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Volume 6Issue 1

JanuaryMarch 2015

Jesus Command: Preach the

Gospel to PeopleServe People



By: Minister Brenda Daniel

The command of Jesus was
that those who are followers of Him would go into all
the world preaching the
gospel to PEOPLE, making
disciples of PEOPLE, and
serving PEOPLE. We are to
do this with the hope and
faith of influencing change
in the lives of PEOPLE! It is
not the Churchs call or
responsibility to change
As Gods ambassadors traveling to different nations
around the world, many
times we find that while
Satan is the cause, it is the
injustice of systems, governments, political platforms of greed, and power
that strives to keep PEOPLE
in bondage. If our attention
and focus is kept on the
world systems (what they
do or dont do or how we
can change it) we will soon
become overwhelmed and
Our efforts
can become and feel like we
are putting a band-aid on a
very large gunshot wound.
Jesus said it this way in
John 17:9-19 :
I pray for them. I do not
pray for the world (system)
but for those whom you
have given Me, for they are
Yours. 10And all Mine are
Yours, and You are Mine
and I am glorified in them.
Now I am no longer in the
world (system), but these

are in the world (system).

And I come to You. Holy
Father, keep through Your
name those whom You have
given Me,[b] that they may
be one as We are. 12 While
I was with them in the
world (system),[c] I kept
them in Your name. Those
whom You gave Me I have
kept;[d] and none of them
is lost except the son of
perdition, that the Scripture
might be fulfilled.
now I come to You and
these things I speak in the
world (system), that they
may have My joy fulfilled in
themselves. 14 I have given
them Your word; and the
world (system) has hated
them because they are not
of the world (system), just
as I am not of the world
(system). 15 I do not pray
that You should take
them out of the world
(system), but that You
should keep them from
the evil one.
They are not of the
world (system), just as I
am not of the world
them by Your truth.
Your word is truth.
As You sent Me into
the world (system), I also
have sent them into the
world (system). 19 And for
their sakes, I sanctify Myself, that they also may be
sanctified by the truth.

Inside this issue:

Could it be that some of the

reasons those few laborers Jesus spoke of in Luke
10:2 are not going or
sent to the field for the
harvest is because we (the
followers of Christ) have
become overwhelmed and
discouraged by focusing on
the worlds system?
It is easy to feel insignificant and powerless when
our focus is on the devastation of organized and controlled poverty, self seeking
political powers, and the
overall planned systems of
Jesus has empowered us to live beyond
the confines of this worlds
system, and to also empower others through the
preaching and teaching of
the Gospel to do the same.

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Brenda Daniel at:

Special points of interest:

Jesus Command: Preach the Gospel to PeopleServe People

The Deliverance of LungaA South

African Young Man

Serving the People in South Africa

and Namibia

Jesus has commanded that His followers

would go into all the world preaching to
PEOPLE, making disciples of PEOPLE and
serving PEOPLE.

After the evil spirit was cast out of Lunga,

he received Christ , began to talk intelligently, and wanted to attend the meeting.

The Deliverance of LungaA South African Young Man

By Minister Brenda Daniel
At Crenshaw Christian Center we
have been well instructed in the
Word of God and the authority we
have in the name of Jesus.

and he could
not intelligently
with his mother.
He would also
go into convulsions and foam
from the mouth.

Recently I led a team made up of

CCC members on an outreach to
South Africa. On the first day of
ministry, a demand on their faith
was made when they were asked to
At first glance
cast a devil out of a boy. Some of
the team was
the team members followed the host
surprised to see
into the courtyard. There they met a
that it was an
woman who wanted prayer for her
adul t
child. When the team members
than a child, but
arrived, they found an 18 year old
Team members Crystal Murray and
young man whose conduct was irrabegan to pray.
Charity Watts with Lunga
tional and bizarre. He ran around the
As they prayed
courtyard in circles.
The mother
and took authorshared that a few months before her sons
ity over the satanic influence, the demons
body suddenly became contorted, and his
lost power and the young man stopped
behavior worsened. His talk was gibberish,
long enough for the team members to get

close and lay their hands on him and pray!

After the evil spirit was cast out, Lunga
received Christ and began to talk to the
team intelligently. He also wanted to attend the meeting that was already in progress.
As they walked through the courtyard, the
crowd that had formed was in amazement
as Lunga, in his right mind, led the ladies
into the conference. He was given food
and drink and sat and listened to the
Word. He would later give his testimony at
the service saying ...My name is Lunga.
Jesus came to me today, and now I am
free! Praise God!
The nations are taken one day, one outreach, one meeting, one conversation or
one person at a time. We are called to
finish those greater works that Jesus
started with PEOPLE.

Serving the People of South Africa and Namibia

The ministry in South Africa included a
womens conference, tent revival
meeting hosted by a local church, outreach to a senior village where food
was provided and distributed, reading
glasses, lunch and mani/pedis for the
ladies. The ministry teams also hosted
an All Faith church meeting at two different churches.

In Namibia, we partnered with Koi International for an outreach to a childrens cancer hospital.

These pictures capture the joy in the

faces of the people.

Outreach to alternative school for girls in

Khomasdal, Namibia
Children in a cancer hospital were prayed for in
Namibia. We also prayed and ministered to the

Koi Internationals Spa Day for workers at Friendly

Haven Shelter for battered women and girls

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We sponsored a spa day outreach for

workers in the Friendly Haven Shelter,
ministered in the womens prison, and
hosted a womens conference in Walvis
Bay as well as a Destiny Seminar for
an alternative school for girls.