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I am always interested in mechanical engineering. Im Risma Fajar Rahayu.

Right now, Im
studying at Politeknik Negeri Bandung. I take Energy Conversion Engineering department. I
learn about variety of energy resources, both renewable energy and non-renewable energy.
Although I take Energy Conversion Engineering. The sector that Im learning seriously is Power
Plant Technology. Because power plant technology is more refering to power plant system.

I want to continue my study at Technic University of Munich in Germany, because since junior
high school Im really interested in technique department. Especially, in mechanical sector. I will
take mechanical department as my dream for the time being want to. Germany is one of multi
talent country especially in education culture system. Their education system is one of my
reasons to be interested in learning there, because the system is really good which will make us
discipline. It is will also make our life become more composed. With their system, there will be
more people that have good quality and more competent graduates. Because, they will always be
forced to precisely in doing something. And thats not really easy. Thats why I choose to
continue my study in Germany.

Technic University of Munich located in Munich. Germany is one of the universities that I
dreamed of. At the University of Munich there are 165 degree and 13 departments. I am sure I
want to be in Mechanical Engineering, because Technic University of Munich is a university that
works with many educational institutions from other countries. And have excellence in teaching,
research and interdisciplinary.

The plan of study I will choose in Technic University of Munich is in accordance with my
previous sector that is mechanical. Previously at Politeknik Negeri Bandung I chose the
Department of Energy Conversion Engineering in which there are many labs. Here we are
required to be able to operate and apply the theories that have been taught into the lab. In the 7th
semester I had the opportunity to visit power plant industry to know how to generate and to
operate the system at companies which make cooperation with chevron companies. It makes me
understand more than not only mechanical and operating system, but also we know about
maintenance of machine. Because this makes me sure to continue my studies with mechanical
engineering at the University of Munich with plans to take the same sector according to my
previous sector. Next for the thesis I will choose analysis the one of mechanical engineering.
Based on my experience, hopefully I can further expand the sector of mechanical.
If I become one of the students who can continue at the Technical University of Munich. In the
future I can become more qualified and apply the various knowledge that has been obtained,
especially in Indonesia in managing natural resources requires engineering who want to work
hard and very qualified. Because the available natural resources are so abundant that it requires a
lot of human resources that can cultivate wisely, and certainly to be able to process resources
well. So after graduating from the Technical University of Munich could make a change for my

To study outside Indonesia, I am sure I have the opportunity to study and continue my studies at
the Technical University of Munich. I will always try to keep learning and digging up
information that I do not know yet. Because I am not interested in being an ordinary person but I
am interested in being an exceptional person by continuing to learn and becoming a competent
graduate. Finally, I hope that a degree from Technic Munich University is going to serve as the
ultimate base to the journey I am taking to achieve my dreams towards a successful engineering