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New Mexico

Organic Farming Conference

Friday, February 15
Saturday, February 16
Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North

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The 2013 New Mexico Organic Farming Conference
The Southwests Premier Conference for Organic Agriculture
Friday, February 15 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday, February 16 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North,
5151 San Francisco Road NE, Albuquerque, NM

Conference Organizers
Farm to Table
New Mexico Department of Agriculture
New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service

Farm to Table promotes sustainable agriculture and advances community wellness and livelihoods in econom-
ically disadvantaged communities through the development of accessible, equitable, and thriving food systems.
Program work includes developing connections between farmers and school cafeterias and between children
and the food they eat by integrating school gardens, farming, and health and nutrition as components of
educational programming; providing capacity building trainings and technical assistance to farmers and others
in the areas of food safety, quality management systems, marketing, and enterprise development; and, building
the publics understanding of the interrelationship between farming, food, health, education, and economic
development by helping communities achieve food security while empowering previously disenfranchised
voices and advancing informed policy education.
Phone: 505-473-1004, Fax: 505-473-3421,,
The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) is an agriculture producer-consumer service and
regulatory department placed under the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Board of Regents with a
Director/Secretary who serves on the Governors Cabinet. The department has six divisions consisting of
Agricultural and Environmental Services, Agricultural Programs and Resources, Dairy, Marketing and Devel-
opment, Standards and Consumer Services, and Veterinary Diagnostics Services. The New Mexico Department
of Agriculture is the home of New Mexicos Organic Program, providing certification services and support for
organic farmers, ranchers and processors., 505-889-9921,
New Mexico State Universitys Cooperative Extension Service has the practical, research-based knowledge
you can rely on to improve your quality of life. We bring science to your life. The Cooperative Extension
Service is the educational outreach arm of NMSUs College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental
Sciences in Las Cruces. Backed by state and federal funding, Extension truly is a cooperative effort between
the college and county governments throughout New Mexico. We also team up with several hundred partner
agencies, organizations and schools. Extension faculty are located in all 33 New Mexico counties and three
tribal offices to address your needs in the areas of animal resources, 4-H and youth development, home
economics, rural economic development and plant sciences. We provide the latest information in our publica-
tions, workshops, demonstrations and one-on-one consultations. We often bring people together to solve
community problems. For more information about NMSUs Cooperative Extension Service and the programs
we offer, contact your local county Extension office (see pages 29 + 30) or visit us at
NMSU is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and educator.

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The 2013 New Mexico Organic Farming Conference
is an annual opportunity for producers and researchers from around
the southwest to share their experiences and expertise.

We thank the following benefactors whose generous support has made this
conference possible.

Friends of Organic Agriculture

La Montanita Co-op
Skarsgard Farms

Rio Grande Community Farm
Silver City Food Co-op

Acres USA
Farm to Table
Johnnys Selected Seeds

Conference Coordinators:

Le Adams, Farm to Table

Cover Photo: Jennifer Silverman

Craig Mapel, New Mexico Department of Agriculture

Joanie Quinn, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
Patrick Torres, New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service

Special thanks to our active partner:

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

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Welcome from Dr. Jon Boren
Associate Dean and Director of New Mexico State University
Cooperative Extension Service
On behalf of the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service in meeting the future chal-
Cooperative Extension Service, I lenges facing organic agriculture in New Mexico.
would like to welcome everyone
Agriculture has always been a strong component of the
to the 2013 New Mexico Organic
culture, tradition, and economics of New Mexico. As
Farming Conference. I would like
New Mexico agricultural producers, we also all have
to first recognize the conference
many shared values. We all strive to increase productiv-
organizers: Farm to Table, New
ity while improving environmental sustainability, reduce
Mexico Department of Agriculture,
harmful environmental inputs, foster soil fertility, and
and the New Mexico Cooperative
maintain the economic viability of farmers and rural
Extension Service. I also would
communities. As New Mexico famers and ranchers you
like to thank all the sponsors
all should be commended for your vision, innovation,
listed in your program that made this years New Mexico
passion, and conscientious stewardship of the land.
Organic Farming Conference possible.
As you all know, organic agriculture is a very diverse
As you all know, organic farming has significantly in-
science and I believe you will find the research updates,
creased in New Mexico over the past couple of decades.
educational programs, and networking opportunity at this
Therefore, it is critical that we find ways to support New
conference to be invaluable. These programs will provide
Mexico organic agricultural production because many
vital information to help organic agricultural producers
families depend on organic farm income to survive and
make important decisions in running their existing farm
their activities contribute to the economic well-being of
and ranch or in starting a new one. Again, welcome to the
our communities. I can assure you that the New Mexico
2013 New Mexico Organic Farming Conference.
Cooperative Extension Service is committed to continu-
ing to serve organic farmers and ranchers in New Mexico
and I am excited about the efforts of the College and the

Welcome from Jeff Witte

Director of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and
New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture
New Mexico Department of in over $53 million in 2011. This income has facilitated
Agriculture is a proud organizer support in our communities and kept agriculture at the
of the 2013 New Mexico Organic center of our culture.
Farming Conference to be held
Organic farmers and ranchers are careful observers, bold
February 15-16, 2013, in Albu-
innovators, and caring stewards of the land, bringing
nourishment to our citizens and conserving our soil and
Organic farms and ranches in water resources.
our state produce livestock and
The extreme freezes, hot winds, and exceptional drought
poultry and an array of orchards,
weve experienced have been particularly challenging in
vineyards, mixed vegetables,
the last two years. This conference will give farmers and
nuts, and flowers, among others. Organic producers sell
ranchers an opportunity to share lessons learned and to
their products at farmers markets, groceries, schools,
draw on the latest research. We hope you will join us in
and restaurants as well as over the Internet and exporting
February to explore and celebrate organic agriculture.
internationally. Organic farming in New Mexico brought

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Will Organic Farming Save Pollinators or Will Pollinators Save
Organic Farming?
Keynote address: Mace Vaughan, Pollinator Program Director,
Xerces Society, Joint Pollinator Conservation Specialist for
NRCS West National Technology Support Center
Friday 9 10:30 am

In this talk, Mace Vaughan shares anecdotes

from the world of pollinator conservation. He
will provide the latest information on the impor-
tance and decline of pollinators, and how habitat
on and around farms is critical to saving these
important animals. Mace will also shine a
spotlight on how this same habitat has a special
role to play in helping organic farmers meet the
core criteria of the National Organic Rule, which
mandates protecting and enhancing on-farm
biodiversity. You will come away from this talk
with a new appreciation for the wide variety of
bees that are working hard for farmers all across
New Mexico and the U.S. and new ideas for how
to help these insects to thrive.
Mace Vaughan has led the Xerces Societys
Pollinator Conservation Program since 2003. In
this capacity, he supervises research and outreach
on habitat restoration for crop pollinating native
bees; develops and presents educational materi-
als to farmers, conservationists, land managers,
and policy makers; and, collaborates extensively
with scientists researching the role and habitat author of Attracting Native Pollinators: Protect-
needs of crop-pollinating native bees. Mace also ing North Americas Bees and Butterflies and
serves as the Joint Pollinator Conservation the Pollinator Conservation Handbook. He is
Specialist for the USDAs Natural Resources also lead author of Farming for Bees: Guide-
Conservation Service, working from the agencys lines for Providing Native Bee Habitat on
West National Technology Support Center in Farms. He was a lecturer on honey bee biology
Portland, Oregon. He has written numerous and beekeeping at Cornell University, from
articles on the conservation of bees, butterflies, which he holds Masters Degrees in Entomology
aquatic invertebrates, and insects, and is co- and Teaching.

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The NM Organic Farming Conference will take place at
The Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North
5151 San Francisco Road, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Make your room reservations


The Marriott Pyramid
1-877-622-3056 and mention the
Organic Farming Conference in February 2013
log on to:
Say you are part of the Organic Farming Conference
to get the special rate of $81.00 per night, single,
$101.00 per night, double.

How to get there

From I-25, exit at Paseo del Norte, turn west over the freeway and take
the immediate left onto I-25s frontage road (or if coming from the north,
exit onto the southbound frontage road). The Pyramid is on the right.

The New Mexico Organic Farming Conference congratulates

2012 Organic Farmers of the Year:
Sage and Shane Faulkner of Soaring Eagle Ranch

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Certified Organic Producers Please Note:
Exhibitors at the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference offer a wide range of products,
some of which may not be allowed in certified organic production. If you are considering a prod-
uct or input promoted at the conference, please ask the exhibitor for a copy of the OMRI listing
for that product, or a current copy of a letter from your certifier stating the product has been
approved for use by certified organic producers. If neither of these is available, please confirm
with your certifier that the product is allowed for use in certified organic production.
If you have any questions please call 505-889-9921.

CEUs (Continuing Education Credits)

CEUs for pesticide applicators will be available for some sessions of the conference.
If you would like to sign up for CEUs, please inquire at the registration table when you pick up
your registration materials at the conference.

Conference Volunteers Needed

We need a limited number of volunteers to help at the conference, at the registration table, and in
other capacities. Volunteers work for one quarter of the conference, during which time they will
not be able to attend conference sessions. Volunteers will receive a complimentary registration
for the remainder of the conference. Farmers will be given preference for volunteer positions
and will be registered on a first-come-first-served basis. All others will be put on a waiting list
from which any remaining volunteer slots will be filled on January 16th. These positions go fast.
If you are interested please call 505-889-9921 as soon as possible. If you can afford to pay the
registration fee, please leave the volunteer slots for those who cannot otherwise afford to attend.
Other Important Announcements
All conference areas are handicap accessible. At the end of each workshop session we ask
participants to take a few minutes to capture on
Presenters, topics and scheduling of work-
paper some specific things that were of value to you
shops may change depending on room avail-
(or why the workshop did not address your needs).
ability and presenter needs. Session locations
These brief evaluations will let us know if we
and times may change so please check in early
succeeded in getting you information you can
January to confirm the schedule.
actually put to use on your operation. While we
Full refunds of registration fees are available hope that all of the sessions will be entertaining and
on written request received by 1/25/13. Half informative, we realize that they must also be
refunds will be available on written request relevant and specific to the work you are doing. We
received by 2/08/13. There will be no refunds will ask for contact information on these evaluations
of registration fees after 2/08/13. so we can select a sample to follow up with a few
If you can help get the word out about the months after the conference. If you do not wish to
conference by distributing these programs to be called at a later time, you can indicate that on the
your organization/clients/etc, please call us at form. Your participation in this evaluation process
505-473-1004 x10, and we will get some to will allow us to do a better job of providing you
you. with information you can use. Thanks!

Farm-T program 2013.indd 7 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Friday 11:00 am to 12:30 pm Session 1
Workshop Series See pages 16-17 for At-A-Glance Schedule

1) A Whole Farm Approach to Managing Drought

Drought in the Southwest is becoming a way of life. There are steps that can be taken to help your crops
weather the weather. Dr. John Idowu, NMSU Extension Agronomist will discuss practices from soil
moisture monitoring to irrigation timing to long-term soil building that can be adopted on your farm to
keep the harvest coming in even in the worst of times.
2) Playing ChickenSmall-Scale Poultry
Many vegetable producers are thinking of adding poultry to their mix to help manage insect populations,
add fertility to the soil, and supply eggs either for farm use or product diversification. Monte Skarsgard
of Skarsgard Farms includes chickens on his 1300-member CSA farm and will discuss the critical ele-
ments to making poultry work.
3) Spice It UpOrganic Herb Production
Herbs are a welcome addition to any farm. They provide habitat and nectar for pollinators, help diversify
a farms production, and many are well-suited to the Southwests dry and sunny climate. This session
brings together two experienced and passionate herb producers who will share their expertise in grow-
ing and marketing organic culinary and medicinal herbs. Join Jane Darland of Old Monticello Organic
Farms and Sean Ludden of Los Poblanos Organic Farm for some sage advice on organic herb production.
4) Whos There? Pests and the Diseases They Carry
You walk out to the field where the day before all was well and see the first flush of squash bugs. You
vacuum them up, but the next day the vines are wilting and dying. Most likely the culprit was a disease
carried by the squash bugs rather than the critters themselves. Successful management practices are
dependent on correct identification of the problem. In this session NMSUs Dr. Carol Sutherland, 2007
Organic Farming Educator of the Year, will guide you through techniques to identify pests and understand
the diseases they may be carrying.
5) Restoring Pollinator Habitat in the Southwest
Dr. David Dreesen, agronomist with the Los Lunas Natural Resources Conservation Service Plant Ma-
terials Center will deliver results of three years of trials of plants suitable for pollinator habitat in New
Mexico. Many of the plants are common natives, others may surprise you, while some seemingly mild-
mannered flowers turned into thugs in the field! Farmers can enhance their own production and help stem
the nation-wide decline of our tiny allies by adding some pollinator space. Join the discussion of the dos
and donts of establishing or enhancing pollinator habitat.
6) From Hoophouses to Hedgerows: Accessing the EQIP Program
The NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provides many opportunities for farmers,
ranchers, and market gardeners to initiate conservation practices or, through the hoophouse project, obtain
cost-share on a hoophouse for season extension. If you are wondering about whats involved in the applica-
tion process, and exactly who is eligible for what, this is the session for you. Three successful applicants
for EQIP support will be on hand to share their experiences: Tom Dixon, Green Tractor Farm; Minor
Morgan, Rio Grande Community Farm; and Dean Schwebach, Schwebach Farms. Thomas Gonzales,
NRCS District Conservationist, Espaola Office, will be on hand to answer any technical questions about
the program.

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Friday 2:00 to 3:30 pm - Session 2
Workshop Series See pages 16-17 for At-A-Glance Schedule

1) Asylum for Avians

As rural land falls increasingly to development, habitat for birds is disappearing fast, and so are many of
our most common feathered friends. Birds play a vital role in balancing ecosystems and making organic
and sustainable farming possible. For many species, farms have become a last refuge. Steven J. Cary,
Community Naturalist for the New Mexico Audubon Society, former Chief Naturalist for New Mexico
State Parks, and author of Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico, will be on hand to talk about what birds
you might find on your farm and what you can do to provide cover, food, and safe nesting places.
2) Top Bar Bees
Les Crowder, author of the recently published Top Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee
Health, and 2009 Organic Farming Educator of the Year, will guide you through the setup and mainte-
nance of top-bar hives on your farm or garden. Enjoy the benefits of increased pollination and HONEY!
without using the chemicals that may be contributing to colony collapse disorder. Your bees can be
healthy and happy, the natural way. Les will show you how.
3) Traditional New Mexico: Corn, Beans, and Chile
Not quite the three sisters; this workshop will focus on three traditional food staples in New Mexico:
corn, beans, and chile. Dr. Richard Pratt, Department Head/Professor, NMSU Plant & Environmental
Sciences, is conducting organic trials in plots around the state with corn and bean varieties. Rich has also
done research on organic management of corn borers, and is a co-principal investigator for an Organic
Research Extension Initiative Grant: Strengthening Public Corn Breeding to Ensure Organic Farmers
Access to Elite Cultivars. Ken Armijo of Armijo Farms will weigh in on the chile side with a discussion of
his experiences growing, processing, and marketing organic green and red chile in Bosque, New Mexico.
4) No Minnie Mouse: IPM for Rodents
They chew, they gnaw, they divert irrigation water to the most unlikely places. Rats, mice, gophers, and
squirrels appreciate the hard work of organic farmers to provide food and habitat. NMSU Extension Wild-
life Management Specialist Sam Smallidge will take on the challenge of developing an integrated pest
management approach to these critters, and provide an overview of organic management tools.
5) Herbal Product Production
A century ago most farmers and ranchers gathered herbs and wild plants for remedies, made soap, tea,
and tonics. Many still do. Producing herbal products from your farm has also grown into an opportunity
for market diversification for some farmers. In this session, two herbal product producers will share their
stories from product idea through production and marketing. Janet and Rick DeIaco became certified
organic in 2012, producing the Earthly Herbal line of lip balms and salves in Ruidoso. Monica Rude of
Desert Woman Botanicals produces tinctures, teas, and lotions along with salves and cremes. The three
will team up to answer all your questions about value-added herbal products, including dealing with FDA
6) Produce Buyers: What They Want
If the produce manager flees to the walk-in cooler when you arrive with a box of produce, this is the
session for you. Produce buyers from Cids Market in Taos, La Montanita Co-op Food Market in Santa
Fe, The Silver City Food Co-op, The Los Alamos Cooperative Market, and Whole Foods Market in
Albuquerque will give you the low-down on how to connect with produce buyers from around the state
and what the basic requirements (insurance, boxes, advance notice, etc.) are. Dont miss this informative
session if you want to sell to grocery stores.

