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TAHUN 2011

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Kelas/Jurusan : X/Pemasaran

Hari/Tanggal : ............,....... Desember 2011 Alokasi Waktu : 120 Menit

1. Isikan Identitas Anda kedalam lembar jawaban yang telah tersedia
2. Periksa dan bacalah soal soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya
3. Selesaikan soal jawaban sesuai dengan perintah dan gunakanlah bollpoint/pulpen hitam/biru
4. Dahulukan jawab soal soal yang diannggap mudah
5. laporkan kepada Pengawas apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak atau tidak
6. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas bila diperlukan
7. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas

Choose the correct answer by crossing a,b,c d or e !

1. When she arrives at school 6.45 am, Atty greets her teacher by saying .
a. Good morning
b. Good night
c. Good afternoon
d. Hello
e. Good bye
2. A : How are John and Harry?
B : They .Thank you
a. Is fine
b. Not well
c. See you
d. Are fine
e. Will fine
3. The shoes are fairly new are in good condition.
a. They
b. Their
c. Them
d. Theirs
e. it
4. Both of my brother and I refused to sign the petition, nobody could force .
a. Him
b. Them
c. Me
d. Us
e. You
5. Mr. Ridwan : I really for disturbing you.
Mrs Rika : Its Ok
a. Sorry
b. Fine
c. apologized
d. Thats nice
e. Kind of you
6. Jaka : Id like some chocolate ice
cream , please?
Waitress : ., we havent got any chocolate left.
a. I already order Miss
b. Please go ahead
c. Im sorry Miss
d. Ive served
e. I have chocolate
7. A : Let me introduce my self. I am Rika, I
B : How do you Rika?
a. Sixteen years old
b. Oh, yes
c. Thank you
d. Hello
e. Hi
8. Riski : Rita, My friend Budi.
Rita : How do you do.
Budi : How do you do.
a. Nice to meet you
b. Id like to visit you
c. Id like to meet you
d. Nice to meet him
e. Id like to introduce
9. Yuni served delicious dinner to her guest,
Anita : Thank you for the delicious dinner,
Yuni : .
a. Im very hungry too
b. Dont eat too much
c. Its my pleasure
d. When will you invite me
e. Yes, Im
10. X : Ill always be to you for what you
have done
Y : Dont mention it
a. Thanks
b. Thankless
c. Thank full
d. Thank giving
e. Thank you
11. They always late in the morning. His mother is always angry with him.
a. Waken up
b. Worked out
c. Woke up
d. Woke up
e. Wakes up
12. Riri : Raka, Diana not here at the
Raka : I see.
a. Is
b. Do
c. Be
d. Am
e. does
13. A : Where is your class room located?
B : Its at the . Of our school building.
a. Beside
b. First floor
c. Second
d. Inside
e. outside
14. A : What is the second day of the week?
B : It is .
a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Tuesday
d. Friday
e. Saturday
15. Anthony is American, he speaks .
a. Dutch
b. English
c. Malaysian
d. French
e. Japanese
16. Mr. Suryana is from Bogor. His country is . And his language in Indonesian.
a. China
b. Japan
c. Singapore
d. Indonesia
e. London
17. Ali : Hi, Rika where do you work?
Rika : I work in the hospital, I always
examine the patients.
Ali : So, you are arent you?
a. Nurse
b. Baby sister
c. Driver
d. Mechanic
e. Doctor
18. Rima : Rob, how does Andys painting look
Roby : wow .
a. Its given to my mother
b. I will sell it next week
c. The painting is bad
d. It is inside the room
e. Its beautiful and expensive
19. Manager : Riska, what is your new
secretary look like?
Riska : .
a. I put it on the table
b. They cant keep a secret
c. Shes very efficient
d. She is typing letter
e. She is busy to meet
20. The SMK students wearing grey skirt and
a. White
b. Blue
c. Brown
d. Pink
e. purple
21. The shape of a coin is ..
a. Triangle
b. Round
c. Rectangle
d. Circle
e. crescent
22. The size of elephant is .
a. Long
b. Small
c. Thin
d. Big
e. Light
23. The shape of is cylinder.
a. Ball
b. Table
c. Book
d. Pipe
e. Coin
24. The antonym of these words; beautiful, tall, and slim are
a. Handsome, tall, slim
b. Slim, ugly, good
c. Bad, beautiful, fat
d. Fat, tall, short
e. Ugly, short, fat
25. Andi is a good person, he always kind to everybody. The synonym of good is .
a. Nice
b. Fine
c. Bad
d. Naughty
e. spoil
26. Teacher : Siska, do you know the
celebration of independence day?
Siska : I know, it is on .
a. 17th August
b. In August
c. 17th October
d. 22nd December
e. 10th November
27. How do you say in English 200. 523?
a. Two hundred thousand and five hundred twenty three.
b. Two zero zero five thousand two three.
c. Two hundred thousand five hundred twenty five
d. Two thousand hundred
e. Five hundred and twenty three
28. X : .
Y : No, she is short, she is only 140
centimeter high.
a. Is she your sister?
b. Is your sister tall?
c. Where is your sister?
d. How is your sister
e. May I know your sister?
29. X : . Do you wear in shoes?
Y : Its 40
a. What shape
b. What size
c. What material
d. What color
e. What is made of
30. X : thank you for call me.
a b
Y : Dont say that. I just want to know
C d
your condition.
31. X : Do you know that man?
a b
Y : Yes, I know her but I cant remember
c d
his name.
32. Dani : Hi, Ebiet. This are Nani, my sister
a b c
Ebiet :Nice to meet you.
d e
33. I have five childs and all of them are boys.
a b c d e
34. Gerald is from French, he can speak English well.
a b c d e
35. Im very tired. I couldnt sleep good last night.
a b c d e
Question no 36-40
The museum of Technology is a hands on museum, designed for people to experience science at
work. Visitors are encouraged to use, test, and handle the objects on display. Special demonstrations
are scheduled for first and second. Wednesday at each month at 13.30. Open Tuesday Friday
12.00 16.30, Saturday 10.00 17.30, and Sunday 11.00 16.30.

