is also trying to establish its product as a snack replacement.  Only having a good product will do alone for being successful. or TV. Hector is only focusing on the Delhi and NCR market.  The most wicked calories creep in at 11 am or at 4pm. PRICE:-  One box of Frissia costs for Rs150. immune system every thing requires to look and feel good. Since hector has its head office at Philadelphia.\ PLACE:    Currently.  Its all about protein. PROMOTION: Hector is a bit weak on this front. but something should be done. students. In fact. It is also important to have recognition in the market.  So. so that way. Its almost certain that people in India are protein deficient. and in other parts of India. lifestyle gym goers.  Hector seriously needs some advertisement by any means. One healthy swig of this good stuff at those in between times will keep people honest till the next meal. Hector is targeting. so there are ample chances that someday Hector will be sold in international market also. USA.


the result is that most of the students are either sick or protein deficient. Damaged skin. Students are so busy. lack of concentration. that they do not have any time to look after their meals and health. insomnia. dizziness etc are other signs of protein deficiency. Not only for working people but also for the students studying in professional colleges. In colleges like IILM. Pretty soon they start losing hair. For these reasons. 29 . students barely get time to have their lunch properly. The ultimate aim of Hector beverages is to create an image in minds of the customers. life is very difficult. weakness. There also there is a lot of rush. Hector should introduce its protein drink in educational institutes. At the end of the day.PROJECT INTRODUCTION In today¶s world. This plan can really help Hector in achieving this. now a days. like IILM. so as to increase its market share and increase penetration. one has to wait for a long time to get what he ordered for. Even after ordering. They have to rush to the cafeteria to have something. and also to benefit the protein deficient students also.

 To find and analyze the diet of students. the problem definition can not be stated in one sentence. In this case. the consumers are the students and they are to be targeted by the Frissia protein drink. a protein drink. and convey to them that they are protein deficient. which is a product of Hector Beverages Pvt Ltd.STATEMENT OF PROBLEM To create a business plan to introduce Frissia. OBJECTIVE The ultimate objective of Hector Beverages Pvt Ltd is related to market penetration for Frissia and subsequently capturing the market share & mind share of the consumers.  To place Frissia in selected educational institutes and observe the response.  To organize an interactive event which will be fun for students and beneficial for Hector. PROBLEM DEFINITION: In Hectors case. 30 .  To communicate to them the ways in which Hector¶s Frissia can help them. into educational institutes.  To educate the students about the requirements of protein. I have broken down it in to smaller problem definitions. so as to properly cover every thing in detail.

PLAN 1) To educate the students about the requirements of protein. iron and vitamin A.  This could be achieved by organizing a guest lecture in a selected educational institute. 31 . by Hector¶s nutritionist. There she will talk about protein requirements. and effects of its deficiency.  The first and the foremost important step for making Frissia success in educational institutes.  She will also communicate about the requirements of other important nutrients such as calcium. is to educate students about the benefits of protein and effects of its deficiency.  Her big name and aura will attract students to attend the lecture.  Hector has one of the most famous nutritionist in India.

Suhas will calculate the total protein consumption by the 32 . like every other company.  A good diet chart is shown below:- 2) To find and analyze the diet of students. and is not here only to sell its product. Hector should make a healthy diet chart available to the students.  He will have an interactive session with the students. and convey to them that they are protein deficient. and convey to them that if they follow this.  After having a lecture on the importance of protein and a balanced diet.  In the guest lecture by Hector¶s nutrionist. the requirements of body are already established. it will be established in the minds of students that Hector genuinely believes in making students healthy. no extra supplement is required.  He will call a few volunteers from the students and will tell them to describe their daily diet in detail. The students will be told to write their meal details on the black board of the class. Suhas will step in.  In this way.

 This comparison will be an eye opener for students observing the show.student volunteers. So along with the use of words. and will compare them with what is ideal. from their diet details.  Visuals ar better source of communication. Most of the times people don¶t know what they are actually taking inside their body. picture and videos of protein deficiency and its effects will be helpful for sure.  Some of the pictures that will be of impact are shown below:- 33 .

Now will be the right time to strike the hammer. to establish that the product is genuine and will help the students.  Till now. when every student is fully aware of requirements of protein and effects of its deficiency. atleast once. they would have started associating their physical and mental being with what has been explained to them. along with the process of fixing. milk or any other non alcoholic beverage and that it is available in two flavors .  It should also be communicated that Frissia can be taken with water.  Then Frissia¶s smiling face will be shown to the students.  Suhas will explain the details of Frissia.  Price and the quantity in one box will all be explained.  Hector will assure that they have a solution which will bring back smiles.  The ways in which Frissia can be taken will also be communicated.  The nutritional details will be explained to the student fraternity. all the comparison and analysis would be done. as how can it be helpful for the students of the targeted age group.3) To communicate to them the ways in which Hector¶s Frissia can help them. how can mental and physical well being effect their academic performance etc. Now.  The flavor part will add interest to students curiosity and they will definitely think of trying Frissia for sure. 34 .