Farm-T program 2013.indd 9 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Friday 4:00 to 5:30 pm - Session 3
Workshop Series See pages 16-17 for At-A-Glance Schedule

1) Natures Chicken Soup: Compost Tea Production and Use

Recent research with compost tea shows that it can be effective in fighting plant diseases in addition to
providing high quality, readily-assimilated nutrients. Heather Harrell of the certified organic For the
Love of Bees farm, has adapted the compost tea regime advocated by Dr. Elaine Ingham to her fields in
Peasco. Heather will report on the system she uses to make the tea and the results observed from its ap-
plication. Joining Heather for this presentation will be Brett Bakker, Chief Certifier for the New Mexico
Department of Agricultures Organic Program. Brett will review regulations governing the use of manure
and compost tea in certified organic production systems.
2) First Steps When Disaster Strikes: Investigating Livestock Disease
Dr. Tim Hanosh, Director of NMDAs Veterinary Diagnostic Services Division will walk participants
through scenarios in which knowing the right first steps can make a big difference in the eventual outcome
when a rancher is faced with the sudden onset of disease in a herd. This session will help you prepare for
unexpected health problems and determine what your next steps should be.
3) Favorite Vegetable Varieties
Yes, it may look beautiful in the seed catalog, but what about its performance in New Mexicos wind, sun,
low humidity, and high pH? Will it tolerate a certain amount of handling on a market stand? Will custom-
ers buy it and return to buy it again? In this session a panel of organic vegetable producers will discuss
favorite vegetable varieties, and explain why theyll be growing them again in 2013. Speakers to be an-
4) Digging Deep: Understanding Nematodes and Exploring Biofumigation
In this advanced session, two researchers will dig into the underground and shed some light on nematodes
(the good and the bad) and look at biofumigation as an approach to managing some soil-borne pathogens.
Dr. Stephen H. Thomas, Professor and Nematologist, NMSU Department of Entomology, Plant Pathol-
ogy & Weed Science, will delve into the natural history of nematodes focusing on the soil nematode
community, how it responds to biofumigants and other toxins, composting considerations, and other
management strategies that are applicable to organic production systems. Dr. Mark Uchanski, NMSU
Assistant Professor of Horticulture, and Vegetable Physiology will discuss the concept of biofumigants
in general, summarize the pros (crop growth responses, organic matter, control of pathogens) and cons of
biofumigants, the different groups of plants that can be used as biofumigants, and will summarize the first
year of data from a mustard biofumigant/green chile project.
5) Go Nuts!
New Mexico is home to organic pecan and pistachio farmers, nearly all of them in the southern third of
the state, but many farmers farther north are looking at incorporating nuts into their production. Choos-
ing an appropriate variety is critical to your success. Dr. Richard Hereema, Extension Pecan Specialist,
NMSU Extension Plant Sciences will discuss the attributes and tolerances of available varieties and have
some tips in areas such as proper siting of the trees. If you are thinking of going nuts, dont miss this session.
6) Home-based Canning
Regulations passed in 2010 give producers of many non-potentially hazardous foods (such as baked
goods, dry mixes, and high-sugar jams and jellies) the opportunity to produce at home without the ex-
pense of building a certified kitchen or traveling to a commercial kitchen. Dr. Nancy Flores, NMSU
Extension Food Technology Specialist and 2011 Organic Farming Educator of the Year will review the
regulations and give you the information you need to get started.

Farm-T program 2013.indd 10 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Saturday 8:30 am to 10:00 am - Session 4
Workshop Series See pages 16-17 for At-A-Glance Schedule

1) Feed Your Bed

The heart of organic farming is developing a rich, humus-filled soil that will support your crop produc-
tion. Research has shown that organic production can equal or surpass the yields of conventional farming
once a rich living soil has been established as a foundation. But how to reach this goal in a climate where
the average organic matter is less than 1%? Dr. Ron Godin, organic soil guru, 2010 Organic Farming
Educator of the Year and Extension Agronomist for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture at Colorado State
University will discuss soil-building practices that will support healthy, disease-and-pest-resistant crops.
2) Low-Stress Livestock Handling (Part 1)
The New Mexico Organic Farming Conference is honored to have Dr. Temple Grandin join us for a
morning of discussion of low-stress livestock handling. Temple Grandin is a doctor of animal science and
professor at Colorado State University, best-selling author, and consultant on animal behavior. In 2010,
Dr. Grandin was chosen by the Time magazine for its list of the 100 most influential people in the world in
the Heroes category. Dr. Grandins books include: Humane Livestock Handling, Animals in Translation,
Animals Make us Human, and Thinking in Pictures. If you are a livestock producer, this session is a must.
3) Store It!
Sometimes, going back to our roots means a step forward in sustainability. For producers who are off the
grid or just want to cut down on their use of energy, the use of root cellars to store crops is an attractive
alternative to refrigerated storage. Teague & Kosma Channing of Gemini Farms, who have been open-
ing windows to sustainability from draft animals to cold storage will take you through the construction,
maintenance and use of root cellars. Chill out with some innovative thinking on a traditional practice.
4) Drought in the Southwest: the Outlook
Every farmer and rancher seems to agree that assumptions about what the weather will be in any particular
season no longer serve as a guide for planting, irrigating, and harvesting. Recent studies of tree ring data
by the University of Arizonas Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) indicate that we may
be entering a period of drought even more severe than the extreme droughts of the 1200s and 1500s. Dr.
Dave DuBois, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, New Mexico State University; CLIMAS
member; New Mexico State Climatologist; and, Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow Network
State Coordinator, will discuss the outlook for our Southwestern climate.
5) Pollinator Conservation Strategies for Organic Seed Producers
Understanding pollinators is a key component of successfully growing seed. This course will support
organic seed producers with the latest science-based information on maximizing crop yields through the
conservation of native pollinators, while at the same time helping them to reduce the risk of outcrossing with
non-organic crop varieties. Mace Vaughan, who has led the Xerces Societys Pollinator Conservation Pro-
gram since 2003 and serves as the Joint Pollinator Conservation Specialist for the USDAs NRCS, will give
seed growers and savers the information they need for a successful collaboration with native pollinators.
6) Organic Inspectors Bare All
Jennifer Silverman and Robert Gerard have been inspecting farms for organic certification for over a
decade. In this session Jen and Bob will draw on this experience to lead a discussion about getting certi-
fied organic: what goes into developing a great Organic System Plan; how to tackle the record keeping
boogey man; and, what to expect at your farm or ranch inspection. If you are interested in applying for
organic certification, or are a long-time organic producer who would like some insight on how to make
the process better youll find lots of help here.

Farm-T program 2013.indd 11 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Saturday 10:30 to noon - Session 5
Workshop Series See pages 16-17 for At-A-Glance Schedule

1) Traditional New Mexico: Acequias

Our acequias provide the lifeblood of our farms and are at the core of our communities. Acequias
recharge the aquifers, nurture biodiversity, and provide corridors for wildlife. Drought and development
are challenging this heart of New Mexicos agriculture. Paula Garcia, Executive Director of the New
Mexico Acequia Association will discuss the history of acequias, and talk about what needs to be done to
keep acequias in our future.
2) Low-Stress Livestock Handling (Part II)
The New Mexico Organic Farming Conference is honored to have Dr. Temple Grandin join us for a
morning of discussion of low-stress livestock handling. Temple Grandin is a doctor of animal science and
professor at Colorado State University, best-selling author, and consultant on animal behavior. In 2010,
Dr. Grandin was chosen by the Time magazine for its list of the 100 most influential people in the world in
the Heroes category. Dr. Grandins books include: Humane Livestock Handling, Animals in Translation,
Animals Make us Human, and Thinking in Pictures. If you are a livestock producer, this session is a must.
3) Cover Crops: Tested for New Mexico
Choosing the right cover crop for weed suppression or soil building is not as easy as picking seeds out of
a catalog. Many cover and green manure crops that thrive in other climates fail to perform in the southwest.
Dr. Kulbhushan Grover, NMSU Assistant Professor in Sustainable Crop Production will report on New
Mexico trials of cover crops that provide the maximum biomass and challenge even the most aggressive
weeds. If youre a fan of cover crops, are looking for something new to put in your rotations, or are not
satisfied with your current practices, this session will give you some new directions.
4) Organic Weed Management: Till and No/Low
Weed management is the biggest challenge organic farmers face, and the approaches to this problem vary
tremendously depending on the type of weed and the scale of the farm. Ramon Alvarez, 2009 Organic
Farmer of the Year, will outline his weed management program on his 1,000 acre cotton, chile, alfalfa
farm in La Union, NM. Ramon will be joined by a no/low till specialist who will talk about the latest
innovations in managing weeds in organic no/low till production. And yes, it can be done. Park your hoe
and join the discussion.
5) Holistic Orchard Management
Successful fruit production cant be confined to managing pests or finding the right fertility practice.
Selecting the appropriate varieties, understanding and managing the structure of your trees, achieving
good pollination, siting , and many other factors also enter in. All need be considered together to achieve
a healthy and happy orchard. Gordon Tooley, 2008 Organic Farming Educator of the Year will weave the
threads together in this session on holistic management. For extra credit Gordon will touch on the basics
of grafting.
6) Plugged-In Technology for Farmers
Has fear of Facebook got you down? Tweets need translating? Interested in the credit card readers that
work from your cell phone but not sure how they would work for you? Or, just thinking about using email
to reach your farmers market customers? If you have been beating yourself up because youve been told
you have to get plugged in, this session will ease your mind. Led by Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, a techno-diva
and former farmers market manager who is now working at La Montanita Co-op. No worries!

Farm-T program 2013.indd 12 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Saturday 2:30 to 4:00 pm - Session 6
Workshop Series See pages 16-17 for At-A-Glance Schedule

1) Four-Legged ReclamationGoats in Land Restoration

Many of us have been told at some time in our lives that land that is completely overrun (think elms, salt cedar,
Russian olive, and the rest of the bad boys) can only be cleared by major applications of herbicides. But there is
another possibility that has proven very effective: goats! Amanita Thorpe of Horned Locust Goatscaping will
shed light on the four-legged approach to restoring unreclaimable land.
2) Alternative Health Care for Ruminants
Vaccinations, appropriate breeds, and a healthy life style provide a sound basis for livestock health. But health
problems can crop up in even the best-managed herds. Dr. Barbara Merikel, DVM, will explore natural treat-
ments for common ruminant livestock health problems with special emphasis on managing parasites in organic
livestock production. This session will give you some new directions to pursue in keeping your livestock in top form.
3) Successful Season ExtensionSeed to Market
Greenhouse and hoophouse production is spreading across the state as farmers work to expand their markets by
extending their seasons. This duo of organic farmers: Debra Ingersoll of Green Girl, LLC and Thomas Hyden of
Rhubarb Ranch will share their secrets from sprout to market. Join the discussion of the pleasures and perils of
protected production and how to make season extension work for you.
4) Using Organic Insecticides: When and How
Dr. Tess Grasswitz, Integrated Pest Management Specialist at NMSUs Los Lunas Ag Science Center, and 2012
Organic Farming Educator of the Year will take on the thorny topic of natural pesticide use. Always the choice
of last resort, there are times when producers want to turn to a natural insecticide allowed for use in organic pro-
duction. Tess will discuss the mechanics of some popular pesticides; how to determine the threshold for pesticide
use; steps to take to achieve the desired result; and, cautions to observe to protect beneficials and avoid building
a resistant population. As a bonus, Tess will give updates on the arrival of the Bagrada bug and what research
is showing about possible management strategies for this new pest; management of Harlequin bugs; and, safe
socks for apple and peach protection against coddling moth.
5) Traditional New Mexico: Fruit Production
In most areas of New Mexico, 2012 was a banner year for fruit production. Assuming the weather cooperates, this
is the time to prepare for 2013. Dr. Shengrui Yao, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Science Center at Alcalde is
continuing the research in sustainable fruit production at Alcalde and will report on her latest findings for tradi-
tional fruit crop producers. Shengrui will be joined by Eric Garretson, an organic farmer with a passion for an
edible landscape. Eric will take traditional to new heights in his discussion of wild fruits (sand cherries, wild
plums, cactus fruits, chokecherries, and many more). These natives are truly adapted to the Southwest and offer a
great opportunity for farmers ready to walk on the wild side.
6) Its Coming! Preparing for Food Safety Regulation
What are all farmers required to do NOW to meet the requirements of the new food safety legislation? What is
the status of rule roll-out for the Food Safety Modernization Act? What is the difference between GAPs, Global
GAPs, Harmonized GAPs, etc., and which is the most appropriate for different kinds of production/markets?
What is the difference between state-run audits and private companies? What can producers do now that will
set them on the road to the appropriate food safety certification: record-keeping, good sanitation, etc.? Where can
farmers get reliable information and help setting up systems? This session will tackle these questions and any you
have about the new landscape in food safety. Debra Garrison, Primus Labs

Farm-T program 2013.indd 13 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Announcing: 2nd Annual Can Slam!

If you have adopted the fine art of canning/drying your surplus, you have an opportunity to display your
wares and compete for bragging rights and prizes at the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference.

Cindy Davies, Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Home Economist, will lead a panel of
distinguished judges to make the awards. Entries will not be tasted.

Categories to be Judged: Jams/Jellies/Preserves/Chutney

Fruits & Fruit Juice
Vegetables & Vegetable Juice (including tomatoes)
Dried Goods (including beans, fruits, corn/chicos, chile, herbs)


Each product must be labeled with the name of the product, all ingredients, and date preserved.

The exhibitor* must have grown the main ingredient in the preserved product.

The exhibitor* must have preserved the product.

You do not have to be certified organic to enter, but produce must have been grown without
synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and no artificial preservatives may be used in the
preserved product (citric acid and pectin are allowed).

*exhibitor is defined as an individual, a family, or workers on the farm or garden where the main
ingredient was grown.

Entries will only be taken at the registration table at the Organic Farming Conference from 7:30am to
1:30 pm Friday, February 15th. Please allow sufficient time to fill in an entry form for each product.
Winners will be announced at the luncheon on Saturday, February 16th.