36. There are the following things the visitors can do, except .
a. To use the objects on display.
b. To test the objects on display
c. To special demonstration
d. To create their own objects on display
e. To special demonstration
37. When can the visitor is the museum on Thursday?
a. At 13.30-17.30
b. At 13.30
c. At 10.00-17.30
d. At 12.00-1630
e. At 11.00-13.30
38. Why was the museum of technology built?
a. To give amusement
b. To show the development of art
c. To experience science at work
d. To control the mans behavior
e. To handle the objects on display
39. When can the visitors see the special demonstration?
a. Everyday
b. Every weekend
c. Every Sunday
d. The first and second Wednesday
e. At 12.00-16.30
40. These are the days that visitors can go to the museum, except .
a. Tuesday
b. Friday
c. Sunday
d. Monday
e. Everyday
41. Sasi : I lost my luggage at the airport
Udin : .
a. So sad
b. Pardon me?
c. Cool !
d. Wow, fantastic
e. Im sorry to hear that
42. Bisma : Could you help me solve this math
Fajri : . You should do it by yourself.
a. Horrible
b. Thats awesome
c. Pity me
d. Im sorry
e. Im afraid I cant
43. X : Would you be so kind to this
window for me?
Y : All right.
X : Thanks
a. Opening
b. Opened
c. Opens
d. To open
e. Open
44. Would you mind . Me a push? My car has stalled.
a. Pushing
b. To push
c. Pushed
d. Push
e. Pushes
45. The following sentences express command, except .
a. Where can I put this book?
b. Would you mind ironing my cloth?
c. Please, pick me up before 07.00, will you?
d. Would you please tell him that Im here?
e. Sweep the floor, will you please.
46. A : Is Lia very today?
B : Yes, of course. She gets good marks
for her test?
a. Happy
b. Sick
c. Disappointed
d. Sad
e. Confuse
Read the following advertisement! Question 47- 50
Save more than 35%
On a super soft 100% cotton cardigan.
A great addition to any wardrobe.
Machine wash and dry.
Available in the following colors: white, lemon yellow, lime green, and orange.
Original price $ 38: now a great deal
At $ 24.00!
47. What was it made?
a. Catton
b. Silk
c. Wood
d. Glass
e. Metal
48. What is the sale price?
a. $ 38.00
b. $ 50.00
c. $ 24.00
d. $ 25.00
e. $ 35.00
49. What is being advertised?
a. Washing machine
b. Fruit
c. Bed
d. Clothing
e. Dress
50. The customer can find the item in the following colors, except .
a. Magenta
b. Lemon yellow
c. White
d. Red
e. Orange

