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Design and Construction

Using High Strength

Treaded Reinforcement
Organised by: Civil and Structural Technical Committee Civil Engineering Division
Program Details:
Date: 15 November 2016, IES Seminar Room or Auditorium (To Be Confirmed)
CPD Program: 3 STUs (Confirmed) / PDUs (Subject to Approval)
Fees: $20 (IES Member) / $50 (Non Member)
3pm: Introduction of SS560:2016 and Threaded Reinforcement
4:00pm: Tea Break
4:15pm: Design and Construction Using High Strength Threaded Reinforcement
6.15pm: Q&A
6.30pm: Dinner and Networking

Singapore standard council has launched new SS 560:2016 with the addition of grade 600MPa rebar and
threaded reinforcement. The application of high strength reinforcement (HSR) can allow higher load capacities
while maintaining and in some instances decreasing the cross sections of concrete structural members. Using of
threaded reinforcement and coupling accessories avoids the use of lap splices.

The combination of three advancements, high strength material, larger diameter sizes and threadable reinforcing
bars allows for production of prefabricated cages for columns, shear walls and beams. This innovative building
method has several advantages compared to commonly reinforced building members. These advantages include
reduced reinforcement quantity, reduced member cross sections, increased sellable/rentable floor space and
significant fabrication and installation time savings. This building method can also replace composite construction
using the same cross section dimensions. Welding of composite steel tubes or cores and fire and corrosion
protection are some of the main challenges related to composite construction. All of these aspects are efficiently
solved through the use of high strength reinforcement systems.

In addition, off-site production of reinforcement cages is very favorable especially in tightly constrained urban
sites. For the installation of cages, the main limitation is mostly related to the capacity of the lifting crane. The
use of HSR material is most efficiently used on highly loaded building members or building members whose cross
section should be optimized due to reinforcement congestion. There are already multiple completed buildings
where HSR was successfully used and which confirm the advantages of using the material and also the
prefabricated cages: Opernturm (Frankfurt, Germany), Dancing Towers (Hamburg, Germany), New World Trade
Center (New York City, USA), 432 Park Avenue (New York City, USA).

This seminar aims to explain the properties and design of HSR and the advantages of HSR based on theory and on
real project examples. The goal is to share with Singapore construction industry on the how HSR will improve the
quality, the productivity and the profitability of (high rise) buildings, and hopefully pave the way for the wide
adoption of grade 600 reinforcement bar in Singapore.
Speaker Profile:

Florian Hude is the Senior Manager for R&D of Threadbar Systems for a German
threadbar manufacturer, STAHLWERK ANNAHTTE (SAH). He is also the Sales Manager of
the companys threadbar Systems in USA. He graduated in Master of Structural
Engineering, Technical University of Graz, Austria in 2006. He spent 3 years working as a
university research staff at the same time completed his Master of Business
Administration in 2008. An expert in high strength reinforcement system, he is
instrumental in the research and development of high strength reinforcement system in
SAH. He published several papers and gave presentations all over the world including Asia (Korea, Singapore,
Taiwan), Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Austria) and America (USA, Canada). He worked on a number of
column designs for high rise building in the mentioned markets and gave expert opinion and design input for
consultants and contractors for the use of high strength reinforcement system.
Some selected landmark projects he involved in: Dancing Towers in Hamburg, Q22 in Warsaw, Lotte Jamsil Super
Tower in Seoul, 432 Park Avenue and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

S.K. Babu holds a Master of Engineering from University of South Australia, He is a

Chartered Engineer and specialist in Non Destructive Testing. Mr. Babu has worked in
Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining & Tunneling, Geotechnical & Petrochemical projects at
various capacities in the past 20 years, He was working as a Technical Manager & Regional
Manager for VSL Intrafor (HK) & Singapore, Quality Director for Rotary Engineering Ltd &
He is currently working as Director for SAS Asia Bar systems Ltd, he is responsible for
technical & business development for Asia pacific region.

Mr. Lee holds a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering degree from University of
Nottingham. He joined SAS Asia Bar Systems Pte Ltd in 2012 as a Senior Engineer. He is
responsible for the technical marketing and sales of SAS Asia products in the region. He
has advised clients across the region on the use of high strength threaded
reinforcement in geotechnical, infrastructure and building project, such as Jakarta LRT
(Indonesia), Phu Quoc Island Cable Car (Vietname), Four Season Hotel, KL (Malaysia)
and Keppel Dry Dock (Singapore). Prior to that, he has three years of working
experience with engineering consultancy firm Meinhardt Singapore.


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