Farm-T program 2013.indd 14 11/14/12 3:58 PM

The New Mexico Specialty Crops Act of 1983 provides limited funding
for marketing projects, promotional activities, market potential surveys,
and specialty crop demonstration projects

Agricultural Growth Rural Stability
Maintaining and/or Increasing Market Share
Market Development
Value-Added Product Development
Past projects have provided funding to numerous groups and individuals for a wide variety of projects and
programs including the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association, on-farm demonstration projects
to determine the production potential of a wide variety of specialty crops and numerous feasibility and
marketing studies. Generally, grant amounts range from $500-$10,000 for individual applicants and up to
$30,000 for groups working together on a joint initiative.
Requests for Proposals
Requests for funding are due May 1 of each year. Proposals received after May 1 are only eligible for
consideration if funds are still available. Applicants must identify the issue or problem to be addressed
and explain why the project is important and timely, describe the overall goal(s) in one or two statements,
explain briefly how each objective will be accomplished, include a timeline and be clear as to who will be
responsible for performing each task. Applicants must also describe the qualifications of the individual(s)
and organization/company performing the work, describe what will be accomplished as a direct result of
the project and how each outcome will be measured, and provide a budget that clearly and consistently
lists activities that address the scope of work, dollar amount requested for each activity, and matching or
in-kind contribution for each specific activity.
Proposals meeting the basic eligibility requirements under the New Mexico Agricultural Development
and Promotional Funds Program will be reviewed and evaluated by the NMDA Marketing and Develop-
ment Division. Letters announcing funding decisions will be mailed on or before August 1, 2013. Grant-
ees will be paid on a reimbursement basis only. Any request for reimbursement on allowable expenses
must be accompanied by a progress report and proof of expenses incurred (not due).
At the completion of the project, each grantee will be required to submit a final report to NMDA. Final
reports are due on or before May 31 of the subsequent year the grant is received. Other programs are also
available including the Federal Specialty Crop Grant, Labeling and Trade Show Assistance and more. For
more details please visit the NMDA website:
If you believe you have a project that might qualify for possible funding please contact Craig Mapel of the
Marketing and Development Division to arrange for a direct meeting or to discuss your
project over the phone. Craig can be reached at 505-852-3088.


Farm-T program 2013.indd 15 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Conference Schedu
7:30-8:30 AM Registration
8:30-10:30 Conference Opening & Keynote Address
10:30-11:00 Networking Break
Workshop Session 1
11:00 - 12:30 1) A Whole Farm Approach to 2) Playing Chicken - 3) Spice it Up -
Managing Drought Small Scale Poultry Organic Herb Production

12:30 - 2:00 Lunch (on your own)

Workshop Session 2
1) Asylum for Avians 2) Top Bar Bees 3) Traditional New Mexico:
2:00 - 3:30 Corn, Beans, and Chile

3:30 - 4:00 Networking Break

Workshop Session 3
1) Natures Chicken Soup: 2) First Steps When Disaster 3) Favorite Vegetable Varieti
4:00 - 5:30 Compost Tea Production and Use Strikes: Investigating
Livestock Disease
7:30-8:30 AM Registration
Workshop Session 4
1) Feed Your Bed 2) Low-Stress Livestock Handling 3) Store It!
8:30 - 10:00 (Part I)

10:00 - 10:30 Networking Break

Workshop Session 5
1) Traditional New Mexico: 2) Low-Stress Livestock Handling 3) Cover Crops: Tested for N
10:30 - 12:00 Acequias (Part II) Mexico

12:30 - 2:30 Luncheon and Awards Ceremony

Workshop Session 6
1) Four-Legged Reclamation - 2) Alternative Health Care for 3) Successful Season Extensi
2:30 - 4:00 Goats in Land Restoration Ruminants Seed to Market


Farm-T program 2013.indd 16 11/14/12 3:58 PM

chedule at a Glance


4) Whos There? Pests and the 5) Restoring Pollinator Habitat in 6) From Hoophouses to Hedgerows:
roduction Diseases They Carry the Southwest Accessing the EQIP Program

w Mexico: 4) No Minnie Mouse: IPM for 5) Herbal Product Production 6) Produce Buyers:
d Chile Rodents What they Want

ble Varieties 4) Digging Deep: Understanding 5) Go Nuts! 6) Home-based Canning

Nematodes and Exploring

4) Drought in the Southwest: 5) Pollinator Conservation 6) Organic Inspectors Bare All

the Outlook Strategies for Organic Seed

ested for New 4) Organic Weed Management: 5) Holistic Orchard Management 6) Plugged-in Technology for
Till and No/Low Farmers

on Extension - 4) Using Organic Insecticides: 5) Traditional New Mexico: 6) Its Coming! Preparing for
When and How Fruit Production Food Safety Regulation


Farm-T program 2013.indd 17 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Calendar of Upcoming Events:
Get in touch with your local Cooperative Extension Office or
call the numbers listed for Details
December 6 through 9 Joint Stockmens Conference Albuquerque
December 6 Pesticide Applicator Training Workshop Las Cruces
December 14, 2012 Pesticide Applicator Training Workshop Tucumcari
January 12, 2013 Northern NM Stockmans Association Taos
January 23 New Mexico Cotton Conference Ruidoso
January 23 through 25 New Mexico Hay Growers Association Conference Ruidoso
January 28 + 29 New Mexico Crop Production Association Annual Conference Ruidoso
January 31 Pesticide Applicator Training Workshop Hobbs
February 4 + 5 New Mexico Chile Conference Las Cruces
February 7 + 8 Think Trees Albuquerque
February 7 Pesticide Applicator Training Workshop Farmington
February 15 + 16 New Mexico Organic Farming Conference Albuquerque
February 21 through 23 Vine and Wine Conference Albuquerque
February 28 through March 2 18th Water Conservation Conference and Xeriscape Expo
March 3 through 5 Western Pecan Growers Association Annual Conference Las Cruces
March 8 + 9 New Mexico Farmers Markets Annual Conference Santa Fe call 505-983-4010
April TBA 11th Annual Southwest Marketing Network Conference call 505-473-1004

Book Signings!
The Organic Farming Conference this year will feature a number of authors who will be available to sign their
books at the close of their presentations. Books may be purchased in advance of the signings at the Bookworks
booth at the conference. Authors will not have books for sale with the exception of Crowder/Harrells Top Bar
Beekeeping which will only be available at the For the Love of Bees booth.
Tentative List of Authors and Books (the final list will be found in the participant packet at the conference):
Steven Cary: Butterfly Landscapes of New Mexico
Les Crowder/Heather Harrell: Top Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health
Dr. Temple Grandin: Humane Livestock Handling, Animals in Translation, Animals Make us Human, and
Thinking in Pictures.
Mace Vaughn: Farming for Bees: Guidelines for Providing Native Bee Habitat on Farms, Attracting
Native Pollinators: Protecting North Americas Bees and Butterflies, and The Pollinator Conservation Handbook

Farm-T program 2013.indd 18 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Exhibitors NM Organic Farming Conference 2013

Acres USA 575-587-2065

Fred Walters Bees, pollination services, honey, beeswax
PO Box 301209, Austin, TX 78703
512-892-4400 G&M Agricultural Supply Company, LLC
Sustainable ag books and Acres USA magazine Paul Affeldt
1000 N Beeline Hwy, Ste 109, Payson, AZ 85541
ATTRA/NCAT 800-901-0096
Tammy Hinman Supplies and greenhouses for market farmers and
3040 Continental Drive, Butte, MT 59701 organic growers
Sustainable agriculture information Greenhouse and Garden Supply
Roger DeAngelis
Bookworks 3820 Midway Pl. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Danielle Foster 505-345-6700
4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, Garden and Grower Supplies
NM 87107
505-344-8139 High Mowing Organic Seeds
Books on organic and sustainable farming, ranch- Brigitte Derel
ing, and gardening 76 Quarry Rd, Wolcott, VT 05680
802-472-6174 x101
Desert Woman Botanicals
Monica Rude Organic seeds and supplies
PO Box 263, Gila, NM 88038
575-535-2860 J&M Industries, Inc.
Herbal remedies & skin care products Tim Chaput
300 Ponchatoula Pky, Ponchatoula, LA 70454
Farm Bureau Financial ServiceThe Fred 985-974-6751
Porter Agency Agribon, Solarig, Greenhouse poly and degradable
Fred Porter mulch film
2901 Juan Tabo NE, Suite 115,
Albuquerque, NM 87112 Johnnys Selected Seeds
505-345-1520 888-956-0028 Lainie Kertesz 955 Benton Ave, Winslow, ME 04901
Insurance and financial services 207-238-5320
Offering an expanded selection of certified
Farm to Table organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds as well
Kathleen Gonzalez as accessory products
618 B Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501
505-473-1004 La Montanita Co-op
Non-profit working in food and ag policy, market- Robin Seydel
ing, farmer and childrens education 901 Menaul Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107
For the Love of Bees food/grocery/micro loans to farmers
Les Crowder
PO Box 444, Dixon, NM 87527


Farm-T program 2013.indd 19 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Exhibitors NM Organic Farming Conference 2013

Mesa Tractor, Inc. New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau

John Hinton Benjamin Benjie Segovia
3826 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 2220 N Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces NM 88011
505-344-1631 575-542-4700
Kubota Tractors, Walker lawnmowers, Landpride Promoting agriculture issues: private property,
Implements, Stilh lawnscaping tools, parts, sales, water and ensuring local safe food
New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association
Mid Region Council of Governments Denise Miller
Agriculture Collaborative 731 Montez Place, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Ann Simon 505-983-4010
809 Copper Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 Nonprofit assisting farmers markets across the
505-247-1750, state
Land Link: connecting farmers and ranchers New Mexico Land Conservancy
looking for land and farming opportunity to Ariel Patashnik
agricultural landowners PO Box 6759, Santa Fe, NM 87502
Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA
NRCS) --Producer Assistance We are a land trustconservation easements, etc
Rey Adame
6200 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 New Mexico State University Extension Food
505-761-4445 Technology
Conservation programs and assistance to Nancy Flores
producers NMSU ExtensionFood Technology
PO Box 30003, MSC 3AE, Las Cruces, NM 88003
Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA 575-646-1179
NRCS) --Soils Information about food preservation/help
Rudy Garcia establishing a processing operation
6200 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
505-761-4445 New Mexico State University Extension Home
Assistance building soil health Economics
Cindy Davies
Nature Safe 1510 Menaul Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107
Mike McCarthy 505-243-1386
4221 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076 Health Fair: Blood pressure and glucose testing
Natural and organic fertilizers Ojo Caliente Wellness Center/Hands on
New Mexico Department of Agriculture Caterina Di Palma, DOM
David Lucero 34869 Hwy 285, Ojo Caliente, NM 87549
MSC 5600 Box 30005, Las Cruces NM 88003 505-583-2908
575-646-4929 Health Fair: Ear acupuncture, movement and
Marketing assistance, including farm to school breathing exercises. Health through a nourishing
diet, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs


Farm-T program 2013.indd 20 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Exhibitors NM Organic Farming Conference 2013

Organic Technology International, LLC Tooleys Trees

Veronica Romero Margaret Yancey
13170-B Central Ave SE #118, PO Box 392, Truchas NM 87578
Albuquerque, NM 87123 505-689-2400
505-291-1100 Drought tolerant trees, shrubs and fruit trees
Soil testing and custom blending of organic fertil-
izers Urban Eagle Herb Co.
Katy Blanchard
Peace Corps PO Box 210, Youngsville NM 87064
Shawn P. Abeita 575-638-0306
933 San Mateo NE, Suite 500, Box-4, Herbal teas and body care products hand made
Albuquerque, NM 87108-1470 with tradition in the land of enchantment.
Peace Corps is an international development USDA Farm Service Agency
organization primarily focusing on sustainable Lawrence Rael
development 6200 Jefferson NE, Suite 211, Abq, NM 87109
Rio Grande Community Farm Assistance programs for farmers
Minor Morgan
6804 4th Street NW, #114, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
Albuquerque, NM 87107 Longino Bustillos
505-345-4580 2507 N Telshor Blvd., Las Cruces, NM 88011 575-522-6023
Urban community farm and gardens Agricultural census, statistical data

Soilutions USDA Rural Development

Jim Brooks Jesse Bopp
9008 Bates Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 6200 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
505-877-0220 505-761-4952
Open Tuesday through Saturday 8 am to 4 pm Programs to assist rural producers
Please come down and see us. Our locally made
Premium Compost is approved for use on Certi- Water Lady
fied Organic Farms and Gardens, mulch, food and Anne La Lopa
green waste recycling PO Box 91604, Albuquerque NM 87199-1604
Terra Biotics
Mark Aguilera Zeta Core Catalytic Salt-Free Water Conditioners
PO Box 1439, Deming, NM 88031, Xerces Society
Complete line of organic products, fertilizer Mace Vaughan
blends, bio stimulants, foliar sprays, seed treat- 628 NE Broadway, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97232
ment, pest and disease control, residue digestion, 855-232-6639
compost tea brewers Protecting wildlife through conservation of inver-
tebrates and their habitat: bulletins, books and
brochures at


Farm-T program 2013.indd 21 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Morning Stretch!
7:45 am Friday and 7:45 am Saturday in the Ballroom
Wake up with Dr. Cat (Caterina Di Palma, DOM).
Gentle wake-up, stress-relieving breathing, stretching and self-massage exercises for everyone.
You do not have to be a jock or a 20 year-old to do these exercises.
They are so easy that you may want to do them at home too!
Enjoy a simple acupuncture or other treatment
9:00 am 5:00 pm Friday and Saturday during the conference
Caterina Di Palma, Doctor of Oriental Medicine will provide simple ear acupuncture, magnets, other
techniques and easy-to-reach points for hard-working people in a group or community setting
(sitting up, no disrobing). AND...It can be fast or you can sit and bliss out with us for a while.

Quick Farmer Health Check

For the farmer theres always something more pressing than getting tested for common health problems.
Now its easy for you to take care of yourself.
There will be special health screenings during the conference:
Blood pressure testing (heart disease)
Glucose testing (diabetes) Free! ! ! !
This service will only be available on
Friday, February 15th
from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.


From Soilutions, Inc.

This year feed your soil the best!
Premium Compost
~ Approved for Organic growers & gardeners
~ Composted over 12 months & low in salts
~ for beauty, cooler soil, weed reduction,
and Water Conservation
Organic Recycling
~ Respect our resources
Bring your yard waste to us!

Visit us on the web at


Farm-T program 2013.indd 22 11/14/12 3:58 PM

J&M Industries, Inc.
Silver City Food Co-op 1-800-989-1002

a community market since 1974 in historic downtown

agribon+ The Ultimate Floating
New Mexican Grown Foods:
jams, honey, salsa
bread, tortillas & more

Grown with hearts & hands


520 N. Bullard St. Silver City, NM 88061

9am-7pm Monday-Saturday

New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau

is the states largest agricultural
organization. With over 16,000 member
families, we are farmers, ranchers,
agri-business men and women, and people
interested in agriculture, their local food
supply, and protecting their private property
SOLARIG The next generation
rights and water for agricultural use. of greenhouse covers

Distributor for these products:

G & M Ag Supply
Company LLC
Products for Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscaping
and Agriculture
New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau
1000 N Beeline Highway, STE 109
A Leader in New Mexico since 1917 Payson, AZ 85541
(928)468-1380 or (800)901-0096
Fax (928)468-1622
575-532-4700 Email: Paul Affeldt President

575-532-4700 27

Farm-T program 2013.indd 27 11/14/12 3:58 PM

Made in The U.S.A.


Get the tools you NEED to grow your own.

The Wheel Hoe

Get an amazing amount of weeding done with minimal effort.
This tool is built farm tough. You will love it.