Questions 36-40 are based on Texts 3 and 4.

Text 3

From : Irene Sukandar []

To : Kirtya Hotel []
Subject : Room Reservation

I need a single room with a queen-sized bed for four nights, from April 14 until April 17. Do
you have a room available then? I will be attending a conference at the Convention Center
and I understand that your hotel is just two blocks from there. Please confirm this for me as I
dont want to have to walk far or deal with cabs. Also, do you have a pool and a weight
room? Is there a restaurant located in or near the hotel?
Thank you for your help.

Text 4
From : Kirtya Hotel []
To : Irene Sukandar []
Subject: Re: Reservation for a Bussines Trip

We do have the type of room that you want. It costs Rp 1,100,000 per night. However, for the
first night of your stay only, I will have to give you a king-sized bed as there are no queens
available that night. It costs an extra Rp 250,000. I hope this will suit you. Starting on April
15, you can have the type you requested. I can confirm that we are located very close to the
Convention Center, just one block further than you thought. It is a very pleasant walk through
a park to the center, and Im sure you will enjoy it. We do have a pool, but unfortunately it is
currently closed for repairs. There is a full-service restaurant, poppies, located in the hotel.
Hotel guests are entitled to a free breakfast there. Lunch and dinner are also served and can
be charged to your room for your convenience. If you would like to go ahead with your
reservation, please send me your credit card information as soon as possible.

36. When does Irene Sukandar want to begin her stay at Kitya Hotel?
a. April 14
b. April 15
c. April 16
d. April 17

37. What kind of room does she request?

a. A room for one person.
b. A room with two queen-sized bed.
c. A room near the pool.
d. A room with a view of the park.

38. If Irene Sukandar makes the reservation suggested in the hotel e-mail, how much will she
a. Rp 1,100,000
b. Rp 1,350,000
c. Rp 4,650,000
d. Rp 5,000,000

39. How far is the hotel from the Conversation Center?

a. One block
b. Two blocks
c. Three blocks
d. Four blocks

40. What is included in the price of the hotel room?

a. Breakfast
b. Room Service
c. Use of the pool
d. Use of the weight room

41. I prefer working at the office working at the factory.

a. than
b. to than
c. better than
d. rather than

42. A : Will you go to the office with me?

a. I would rather stay here than go
b. I would rather stay here than going
c. I would rather stay here from go
d. I would rather stay here to go

43. Which of the sentence indicates preference?

a. Deni doesn't like to apply for the job as a salesman.
b. Rendi prefers become a programmer rather than an operator.
c. I like to stay all night to work.
d. My manager asks me to write a reference letter.

44. All his friends believe that he can do his job very well. It means he do his job well.
a. may
b. could
c. will
d. is able to

45. "I could have asked somebody else to finish this report," means
a. I finished the report
b. Somebody else finished the report
c. I asked somebody to finish the report
d. I don't want to finish the report

46. The human resource manager made the applicant two hours.
a. wait
b. waits
c. waited
d. waiting

47. Mr. Gusman cant have the package until Saturday.

a. deliver
b. will deliver
c. delivering
d. delivered

48. Ill have my assistant for an appointment.

a. call
b. calling
c. called
d. will call

49. If Mrs. Sudarmo this report before 2.00, her secretary will type it.
a. will finish
b. finished
c. has finished
d. finishes

Read the text and choose the word that best completes each sentence.


