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City Dental Institute is one of the best dental education centre in the country, situated at Noida,Delhi NCR, offering

most valuable courses in the field of Dentistry. It is a platform where aspiring students get to shape their career by
gathering practical knowledge about dentistry so that they never lack behind anyone in this regard.

There are various short-term courses on offer for the students including Endodontic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Esthetic
Dentistry, Certification course in Fixed Orthodontics, Implantation course ,Endo Pathshala and so on.

The dental experts,i.e.,the faculty over here makes learning easier using a clarity-teaching approach and the modern
methods and technologies are taught to the practicing dentists very easily so that they get to implement it in their
career. It is not needful to say that they offer the best dental courses in Delhi NCR. City Dental Institute is basically
known for the various and the best dental courses they offer to the students and the reputed faculties they have to shape
the career of the bright students and also to put a smile on every patients face.
Headed and founded by the reputed dentist Dr.Anurag Ahuja, this dental
institute took its leap into the professional education path in April16. It
was way back when the founder of this institution completed his MDS
from Delhi, PGDMLS from Pune and MIOCI from USA and gave a thought
about passing on his knowledge and skills to the aspiring students in the
field of dentistry and established an institute in Delhi NCR in April 2016.
Here at City Dental Institute, the students are provided with
modern techniques and up-to-date equipments to support
them throughout their tenure of study and faculties are also
given mentoring responsibility to keep a check on the
students and help them out in case of any difficulty in
academics. The experienced and friendly faculty are not
only reputed dentists, but they belong to the alumni of
various renowned colleges round the globe.
Wondering why one should join City Dental Institute? Just go through the facilities you get here at City Dental Centre
and institute:

Centrally Air-conditioned
100% Power Backup
24hrs CCTV surveillance
Well-maintained Hygiene
State of the art machines and modern equipments
Free dental checkup once every month(since 2010)
National Dental Excellence Award Winner
The Branch achievers award-2015 (for expertise in oral care)

These all points add up to strongly recommend any aspiring student in the field of dentistry to City Dental institute.
Single seating BDS, MDS (BANGALORE)


Endo inside odont tooth Cost: Rs.55000
Reputed teachers master the students about the study and treatment of dental pulp Duration: 2months
within 2months. An affordable 6-module course for emerging dentists of the future.
A 6-module course in the field of dentistry focussing on dental Cost: Rs.75000
prostheses(Prosthodontics) and endodontics is taught to the aspiring students. One Duration: 2months
of the best dental speciality course offered here in an affordable package. Students
are trained with a short span of 2months.
A 6-module course in Fixed Orthodontics on offer for students who want to pursue Cost: Rs.50000
their career in this field. Very much affordable and a short-term course, useful for Duration: 1month
aspiring students.
A proper Orthodontic course for aspiring students which consists of deep and core Cost: Rs.80000
knowledge about the field and hands-on practical approach for the students to learn Duration: 3months
while practicing. An affordable 3-months course.
A short-term Dentistry course for aspiring students to improve their clinical skills Cost: Rs.35000
and knowledge in the field of Esthetic dentistry. Emphasis is placed on the clinical Duration: 1month
component with a focus on a broad spectrum of modern esthetic treatment methods.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS or OMFS) courses specialize in treating many Cost: Rs.40000
diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft Duration: 1month
tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) region. A feasible and
economical 1-month course for aspiring students.
A workshop by City Dental Institute to promote awareness about dental problems Cost: Rs.10000
and treatment, organized every Saturday and anyone can take part in it to know more Duration: 1day
about Endodontics. Hands-on & Demo:1500
City Dental Institute is proud to offer you the best dental implant course in the Cost: Rs.55000
country at a cheap price in the form of a short-term course for the promising Duration: 1month
City Dental Institute provides ample facilities to its students as well as the reputed faculties. Following are some of
the advantage of being associated with the institute:

Phantom head facilities

AC lecture rooms
Multimedia presentation
Live demonstrations
Hands-on workshop
Clinical discussion
Newer concepts
Newer techniques & equipments
In-house library
Internet facilities
Hostel facility
Free satellite centers
Supply of course materials/CDs
Email id:
Contact person: Dr.Anurag Ahuja
Contact number: +91-9654440140
Address (Institute) :- B-156 Sector 36 Noida-201301 (Near
Noida City Centre Metro Station)

Address (Clinic 1) :- B-156 Sector 36 Noida-201301 (Near

Noida City Centre Metro Station)

Address (Clinic 2) :- Shop No. 9,10, Crossing Plaza Market,

Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad.