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I. Complete the sentences below with the correct form of the adjective.

1. Jeremy is 10 years old. Julie is 8 years old. Jeremy is (old)__________________Julie.

2. An ocean is (large) _____________________ a sea.

3. A Rolls Royce costs a lot of money. A Twingo costs less money. A Rolls Royce is
(expensive) ________________________ a Twingo.

4. John's results were bad. Fred's results were very poor. Fred's results were (bad)
_______________ John's.

5. This exercise is not difficult. It's (easy) _____________________ I expected.

6. The weather is not good today - it's raining. I hope the weather will be (good)
_______________ next week.

7. In the government of a country, the President is (important) _____________________

8. People say that Chinese is (difficult) ____________________to learn than English.

9. My suitcase is ___________________(large) than your suitcase.

10. The palace is the_______________________ (expensive) hotel.

II. Using “Comparision: …. as…as….” ( as patient as, as much as, as well as,
as fast as, as long as, as often as, as interested as or as soon as).

1. Sorry for being so late ! I ran here I could. 1 mile in 10

2. The question of the test was awfully difficult. The pupils answered
they could.
3. She can rest at home she likes. We are not in a hurry.
4. We need your photo. It's urgent. Send it possible.
5. My mother is really fit. She goes swimming she can: twice
a week.
6. There's plenty to eat. They can have they like.
7. I know he is not easy, so I will try to be I can.
8. Although he was bored, he managed to look usual.

John and Max don't like Maths. They are going home from school._________________? 2.________________? 3. I'm clever.IV. We often watch TV in the afternoon. Peter played handball yesterday.____________________? 4. Mary didn't do her homework last Monday._____________________? 8.______________________? 6.___________________? 9. He wanted that. She is collecting stickers. Put in the correct question tags. You have cleaned your bike. Kevin will come tonight.____________________? .___________________? 7.____________________? 5.______________________? 10. Example: Peter works in the shop. doesn't he? 1. _________ ? Answer: Peter works in the shop.