Class registration begins July 11. and classes begin July 18. If you 50 for a class after

July 17 you will have to pay a Rp 250,000 late registration fee. You will have to have a
signed permission letter from the course instructor if you sign up for an advanced level class.

If a class 51 due to low enrollment... the university will contact you. We recommend that
you provide your phone number and e-mail address on your course selections is no longer
available. We cannot 52 you if we dont have this information. Our staff is not responsible for
searching for you in a directory

50. a. register
b. to register
c. will register
d. is going to register

51. a. cancels
b. is canceled
c. will cancel
d. be canceled

52. a. contact
b. enroll
c. instruct
d. recommend

To :
From :

Re : Where to hold the meeting

We need to find a place for our meeting Wednesday. If the conference room 53 available, we
could have it there. Unfortunately Dani reserved it for a small workshop. If I were running a
workshop with only five people I would switch it to the lounge. However, I already talked to
Dani and he doesnt want to relocate. He says the conference room is more suitable for his
role-playing activities.

Dina Safiras office is very big. If I 54 friendlier with her, I would ask to use it. You know
her, dont you? Why dont you ask her? If I 55 I would offer her a free lunch or something
for doing it.


53. a. is
b. was
c. were
d. will be

54. a. am
b. was
c. had been
d. were

55. a. were here

b. was you
c. were you
d. were me

36. c
37. d
38. c
39. d
40. c
41. d
42. b
43. b
44. d
45. c
46. a
47. d
48. a
49. d
50. a
51. b
52. a
53. b
54. d
55. c
1. Before ... to bed, I set the alarm clock to ring at six.
a. to go c. go
b. I going d. went

2. Father : Why do you get home late, Son?

Soni : To attend the burial of Atok's grandma.
Father : ... is she burried?
Soni : In the "Wijayabrata cemetery."
a. When c. Who
b. Where d. What

3. I ... Marry tomorrow.

a. help c. will be helping
b. Will be helped d. being helping

4. We will not be ...

a. working c. is working
b. work d. worked

5. The man ... the red jacket is my uncle.

a. on c. in
b. at d. under

6. There ... a cinema and a hotel in this street.

a. is c. be
c. are e. were

7. We won't be hit by traffic if we cross on the ...

a. zebra-crossing c. flyover
c. footbridge d. pavement

8. In big cities there are many ..., especially in the rush hours, from seven to eight in the morning and
from seven to eight in the morning and from one p.m. to three p.m.
a. pollutions c. fly over
b. traffic jams d. traffic-accidents

9. The Picture tells ....

a. don't cross the street
b. be careful the street is slippery
c. be careful there are a lot of children on the street
c. don't turn left

Number Name Age in Year

1. Salsa 13
2. Dzaky 9
3. Renny 14

10. a. Dzaky is older than Salsa c. Dzaky is the youngest one

b. Renny is younger than Salsa d. Salsa is as old as Renny

11. This letter is for me not for ...

a. himself c. him
b. his d.he.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Campus information 886-2791

Health Center 886-3499
Housing Office 886-1265
International Office 886-5835
Police 886-6666
Residence hall 886-9210

12. In order to make an appointment with doctor, which number would one call?
a. 886-2791 c. 886-3499
b. 886-1265 d. 886-9210

13. Which number would one call in order to obtain a telephone number not listed in the directory?
a. 886-2791 c. 866-6666
b. 886-9210 d. 886-1265

14. Which number would one call in order to contact a student staying in the dormitory?
a. 886-3499 c. 886-5835
b. 886-9210 d. 886-2791
15. Doni : Well, what city will we visit next, Yogya or Malang?
Indra : I'd rather visit Yogya than Malang. I want to learn more about Yogya.
The underlined utterance expresses ....
a. Preference c. anxiety
b. desire d. advice

