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Invitation Letter of the Great Ceremony of Vu Lan 2017
To: Dear Monastics, lay Buddhists, and everyone,
Discourse on Showing Great Gratitude to Parents states: “On the Full Moon Day of yearly lunar
July, people with filial piety and deep gratitude have to repay their parents.” Indeed, when the
Vu Lan Ceremonial Season comes, they spend their free time going to the Temple for cultivation
and attention to the Vu Lan Ceremony.
The Vu Lan is a most important Spiritual Cultural Festival yearly to Vietnamese Buddhists,
consisting of the following events: The first is praying blessing for the living parents arousing
virtuous merit and longevity. The second is praying blessing for those who passed away were
born up to a peaceful realm. The third is praying blessing for oneself getting peaceful joy and
happiness. And the fourth is praying blessing for the peace world, people getting peaceful
pleasure. Through learning the Dharma, understanding the Dharma, practicing the Dharma,
protecting the Dharma, spreading the Dharma, and applying the Dharma into the daily life, we
can enjoy the Dharma pleasure for ourselves and others right in the present life.
In this year, the Pháp Nhãn Temple will hold the Great Ceremony of Vu Lan on Sunday,
August 20. On this Ceremonial Day, there will be the Ceremony of being Ordained as an
American novice youth Monk whose age is 23 under instruction and presence of the Most
Venerable Master Thích Trí Hoằng, the Senior Venerable Master Thích Pháp Chánh, Thích
Minh Chơn, Thích Phương Niệm, the Venerable Nun Thanh Thiện, and Hạnh Minh. Schedule
for the Ceremonial Day will take the following place:
09:00 am Welcoming you all to the Pháp Nhãn Temple
09:30 am Meditation practice and Chanting
10:00 am Dharma talk about the meanings of Vu Lan Ceremony
11:00 am Performing the Ceremony of being Ordained as the Novice Monk
12:00 am Making offerings to the Sangha and have mindfulness lunch
01:00 pm Lunch break
02:00 pm Performing the Ceremony of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem and
explaining the meanings of how to become lay Followers1
04:00 pm Closing activities.
You are cordially invited to take advantage of your free time to go to the Temple for attending
the Great Ceremony of Vu Lan in this year happily. May the Triple Gem bless you all with
peace and happiness. May you and your loved ones be well, healthy, and happy in the Dharma.
The Abbot of the Pháp Nhãn Temple
Dharma Teacher Thích Trừng Sỹ
Please write your full name, DOB, and an ID picture, and then send them soon to the Phap Nhan Temple so that the Dharma
Master will fill them in the Certificate of Ordination for you.