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Aardvark Mimicry

Aardvark Mimicry The ability to take on the form and/or characteristics of an


SWOT Analysis of Aardvark Mimicry

From an in-fiction POV aardvarks are not particularly strong compared to predators like
tigers and wolves. Aardvarks are type of character that are inherently exotic. This can be
either a strength or weakness from a narrative perspective.

Cerebus the Aardvark is the most famous aardvark hero and come to think about the
only aardvark hero and dies in Cerebus #200. Cerebus the Lion or Tiger or would not
have been as inherently ironic as choosing an exotic animal such as an aardvark.
Cerebrus challenges the fourth wall via exotic characterization.
Aardvark Mimicry

Gumshoe is Commissioner James Gordon pet aardvark (Capstones DC Super-Pets

Character Encyclopedia). Gordon is a relatively rounded character. Gordon is not just
human but an older human who smokes and is past his prime. An off-beat pet makes
more sense for an off-beat hero like Gordon than a flat character like Superman who has
Aardvark Mimicry

a more "normal" pet like a dog. Aardvarks eat termites! Explaining how Gordon feeds
termites to Gumshoe could provide a comic effect to a narrative about Gordon.