16. Ani : Have you finished doing your English assignment?

Ina : Yes, I have.
Ani : May I borrow it?
Ina : I'm sorry ... now.
a. I will get my brother to check it
b. I am having my brother to check it
c. I will check my brother
d. I will have my brother to check it

17. The operator asked Tono's sister if .. knew where to reach Rini.
a. her c. he
b. She d. him

18. Icha will come if we ... her.

a. inviting c. invite
b. invited d. invites

19. If I ... you, I would buy a new car.

a. were c. am
b. was d. had been

20. ... you tell me the way to railway station?

a. would c. could
b. shall d. did

Text 1
Early one morning, Umar was walking to the bus stop to catch a bus to school. A
loud, screeching noise suddenly pierced the air. Umar realized that there had been an
accident. A small boy was lying unconscious on the road, and the car that had hit him had
already run away.
Umar was confused and frightened. is the boy dead? Umar asked himself. However,
the boy was still breathing. Umar could see that the boy had bruises all over his face and
Umar did not know what to do. Few cars passed along this road at this time of the
day. The nearest house which he could go to for help was his own, but it would take ten
minutes to walk there. Umar finally decided to stay with the boy until somebody came by.
Time passed very slowly so it seemed to Umar. The boy was still unconscious, and
Umar prayed for the boy to regain consciousness.
Umar sprang to his feet at the sound of an approaching car. He waved frantically at
the driver to stop. Umar asked the driver,You will help this boy, won,t you, Sir? The driver
was kind. He carried the injuried boy to the car. Umar went with them to the hospital. Later,
the driver took Umar to the police station to report the accident.
Umar had a lot to tell to his friends that day at school. All his friends though Umar
was a very brave was an unforgettable incident, wasn,t it? They asked him.
Yes, it was, Umar was a terrifying experience, thought!

1. What is the genre of the text?

a. Descriptive c. Narrative e. News item
b. Recount d. Procedure
2. The purpose of the text is to .
a. tell a past event d. report a phenomena
b. entertain readers e. describe Umar,s activity
c. discuss something
3. Umar and the helpful driver went to the police station after they .
a. stopped the approaching car
b. reported the accident they saw
c. brought the boy to the nearest house
d. had seen the injured boy on the road
e. had carried the injured boy to the hospital

4. Time passed very slowly .( paragraph 4 )

This part of the text is called .
a. Description c. Event e. Reorientation
b. Resolution d. Orientation

5. What do Umar,s friends think about him .

a. he is an honest boy d. he is a kind boy
b. he is a coward boy e. he is an easy going boy
c. he is a very brave boy

6. The old woman was feel . after she had heard that her beloved son was seriousely injured
in a terrible accident.
a. delighted c. sorrow e. sadness
b. regreet d. unconscious

7. The room is to narrow, we need a . of air in here.

a. parfum c. light e. pipe
b. breath d. realease

Text 2
Once upon a time a hawk feel in love with a hen. The hawk flew down from the sky
and asked the hen, Won,t you marry me?
The hen loved the brave, strong hawk and wishes to marry him.But she said,I cannot
fly as high as you can. If you give me time, I may learn to fly as high as you. Then, we can
fly together.
The hawk agreed. Before he went away, he gave the hen a ring. This is to show that
you have promised to marry me,said the hawk.
So it happened that the hen had already promised to marry a rooster. So, when the
rooster saw the ring, he became very angry. Throw that ring away at once! Didn,t you tell
the hawk that you,d already promised to marry me? shouted the rooster .The hen was so
frightened at the rooster anger that she threw away the ring immediately.
When the hawk came the next day, the hen told him the truth. The hawk was so
furious that he cursed the hen. Why didn,t you tell me earlier? Now, You,ll always be
scratching the earth, and I,ll always be flying above you to catch your children,said the
The curse seems to have come true.

