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1) According to ISO 8217 : 2010 CCAI lower limit

a) 850 upper
b) 850 lower
c) 870 upper
d) 870 lower

2) Purpose of anti-polishing
a) Linear cleaning ans
b) Used below the piston ring to reduce cylinder oil feed
c) of removing possible carbon deposit and carbon residue from
the upper portion of the piston

3) At what stroke 4 stoke gudgeon pin is lubricated

a) Suction and compression stroke
b) Suction and exhaust stroke
d) All stroke

4) Another name of auto back wash filter

a) Hot filter
b) Strainer
c) Separator
d) Cold filter

5) F.O having CCAI no. less than 870

a) Good
b) Excellent
c) Bad
d) Very bad

6) What does grease property number indicates

a) Fluid or non fluid
b) Load bearing capacity

7) Crank pin lubrication in MAN B & W engine

a) Telescopic pipe
b) Drilled bore in crankshaft
c) Drilled passage inside to convey lubricating oil from the crosshead to the crankpin
bearing. (new) ans

8) Exhaust valve hydraulically operated and closed by=valve spring

9) Comparison between piston ring and cylinder linear material with respect to hardness
a) Same
b) Higher
c) Lower

10) What is the % of bore diameter with linear wear

a) 0.01
b) 0.02
c) 0.1
d) 0.2
11) Effective stroke of constant pr. T/C ________ than the same size pulse T/C
a) Very short
b) Shorter
c) Longer
d) Not related. Shorter or longer

12) Transverse girder support what kind of bearing

a) Saddle bearing
b) Pedestal bearing
c) Main bearing
d) Thickshell bearing

13) Main bearing load transfer to bed plate

a) Saddle bearing
b) Underslung
c) Pedestal bearing
d) Thickshell bearing

14) In which type of engine oil control ring is used (1191 uscg) ans not clear
a) 2 stroke
b) 4 stroke
c) Both
d) Splash lubricated trunk type

15) Reason for increases in clearance between rocker arm and push rod
a) Valve seat worn out( decrease in clearance)
b) Presence of dirt
c) Both

16) ESD stands for=

17) Extreme additive oil used in=gear oil

18) Why cross head lubrication takes place

a) Cavity form
b) Permanent cavity
c) Viscosity increased
d) Molecular layer

19) What is the function of piston ring coating

a) To prevent scuffing
b) To prevent corrosion
c) To prevent bedding
d) All of the above

20) Purpose of piston ring coating

a) For running in
b) Corrosion resistance
c) Stress failure
d) None of the above

21) During running in period L.O doses between piston and liner
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Same
d) None of the above

22) Grease semi solid to liquid

a) Drop point
b) Flow point

23) Which kind of F.O is required in SECA areas

a) SAE 30 , TBN 60
b) SAE 40 , TBN 50
c) SAE 30 , TBN 70
d) SAE 40 , TBN 60

24) Crosshead bearing material=tin-Al-white metal thin shell bearing

25) Which type of lubrication takes place between piston ring and liner
a) Hydrodynamic lubrication
b) Boundary lubrication
c) Elasto hydrodynamic lubrication
d) None of the above

26) Which type of lubrication takes place between pin and bearing
a) Hydrodynamic lubrication
b) Hydrostatic lubrication
c) Elasto hydrodynamic lubrication
d) None of the above

27) Main bearing lubrication

a) Hydrodynamic lubrication
b) Elasto hydrodynamic lubrication

28) Crosshead lubrication

a) Elasto hydrodynamic lubrication
b) Boundary lubrication

29) When 2 surfaces are rubbing each other, which type of lubrication takes place
a) Wedge lubrication
b) Splash lubrication

30) When to carry out polishing of liner

a) As recommended by manufacturer
b) Reconditioned
c) When wear takes place

31) How saddle bearing is supported

a) Transverse girder
b) Longitudinal girder
c) Bed plate
d) None of the above

32) Viscosity index of cylinder lube oil

a) 50
b) 70
c) >75
d) >95
33) Flash point of cylinder lube oil
a) >150
b) >200
c) >50
d) >100

34) Pig iron manufacture_________ process __________furnace

a) Forging , cupula (cast iron)
b) .. , puddling wrought iron)
c) Smelting , blast furnace (pig iron)
d) .