The Broadfork
This gusset-reinforced tool replaces a noisy stinky rototiller,
digs twice as deep, and does not kill your worms.

SHOP TODAY: ( 530 ) 342-6188


Farm-T program 2013.indd 28 11/14/12 3:58 PM

How to Reach Your County Cooperative Extension Agent
Bernalillo County Guadalupe County
John Garlisch, Agriculture Agent Leigh Ann Marez, County Program Director
1510 Menaul NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 244 S 4th, Suite 110, Santa Rosa, NM 88435
505.243.1386 575.472.3652

Catron County Harding County

Tracy Drummond, County Program Dir/Ag Agent Blair Clavel, County Program Dir/Ag Agent
Catron County Courthouse County Courthouse, 35 Pine St, Mosquero, NM 87733
100 Main Street, Reserve, NM 87830 575.673.2341
Hidalgo County
Chaves County John Allen, County Program Dir/Ag Agent
Sandra Key Barraza, County Program Dir/Ag Agent Hidalgo County Coop Extension Service
200 E Chisum #4, Roswell, NM 88203 524 E Demoss, Suite 4, Lordsburg, NM 88045
575.622.3210 575.542.9291

Cibola County Jicarilla Extension Service

Chase Elkins, Agriculture Agent Jesse LeFevre, Extension Associate II
551 Washington Ave., Grants, NM 87020 Hawks Drive (Mail to: PO Box 679), Dulce, NM 87528-0679
505.287.3708 575.759.3530

Colfax County Lea County

Boe Lopez, Agriculture Agent Wayne Cox, County Program Dir/Ag Agent
Corner of 3rd and Savage (Mail to PO Box 370) 100 N Main, Suite 10, Lovington, NM 88260
Raton, NM 87740 575.396.2819
Lincoln County
Curry County Marsha Palmer, County Program Director
County Program Dir/Ag Agent County Courthouse
818 Main, Clovis, NM 88101 300 Central (mail to: PO Box 217), Carrizozo, NM 88301
575.763.6505 575.648.2311

De Baca County Los Alamos County

Aspen Achen, County Program Director Carlos Valdez, County Program Director
County Courthouse 475 20th Street, Suite A, Los Alamos, NM 87544
514 Avenue C, Fort Sumner, NM 88119 505.662.2656
Luna County
Dona Ana County Jack Blandford, County Program Dir/Ag Agent
Jeff Anderson, Agriculture Agent 210 B Poplar, Deming, NM 88030
530 N Church Street, Las Cruces, NM 88001 575.546.9603
McKinley County
Eddy County Kathy Landers, County Program Director
Woods Houghton, County Program Dir/Ag Agent 5002 W Historic 66 (mail to: Star Route 2, Box 59)
1304 W Stevens, Carlsbad, NM 88220 Gallup, NM 87301
575.887.6595 505.863.3432

Grant County Mora County

Judy OLoughlin, Acting County Program Director County Program Dir/Ag Agent
Grant County Office Complex County Courthouse (mail to PO Box 390)
2610 N Silver Street, Silver City, NM 88061 Mora, NM 87732
575.388.1550 575.387.2856

Farm-T program 2013.indd 29 11/14/12 3:58 PM

How to Reach Your County Cooperative Extension Agent
Navajo Tribal Extension Program Shiprock Agency
Wayne Franklin, 4-H Agent Leah Platero, Home Economist
Jesse Jim, 4-H Agent
PO Box 938 Cooperative Extension Office
Crownpoint, NM 87313 PO Box 1350, Shiprock, NM 87420
505.863.3432 505.368.1028

Otero County Sierra County

Elizabeth Gordon, Agriculture Agent William Wear, County Program Director
401 Fairgrounds Road, Alamogordo, NM 88310 Sierra Conservation Plaza
575.437.0231 2101 S Broadway, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
Quay County
Thomas Dominguez, Agriculture Agent Socorro County County Program Dir/Ag Agent
216 E Center (mail to: PO Drawer B)
Tucumcari, NM 88401 198 Neel Avenue NW, Socorro, NM 87801
575.461.0562 575.835.0610

Rio Arriba County Taos County

Marcella Talamante, 4-H/Ag Agent Tony Valdez, County Program Dir/Ag Agent
Rural Event Center, State Rd 554, House #122-A 202 Chamisa Road (Mail to: 5671 NDCBU)
(mail to: HCR 77, Box 9), Abiquiu, NM 87510 Taos, NM 87571
505.685.4523 575.758.3982

Roosevelt County Torrance County

Patrick Kircher, Agriculture Agent Gene Winn, Agriculture Agent
705 E Lime (mail to: PO Box 455) County Courthouse 205 9th & Allen
Portales, NM 88130 (mail to: PO Box 168), Estancia, NM 87016
575.356.4417 505.246.4743

Sandoval County Tri-State Navajo Extension Service

Gina Garland, Agriculture Agent Gerald Moore, Coordinating Agent
811 Camino del Pueblo (mail to: PO Box 400) Box 1339, St. Michaels, AZ 86511
Bernalillo, NM 87004 928.871.7406
Union County
San Juan County Owida Franz, County Extension Agent
Craig Painter, County Program Dir/Ag Agent County Courthouse
213-A S Oliver, Aztec, NM 87410 100 Court (mail to: PO Box 428), Clayton, NM 88415
505.334.9496 575.374.9361

San Miguel County Valencia County

Samantha Ortiz, County Program Director Vera Gibson, 4-H/Ag Agent
20 Gallegos Road 404 Courthouse (mail to: PO Box 1059)
(mail to: PO Box 2170 W Branch) Los Lunas, NM 87031
Las Vegas, NM 87701 505.565.3002
Zuni Reservation
Santa Fe County Lee Watts
Patrick Torres, County Program Dir/Ag Agent 08 Route 301 North (mail to PO Drawer G)
3229 Rodeo Road Zuni, NM 87327
Santa Fe, NM 87507 505.782.4495


Farm-T program 2013.indd 30 11/14/12 3:58 PM

PO Box PO Box
7816,Madison, 7816,Madison,
AccuWeb, Inc. WI 53707 WI 53707
10 Admiral 10 Admiral
Street, Street,
Admiral Providence, RI Providence, RI
Packaging, Inc. 02908 02908
95 Chestnut 95 Chestnut
Ridge Road Ridge Road
Montvale, NJ Montvale, NJ
AEP Industries 07645 07645
32 calle, 7-51, 32 calle, 7-51,
Z-11, Las Z-11, Las
AGENCIA Charcas, Charcas,
MALDONADO Guatemala. Guatemala.
Desvo Desvo
residencial residencial
Monte Mara, Monte Mara,
Villanueva, Villanueva,
Corts, Corts,
Honduras. Honduras.
Telfonos: (504) Telfonos: (504)
2670-2220/29. 2670-2220/29.
En S.P.S. 27 En S.P.S. 27
calle frente a calle frente a
gasolinera UNO gasolinera UNO
antes de la antes de la
Central de Central de
AGRINOVA Abastos Abastos
Entrada Entrada
principal de principal de
Comayagua, Comayagua,
1,300 metros al 1,300 metros al
sur, frente a sur, frente a
AGRITRADE DE Comayagua, Comayagua,
HONDURAS S.A. Comayagua. Comayagua.
Edificio Santa
Edificio Santa Brbara, No.
Brbara, No. 726,
726, Tegucigalpa,
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
5 Avenida, 5 Avenida,
entre 8 y 9 calle entre 8 y 9 calle
Suroeste, Barrio Suroeste, Barrio
Lempira, San Lempira, San
AGROPECUARIA Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
EL XITO Honduras. Honduras.
Final del Final del
Boulevard Boulevard
Morazn, atrs Morazn, atrs
de Plaza Tico, de Plaza Tico,
edificio color edificio color
negro. negro.
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
ALFA Francisco Francisco
COMERCIAL Morazn. Morazn.
21 Calle 21 Calle
Poniente # 223, Poniente # 223,
entre 1 y 3 entre 1 y 3
ALGIERS Avenida Norte, Avenida Norte,
IMPRESIONES San Salvador, El San Salvador, El
S.A. DE C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
21 Calle 21 Calle
Poniente # 223, Poniente # 223,
entre 1 y 3 entre 1 y 3
ALGIERS Avenida Norte, Avenida Norte,
IMPRESORES San Salvador, El San Salvador, El
S.A. DE C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
1842 E. Waller 1842 E. Waller
Drive PO Box Drive PO Box
Alliance Barrier 922,Washington, 922,Washington,
Films IN 47501 IN 47501
Barrio Lempira, Barrio Lempira,
9 calle, entre 6 9 calle, entre 6
y 7 Avenidas y 7 Avenidas
S.O. Edificio S.O. Edificio
Almjar, San Almjar, San
ALMJAR Pedro Sula. Pedro Sula.
5 Avenida, 7 y 8 5 Avenida, 7 y 8
calle Suroeste, calle Suroeste,
San Pedro Sula, San Pedro Sula,
ALTAGRO Honduras. Honduras.

1919 S. 1919 S.
Amcor Flexibles Butterfield Road Butterfield Road
Mundelein, IL Mundelein, IL
60060 60060
3400 North 3400 North
American Inks Hutchinson Pine Hutchinson Pine
and Coatings Bluff, AR 71602 Bluff, AR 71602
15135 E. 15135 E.
American Monument Monument
Packaging Court,Scottsdal Court,Scottsdal
Corporation e, AZ 85262 e, AZ 85262
12025 Tricon 12025 Tricon
Road,Cincinnati, Road,Cincinnati,
Ampac OH 45246 OH 45246
660 White Plains 660 White Plains
Ampacet Road Tarrytown, Road Tarrytown,
Corporation NY 10591 NY 10591
9 Calle, 8 Z-1, 9 Calle, 8 Z-1,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
ARMER PLASTIC Guatemala. Guatemala.
Ashland 5200 Blazer 5200 Blazer
Performance Parkway,Dublin, Parkway,Dublin,
Materials OH 43017 OH 43017
Automated 10175 Philipp 10175 Philipp
Packaging Parkway,Streets Parkway,Streets
Systems boro, OH 44241 boro, OH 44241
Aypek Packaging
B. EQUIPOS EN Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
EL SALVADOR Honduras. Honduras.
Av. Las Rosas Av. Las Rosas
L. 123 Jardines L. 123 Jardines
B. ETIQUETAS de San Lucas de San Lucas
EN EL IV San Lucas IV San Lucas
830 Prosper 830 Prosper
Street,De Pere, Street,De Pere,
B&W MEGTEC WI 54115-5030 WI 54115-5030
4 Avenida 0-85, 4 Avenida 0-85,
Z-2, Mixco, Z-2, Mixco,
Ciudad Cotio Ciudad Cotio
BAGSA Guatemala, Guatemala,
REALPLASTIC Guatemala. Guatemala.
Bamberger 2 Jericho 2 Jericho
Polymers, Inc. Plaza,Suite Plaza,Suite
109,Jericho, NY 109,Jericho, NY
11753 11753
1711 N Delilah 1711 N Delilah
St, Corona, CA St, Corona, CA
Band-it Rubber 92879, United 92879, United
Company States States
11501 Steele 11501 Steele
Creek Road Creek Road
BASF Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC
Corporation 28273 28273
PO Box PO Box
8208,Saddle 8208,Saddle
Beacon Brook, NJ Brook, NJ
Converters, Inc. 07663-8208 07663-8208
PO Box PO Box
5310,DePere, WI 5310,DePere, WI
Belmark, Inc. 54115 54115
744 N. Oaklawn 744 N. Oaklawn
Avenue Avenue
Bema, Elmhurst, IL Elmhurst, IL
Incorporated 60126 60126
PO Box 669,One PO Box 669,One
Neenah Center Neenah Center
4th 4th
Bemis Company, floor,Neenah, WI floor,Neenah, WI
Inc. 54957-0669 54957-0669
39W259 39W259
Johnsway Johnsway
Berry Plastics Lane,Campton Lane,Campton
Corporation Hills, IL 60175 Hills, IL 60175
PO Box PO Box
1357,945 South 1357,945 South
15th Street 15th Street
BJK Flexible Louisville, KY Louisville, KY
Packaging 40201 40201
146 Harrison 146 Harrison
Avenue, Avenue,
Bobst North Roseland, NJ Roseland, NJ
America Inc. 07068 07068
Ciudad de Ciudad de
Guatemala, Guatemala,
BOLIK Guatemala. Guatemala.
Borton & Sons,
11320 W. 11320 W.
Watertown Watertown
Plank Plank
Road,Wauwatos Road,Wauwatos
Bostik, Inc. a, WI 53226 a, WI 53226
4505 Old 4505 Old
Bryce Lamar,Memphis, Lamar,Memphis,
Corporation TN 38118 TN 38118
Bunzl Ag Group
15 Grumbacher 15 Grumbacher
C-P Flexible Road,York, PA Road,York, PA
Packaging 17406 17406
Calbee North
31 Calle 25-83, 31 Calle 25-83,
Zona 12, Ciudad Zona 12, Ciudad
CEGSA (CAJAS Y de Guatemala, de Guatemala,
EMPAQUES DE 01012, 01012,
GUATEMALA, Guatemala, Guatemala,
S.A.) Guatemala. Guatemala.
957 957
cei (Coating Broadway,Wrigh Broadway,Wrigh
Excellence tstown, WI tstown, WI
International) 54180 54180
222 W. Las 222 W. Las
Colinas Colinas
Boulevard Suite Boulevard Suite
900N,Irving, TX 900N,Irving, TX
Celanese 75039 75039
Boulevard del Boulevard del
Ejrcito Ejrcito
Nacional, Km 7 Nacional, Km 7
CELPAC S.A. DE Soyapango, Soyapango,
C.V. San Salvador, El San Salvador, El
Del Perimercado Del Perimercado
175 metros al 175 metros al
norte, mano norte, mano
izquierda, izquierda,
CELPLAST edificio blanco edificio blanco
(AGENCIAS con azul, con azul,
Rica. Rica.
67 Commander 67 Commander
Boulevard Unit Boulevard Unit
Celplast 4,Toronto, 4,Toronto,
Metallized Ontario M1S Ontario M1S
Products Limited 3M7 Canada 3M7 Canada
Diagonal 19, Diagonal 19,
Avenida Petapa, Avenida Petapa,
7635 Zona 21, 7635 Zona 21,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
CEMSA Guatemala. Guatemala.
31 Calle, 25-83, 31 Calle, 25-83,
CEMSA (CAJAS Y Zona 12, Ciudad Zona 12, Ciudad
EMPAQUES DE de Guatemala, de Guatemala,
GUATEMALA 01012, 01012,
S.A.) Guatemala. Guatemala.
1901 Winter 1901 Winter
Charter NEX Street,Superior, Street,Superior,
Films WI 54880 WI 54880
10001 Six Pine 10001 Six Pine
Chevron Phillips Drive,The Drive,The
Chemical Woodlands, TX Woodlands, TX
Company LP 77380 77380
1101 W. Second 1101 W. Second
Street Street
Oconomowoc, Oconomowoc,
CL&D Graphics WI 53066 WI 53066
1950 Pratt 1950 Pratt
Boulevard,Elk Boulevard,Elk
Clear Lam Grove Village, IL Grove Village, IL
Packaging, Inc. 60007 60007
401 16th 401 16th
Cloeren Street,Orange, Street,Orange,
Incorporated TX 77630 TX 77630
Calle 21 de Calle 21 de
agosto, frente a agosto, frente a
antena del antena del
Centro Radial. Centro Radial.
Siguatepeque, Siguatepeque,
Comayagua, Comayagua,
COAPIHL Honduras. Honduras.
86 Mantua 86 Mantua
Grove Road Grove Road
West Deptford, West Deptford,
Coim USA Inc. NJ 08066 NJ 08066
Edificio Cantero, Edificio Cantero,
el Centro de el Centro de
COLORPRINT Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa.
1 cuadra 1 cuadra
arriba de Shell arriba de Shell
COMERCIAL Ciudad Jardn Ciudad Jardn
PAOLA S.A. S-42, S-42,
6135 Park South 6135 Park South
Drive Suite Drive Suite
510,Charlotte, 510,Charlotte,
Comexi Group NC 28210 NC 28210
1111 Northpoint 1111 Northpoint
Boulevard, Boulevard,
Constantia Blythewood, SC Blythewood, SC
Flexibles LLC 29016 29016
Conwed Global
Netting Solutions
Barrio Medina, Barrio Medina,
13 calle, 8 13 calle, 8
avenida, avenida,
esquina opuesta esquina opuesta
al Asilo de al Asilo de
Ancianos. San Ancianos. San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
COPRODE Honduras. Honduras.
Plaza Ares, Plaza Ares,
salida a La salida a La
Lima, Primera Lima, Primera
Calle, oficina Calle, oficina
Colonia Aurora, Colonia Aurora,
7 calle, San 7 calle, San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
COSQUISA Honduras. Honduras.
PO Box PO Box
5687,Spartanbur 5687,Spartanbur
COVERIS g, SC 29304 g, SC 29304
22160 N. Pepper 22160 N. Pepper
Road Lake Road Lake
CTI Industries Barrington, IL Barrington, IL
Corporation 60010 60010
12 Avenida sur # 12 Avenida sur #
132, San 132, San
D. EQUIPOS EN Salvador, El Salvador, El
NICARAGUA Salvador. Salvador.
1 Extusion 1 Extusion
Davis-Standard, Drive,Pawcatuck Drive,Pawcatuck
LLC , CT 06379 , CT 06379
Decade Products
Avenida Los Avenida Los
Prceres, Prceres,
contiguo al contiguo al
Diario El Diario El
Heraldo; No. Heraldo; No.
DEL CAMPO 3301, 3301,
SOLUCIONES Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
AGRCOLAS Honduras. Honduras.
Calle Antigua a Calle Antigua a
Nejapa, Nejapa,
Polgono # 8, Polgono # 8,
Lote # 1, Apopa, Lote # 1, Apopa,
San Salvador, El San Salvador, El
DIASA Salvador. Salvador.
Anillo Perifrico, Anillo Perifrico,
4-15, Zona 2, 4-15, Zona 2,
Ciudad de Ciudad de
DIMASA Guatemala, Guatemala,
UNIVERSAL Guatemala. Guatemala.
Entre 6 y 8 Entre 6 y 8
Avenida, 11 Avenida, 11
Calle, edificio # Calle, edificio #
731, 731,
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
DIMOGRAFIC Honduras. Honduras.
Urbanizacin Urbanizacin
Industrial La Industrial La
Laguna, Calle Laguna, Calle
Circunvalacin Circunvalacin
DIPSA No. 9-E, Antiguo No. 9-E, Antiguo
(CARVAJAL Cuscatln, El Cuscatln, El
EMPAQUE) Salvador. Salvador.
Display Pack
100 Frank E. 100 Frank E.
Simon Avenue Simon Avenue
Distinct Shepherdsville, Shepherdsville,
Packabilities, LLC KY 40165 KY 40165
Oficinas Oficinas
centrales y sala centrales y sala
de ventas, 1 de ventas, 1
Avenida, Calle Avenida, Calle
34-39, Zona 11, 34-39, Zona 11,
Colonia Toledo. Colonia Toledo.
Ciudad de Ciudad de
DISTRIBUIDORA Guatemala, Guatemala,
DEL CARIBE Guatemala. Guatemala.
8 avenida, 4 y 5 8 avenida, 4 y 5
calle, S.O. calle, S.O.
Barrio El Barrio El
Benque. Benque.
Apartado Postal Apartado Postal
397, San Pedro 397, San Pedro
DISTRIBUIDORA Sula, Corts, Sula, Corts,
MAYAB Honduras. Honduras.
Calle Sierra Calle Sierra
Madre No. 20, Madre No. 20,
Residencial Residencial
Montebello, San Montebello, San
DROGUERA Salvador, El Salvador, El
HERMEL Salvador. Salvador.
Chestnut Run Chestnut Run
Plaza,730,974 Plaza,730,974
Centre Road,PO Centre Road,PO
DuPont Company Box 2915 Box 2915
Dupont Teijin
Boulevard del Boulevard del
Norte contiguo a Norte contiguo a
Supermercado Supermercado
Colonial # 2, Ro Colonial # 2, Ro
Blanco, San Blanco, San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
DUWEST Honduras. Honduras.
Eagle Cold
1100 Kingsland 1100 Kingsland
Eagle Flexible Drive,Batavia, IL Drive,Batavia, IL
Packaging 60510 60510
1 Wilson Manor 1 Wilson Manor
ECKART America Court,Chesterfie Court,Chesterfie
Corporation ld, MO 63005 ld, MO 63005
Avenida Las Avenida Las
Amricas, 5-83, Amricas, 5-83,
Zona 14, Ciudad Zona 14, Ciudad
de Guatemala, de Guatemala,
ECOGREEN Guatemala. Guatemala.