8. What is the genre of the text?

a. Descriptive c. Narrative e. News item
b. Recount d. Procedure

9. Why couldn,t the hen say yes right away?

a. because she did not love the hawk
b. because she had no ring to exchange
c. because it would make the roaster angry
d. because the hawk was too brave and strong
e. because she had to learn how to fly as high as the hawk

10. What is the story about?

a. A hen and a rooster
b. A hawk and his wife
c. A hen and her children
d. A rooster ang his fianc
e. A hawk, a hen and a rooster

11. The hawk flew down from the sky and asked the hen,won,t you marry me?(paragraph 1).
What does the underlined utterance mean?
a. The hen wanted to marry the hawk
b. The hen refused to marry the hawk
c. The hen agreed to be the hawk,s wife
d. The hawk proposed the hen to be his wife
e. The hawk wanted to marry the hen at the sky

12. Why was the rooster angry when he saw the ring?
a. The hen had betrayed him
b. The hen had stolen his ring
c. The hen didn,t wear her own ring
d. The ring was not good for the hen
e. The ring was to small for the hen

13. What can we learn from the story? We have to .

a. take care of our children
b. keep our promise
c. love one another
d. listen to other
e. marry soon

14. The hen loved the brave .(paragraph 2)

This part of text called .
a. Resolution c. Event e. Orientation
b. Step d. Major complication

15. When the hawk came .(paragraph 5)

This part of the text called
a. Resolution c. Event e. Orientation
b. Step d. Major complication

16. After the passengers had been out from the plane board, the stewardess collect the trash
which may be . By the passengers.
a. through c. set up e. saved
b. throw d. thrown

17. You needn,t to ., because we have heard your voice clearly.

a. loud c. whisper e. louder
b. shout d. shouting

18. What is the tense that use on the text above?

a. Past tense d. Perfect tense
b. Present tense e. Past perfect tense
c. Future tense

19. Didn,t you tell the hawk that you,d already promised to marry me?
Shouted the rooster.
Which word of the following words has the closest meaning with the underlined word?
a. loud c. terrify e. speak
b. louder d. scream

20. The hawk was so furious that he cursed the hen. One of the following words is the
anthonyme of the underlined word.
a. happy c. angry e. dissapointed
b. delighted d. regret

Text 3
How to make a Ballon Powered Rocket
You will need a ballon, sticky tape, sensors, string, a plastic drinking straw.
1. Thread the string carefully through the drinking straw.
2. The one end of the string to an object (tree, door handle, post, and so on)
3. The other end of the string to something ten meters away making sure that the string
is tight.
4. Cut two pieces of sticky tape.
5. Gently blow a little air into the ballon.
6. Hold the end of the ballon tightly so the air does not escape.
7. Tape the ballon firmly to the straw.
8. Blow more air into the ballon and again hold the end tighly.
9. Quickly release the end of the ballon and watch it travel along the string.

21. What is the genre of the text?

a. Procedure c. exposition e. spoof
b. report d. narrative

22. What is the communicative purpose of the text?

a. To tell the story of a ballon
b. To retell the event
c. To explain the steps how to make a ballon power rocket
d. To describe the ballon
e. To inform the reader how to do something

23. What is the goal of the text?

a. Telling about the ballon powered rocket
b. Making a ballon powered rocket
c. Making a rocket power ballon
d. Powered rocket with ballon
e. Powered rocket is a ballon

24. You will need a ballon, sticky tape, sensors, string, a plastick drinking, straw.
What do we call this part of the text?
a. Goal c. Event e. Materials
b. Stept d. Coda

25. How many materials are needed to make a ballon powered rocket .
a. 3 b. 2 c. 4 d. 5 e.6

How To Use A Public Telephone

26. First,the phone receiver.

a. put of c.take e.push
b.lift d. pull

27. Then, ..the coin (s)

a.enter c. move e. deliver
b.throw d. change

28. Next,the number you want.

a. dial c. dial e. read d. hit

29. wait for the dial .

a. instaled c.connecting e. connected
b. relate d.relating

30. finally,put the .. back after you finish the call.

a. calle c. button e. cable
b. stick d. receiver

31. David : do you do?

Martin :
a. How do you do c. Im fine, and you? e. a and b are
b. Nice to meet you d. not bad

32. pete : How about having dinner with me tonight?

