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I. Choose the best answer!

1. Rio : Did you see the One Direction Concert yesterday?

Ann : yes, I did. It was really .................. I enjoyed it very much
A. Amazing C. Disappointing
B. Amazed D. disappointed
2. Sarah : Can you help me read this map? It makes me very ......................
Andi : Let me see. Hmm, Im sorry I cant understand it either.
A. Impressing C. Confused
B. Impressed D. Confusing
3. Suzan : Hi, Mary. How are you today?
Mary : I am fine and I ................. very happy because my cousin will come to this town.
A. Taste C. Look
B. Feel D. sound
4. Chelsee : Why do you like jasmine?
Selvi : Because it ....................fragrant and its very beautiful.
A. Taste C. Smells
B. Looks D. really
5. Johan : Lets go to the cinema at 7 tonight.
Rani : That sounds great, but I didnt think I can. I ...................then.
A. Study C. Will be studying
B. Am studying D. Will study
6. Guest : Could I see the director?
Secretary : Im sorry, Sir. He ............... a meeting at the moment.
A. Has C. Will be having
B. Will have D. Is having
7. Man : excuse me, may I smoke here?
Woman : Look at the sign. Dont you know that it mean...........

A. You are allowed to smoke here

B. There is a cigarette here
C. You must not smoke here
D. This room is smoking are
8. What does this sign mean?

A. You must swim here

B. No body may swim here
C. Here is swimming pool
D. Swimming is not prohibited here
9. Sue : Which gown should I wear, the black or the pink one?
Jill : I think the black one .................for me than the pink one.
A. More suitable C. Suitable
B. The most suitable D. Most suitable
10. Luna : What do you think of the scenery here?
Maya : Its .................... scenery I have ever seen.
A. Beautiful C. The most beautiful
B. More beautiful D. Most beautiful
11. Cicilia: Where is father, Mom?
Mother : He is sleeping .................... his bedroom
A. On C. in
B. At D. beside
12. Stranger : Excuse me, could you show me the way to the post office?
Anita : of course. ..................
A. I dont know
B. Just go ahead, its on the corner of the first t-junction.
C. You can take a taxi
D. You can find it easily.
13. Nia : How about having dinner at the restaurant, Mom.
Mom : well, I prefer having it at home.
From the dialogue we know that ..............
A. Nia want to have dinner at home
B. Mother would rather have dinner at than have it at the restaurant
C. Nia like having dinner at home better than having it at the restaurant
D. Both Nia and Mother prefer having dinner at home to have it at the restaurant.
14. Ana : Lets go to the beach to spend our holiday.
Tom : I dont think its a good ide I ................... mountain to beach. The air is fresher there.
A. Prefer C. Like
B. Would rather D. Rather
15. Ari : have you decided what you will do after finishing your study in SMK
John : of course, I have. ......................................... I want to be able to earn much money
A. I will continue my study to the university if my parents allow me
B. I will try to get scholarship if there is a chance
C. If it is possible, I will find a good job.
D. If I have a choice, I will not work
16. Ike : Will he call me?
Navia : Absolutely, he will call you if he ...............your number
A. Know C. Knew
B. Knows D. Known
17. Elies : What are you doing, Sarah?
Sarah : I ................. a romantic novel.
A. Read C. Am reading
B. Will read D. Reads
18. Tom : can you come to my house at this time tomorrow?
Ima : I ........................... my homework so I think I cant. Im sorry.
A. Did C. Do
B. Will be doing D am doing
19. Eko : do you know the girl sitting ............... Mila and Nancy?
Joe : yes, she is my sisters friend. Why?
A. At C. Among
B. Between D. On
20. Yumna : You look so pretty, Sifa.
Sifa : Thank you to say so. But I think I am still not so ................ you.
A. Beautiful C. More beautiful than
B. Beautiful as D. The most beautiful
For questions number 21-23
Greytown 8.15 10.10 2 $ 20.00 $CLAS
9.20 11.17 5
Westwiew 8.05 10.35 4 $ 39.00 $ 29.00
8.55 11.20 5
9.13 11.42 4
Greenvile 7.40 10.22 12 $ 40.50 $ 31.25
8.35 11.05 12
9.20 12.02 14
Foxly 7.50 12.40 9 $ 65.20 $ 41.25
9.00 13.45 9
21. if someone takes a second class ticket to Greenvile, how much will the ticket cost?
A. $ 20.00
B. $ 29.00
C. $ 31.25
D. $ 41.25
22. How long does the train leaving at 7.50 take to get to Foxly?
A. 4 hours and twenty minutes
B. 4 hours and thrity minutes
C. 4 hour and fourty minutes
D. Four hours and fifty minutes
23. The word depart means
A. Arrival
B. Leave
C. Departure
D. Come


On Friday morning, March 2nd, the water will be shut off in the ladies and mens locker rooms
so that repairs can be made the exact time will be posted on Thursday, March 1st. We apologized
for any inconvenience.
24. Where this notice would be seen?
A. at a gym
B. In a hospital
C. In a dormitory
D. At a hydroelectric plant
25. What will happen on March 2nd
A. The water will not work
B. The club will be closed
C. Members will be notified of the details
D. There will be no electric

From : Kirtya Hotel []

To : Irene Sukandar []
Subject: Re: Reservation for a Bussines Trip

We do have the type of room that you want. It costs Rp 1,100,000 per night. However, for the
first night of your stay only, I will have to give you a king-sized bed as there are no queens
available that night. It costs an extra Rp 250,000. I hope this will suit you. Starting on April 15,
you can have the type you requested. I can confirm that we are located very close to the
Convention Center, just one block further than you thought. It is a very pleasant walk through a
park to the center, and Im sure you will enjoy it. We do have a pool, but unfortunately it is
currently closed for repairs. There is a full-service restaurant, poppies, located in the hotel. Hotel
guests are entitled to a free breakfast there. Lunch and dinner are also served and can be charged
to your room for your convenience. If you would like to go ahead with your reservation, please
send me your credit card information as soon as possible.
26. When does Irene Sukandar want to begin her stay at Kitya Hotel?
A. April 14
B. April 15
C. April 16
D. April 17
27. What kind of room does she request?
A. A room for one person.
B. A room with two queen-sized bed.
C. A room near the pool.
D. A room with a view of the park.
28. If Irene Sukandar makes the reservation suggested in the hotel e-mail, how much will she
A. Rp 1,100,000
B. Rp 1,350,000
C. Rp 4,650,000
D. Rp 5,000,000
29. How far is the hotel from the Conversation Center?
A. One block
B. Two blocks
C. Three blocks
D. Four blocks
30. What is included in the price of the hotel room?
A. Breakfast
B. Room Service
C. Use of the pool
D. Use of the weight room


To : Mr. Totok
From : Director
Subject : Head of Marketing meeting
Date : April 5th,2006
Please attend the meeting at Sheraton Hotel on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 at 9 a.m. on behalf of the
director. Looking forward to your report upon the completion of the meeting
1. What should the receiver do?
2. When did the director write the memo?
3. Who is the addressee of the memo?
4. Make sentences by using the following word
- As Handsome as
- More handsome
- The most Handsome
5. Complete the following sentences by using the appropriate pronoun!
- This umbrella is mine and this rain coat is
- Mrs. Siska who parks car under the shade tree is my sister