35) cast iron manufacture_________ process __________furnace

a) remelting, forging, cupola

36) wrought iron manufacture_________ process __________furnace

a)puddling process

37) Mitsui bishi 2 stroke crank pin lubrication

a) Swinging arm
b) Telescopic pipe
d) None of the above

38) In T/C bearing how is roller bearing fitted

a) Leaf spring b/w bearing and bearing housing
b) Rubber pad b/w bearing and bearing housing
c) Coil spring b/w bearing and bearing housing
d) Casing

39) Injector temp. is the function of

a) Viscosity
b) Ignition
c) Specific gravity
d) All of the above

40) F.O high pr. Pipe to be protected from vibration using (uscg- 52)
a) Flexible non metallic material
b) Aluminium with expansion ends
c) Welded Flange joints
d) A short length of heavy duty clear plastic tubing.

41) Insufficient axial thickness of piston ring may cause (pg38)

a) Jamming in groove
b) Scrapping from liner
c) Does not form oil wedge
d) All of the above

42) Crankcase L.O viscosity decreases what will be the cause

a) Liner L.O contamination
b) D.O contamination
d) None of the above

43) In (PLAN /75*60) what is the unit of P ( arhana pg 308) and 75*60 is conversion of
kg-m/min to hp in mtrs)
a) Pascal
b) Bar
c) Kg/cm2
d) N/m2

44) Vessel is rolling and the effect of rolling on main engine is prevented by
a) Partially by liner and piston skirt and partially by crosshead guide
b) Partly by crosshead guide and shoe
c) Only by liner
d) None of the above

45) HVOF=high velocity oxygen fuel

46) L.O best property

a) Oiliness
b) Detergency
c) Antifoaming
d) Dispersancy

47) Main engine cylinder L.O property

a) Oiliness,viscosity, tbn
b) Detergency
c) Antifoaming
d) Dispersancy

48) L.O property

a) Detergency, dispersancy
b) Viscosity, SAE 40
c) TBN 15-30
d) All of the above

49) 2 stroke engine cylinder oil

a) SAE 30
b) SAE 40
c) SAE 50
d) SAE 60

50) 2 stroke engine crankcase L.O

a) SAE 20
b) SAE 30
c) SAE 40
d) SAE 50

51) What is the use of double injection in electronic enginerefer arahna pg 136
a) Reduce SFOC
b) Reduce ignition delay single option
c) both
d) None of the above

52) Main starting airline safeties=non return v/v , bursting disc , flame arrestor

53) Types of turbine in T/C

a) Pr. Compounded , impulse type
b) Velocity compounded , impulse type
c) Velocity compounded , reaction type
d) Pr. Compounded , reaction type

54) Turning gear motor

a) High speed , high torque
b) High aped , low torque
c) Low speed , high torque
d) Low speed , low torque
55) What is governor sensitivity when overloaded
a) Quick response and over load changes

56) Dual cycle efficiency

a) More than otto cycle
b) More than diesel cycle
c) More than diesel cycle but less than otto cycle
d) More than otto cycle but less than diesel cycle

57) In crank case L.O testing lead is found, what can be the reason
a) Gear wear down
b) Bearing wear down
c) Liner wear down
d) Piston ring wear down

58) In crank case L.O testing chromium is found , what can be the reason
a) Gear wear down
b) Bearing wear down
c) Liner wear down
d) Piston ring wear down

59) In 2 stroke crank case L.O if silicon is found , what can be the reason
a) Sea water
b) Fresh water
c) Cylinder L.O
d) Air borne or dirt ingress

60) Recommended T/C turbine side washing,( compressor side- water washing low
a) Water washing
b) Solid grit washing
c) Water and solid grit washing
d) None of the above

61) Exhaust valve open due to hydraulic pr. And close by

a) Coil spring
b) Air spring
c) Both of the above
d) None of the above

62) In cold condition for good starting of main engine the compression ratio should be
a) 10 : 1
b) 12 : 1
c) 14 : 1
d) 16 : 1

63) Sulzer engine main bearing pr. And crosshead pr.

a) 12-16 bar , 12-16 bar
b) 3-3.5 bar , 3-3.5 bar
c) 3-3.5 bar , 12-16 bar
d) 4-5 bar , 7-8 bar

64) From where to take main bearing clearance

a) Forward
b) Aft
c) Either forward and aft
d) Both forward and aft
65) Where you can find guide shoe
a) A-frame
b) Entablature
c) Bed plate
d) None of the above

66) What is free turbocharging=

t/c is not mechanically connected to m/e.
67) 4 stroke connecting rod __________ because subjected to __________ load
a) I-section , axial
b) Circular section , radial
c) I-section , radial
d) Circular section , axial