Edanaro USA
(ENVASES 14 calle final, 14 calle final,
DESECHABLES interior El interior El
DE C.A.) Zapote, Zona 2. Zapote, Zona 2.
2277 Knoll 2277 Knoll
Drive,Ventura, Drive,Ventura,
Edwards Label CA 93003 CA 93003
EE Print Pack
6750 Dumbarton 6750 Dumbarton
Circle,Fremont, Circle,Fremont,
EFI CA 94555 CA 94555
7 Avenida 3-33, 7 Avenida 3-33,
Zona 9, Torre Zona 9, Torre
Empresarial 805, Empresarial 805,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
EL LABRADOR Guatemala. Guatemala.
33050 Western 33050 Western
Emerald Avenue Union Avenue Union
Packaging, Inc. City, CA 94587 City, CA 94587

Org USA Mexico
Barrio La Barrio La
Guardia, 1 y 2 Guardia, 1 y 2
avenida, 32 calle avenida, 32 calle
Suroeste, a la Suroeste, a la
par de par de
EMPAFLEX Europlast, San Europlast, San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
Corts, Corts,
Honduras. Honduras.
Colonia Santa Colonia Santa
Mara, 27 calle, Mara, 27 calle,
300 metros 300 metros
EMPAQUES Y despus de despus de
PRODUCTOS DE Shell Zorzales Shell Zorzales
PLSTICO (Uno). (Uno).
Boulevard Boulevard
Vijosa, Edificio Vijosa, Edificio
Salaverra Salaverra
Cceres, Cceres,
Bodegas 1, 2 y Bodegas 1, 2 y
EMPAQUES Y 3, Ciudad 3, Ciudad
PRODUCTOS DE Merliot, Antiguo Merliot, Antiguo
PLSTICO S.A. Cuscatln, El Cuscatln, El
DE C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
Edificio Edificio
Salaverra Salaverra
Cceres y Cceres y
Boulevard Boulevard
Vicosa, calle L-1 Vicosa, calle L-1
EMPAQUES Y bodegas 1 y 2, bodegas 1 y 2,
PRODUCTOS Ciudad Merliot, Ciudad Merliot,
PLSTICOS DE La Libertad, El La Libertad, El
EL SALVADOR Salvador. Salvador.

Gustech Mexico
42 Industrial 42 Industrial
Way, Way,
Energy Sciences, Wilmington, MA Wilmington, MA
Inc. 01887 01887
14 calle final, 14 calle final,
interior El interior El
ENVASES Zapote, Zona 2, Zapote, Zona 2,
DESECHABLES Ciudad de Ciudad de
CENTROAMERIC Guatemala, Guatemala,
ANOS. S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
27 calle S.E., 27 calle S.E.,
frente a frente a
Gasolinera Shell Gasolinera Shell
ENVASES Zorzales, Zorzales,
PLSTICOS Colonia Santa Colonia Santa
Mara. San Mara. San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
Honduras. Honduras.
299 Jefferson 299 Jefferson
Evonik Road,Parsippan Road,Parsippan
Corporation y, NJ 07054 y, NJ 07054
Km 18 Carretera Km 18 Carretera
Norte, Valle de Norte, Valle de
Amarateca, Amarateca,
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
EXPLAHSA Honduras. Honduras.
13 Calle, 12-96 13 Calle, 12-96
Oficomercio, 2D Oficomercio, 2D
Guatemala, Guatemala,
EXTRUDOPLAST Guatemala. Guatemala.
22777 22777
Springwoods Springwoods
ExxonMobil Village Parkway Village Parkway
Chemical Spring, TX Spring, TX
Company 77389 77389
Colonia Colonia
Jacaranda, Jacaranda,
carretera a El carretera a El
Picacho, Casa Picacho, Casa
No. 2101, No. 2101,
FARO Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
COMERCIAL Honduras. Honduras.
De la De la
interseccin de interseccin de
Pista del Pista del
Mayoreo con Mayoreo con
camino a camino a
Sabana Grande, Sabana Grande,
2 Km al Este. 2 Km al Este.
Apartado Postal Apartado Postal
FERNNDEZ A-258, Managua, A-258, Managua,
SERA S.A. Nicaragua. Nicaragua.
200 Industrial 200 Industrial
Drive Bean Drive Bean
Station, TN Station, TN
FILMtech Inc. 37708 37708
1221 North 1221 North
Black Branch Black Branch
Road Road
Flex Films (USA) Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown,
Inc. KY 42701 KY 42701
7 calle poniente, 7 calle poniente,
87 y 89 Avenida 87 y 89 Avenida
Norte. Norte.
Residencial Residencial
Fountain Blue Fountain Blue
H1, Colonia H1, Colonia
Escaln, San Escaln, San
FLEXAPRINT DE Salvador, El Salvador, El
EL SALVADOR Salvador. Salvador.
Avenida Las Avenida Las
Rosas, L. 123 Rosas, L. 123
Jardines de Jardines de
San Lucas IV, San Lucas IV,
San Lucas Sac., San Lucas Sac.,
FLEXAPRINT S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
100 Armstrong 100 Armstrong
Road, Suite 103, Road, Suite 103,
Plymouth, MA Plymouth, MA
Flexo Concepts 02360 02360
275 A Mabini 275 A Mabini
Flexo Street Caloocan, Street Caloocan,
Manufacturing City 1400 City 1400
Corporation Philippines Philippines
14909 Beck 14909 Beck
Road, Plymouth, Road, Plymouth,
Flint Group MI 48170 MI 48170
Department of
Agriculture and
2-44 Cornelia 2-44 Cornelia
Street,Newark, Street,Newark,
Forem Packaging NJ 07105 NJ 07105
Carretera a Carretera a
FORMAS Occidente, Km Occidente, Km
TRMICAS 17 Naco 17 Naco
Corts, Corts,
Honduras. Honduras.
9 Peach Tree 9 Peach Tree
Formosa Plastics Hill Road Hill Road
Corporation, Livingston, NJ Livingston, NJ
U.S.A. 07039 07039
Fox Packaging,
699 N. 699 N.
Frankston Frankston
Highway Highway
Frankston Frankston, TX Frankston, TX
Packaging 75763 75763
Fujifilm North
America 1101 West 1101 West
Corporation, Cambridge Cambridge
Graphic Systems Drive Kansas Drive Kansas
Division City, KS 66103 City, KS 66103
Km 4 Boulevard Km 4 Boulevard
del Sur, San del Sur, San
FUNDIDORAS Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
DEL NORTE S.A. Honduras. Honduras.
285 Industrial 285 Industrial
Parkway South Parkway South
Aurora, Ontario Aurora, Ontario
Genpak LP L4G 3V8 Canada L4G 3V8 Canada
Corrugated ages/default.aspx
Giro Pack Inc.
W158 N9332 W158 N9332
Nor-X-Way Nor-X-Way
Avenue Avenue
Menomonee Menomonee
Glenroy, Inc. Falls, WI 53051 Falls, WI 53051
Blackburn Blackburn
Industrial Park Industrial Park
Gloucester 11 Dory Road, 11 Dory Road,
Engineering Co., Gloucester, MA Gloucester, MA
Inc. 01930 01930
121 Technology 121 Technology
Goss Drive,Durham, Drive,Durham,
International NH 03824 NH 03824
Green Ox Pallet
Boulevard Boulevard
Suyapa, Suyapa,
Contiguo a Contiguo a
Suzuki, 50 Suzuki, 50
metros al Este metros al Este
de Gasolinera de Gasolinera
Shell La Shell La
Hacienda, Hacienda,
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
GRUPO VICAL Honduras. Honduras.
1200 Willow 1200 Willow
Lake Boulevard Lake Boulevard
St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN
H.B. Fuller 55110 55110
Hampshire Paper
11625 Steele 11625 Steele
Creek Road PO Creek Road PO
Harper Box Box
Corporation of 38490,Charlotte, 38490,Charlotte,
America NC 28278 NC 28278
203 MacKenan 203 MacKenan
Henkel Court,Cary, NC Court,Cary, NC
Corporation 27511-6445 27511-6445
5555 Windward 5555 Windward
Parkway,Alphar Parkway,Alphar
Hewlett Packard etta, GA 30004 etta, GA 30004
N26W23322 Paul N26W23322 Paul
HFM Packaging, Road Pewaukee, Road Pewaukee,
Ltd. WI 53072 WI 53072
Highland Supply
Produce L.P.
Avenida New Avenida New
Orleans, 1 Orleans, 1
cuadra al sur del cuadra al sur del
HONDUPLAST Tcnico Alemn, Tcnico Alemn,
(PLSTICOS DE San Pedro Sula, San Pedro Sula,
HONDURAS) Corts. Corts.
Barrio La Barrio La
Guardia. Guardia.
Apartado Postal Apartado Postal
No.1105, San No.1105, San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
HONDUPRINT Honduras Honduras
Aldea Villa Vieja, Aldea Villa Vieja,
salida a Danl, salida a Danl,
Km 4, despus Km 4, despus
de la posta de la posta
policial, primer policial, primer
desvo a mano desvo a mano
HONDUTERRA izquierda. izquierda.
5 Michigan 5 Michigan
Hosokawa Alpine Drive,Natick, MA Drive,Natick, MA
American 01760 01760
230 Kendall 230 Kendall
Point Drive Point Drive
Oswego, IL Oswego, IL
HQC Inc. 60543 60543
International, LLC
Image Plastics &
5 Avenida, 11 5 Avenida, 11
Calle Suroeste, Calle Suroeste,
Barrio Lempira Barrio Lempira
frente al frente al
cementerio. San cementerio. San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
IMET Honduras. Honduras.
Colonia 21 de Colonia 21 de
Octubre, frente Octubre, frente
a las bodegas a las bodegas
Lzaro, cerca de Lzaro, cerca de
Canal 13, Canal 13,
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
IMPORMA Honduras. Honduras.
Boulevard 21 Boulevard 21
octubre, octubre,
contiguo a los contiguo a los
puentes, puentes,
INDUSTRIAS Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
ELECTRIGAS Honduras. Honduras.
Barrio Barrio
Concepcin, 12 Concepcin, 12
Avenida Sur, Avenida Sur,
INDUSTRIAS No. 132, San No. 132, San
READI S.A. DE Salvador, El Salvador, El
C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
Infia SRL
Oficina Oficina
principal, 3 principal, 3
Avenida N.O. # Avenida N.O. #
65 entre 9 y 10 65 entre 9 y 10
calle. Bo. Las calle. Bo. Las
Acacias, San Acacias, San
INFRA DE Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
HONDURAS Honduras. Honduras.
Inline Plastics
Valle de Valle de
Amarateca, en el Amarateca, en el
desvo al desvo al
Hospital Santa Hospital Santa
INPLASA Rosita. Rosita.
Avenida Junior, Avenida Junior,
12 calle N.E. San 12 calle N.E. San
Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
INPONO Honduras. Honduras.
7 calle, arriba 7 calle, arriba
de la Agencia La de la Agencia La
Global, entre la Global, entre la
12 y 13 12 y 13
avenida, a mano avenida, a mano
derecha en un derecha en un
local que dice local que dice
SUREZ Sure Sure
101 ISO 101 ISO
ISO Poly Films, Parkway,Gray Parkway,Gray
Inc. Court, SC 29645 Court, SC 29645
PO Box No. PO Box No.
6574, AL 6574, AL
Khaimah, UAE Khaimah, UAE
JetRam Floral
Packaging Co.,
2999 W. Spencer 2999 W. Spencer
Street Suite Street Suite
JL Packaging 2010,Appleton, 2010,Appleton,
Corporation WI 54914 WI 54914
Jolo Flowers
175 SW 7th 175 SW 7th
Karlville Street Suite Street Suite
Development, 2103,Miami, FL 2103,Miami, FL
LLC 33130 33130
2555 Regent 2555 Regent
Boulevard,Dalla Boulevard,Dalla
KBA Flexotecnica s, TX 75261 s, TX 75261
Kronen Corp
2625 Bay Area 2625 Bay Area
Boulevard Suite Boulevard Suite
600,Houston, TX 600,Houston, TX
Kuraray 77058 77058
2050 Wardrobe 2050 Wardrobe
Label Technology Avenue,Merced, Avenue,Merced,
Inc. CA 95341 CA 95341
24 Avenida 24 Avenida
19-05, Zona 12, 19-05, Zona 12,
Calzada Calzada
LACOPLAST S.A. Atanasio Tzul. Atanasio Tzul.
Barrio Pueblo Barrio Pueblo
Nuevo, # 3344, Nuevo, # 3344,
frente a frente a
Hondupalma, Hondupalma,
LEOPLAST una calle antes una calle antes
(ANTES de la Colonia de la Colonia
DINAPLAST) Argentina, Argentina,
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
Honduras. Honduras.
901 East Byrd 901 East Byrd
Street Suite Street Suite
Liqui-Box 1105, Richmond, 1105, Richmond,
Corporation VA 23219 VA 23219
Colonia El Colonia El
Prado, 3 Prado, 3
entrada. Planta: entrada. Planta:
delante de Caf delante de Caf
Maya, Maya,
Amarateca, Amarateca,
LOGSTICOS Francisco Francisco
HONDURAS Morazn. Morazn.
10 Caesar Place, 10 Caesar Place,
LPS Industries, Moonachie, NJ Moonachie, NJ
LLC 07074 07074
Lubrizol 9911 Brecksville 9911 Brecksville
Advanced Road,Brecksvill Road,Brecksvill
Materials e, Ohio 44141 e, Ohio 44141
LyondellBasell LyondellBasell
Tower 1221 Tower 1221
McKinney McKinney
Street,Suite Street,Suite
300,Houston, TX 300,Houston, TX
LyondellBasell 77010 77010
PO Box PO Box
27127,Greenville 27127,Greenville
M33 Integrated , SC 29616 , SC 29616
5210 Phillip Lee 5210 Phillip Lee
MacDermid Drive Atlanta, Drive Atlanta,
Printing Solutions GA 30336 GA 30336
Barrio Barrio
Guadalupe, Guadalupe,
Avenida Juan Avenida Juan
Manuel Glvez, Manuel Glvez,
Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
MAQUIMUNDO Honduras. Honduras.
Mariani Packing