 After all the serious talkings done till now. treasure hunt( very popular among the students fraternity of targeted age).  Events that could be an option are. cricket matches. basketball. it will be challenging physically for students. table tennis tournament(guaranteed success) etc. which it is for sure. gift hamper from Hector.  One more very important thing is to properly advertise the event. 35 .  Attractive prizes should also be offered to the students.  Hector is trying to establish itself as a cool company. Frissia Boxes and above all assurance for summer internship or PPO.  Event should be such that. as the product of Hector ultimately affects the physical wellbeing of people. a football match(as there is still game fever due to the world cup).4) To organize an interactive event which will be fun for students and beneficial for Hector.  Posters. Prizes could be certificate. it is also important to establish a brand image in the students mind. slogans and other creative things should be done from hector¶s side to create enthusiasm and excitement in the students.  For this reason. an event which will be fun for students will surely attract attention. cash prize.

Hector will be able to sell their product to students through a channel. The time table and examination schedule should also be taken in to consideration before announcing the dates.  Hector should keep on organizing events and lectures.  The other ways of making Frissia affordable for students is to sell loose sachets. because students will not show up in numbers if exams are very near. Hector should carefully observe and track the sales of their product in this period and should continuously work towards making Frissia more visible to students.  If not. This way. each is worth Rs30. then a tie up with the college cafeteria could be made.  So Hector should take this seriously and select colleges and educational institutes accordingly.  Since the price of Frissia is Rs150. The college cafeteria will sell readymade Frissia shakes to students at a reasonable price. Every box has 5 sachets. If Hector agrees to sell them loose to students then a separate counter for hector can be managed in the cafeteria itself. so as to be there in students mind. 5) To place Frissia in selected educational institutes and observe the response.  A trial period should be decided for this plan. 36 . it is not possible for every student in every college to buy a box regularly.


Frissia. This way it can attract more customers. Its flavors are brought all the way from Switzerland which is known for finest natural identical flavors. If someone has to buy Frissia. Fixing Frissia is very simple. It is non alcoholic. which no other protein drink can offer presently.vanilla and chocolate.  Smaller sachets are not available in the market so as to attract new customers. which is one of the world¶s best protein development organizations. and Hector promises to be non alcoholic for all its future products. because there are other protein drinks available at a lower price. as it is a new brand in India. 38 . he will have to order online or through phone. Frissia can be consumed with water also.  No promotions are being made right now for Hector Beverages or for Frissia.  Frissia is available in two flavors. Frissia is developed by Solae LLC. WEAKNESSES: Hector is very less known brand.USA. Efficient sales team.  Price is a bit high to target the general Indian consumers.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: The biggest strength of Hector is its product.  Not available in open market. So its advantageous       for Hector to have two flavors.

as other protein drinks are easily available in the open market. which is not good for the company.  No other brand is fully recognized by people in India as far as protein drinks are concerned. Non competitive pricing is also a threat.OPPORTUNITIES: Since protein drink segment is not largely being captured by any brand in India.  Health is one of the five major trends in the world today along with trends like terrorism and technology. Hector¶s target customers are also gym goers and body builders. Hector Beverages has only limited its sales to direct selling. So the growing number of gym goers is an opportunity for hector beverages. THREATS: Hector has only limited its functioning in Delhi region.  People in India are becoming more and more health conscious and are hitting gyms a lot. But the customers and the market can treat this approach as very casual. So growth opportunities for hector are immense. Hector is by and large part of this trend. This is a threat because other regions might be captured by some other brand and ultimately Hector will loose the market. Hector¶s interns can spread bad word for the company. Hector is trying to be a cool company. so it is an opportunity for hector to skim over this market. So Hector should be more careful in selecting interns for training purposes. So. it is yet another opportunity for hector to create large scale brand awareness by promotional activities. This is a big threat. as suggested by me in the business plan.     39 .


 The beverage industry is very large in India.CONCLUSION  Health sector is growing very rapidly in the world.  The product Frissia is definitely one of the best protein drinks available in the market.  Hector Beverages Pvt Ltd is a new company which makes protein drink. Hector beverages. 41 . a company Like Hector is using this opportunity to tap into this market and slowly be a leader.  The customer feedback is that chocolate flavor is better. So.  Protein drink segment is still largely untapped in India. There are two flavors for this product. This company has tremendous growth opportunities. All the cola giants have earned a lot of money from India. being art of it. is also supposed to grow with this sector. So the opportunities are endless for any Beverage company in India.vanilla and chocolate.


43 .  More fresh and young minds should be induced into the organization to lead the organization on the paths of success. such as educational institutes.RECOMMENDATIONS  Hector should try and explore newer markets.  Advertisement and promotional activities are the need of the hour for Hector Beverages. No company can survive for very long without doing adequate promotional activities. Till date it has been only selling directly.  Hector should work upon channel development to have long term and loyal customers. Young brains will bring bright ideas and enthusiasm with them which will ultimately be beneficial for the company.  Hector should give a try to the business plan that I have suggested.  Hector should do rethinking for its distribution strategy. I strongly believe that this plan will be a success for Hector Beverages Pvt Ltd.


45 .

46 .

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48 .


www.    www.com 50 .com Marketing management by Philip Kotler.com www.google.hectorbeverages.frissia.

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