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Internal Polling Memo – Friends of Kirby Delauter

• Bottom Line #1: Afzali faces significant and serious problems with Republican primary voters and
Frederick County conservatives when they learn of her liberal record on several important issues

• Bottom Line #2: Whereas the race is wide-open when voters are initially polled on their support,
the race swings heavily in Delauter’s favor when voters learn of Afzali’s liberal record

• Bottom Line #3: Republican primary voters in Frederick County want a candidate for County
Executive who shares their conservative values after having a tax-and-spend liberal as County
Executive for several years. These polling results are clear – voters’ impressions of Afzali’s liberal
record make her appear more like Jan Gardner and less like the candidate they want to make
important decisions on their taxes, county spending, and public safety policies

• Poll of 500 Frederick County Republicans ran from July 10 through July 11

• The race for the Republican nomination for Frederick County Executive is wide-open as campaigns get
under way. Polling of the two top contenders, Kathy Afzali and Kirby Delauter, shows each candidate
with significant built-in support, and there are statistically just as many “Undecideds” as there is support
for either candidate
o Kathy Afzali – 39.48%
o Kirby Delauter – 27.45%
o Undecided – 33.07%

• Kathy Afzali benefits slightly from higher name identification, likely as a result of her status as a State
Delegate. She has been on the ballot in a greater portion of the county than Delauter; however,
Delauter’s favorables are high among those voters who are familiar with him

• When voters learn of liberal votes taken by Afzali in Annapolis, as well as her public attacks on
Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, support drops off significantly and swings towards Delauter.

• After learning of Afzali’s vote to protect groups with known ties to radical Islamic terrorism, her vote to
pass Martin O’Malley’s budget that raised spending by $1.5 billion, and her public attacks on Jenkins,
who is leading the county’s fight against “sanctuary” policies, 37.2% of voters who had previously
indicated they would support Afzali switched their support to Delauter, and 44.4% of voters who had
previously indicated they would support Afzali switched their vote to “Undecided.” Afzali retains only
18.3% of her initial support

• Additionally, 50.4% of voters who initially indicated that they were “Undecided” switched their support
to Delauter

• Overall, combining Delauter’s initial support with voters’ changes in opinion after hearing of Afzali’s
liberal record, Delauter is heavily favored, and Afzali’s weaknesses with conservative voters are

o Kathy Afzali – 19.60%
o Kirby Delauter – 62.28%
o Undecided – 18.11%