18081 18081
Chesterfield Chesterfield
Mark Andy, Inc. Airport Road Airport Road
Chesterfield, MO Chesterfield, MO
63005 63005
Markenburg Eldan Park, Bo. Eldan Park, Bo.
International Patubig Marilao, Patubig Marilao,
Foods Bulacan 3019 Bulacan 3019
Corporation Philippines Philippines
Market Source
Carretera Carretera
Troncal del Troncal del
MATRICERIA Norte, Km 7 , Norte, Km 7 ,
INDUSTRIAL Ciudad Delgado, Ciudad Delgado,
ROXY S.A. DE San Salvador, El San Salvador, El
C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
235 S. LaSalle 235 S. LaSalle
Street Street
Max Katz Bag Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Company, Inc. 46201-4334 46201-4334
Carretera al Carretera al
Pacfico, Km Pacfico, Km
15.5, Villanueva, 15.5, Villanueva,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
MEGAPLAST S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
260 Industrial 260 Industrial
Menges Roller Drive,Wauconda Drive,Wauconda
Company, Inc. , IL 60084 , IL 60084
9 Mountain View 9 Mountain View
Drive Shelton, Drive Shelton,
Mica Corporation CT 06484 CT 06484
9080 Shell Road, 9080 Shell Road,
Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH
Michelman 45236 45236
2001 Hood 2001 Hood
Mitsubishi Road,PO Box Road,PO Box
Polyester Film, 1400,Greer, SC 1400,Greer, SC
Inc. 29652 29652
14591 State 14591 State
Highway Highway
Mondi Jackson 177,Jackson, 177,Jackson,
LLC MO 63755 MO 63755
Monte Package
Multifilm 1040 N. McLean 1040 N. McLean
Packaging Boulevard Elgin, Boulevard Elgin,
Corporation IL 60123 IL 60123
NNZ Inc.
155 Ricefield 155 Ricefield
Nordmeccanica, Lane,Hauppaug Lane,Hauppaug
NA e, NY 11788 e, NY 11788
645 Hembree 645 Hembree
Parkway,Suite Parkway,Suite
Nordson D,Roswell, GA D,Roswell, GA
Corporation 30076 30076
1555 Coraopolis 1555 Coraopolis
Heights Road Heights Road
NOVA Chemicals, Moon Township, Moon Township,
Inc. PA 15108 PA 15108
40 Calle, 22-26 40 Calle, 22-26
Zona 12, Ciudad Zona 12, Ciudad
NOVAPLASTIC de Guatemala, de Guatemala,
S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
101 East 101 East
Carolina Avenue Carolina Avenue
Hartsville, SC Hartsville, SC
NOVOLEX 29550 29550
445 Sixth Street 445 Sixth Street
Oliver-Tolas NW, Grand NW, Grand
Healthcare Rapids, MI Rapids, MI
Packaging 49504 49504
Oneonta Starr
Ranch Growers
1188 South 1188 South
Houk Road Houk Road
Optimum Delaware, OH Delaware, OH
Plastics, Inc. 43015 43015
220 Polo Road, 220 Polo Road,
Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem,
Oracle Packaging NC 27105 NC 27105
1180 American 1180 American
Outlook Group Drive, Neenah, Drive, Neenah,
Corporation WI 54956 WI 54956
1403 Needham 1403 Needham
P&O Packaging, Drive,DALTON, Drive,DALTON,
LLC GA 30720 GA 30720
Pacific AgPak
Personified Inc.
Barrio San Barrio San
Jacinto, Jacinto,
Residencial Residencial
Amrica, calle Amrica, calle
Cristbal Coln Cristbal Coln
10, San 10, San
PACKPRINT S.A. Salvador, El Salvador, El
DE C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
2817 McCracken 2817 McCracken
Street, Street,
Muskegon, MI Muskegon, MI
Paramelt 49441 49441
En San Pedro En San Pedro
Sula, Corts: 24 Sula, Corts: 24
calle, 20 avenida calle, 20 avenida
S.E. Segundo S.E. Segundo
anillo anillo
Circunvalacin Circunvalacin
frente a ZIP San frente a ZIP San
Apartado 4457, Apartado 4457,
Lima, Lima 16 Lima, Lima 16
Plastic Packaging 750 S. 65th 750 S. 65th
Technologies, Street Kansas Street Kansas
LLC City, KS 66111 City, KS 66111
2887 Johnstown 2887 Johnstown
Road, Road,
Plastic Suppliers, Columbus, OH Columbus, OH
Inc. 43219 43219

Colonia 21 de Colonia 21 de
octubre, salida a octubre, salida a
PLSTICOS Valle de Valle de
CORPLASA ngeles, en las ngeles, en las
antiguas antiguas
oficinas de oficinas de
Valentino. Valentino.
1 cuadra al este 1 cuadra al este
de Foam de de Foam de
PLSTICOS Honduras, San Honduras, San
GAMOZ S.A. DE Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
C.V. Corts. Corts.
Rivera de Beln, Rivera de Beln,
Heredia, Heredia,
contiguo a las contiguo a las
PLSTICOS bodegas de la bodegas de la
MODERNOS Coca Cola. Coca Cola.
Carretera Norte, Carretera Norte,
Km 3, Km 3,
PLSTICOS Managua, Managua,
MODERNOS S.A. Nicaragua. Nicaragua.
Barrio Barrio
Guanacaste, Guanacaste,
Avenida Avenida
Gutenberg, No. Gutenberg, No.
1735, 1735,
PLSTICOS Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
TONY Honduras. Honduras.
200 metros al 200 metros al
sur del C.T.H.A. sur del C.T.H.A.
Barrio La Barrio La
Guardia. Guardia.
Apartado Postal Apartado Postal
PLSTICOS No. 1105, San No. 1105, San
VANGUARDIA S. Pedro Sula, Pedro Sula,
DE R.L. DE C.V. Honduras. Honduras.
3 calle, 0-81 3 calle, 0-81
Zona 1, Boca del Zona 1, Boca del
Norte, Villa Norte, Villa
Canales, Canales,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
Guatemala. Guatemala.
PLASTIMAX Skype: Skype:
Calle a Valle Calle a Valle
Nuevo No. 5, Nuevo No. 5,
POLIFLEX S.A. Colonia Santa Colonia Santa
DE C.V. Luca, Ilopango, Luca, Ilopango,
San Salvador, El San Salvador, El
Salvador. Salvador.
1 Calle, 2-68, 1 Calle, 2-68,
Zona 2, Colonia Zona 2, Colonia
San Jos, Villa San Jos, Villa
Nueva, Nueva,
POLMEROS Y Guatemala. Guatemala.
TECNOLOGA Cdigo Postal Cdigo Postal
S.A. 01064. 01064.
Kilmetro 12, Kilmetro 12,
Carretera a Villa Carretera a Villa
Canales, Boca Canales, Boca
del Monte, del Monte,
POLINDUSTRIAS Guatemala, Guatemala,
S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
2300 W. 2300 W.
Wetmore Road Wetmore Road
Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona
Poly Print Inc. 85705-2051 85705-2051
Polymer Logistics
8333 Navarre 8333 Navarre
Road SE Road SE
Polymer Massillon, OH Massillon, OH
Packaging Inc. 44646 44646
3001 Mallard 3001 Mallard
Fox Drive NW Fox Drive NW
Polyplex USA, Decatur, AL Decatur, AL
LLC 35601 35601
500 Laser 500 Laser
Drive,Somerset, Drive,Somerset,
Preco, Inc. WI 54025 WI 54025
501 N. Central 501 N. Central
Prime Packaging, Avenue,Wood Avenue,Wood
LLC Dale, IL 60191 Dale, IL 60191
PO Box 723608, PO Box 723608,
Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA
Printpack 31139 31139
13536 Dahlia 13536 Dahlia
Prolamina Court,Rosemou Court,Rosemou
Corporation nt, MN 55068 nt, MN 55068
Estatua Estatua
Monseor Monseor
Lezcano, 6 Lezcano, 6
cuadras al Este, cuadras al Este,
Barrio Barrio
Monseor Monseor
Lezcano, Lezcano,
Managua, Managua,
PROQUINFA S.A. Nicaragua. Nicaragua.
12260 W. 53rd 12260 W. 53rd
Street North Street North
Reifenhauser Inc. Maize, KS 67101 Maize, KS 67101
Plaza Los Plaza Los
Dolores, Dolores,
Avenida Mximo Avenida Mximo
Jerez, Casa No. Jerez, Casa No.
1310, Barrio Los 1310, Barrio Los
Dolores, Dolores,
REPRESENTACIO Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa,
NES ROJAS Honduras. Honduras.
270 Reasonover 270 Reasonover
RKW North Drive,Franklin, Drive,Franklin,
America Inc. KY 42134 KY 42134
10810 Mid 10810 Mid
America Avenue America Avenue
Lenexa, KS Lenexa, KS
Robbie flexibles 66219 66219
320 S. Stewart 320 S. Stewart
Rollprint Avenue Avenue
Packaging Addison, IL Addison, IL
Products, Inc. 60101-3310 60101-3310
10 Avenida, # 10 Avenida, #
31-39, Zona 5, 31-39, Zona 5,
Ciudad de Ciudad de
Guatemala, Guatemala,
01005, 01005,
ROTOPRIN S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
150 metros Sur, 150 metros Sur,
del costado del costado
suroeste del suroeste del
Estadio Lito Estadio Lito
Monge. Barrio Monge. Barrio
RYELSA San Jos, San Jos,
Curridabat, San Curridabat, San
Jos, Costa Jos, Costa
Rica. Rica.
Zona Industrial Zona Industrial
Plan de La Plan de La
SALVAPLASTIC Laguna, Bloque Laguna, Bloque
S.A. de C.V. E # 5, Antiguo E # 5, Antiguo
12120 12120
Wickchester Wickchester
Sasol North Lane,Houston, Lane,Houston,
America TX 77079 TX 77079
Avenida Avenida
Hincapi, 16-55, Hincapi, 16-55,
SEALED AIR Z-13, Z-13,
CENTRAL Guatemala, Guatemala,
AMERICA S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
Post Office Box Post Office Box
464, 100 Rogers 464, 100 Rogers
Bridge Road Bridge Road
Building A, Building A,
Sealed Air Duncan, SC Duncan, SC
Corporation 29334 29334
103 Industrial 103 Industrial
Sealstrip Drive,Gilbertsvill Drive,Gilbertsvill
Corporation e, PA 19525 e, PA 19525
Seng Seng
Plastic Co., Ltd.
SerPak Co Ltd
3535 SW 56th 3535 SW 56th
Street Des Street Des
Siegwerk USA Moines, IA Moines, IA
Co. 50321 50321
1140 W. 31st 1140 W. 31st
Street,Downers Street,Downers
Grove, Illinois Grove, Illinois
Silgan White Cap 60515 60515
Sixto Packaging
46 Calle, 21-71, 46 Calle, 21-71,
Zona 12, Zona 12,
SOLUCIONES Guatemala, Guatemala,
PLSTICAS Guatemala. Guatemala.
Km 17.5 Km 17.5
carretera a San carretera a San
Jos Pinula, Jos Pinula,
Empresarial San Empresarial San
SOLUCIONES Jos, Interior # Jos, Interior #
PLSTICAS DE 8, Guatemala, 8, Guatemala,
GUATEMALA 2212. 2212.
1 North Second 1 North Second
Street, Street,
Sonoco Flexible Hartsville, SC Hartsville, SC
Packaging 29550 29550
Packaging 2756 Alft 2756 Alft
Technologies, Lane,Elgin, IL Lane,Elgin, IL
Inc. 60124 60124
80 Moreau 80 Moreau
Street,Saint-Jea Street,Saint-Jea
n-sur-Richelieu, n-sur-Richelieu,
St. Johns Quebec J2W Quebec J2W
Packaging Ltd. 2M4 Canada 2M4 Canada
StePac, North
135 West Lake 135 West Lake
Street Street
Sun Chemical Northlake, IL Northlake, IL
Corporation 60164 60164
2 Commerce 2 Commerce
SunFlex Drive,Cranford, Drive,Cranford,
Packagers Inc. NJ 07016 NJ 07016
33, 33,
Madogongdan-r Madogongdan-r
o 6-gil, o 6-gil,
Sung An Mado-myeon,Hw Mado-myeon,Hw
Machinery aseong-si, aseong-si,
Company, Ltd. Kyungki-do Kyungki-do
(SAM) 445-861 Korea 445-861 Korea
Sunkist Growers
Online USA
100 B Royal 100 B Royal
TC Group Crescent Group Crescent
Transcontinental Vaughan, ON Vaughan, ON
Packaging L4H 1X9,Canada L4H 1X9,Canada
975 Lutter Drive 975 Lutter Drive
Crystal Lake, IL Crystal Lake, IL
Technipaq Inc. 60014 60014
Techno sachets Mexico
28 Calle A, 0-08, 28 Calle A, 0-08,
Zona 8, Zona 8,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
TECNIPLAST S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
40 Calle, 22-15, 40 Calle, 22-15,
Zona 12, Zona 12,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
TECNOPACK S.A. Guatemala. Guatemala.
Temkin Floral
International, Inc.
Carretera Carretera
Troncal del Troncal del
Norte y 25 Calle Norte y 25 Calle
Oriente # 4. P.O. Oriente # 4. P.O.
TEMSA (TCNICO BOX 1201, San BOX 1201, San
MERCANTIL S.A. Salvador, El Salvador, El
DE C.V.) Salvador. Salvador.
TENRIT Foodtec
Carretera Norte Carretera Norte
Km 5.5, 800 Km 5.5, 800
metros al Norte metros al Norte
del paso a del paso a
desnivel. Parque desnivel. Parque
Industrial Industrial
Portezuelo, Portezuelo,
Nave # 25 B. Nave # 25 B.
TERMO Managua, Managua,
ENCOGIBLE Nicaragua. Nicaragua.
Calle L-3, Calle L-3,
Polgono D, Lote Polgono D, Lote
1 y 2. Zona 1 y 2. Zona
Industrial, Industrial,
TERMO Ciudad Merliot, Ciudad Merliot,
ENCOGIBLES La Libertad, El La Libertad, El
S.A. DE C.V. Salvador. Salvador.
2754 West Park 2754 West Park
Drive Drive
Bloomfield, NY Bloomfield, NY
Terphane, Inc. 14469 14469
5825 Carnegie 5825 Carnegie
Boulevard,Charl Boulevard,Charl
tesa tape, inc. otte, NC 28209 otte, NC 28209
Textiles Agricolas
The Blanc
Signage &
Display Group
The Dow 2030 Dow 2030 Dow
Chemical Center,Midland, Center,Midland,
Company MI 48674 MI 48674
Toluca Foods,
9201 W. 9201 W.
Belmont Avenue Belmont Avenue
Transilwrap Franklin Park, IL Franklin Park, IL
Company Inc. 60131 60131
1100 Boulders 1100 Boulders
Tredegar Film Parkway,Richm Parkway,Richm
Products ond, VA 23225 ond, VA 23225
3161 S. Ridge 3161 S. Ridge
Tufco Road,Green Road,Green
Technologies Bay, WI 54304 Bay, WI 54304
360 S. 9th 360 S. 9th
Avenue,City of Avenue,City of
Industry, CA Industry, CA
Ultimate Flex 91746 91746
3400 Town Point 3400 Town Point
Drive Suite Drive Suite
UTECO North 160,Kennesaw, 160,Kennesaw,
America, Inc. GA 30144 GA 30144
Avenida Petapa, Avenida Petapa,
48-01, Z 12, 48-01, Z 12,
Guatemala, Guatemala,
VICAL Guatemala. Guatemala.
San Nicols, del San Nicols, del
Taller 3M, 500 Taller 3M, 500
metros Noreste, metros Noreste,
VICESA (GRUPO Cartago, Costa Cartago, Costa
VICAL) Rica. Rica.
Volm Companies,
201 Park 201 Park
Vonco Products, Avenue Lake Avenue Lake
LLC Villa, IL 60046 Villa, IL 60046
616 Hite 616 Hite
Road,Harwick, Road,Harwick,
Watson Standard PA 15049 PA 15049
2801 Post Oak 2801 Post Oak
Westlake Boulevard Boulevard
Chemical Houston, TX Houston, TX
Corporation 77056 77056
1886 Merritt 1886 Merritt
Wikoff Color Road,Fort Mill, Road,Fort Mill,
Corporation SC 29715 SC 29715
Windmoeller & 23 New England 23 New England
Hoelscher Way Lincoln, RI Way Lincoln, RI
Corporation 02865 02865
Yerecic Label
1821 Walden 1821 Walden
Office Office
Square,Suite Square,Suite
Zacros America, 400,Schaumbur 400,Schaumbur
Inc. g, IL 60173 g, IL 60173

