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Ilham Haqiqi : Doctor
Ovia Lisa : Patient’s Mother
Putri Karisma Yani : Receptionist
: Pharmacist
Septian Dwi Abdillah : Nurse
Sonia Amalia : Patient

In the afternoon at the General Hospital of Mataram City, a receptionist
named Putri, pick the ringing telephone from a patient.

Receptionist : Good afternoon. General Hospital of Mataram City. Putri
speaking. How can I help you?
Mother : Good afternoon. I need to make an appointment with dr. David
(General Practitioner).
Receptionist : What’s your name please?
Mother : Ovia Lisa.
Receptionist : Okay Mrs. Lisa. Hold one moment.
Mother : Sure.
Receptionist : Thanks for waiting. Now, what do you need to see the doctor
Mother : Actually, it’s about my daughter, Sonia. I think she have a
stomachache or something. She is feeling hurt since this morning.
Receptionist : Hmmm. Doctor David is off this evening. Do you think it can
wait until tomorrow?
Mother : Oh, I was really hoping to get in this evening or tonight.
Receptionist : I’m so sorry Mrs. Lisa, but dr. David is off this evening.
Mother : Well, I guess I can see him tonight. But, I think I’ll see him
tomorrow. Thank you.

Roleplay Bahasa Inggris Page 1

After they arrived at the emergency. not yet. it’s hurt. Patient : Sure. Doctor : That’s absolutely the problem. they meet a nurse named Ian and a doctor named dr. (Grabbing her stomach) Mother : Oh dear. Lisa’s daughter) stomachache is getting worse and Mrs. We’ll see you then. After 10 hours later. Have you taken the medicine? Patient : That’s totally my fault. Please nurse. Ilham (Emergency’s doctor). Actually I often ate lately and I like eating spicy food. about a two weeks ago. Lisa is panic. Doctor : Alright. Let me know your name and age. Let me asses at your stomach. I’m 16 years old. It’s getting sick. Roleplay Bahasa Inggris Page 2 . help her. I don’t know what happened to her. she’s gonna be fine. No. Doctor : Do you have any serious history of stomach problem? Patient : Yes. my name is Sonia Amalia. Lisa. what is your complain? Patient : I got stomachache. you’re gonna be okay. Sonia’s (Mrs. Nurse : Don’t worry mam. After a moment. And finally she brougt her to the emergency. Doctor : Alright Sonia. Patient : Mom. Okay. Doctor : Okay. We will take care of her. Doctor : How long have you felt like this? Patient : Since this morning sir. Doctor : Good night. sir.Receptionist : I’m so sorry Mrs. Sonia moved to the cubicle by nurse Ian to meet the doctor. My stomach is hurt. Your habit is so unhealthy and it affects to your stomach. Patient : Good night sir.

After a few moment. Doctor : My pleasure. And do the vital sign. Sonia you have a chronic gastritis. pulse. dr. because I would like to observed your progress until tomorrow morning. Ilham told Sonia that she had a chronic gastritis. Patient : Okay. Nurse : Good night. Nurse : Okay. Patient : Thank you. now let me check your body-temperature. nurse Ian brought Sonia to the ward. he called nurse Ian to move Sonia to the ward. don’t be afraid Sonia. I am nurse Ian who take in chargein this room. Nurse : So. and respiration at the same time) Roleplay Bahasa Inggris Page 3 . doctor. are you ready? Family : Yes. Is that dangerous sir? Doctor : No. You will be fine. Ilham asses Sonia’s stomach. Is it true that I am with Sonia Amalia’s family? Mother : Yes. I am. and must be spend her night in the emergency. Nurse : Now I will check the vital sign of your daughter. could you please checked it fo me? Nurse : Sure. doctor? Doctor : Could you please moved the patient to the ward? Oh I’m forget to check her vital sign. how do you feel now? Patient : I feel powerless and a little bit fever. (Checking the blood preasure. After dr. After finish the asses. Doctor : Nurse Ian? Nurse : Yes. Doctor : Well. So you must spend your night here. sir.

with a powerless complain. Sonia and her mother getting rest that night. Thank you nurse. If there are other complains. In the morning. her body temperature was 37. thank you. Nurse : Excuse me doc. I will prepare the medicine and consult a doctor here. That heals you quickly. the doctor and nurse go to patient room for check the general conditions of patient. antacid. please look for me in the nurse station. Mother : Yes. Nurse : Alright. Nurse Ian give Sonia the medicine. Thank you. accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Patient : Yes. Nurse : Sonia Amalia.9 degrees Celsius. I have done the checking vital sign to patients Sonia Amalia. I also feel nausea and vomiting. See you. Roleplay Bahasa Inggris Page 4 . I will prepare the medicine. antacid and anti-emetic medication to your child. Nurse : Well. Mother : Alright. After she get the medicines. I will later examine her further. Now I will give paracetamol. Doctor : All right. Your body temperature is 37. take this medicine after you eat. Nurse : Excuse me. may Sonia recovery soon. Nurse : You are welcome. give her paracetamol. And so to the nurse and the doctor too. he go to the doctor. After nurse Ian checking the Sonia’s vital sign.9 degrees celsius. Thank you. Is there any other complaints? Patient : Yes. and anti-emetics.

But. Nurse : Excuse me. please try to eat regulary on time and not eat spicy food and sour food such as rujak and young mango. You will be fine. And today you can leave the hospital and you can continue your daily activity at home. And your gastritis was heal and your body-temperature is not too high. you should take your medicine regularly and one more thing. because stress that can raise production your stomach acid. could you tell me where’s the pharmacy is? Roleplay Bahasa Inggris Page 5 . closes to the normal. Doctor : My pleasure. I want to check your stomach and body-temperature now. Doctor : How do you feel now Sonia? Patient : Pretty good doctor. Now I would like to write the prescription for you. (Checking body-temperature) Patient : How is it doc? Doctor : Don’t be afraid Sonia. the doctor and nurse back to the nurse station and start to write the prescription to give to Sonia. nurse. Nurse : Here is the prescription for Sonia. Alright. it’s 37. Are you Sonia’s family? Mother : Yes.5 degrees celcius. After finish writing the prescription. Patient : Good morning. please try to relax and avoid doing something that can raise your stress. my stomachache is gone but still I feel a little bit fever. Could you take this to the pharmacy? Mother : Yes.Doctor : Good morning. Then. Patient : Thank you doctor. Doctor : Okay. Nurse : My pleasure. nurse Ian give the prescription to Sonia’s mother and ask her to take the medicine at the pharmacy. I am. nurse. what should I do for my gastritis? Mother : Thak you doctor. Well.

it would be ready in a few minutes. Mother : Very well. Sonia finally declared cured and want to go home. Thank you. Mother : Okay. Mother : Thank you. Roleplay Bahasa Inggris Page 6 . You can go there by taking the elevator. may I help You? Mother : Yes. Pharmacist : Okay.Nurse : It’s on the second floor. Nurse : You’re welcome. Lisa arrived at the pharmacy. I need this prescription filled. So It can continue her daily activity. Pharmacist : You are welcome. After Mrs. Pharmacist : Good morning. thanks. After spend a night in the General Hospital of Mataram City. she give the prescription to the pharmacicts and she got the medicine for Sonia. Pharmacist : Here is your medicines mam.