68) How sodium is contaminated in L.O of 4 stroke

a) Oxidation
b) Salt water
c) Cylinder oil

69) If degree of overlapping is higher then

I. Deficient scavenging takes place
II. Cooling of internal component
a) I is true
b) II is true
c) Both I and II true
d) Both I and II false

70) Why VIT is used

a) To make high peak pr.
b) To make high compression pr.
c) Low specific F.O consumption
d) For better combustion at part load and full load

71) What is meaning of hydrodynamic lubrication

72) How piston cooling is done=Jet shaker effect

73) If fuel is advanced

a) Power decreases
b) Exhaust temp. increases
c) Power increases
d) Exhaust temp. decreases

74) Bedding in of piston ring and liner

a) Gas pr. That exists
b) Elasticity of springs
c) Combination of springs

75) T/C impeller

a) Axial
b) Radial

76) Gudgeon pin bearing

a) Sleeve
b) Angular contact
c) Roller
d) Solid
77) When L.O is injected from Lubricating quills
a) Once in a stroke
b) Twice in a stroke
c) Once in a cycle
d) Twice in a cycle

78) When bore polishing occurred

a) Excessive lubrication
b) Poor lubrication
c) Worn out piston rings

79) SAE of crankcase L.O

a) 50
b) 30
c) 40
d) 20

80) Where does the fuel injection culminates

a) Helix when coincides with spill ports
b) When the fuel rack is at zero position
c) Upper phase coincides with spill ports
d) Helix edge uncovering the spill port (new ans)

81) Corrosion wear in cylinder liner in mid point

a) No other special arrangement for this, increase JCW temp. as high as possible and
use high TBN
b) It is ok with option (a) but it is sure that there is no need of other mechanical

82) Life boat engine

a) 4 stroke ignition engine
b) 4 stroke diesel engine
c) 2 stroke ignition engine
d) 2 stroke diesel engine

83) Contamination of cylinder L.O with crankcase oil

a) Cocking in piston
b) Bearing damage
c) TBN value changes

84) New 2 stroke engine piston design having 3 injectors

a) Toroidal
b) Cylindrical
c) Spherical
d) Spheroidal

85) Where crankcase doors situated

a) Bed plate
b) Cylinder head
c) A-frame
d) Entablature

86) If high ignition lag takes place what will be your action
a) Advance timing
b) Retard timing

87) Crankcase relief v/v free space

a) 110mm2
b) 115mm2
c) 120mm2
d) 130mm2

88) In 2 stroke why we use different cylinder L.O

a) 2 stroke are long stroke
b) Diaphragm used to separate

89) Why supercharging is the best form of turbocharging=because engine efficiency

can be increased exhaust gas.

90) Crosshead guiding shoes also known as

a) Slipper pad
b) Sliding pad
c) Thrust pad

91) How to prevent polishing of liner by putting

a) Carbon cutting ring
b) Fire ring
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above

92) To prevent polishing of liner

a) Carbon removing ring used
b) Flame band used
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Either (a) or (b)

93) Why fitted bolt is used to fastened bed plate to tank top
a) Short length
b) Easy installation
c) Better to transfer propelling thrust

94) Bore polishing definition

due to carbon deposits liner surface get polished.
95) Piston cleaning ring also known as
a) Oil cleaning ring
b) Piston cleaning ring
c) Anti-polishing ring, flame ring (both)

96) If shimps added to fuel pump then

a) Advance
b) Retard
c) Max combustion pr.
d) Less combustion pr.

97) Finishing of liner surface

a) Top land carbon deposits
b) After reconditioning of liner
c) Corrosive wear
98) After running in a liner wear set on constant rate
a) 0.05-0.1mm/1000hr
b) 0.5-1mm/1000hr
c) 0.02-0.42mm/1000hr

99) Cylinder liner material

a) Cast iron
b) Cast steel
c) Mild steel
d) None of the above

100) What is the importance of firing order

a) To start engine at any angle
b) Reduce bending moment
c) Related thermal, power balancing
d) All of the above

101) Why chrome liner seal ring is used

a) Sealing of oil (gas)
b) Protection against corrosion
d) Both (a) and (b)

102) How to reduce main engine F.O pr.

a) Setting relief valve of booster pump
b) Cannot change, refer manual
c) Reduces viscosity