Sustainable packaging Insights

Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved
sustainability. This involves increased use of life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment
(LCA) to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and
ecological footprint. It includes a look at the whole of the supply chain: from basic function, to


GRUPO MYPSA S.A. Es parte de un grupo de

empresas fundadas en 1965 dedicada a la
fabricacin de losetas de granito, terrazo, mosaico de
pasta, as como todo lo necesario para su correcta

Con el tiempo el giro original se ha ampli a la

distribucin de diversos productos de recubrimientos
y acabados para la construccin as como la
fabricacin de aplanados integrales, adobes
comprimidos, pisos de resina integral, lavabos,
cubiertas de granito, etc.

Paralelamente la empresa se expandi al rea

inmobiliaria, desarrollo de diversos proyectos
habitacionales, comerciales, campestres y de
oficinas, elaborando desde el proyecto
arquitectnico, construccin y venta de los
desarrollos. Actualmente GRUPO MYPSA y sus
empresas filiales cuentan con ms de 40
trabajadores que se encuentran dirigidas por los hijos
de los fundadores teniendo actividad en el Distrito
Federal, Aguascalientes, Hidalgo y Quintana Roo.

En el 2010 TAM GREEN GROUP. S.A. de C.V. Con

la marca Ecova Green, se une al Grupo MYPSA,
con la visin de integrar en los proyectos, elementos
de sustentabilidad que provoquen un resultado de
xito integral entre Naturaleza y Comunidad, guas
en el proceso de diseo residencial; logrando con
esto un costo-beneficio favorable para nuestros
clientes y nuestro medio ambiente

AV. Pedro Henrquez Urea #619, Col. Los Reyes Coyoacn / SUSTENTABLES
Tel. 5617-9085 / 5617-9089 / 01800-503-9961 E-mail:


Las soluciones que ofrecemos para el desarrollo y sustitucin de elementos
constructivos para alcanzar una buena eficiencia energtica, son varias
entre las que se encuentran:

LMPARAS SOLARES. Estas nos permiten jugar con los diseos y

necesidades de nuestros clientes; Logrando obtener considerables ahorros
de un 100% en consumos de Luz, con diseos muy estticos y eficientes.

MDULOS FOTOVOLTAICOS. Son elementos constructivos que

reemplazan a los materiales convencionales como el vidrio o la cermica. LMPARAS
Estos sistemas tienen la propiedad de generar una energa limpia y gratuita DECORATIVAS
gracias al Sol desde un punto de vista esttico y viable, en Fachadas Y
Cubiertas Ventiladas, Muros Cortina, Lucernarios, Suelos Transitables,
Etc. Es un elemento que se convierte en parte del mismo diseo del
inmueble. Las propiedades Fotovoltaicas pueden ser de interconexin a la
Red elctrica, o empleando un sistema de bateras conocida tambin como
sistema aislado. En el uso de estos elementos mejoramos el rendimiento
energtico del inmueble, teniendo al mismo tiempo un aislamiento trmico y
de ruido.

ILUMINACIN LEDS. Cuando tenemos la necesidad de tener un mayor

ahorro en energa, mismo que se vea reflejado en nuestros bolsillos,
empleamos iluminacin Leds, la cual por sus propiedades nos permite FACHADAS CON VIDIRO
tener un ahorro de hasta un 70% en consumos elctricos, teniendo como FOTOVOLTAICO
resultado un costo-beneficio favorable para nuestra economa y nuestro
medio ambiente.


Tomando en cuenta los altos costos que pagamos por el uso del aire
acondicionado nos dimos a la tarea desarrollar y fabricar un colector solar
que se incorpora a los equipos de aire acondicionado, el cual reduce
consumos elctricos de un 30% hasta en un 60%, dando como resultado un
ahorro sustancial en nuestras finanzas.

CALENTADORES SOLARES. Estos sistemas nos ayudan a tener ahorros

considerables hasta de un 80% en consumos de gas, con la ventaja de que
los calentadores solares que ofrecemos en ecova green son para una
integracin arquitectnica, ya que por sus caractersticas de construccin,
con materiales de la ms alta calidad tienen un diseo muy esttico; COLECTOR SOLAR PARA
integrando as un elemento sustentable que forma parte de la misma
arquitectura del inmueble.

ESTUDIOS DE AHORRO DE ENERGIA. Los cuales permiten tener una

evaluacin mas exacta de los consumos energticos de la empresa y las
recomendaciones que se aportan permiten hacer cambios para lograr las
soluciones de ahorros esperados.

Contamos con el Sistema de Arrendamiento para Todos Nuestros


AV. Pedro Henrquez Urea #619, Col. Los Reyes Coyoacn /
Tel. 5617-9085 / 5617-9089 / 01800-503-9961 E-mail:


Desarrollo de Proyectos, Construccin y Realizacin de Obra de Urbanizacin de 170 Terrenos y
Casas, Respetando siempre el entorno del Lugar, dando como resultado una integracin
arquitectnica sustentable.

Desarrollo realizado en 4 Etapas del fraccionamiento Campestre Ubicado en Huasca de Ocampo

Estado de Hidalgo, del 2003 a la Fecha.


Fecha de ejecucin 2013

CASA ESTUDIO HUASCA Energa Generada 960 Wp / Hora pico
El proyecto esta ubicado en una caada boscosa con vistas
espectaculares por lo que la prioridad del concepto arquitectnico La casa estudio de Huasca Integra
fue la integracin de la construccin a su entorno. La casa genera elementos como los mdulos
su propia energa por medio de energas limpias tales como fotovoltaicos poli cristalinos y se procuro
generacin fotovoltaica, aprovechamiento de agua pluvial, que fuese un elemento que formara
iluminacin, ventilacin natural y aislamiento trmico entre otros. parte de la naturaleza.




Fecha de ejecucin 2012
Energa Generada 1,050 Wp / Hora pico
El proyecto esta ubicado en una caada boscosa con vistas
espectaculares por lo que la prioridad del concepto arquitectnico Casa de campo autosustentable con
fue la integracin de la construccin a su entorno. La casa genera materiales 100% ecolgicos.
su propia energa por medio de energas limpias tales como 21 Vidrios fotovoltaicos 1050 Watts / hr.
generacin fotovoltaica, aprovechamiento de agua pluvial, 1 Calentador solar de 150lts. Para 4 a 5
iluminacin, ventilacin natural y aislamiento trmico entre otros. personas.



CASA DE CAMPO HUASCA, HGO. Fecha de ejecucin 2011

El proyecto esta ubicado en una zona boscosa por lo que Energa Generada 150 Wp / Hora pico
la prioridad del concepto arquitectnico fue la integracin
de la construccin a su entorno. La casa genera su propia 1 Casa autosustentable con tabique de barro.
energa por medio de energas limpias tales como 3 Vidrios fotovoltaicos 150 Watts / hr.
generacin fotovoltaica, aprovechamiento de agua pluvial, 2 Calentadores solares de 150lts. para las
iluminacin, ventilacin natural y aislamiento trmico entre casas; Aprovechamiento de reas verdes.




EDIFICIO VALLADOLID 22 Fecha de ejecucin 2012 -2013

Energa Generada 2,500 Wp / Hora pico
El tema principal del proyecto es el aprovechamiento urbano de
un edificio descuidado y prcticamente en desuso, se respeto
5 Departamentos autosustentable con tabique
gran parte de la construccin existente y se busco un contraste
recuperado. Construccin con materiales 100
radical para diferenciar la construccin original de los elementos
ecolgicos. Fachada con Vidrios fotovoltaicos
nuevos y sustentables, que fundamentalmente aportan una
2,500 Watts / hr. Para iluminacin de reas
mejora en el funcionamiento energtico del edificio.
comunes. Azotes verdes.


6 CASAS COYOACN D.F. Fecha de ejecucin 2011 -2012

El tema principal del proyecto es el aprovechamiento urbano de
una Fabrica descuidado y prcticamente en desuso, se respeto 6 Casas autosustentables con tabique recuperado.
gran parte de la construccin existente y se busco un contraste Iluminacin led solar en reas exteriores.
radical para diferenciar la construccin original de los elementos 6 Colectores solares para las casas.
nuevos y sustentables, que fundamentalmente aportan una mejora Aprovechamiento de tabique de recuperacin.
en el funcionamiento energtico de las 6 casas. Captacin de aguas pluviales.



Fecha de ejecucin 2012 -2013
El tema principal del proyecto es el aprovechamiento urbano de un 6 Departamentos autosustentables con
construccin, se respeto gran parte de la construccin existente y tabique recuperado. Iluminacin led solar en
se busco un contraste radical para diferenciar la construccin reas exteriores. 6 Calentadores solares de
original de los elementos nuevos y sustentables, que 150lts. para las casas. Aprovechamiento de
fundamentalmente aportan una mejora en el funcionamiento maderas de siembra en bardas y tabique de
energtico del edificio. recuperacin. Captacin de aguas pluviales.


OFICINAS EN COYOACN CTRO. Fecha de ejecucin 2011

Proyecto es el aprovechamiento urbano de una escuela
descuidada y prcticamente en desuso, se respeto gran parte de 20 Oficinas autosustentable con tabique
la construccin existente y se busco un contraste radical para recuperado. Construccin con materiales
diferenciar la construccin original de los elementos nuevos y 100% ecolgicos. 2 Vidrios fotovoltaicos 100
sustentables, que fundamentalmente aportan una mejora en el Watts / hr. Para iluminacin de reas
funcionamiento energtico del edificio. comunes. Azotes verdes.


OFICINAS EN COYOACN CTRO. Fecha de ejecucin 2011

Proyecto es el aprovechamiento urbano de una casa habitacin
prcticamente en desuso, se respeto gran parte de la construccin 15 Oficinas autosustentable con tabique
existente y se busco un contraste radical para diferenciar la recuperado. Construccin con materiales
construccin original de los elementos nuevos y sustentables, que 100% ecolgicos. Vidrios fotovoltaicos 3000
fundamentalmente aportan una mejora en el funcionamiento Watts / hr. Para iluminacin de reas
energtico de las oficinas. comunes. Azotes verdes.