Kate : Thanks you, Id love to.
From the dialogue above we conclude that ..
a. kate declines the the invitation d. pete invites kate to have dinner together
b. pete want to hve dinner e. pete make a date with kate
c. kate love pete

33. The boy : , madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you?

The old lady : By all means.
a. Hi c. Hello e. Nice to meet you
b. Excuse me d. How do you do

34. April : my brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of prominent
university in America.
Ivone : ..
a. Im glad to hear that c. its common e. Im not satisfied
b. Im sorry to know that d. Im not surprise

35. Cavin : You know Ritas father is hospitalized for his serious illness.
Barbara : .
a. She must be very sad d. Its borring
b. She must be very happy e. its good idea
c. Excuse me

36. Directure : Type and report the meeting conclusion immediately!

Secretary : All right, sir!
The underlined words express ..
a. demand c. instruction e. comment
b. request d. command

37. when father came, children . A TV programe.

a. was watching TV c. watching TV e. watches
b. were watching TV d. watch

38. David usually to the book store twice a month.

a. attending c. has attended e. attended
b.attend d. attends
39. Teacher 1 : Did you see the head master?
Teacher 2 : Yes, he in the library now.
a. reads a magazines d. read a magazine
b. is reading a magazine e. has read a magazine
c. was reading a magazine

40. Deborah : My brother . To america for countinuing his study next weak.
Roberta : Thats great.
a. will leave c. leaving e. left
b. leaves d. has left

41. Tina : When you cut your hair so masculine?

Martin : I have the barber cut it yesterday.
a. does c. did e. doing
b. do d. have done

42. Mr. Watson is teacher. She teaches in (famous - a school big) the good arrangement for
the words in the bracket is .
a. a school big famous d. a famous big school
b. famous a school big e. a big famous school
c. a big school favorite

43. Ramzy : wow! Thats a lovely bandana, it new?

Tami : yes it is. Thanks a lot
Ramzy : The color and the model look nice on you.
Tami : oh, I am. I am really love this bandana.
Ramzy : Did you buy it your self? It must be expensive!
Tami : Certainly not. Iyus . My lovely brother bought it for me as a gift.
Ramzy : Did he? What a generous brother you have!
What is the gambit of the dialogue above..?
a. leave taking c. asking information e. breking in
b. giving compliment d. guessing

The chairman and director of general mercantile ltd

Request the presence of

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackso

To the opening ceremony of the branch office of general mercantile at 300,

Victoria strees, London E.C. at 7.Pm.
On Thusrday, 1 st April 2008.

Evening Dress RSVP Secretary

44. What is the invitation about ?

a. Request of presence d. General mercantile ltd.
b. The opening ceremony of new branch office e. RSVP to the Secretary
c. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson

45. Who were invited to the opening ceremony ?

a. The chairman c. Generel mercantile e. The secretary
b. The Director d. Mr and Mrs. Frank Jackson

46. Where was the opening ceremony held ?

a. 3000, Victoria street, London BC.

b. 300, Victoria street, London EC
c. 30, Victoria street, London EC
d. 30, Victoria street, London AC
e. 30, Victoria street, London BC

47. Which statement is correct ?

a. a large expensive round wooden table

b. a young sexy interesting lady
c. a Beautiful magnificient museum
d. Borobudur is a high and unique temple
e. Look at the nice blue and beautiful sky

Choose the best pronoun !

48. Julie fell off her bicycle and broke .. arm
a. hers c. his e. he
b. her d. him

49. adam and Amanda are merried in an apartment buiding.

a. They c. Theirs e. They are
b. Them d. Their

50. we live in the same building apartment has one bedroom.

a. Ours c. Our e. Us

b. We d. We are

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