103) Which statement is not true

a) Piston ring butt clearance is large enough for thermal expansion of the ring(true)
b) Piston ring butt clearance as minimum as possible for minimum blow past(true)
c) The gas-tight piston rings do not have any butt clearance
d) Oil scraper rings require springs to maintain contact pressure with the liner

104) Which statement is true

a) Crosshead bearing made of 2 half , the upper half has slots to accommodate
piston rod foot
b) Crosshead bearing made of 2 half , the upper half has slots to accommodate
piston rod foot and palm nut
c) Crosshead bearing made of 2 half , the upper and lower half both have slots

105) Which statement is true

a) Crankshaft is connected to connecting rod through a crank pin and bearing and
gives oscillating motion for rotating the crankshaft and upper part is connected to
piston rod with pin and bearing.(Ans)

106) Viscosity is controlled by

a) Backwash filter
b) Heater
c) All of the above
107) CPR function
a) Helps in cylinder lubrication
b) Release constant pr.
108) OROS in MAN B & W which part
a) Cylinder head
b) Liner
c) Piston
d) Thrust pad

109) Location of F.O back wash filter

a) Before circulating pump suction
b) After circulating pump discharge
c) After supply pump discharge
d) After viscotherm heater

110) Clover leafing

a) Low TBN
b) Low viscosity
c) Adequate feed rate
d) All of the above

111) Hydraulic oil given in 4 stroke governor for

a) Lubrication
b) Lubrication and cooling
c) Lubrication and cooling and maintaining pr. In hydraulic line

112) Small drop in speed due to load then governor droop

a) Worse droop
b) Zero droop
c) Fine droop
d) Heavy droop

113) In modern engine which liner is used (uscg 1531) concept

a) Air cooled
b) F.W dry liner
c) F.W wet liner
d) S.W wet liner

114) In fuel pump if shrimps added , then fuel timing will

a) Retard
b) Advance
c) Quantity of fuel may vary
d) No change

115) Liner wear can be reduced by

a) Controlling feed rate
b) Reducing combustion pr.

116) Naturally aspirated engine exhaust gas goes out by freshly charged air in cylinder
a) Supercharging
b) Undercharging
c) Turbocharging
{NOTE: (d) option is not scavenging something other was their}

117) Cylinder lubrication is done by special injector and hold by air supply given by
guides , which type of lubrication
a) Timed lubrication
b) Swirl injection
c) Cylinder pr.
d) None of the above
118) Non actuated motor for cylinder lubrication will work on which principle
a) Cylinder liner pr.
b) Exhaust valve timing
c) F.O pr.
d) L.O pr.

119) In main engine the gas inertia acts

a) Power upward and compression downward
b) Power downward and compression upward
c) Power downward and compression downward
d) Power upward and compression upward

120) 2 stroke main engine max. compression test and max. firing pr.
a) 80 bar , 140 bar
b) 100 bar , 135 bar
c) 60 bar , 125 bar
d) 120 bar , 180 bar

121) Microbial growth why?

a) Yeast
b) Fungi
c) Bacteria
d) All of the above

122) High pr. F.O line extra sheath why? ( class regulation) gulia pg 214) solas ch reg 26
a) Marpol convention
b) Solas
d) None of the above

123) Slippage in semi built crankshaft (arhana pg 62)(ans acc to aption)

a) Vibration increases
b) Out of balance force

124) Extreme pr. (EP) means regarding

a) Property of hydraulic oil
b) Cylinder oil property
c) L.O property
d)If lo additives then correct this

125) Bore cooling of piston

a) Reduction of thermal strain
b) Reduction of gas force stress
c) Reduction in temp. of piston
d) All of the above

126) Which bearing is having stabilise influence on shaft

a) Roller bearing
b) Ball bearing
c) Sleeve
d) Any of the above

127) Main engine performance instrument

a) Clinometer
b) Indicator
c) Odometer
d) Planimeter
128) In new electronic engine indicator cock
a) Not required
b) Required

129) Compression ring major function

a) Elasticity
b) Spring
c) Gas pr.
d) Both (a) and (b)

130) Total dissolved solids reduce

a) Blow down
b) Hydrazine
c) Frequent compounding
d) Chemical cleaning

131) In FWG, the chemical which is not used

a) Nitrite
b) Borates
c) Chromates
d) All of the above

132) How is re seating of inlet valve

a) Spring pr.
b) Gas pr.
c) Push rod(open)

133) Some diagram based questions regarding butt clearance , axial thickness , piston
ring shapes
Can refer aarahna