Proyecto es el aprovechamiento urbano de una casa habitacin
prcticamente en desuso, se respeto gran parte de la construccin Oficinas autosustentable con tabique
existente y se busco un contraste radical para diferenciar la recuperado. Construccin con materiales
construccin original de los elementos nuevos y sustentables, que 100% ecolgicos. Terraza con lanaria de
fundamentalmente aportan una mejora en el funcionamiento vidrio fotovoltaicos 2000 Watts / hr. Para
energtico de las oficinas. iluminacin de reas comunes. Azotes



El tema principal del proyecto es el ahorro de gas en una plaza
comercial ubicada en Mexicali Baja California, en este proyecto se Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores
desarrollo toda la ingeniera, supervisin, suministro de los equipos solares.
y puesta en marcha del proyecto y la aplicacin de sistemas foto Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores.
trmicos para la zona gourmet de la plaza comercial. Solares para Liverpool, Mexicali Baja California.



El tema principal del proyecto es el ahorro de gas en una plaza
comercial ubicada en Serdn Puebla, en este proyecto se Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores
desarrollo toda la ingeniera, supervisin, suministro de los solares.
equipos, instalacin y puesta en marcha del proyecto y la Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores.
aplicacin de sistemas foto trmicos para la zona gourmet de la Solares para Liverpool, Serdn Puebla.
plaza comercial.



Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores solares
Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores solares para diferentes residencias en Tlalpan y
Coyoacn, Ciudad de Mxico.



Instituto de Vivienda (INVI)
Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores solares para diferentes viviendas, proyecto elaborado
para el Instituto de vivienda INVI., Ciudad de Mxico.

Instituto de Vivienda (INVI)



Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores solares

Suministro e Instalacin de calentadores solares para diferentes residencias en Cuernavaca,
Mor. Suministro e Instalacin de Calentadores solares para una alberca en Cuernavaca, Mor.



Desarrollamos un colector solar para aire acondicionado donde se han tenido buenos ahorro en la energa elctrica.
El Colector Solar Plano absorbe y aprovecha la radiacin solar directa y radiacin solar difusa, lo que genera una
transferencia de calor permitiendo convertir en vapor al refrigerante, inyectando presin hacia el compresor,
disminuyendo la carga de trabajo. La transformacin de energa solar trmica ayuda a calentar el gas, reduciendo
as la carga de trabajo del compresor, lo que ahorra consumo de energa de un 30% a 50% en energa elctrica.
Clientes satisfechos por los ahorros actualmente tenemos a Hoteles Misin. Donde se esta Fabricando y
Suministrando Colectores Solares para Aire Acondicionado, atraves de la empresa Skygreen que a su vez los esta
suministrando a Hoteles Misin a nivel Nacional.



Fecha de ejecucin /2012

Suministro de 100 Postes Solares con Instalacin para una ruta ciclista que se desarrollo en mineral
de pozos Guanajuato los 100 Postes solares cuentan con una fotocelda cada uno de 90 Watts/ hr.
Se suministraron postes tipo farolas que armonizaran con la vista del lugar para una Integracin
Arquitectnica de acuerdo al Lugar.



Fecha de ejecucin /2010- 2011

Proyecto fotovoltaico interconectado a la red trifsico de 4.75kwp con respaldo de bateras. Cuernavaca, Morelos.
Proyecto Fotovoltaico Interconectado a la Red Monofsico de 7kwp CASA- Habitacin, San Jernimo, D.F.
Proyecto Fotovoltaico interconectado a la red trifsico de 30kwp en, Morelia, Michoacn.




R.F.C. TGG100202NXA

Direccin Eje 10 Sur, Pedro Henrquez Urea 619.

Coyoacn. CP. 04330

Registro Patronal. Y64-0723103

Telfonos 56 17 90 89, 01 800 503 9961

Fax 56 17 90 85

Correo electrnico

Pgina Web

AV. Pedro Henrquez Urea #619, Col. Los Reyes Coyoacn /
Tel. 5617-9085 / 5617-9089 / 01800-503-9961 E-mail:
Super Industrial
On the web at
Call 678 221 4162


Adhesive Anchors Carriage Bolts Cap Screws Acorn Nuts / Cap Nuts
Drive Anchors Elevator Bolts Deck Screws Cage Nuts
Drop In Anchors Eye Bolts Dowel Screws Castle Nuts
Expansion Anchors Flange Bolts Drywall Screws Conduit & Panel Nuts
Machine Screw Anchors Hanger Bolts Floorboard Screws Eye Nuts
Nail Anchors Hex Bolts & Cap Screws Lag Screws Flat Head Nuts
Plastic Anchors & Square Head Bolts Machine Screws Hex Nuts
Pre-Expanded Anchors Plow Bolts Self Drilling Screws Lock Nuts
Roofing Anchors Step Bolts Self Piercing Screws Pipe Plugs
Screw Anchors Structural Bolts Self Tapping Screws Self Clinching Nuts
Sleeve Anchors T-Slot Bolts SEMS Screws Square Nuts
Split Drive Anchors Tap Bolts Tamper Resistant Screws/ Stover Equivalent Lock
T-Anchors Security Screws Nuts
Toggle Anchors Thread Cutting Screws Tamper Resistant Nuts/
Wall Anchors HI LOWS Thread Forming/Rolling Security Nuts
Wedge Anchors Screws Tee Nuts
Thumb Screws Type J Steel Spring Nuts
U-Drive Screws Type U Steel Spring Nuts
MILITARY Weld Screws U Clips
FASTENERS Wing Screws Wheel Nuts
Flat Head Wood Screws Wing Nuts
Flat Undercut Head
Indented Hex Washer
Phillips Flat Head Military
Military Hex Head Cap &
Machine Screws
Military Washers Brass Finserts Adjustable Levers
Phillips Pan Head Military Coil Thread Repair Kits Cam Units and Levers
Fasteners Concrete Inserts Control Levers
E Rings
Military Socket Head Drive Tools for Grippers
External & Internal
Cap Screws Threaded Inserts Handwheels
Retaining Rings
Helical Threaded Inserts Hoist Rings
Press Inserts Indexing, Spring, & Ball
ROD ENDS SHIMS Screw Threaded Inserts Plungers
Thread Repair Kits Knobs & Handles
Threaded Insert Kits Leveling & Toggle Pads
Threaded Inserts For Magnets
Metal - Carbon Steel Pull Handles
Blank Rod Ends Threaded Inserts For Screws & Bolts
Machined & Black Oxided Arbor Shims & Spacers Metal - Stainless Steel Toggle Shoe Clamps
Rod Ends Die Button Shims Threaded Inserts For Wood
Machined - Stainless Slotted Shims Ultrasonic Straight &
Steel Rod Ends Standard Shims Tapered Threaded Inserts

Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
On the web at
Call 678 221 4162



Button Head Socket Countersunk

Cap Screws Finishing Washers Retractable Captive Panel
Cone Point Socket Dock Washers Fastener Press In Style
Set Screws Fender Washers Retractable Captive Panel
Cup Point Socket Flat Washers Fastener Flare In Style
Set Screws Lock Washers Anchor Kits
Flat Head Socket Machine Screw Washers Bolt Kits
Cap Screws Shoulder Washers Nylon Bushing Kits
Flat Point Socket Split Lock Washers
RIVETS Screw Kits
Set Screws Spring Washers Nut & Washer Kits
Half Dog Point Socket Square Beveled Washers Pin Kits
Set Screws Structural Washers Retaining Ring Kits
Blind Rivets Rivet Kits
Low Head Socket
Drive Rivets Thread Repair Kits
Cap Screws
VIBRATION Rivet Kits Threaded Rod Kits
Oval Point Socket
ISOLATION Rivet Tools & Parts Washer Kits
Set Screws
Structural Rivets Woodruff Key Kits
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Head Shoulder Screws
Socket Pipe Plugs

Compression & Shear Mounts

Hanger Mounts Cotter Pins Steel Staples
Machine Leveling Mounts Dowel Pins Stainless Steel Staples
Compression Springs Spring Floor Mounts Hitch Pin Clips Straight Finish Nails
Extension Springs Vibration Pads Spring Pins Slotted Straight Finish Brads

Blue-Jay Fasteners Nova Fasteners
Brighton Best International Nucor
Buckeye Fasteners Precision Brand
Chrislynn Threaded Inserts Peerless Hardware
Earnest Powers Fasteners
E-Z Lok Prebena
G.L. Huyett PrimeSource Building Products
Gardner Spring, Inc. Prospect Fastener
Greenlee Screw Products
Holo-Krome Star Stainless Screw Co.
ITW Brands Tamper Proof Screw Co.
J.W. Winco, Inc. Tamper Pruf Screws
Kanebridge The Stanlok Group
Ken Forging Titan Fastener Products, Inc.
Mason Industries Unbrako
MKT Fastening Wej-it
Nord-Lock And Many More...

Super Industrial
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Functions: Clamp, Rotate
Rotation: 360

Includes: pressure gauge,

battery gauge, battery pack,
charger, hour meter, clock

Sku: B1300752


All functions of the VALLEY CRAFT Hydraulic Fork-Mount Drum Lift are fully hydraulic for smooth, precise operation. Infinitely variable
speed ensures complete control of the load. Jaws automatically adjust to fit 18-28" dia. drums. Ergonomic hand-held pendant control
allows operator to remain seated. 6-1/2 x2-1/2" fork pockets, 19-3/8" between forks. Equipped with 12V battery operated Power-Pak
that includes (2) 12-volt deep-cycle batteries and built-in battery charger. Also includes: system pressure gauge and battery gauge.


Ezy-Rol 4-Wheel Drum Trucks Vari-Tuff High-Capacity 48"W Bin Cabinet Steel Hopper Truck Heavy-Duty Powered Hand Truck

Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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On the web at
Call 678 221 4162
Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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221 4162221 4162
Built with 100% square tube framework for a clean
look, Office Ladders come in four standard colors
to match your office decor. 300 lbs capacity. Rigid
1 square tubing. Spring loaded 3 casters provide
mobility while rubber tipped legs add traction while
in use. 16 and 24 wide steps available. Steps are 7
deep with deeper 14 top step. Solid treads covered
with nonslip adhesive runner. Meets OSHA standards.

Item B1893231

Item B2144624

Model B2144625 B2144624 B1893231 B1893196 B2144626 B2124098

# of Steps 2 3 3 3 4 5
Platform Height 20 30 30 30 40 50
Platform Width 17 17 17 17 17 17
Platform Depth 14 14 14 14 14 14
O/A Height 44 30 54 54 64 80
O/A Width 22 22 22 22 22 23
O/A Length 23 27 27 27 36 50
Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled
Brand EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products
Capacity 450 lbs 450 lbs 450 lbs 450 lbs 450 lbs 450 lbs
Color Finish Gray Almond Almond Gray Black Almond
Construction Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Incline Angle 60 60 60 60 60 60
Super Industrial On the web at Call 678 221 4162

Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
On the web at Call 678 221 4162
Call 678 221 4162
Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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Call 678 221 4162 221 4162

Super Industrial
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Super678 221 4162
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Super Industrial
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Super 221 4162
On the web at
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Two Speeds
Air Flow CFM: 8200/6200
Motor HP: 1/3

Fan Diameter: 30"

Mount Type: Non-Oscillating Pedestal-Mount
Sku: 795712
These quality fans include an enclosed permanently lubricated, PSC-type ball bearing single-
phase motor for long life and optimum performance. 3 quiet aluminum blades are enclosed in
double locking steel wire guards for safety. Pivot-action fan head allows vertical tilt angle
adjustments. Meets OSHA standards, UL listed. Replace or upgrade fan heads with industrial
quality air circulator heads. Includes 12'L SJT type, 3-conductor power cord. 120V. Horsepower
rating based upon maximum speed/load.


5282"H Adjustable Center Height
27" Dia. Steel Base
Sku: 795965
Combine with Replacement Fan Heads to create your own fans or replaces old, worn out or broken
fan mounts. Made with durable steel. Allows easily installation to non-oscillating fan heads.
Pedestal Mounts allow installation of oscillating fan heads. Cannot install mount to fans with
Yellow Powder Coat Finish. UL listed.


Workstation Fan Dock Lights Ceiling Fans Belt Drive Blower

Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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On the web at 221 4162
Call 678 221 4162
Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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On the web at 221 4162
Call 678 221 4162

Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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at 4162
Call 678 221 4162
Super Industrial
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On the web at
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Side Step Walk-Thru Corrosion Resistant

B2196912 B2196946 Aluminum

High Access Vertical Wall Mount

Caged Ladders B2196936

Super Industrial
Super Industrial
On the web at the web at www.superindustrialonline.
Call 678 221 4162
Call 678 221 4162
Platforms provide a secure movable work space at a variety of heights above floor level. 800 lbs
capacity. Rigid 1 square tubing. 4 rear casters provide mobility and rubber tipped legs add traction
while in use. Steps are 7 deep. Perforated or Grip Strut Tread for slip-resistant footing. Meets OSHA

Lightweight platform provides
a stable and solid work surface
that is both weather and
corrosion resistant. 300 lbs Item B1893215
capacity. Rigid 1 square tubing.
4 rear tilt-back casters provide mobility
and rubber tipped legs add traction while in use. Solid
ribbed extruded step or Grip Strut Tread for slip-resistant
footing. Meets OSHA standards.
Item B1893213

Aluminum Models
Model B2131362 B1893212 B2131641 B1893213 B1893215 B2131518 B1893217
# of Steps 3 3 4 5 2 3 2
Tread Type Perforated Grip-Strut Grip-Strut Perforated Ribbed Ribbed Ribbed
Platform Height 30 30 40 50 20 30 20
Platform Width 30 24 24 30 24 24 24
Platform Depth 35 35 49 35 35 42 35
O/A Height 30 30 40 82 20 30 52
O/A Width 32 27 27 32 27 27 27
O/A Length 50 49 69 61 47 60 47
Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled Assembled
Brand EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products
Capacity 800lbs 800lbs 800lbs 800lbs 300lbs 300lbs 300lbs
Color Finish Gray Gray Gray Gray Mill Mill Mill
Construction Steel Steel Steel Steel Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Incline Angle 50 60 60 60 60 60 60
Hand Rails N N N Y N N Y
Super Industrial On the web at Call 678 221 4162
Truck/Dock Ladders with 50-Degree Safety
Angle are designed to promote safety and
productivity. 50-degree ladder angle enables
user to turn and descend facing forward
while carrying bulky load. The large platform
and each step feature serrated tread for slip-
resistant footing. Removable back and side
chain enable front or side loading from trailer.
Large rear wheels roll smoothly over rough
terrain. Meets OSHA Standards.

Item B1893202

Model B1893200 B1893201 B1893202 B1893199 B1893206 B1893203

# of Steps 4 4 5 5 6 6
Platform Height 40 40 50 50 60 60
Platform Width 36 36 36 36 36 36
Platform Depth 48 48 48 48 48 48
O/A Height 70 70 80 80 90 90
O/A Width 46 46 46 46 46 46
O/A Length 77 77 86 86 94 94
Assembled Unassembled Assembled Assembled Unassembled Unassembled Assembled
Brand EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products EGA Products
Capacity 800 lbs. 800 lbs. 800 lbs. 800 lbs. 800 lbs. 800 lbs.
Color Finish Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue
Construction Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Incline Angle 50 50 50 50 50 50

Super Industrial On the web at Call 678 221 4162

Super Industrial
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Super Industrial
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On the web at
Call 678 221 4162
221 4162