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Dear all,
I am creating a database/links file of all the sources available for students to get fundings from other resources. So it
is a request to all of you that fill up this file with the resources you know that students can use to fund thier studies
abroad with also the information you know about it or how to apply for them even.

1) Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships

Normally dates end in March

2)Rotary Grants
Dates vary

3)OFID Scholarship
Ususally for one year masters

Gives Interest free loans

5)Crowdfunding websites

6)HEC Partial support for PhD

Dates full year open

7)National Bank Loan Scheme

Have no exact idea

8) ICT R & D
Get Your Final Year Project Funded
Use google to search the links

9)People who are looking for fundings in Canada for MS, PhD, Post Docs, IDRC Funding

10)People who want to get funding for their study in Germany by Bayer Foundation in fields of sciences and
engineering, human and veterinary medicine ,commercial, science/technical and health care
Last Dates are : Applications can be submitted from June 1, 2014 to July 15, 2014.

11) External Funding to Christian students for graduate studies in premier universities in the world
Harvey Fellows Program provides scholarships to Christian students who are pursuing graduate studies at premier
universities in fields considered to be underrepresented by Christians and who possess a unique vision to impact
society through their vocations.
12)External Fundings for people who are going for Masters in or relevant to Sustainable Energy
development field in any university
do check deadlines as next deadline will be posted in Novermber

13)External funding (not much though) for people studying in USA or Canada in any degree with course
work remaining
International Peace Scholarship (IPS Scholarship) of P.E.O Foundation

14)External Funding for people who want to do PhD or post doctorate at Malaysia in any university there, they
can use this scholarship opportunity to fund their PhD or Post doctorate
Human Life Advancement Foundation Science & Technology Scholarships
Deadline: 15 June, every year

For finding international scholarships for funding of your degree, use these guides, Check every oppurtunity
and find out your eligibility

Check the videos related to your interest in this channel

Follow this

Check the pinned post and file section of group for samples of your required documents

Dear, please search for scholarship in your field through the search bar of the group using any keyword e.g
"undergraduate" or "fsc" or "biology". Then, Read the previous posts as much as you can and also read their
comments section. It is a good chance that you will find your related scholarship, previously posted by some one
else. Even, if you find there deadlines passed, check their requirements and try to work on them e.g IELTS or
research proposal etc, so that you could try next time, whenever you find opportunity again. Also check the file
section of the group for finding admission process in universities in different countries. check the scholarship
guides in the file section.

Follow this list to find scholarships in any domain

Follow these docs to know about PhD selection process

SN Pakistan,
Waqar Baig