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As food choices ofof every pregnant women effects the growth and develpment of the baby.

also discovered that it effects the brain development of baby too. All these eating habbits from
green leafs to fish or working out in gym develops the brain of your baby. According to the
deputy medical director of the March of Dimes foundation, Diane Ashton, the
development of your childs brain and future intelligence can be affected by what you do
during pregnancy.
During pregnancy the eating habits of women changes and go to a maximum extent.
Majority of parents always dream to have a smart and fair baby.
Here I will first discus my Indian expreince which I have learned from my last visit to
India. Indians use some home remedies during pregnanct to have a fair baby. After that I
will discuss some foods during pregnancy for a fair baby.

diet plan during pregnancy for fair baby

Following foods are worth discussing if you want a fair baby. Make use of them in your
during preganacy diet plan for a fair baby.


Its believed that Saffrom milkif taken during pregnancy it improves the complexion of
grwing child and makes the baby fair.


Yeah one older grandma told me that coconut and coconut water makes the baby fair if
taken during pregnancy. She also shown me results which I have shown in photos below.


Major contituent of milk is Calcium which makes the bones of baby stronger. So to make
you baby healtheir you must intake milk during pregnancy. Its also belived that milk is
complete diet and helps in problems of stomach during pregnancy.


Its also believed in India that if eggs are consumed during second trimester of pregnancy
it will halp you to get a fair baby. Secondly eggs contain lysin which is responsible for
growth and development of fetus also.

If a women wants a fair child its recomended in India that she must take soaked
almonds. Almonds improves complexion of your baby but makes him/her smarter too.
So almonds must be consumed during pregnancy for a fair baby.


Oranges contains Vitamin C which works as antioxidant for our bodies so oranges and
other citrus fuits must be consumed for a healtheir baby.

So these were the Indian natural foods and remedies now I will discuss the proper diet
plan during pregnancy for a fair baby.

1- Parental Supplements

Parental supplements cosist of vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin D and Folic acid. Folic
acid performs an important role in brain develpment of baby. Vitamin B12 helps in formation of
RBC's, Vitamic C synthesixes collagn and vitamin D enhances growth on bones. You can take
ready made tablets of parental supplements because foods may distrub your stomach.

2- Omega-3

If you want a smarter baby taking omega-3 fatty acids is very essentail because it helps in
production of neurons. The good source of omega-3 is fish, eggs, walnuts, redmeat and cereals.
Always be cautious while eating fish. You must alway avoid swordfish, tilefish,and shark because
they have high mercury levels.

3- Citrus fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetable are ful of anti-oxidants which defend against free radicals. Free radicals
may damage brain tissues of your baby. As the name is concerned there is a huge source of fruits
and vegetables.

4- Iron

During pregnancy you have to double your intake of iron. Iron help in the transport of oxygen to
the baby. If in case you are iron defficient it may affect the IQ level of your baby and its grwth
too. So, for iron you must consult your doctor to test it and prescribe you accurate dosage of it.

5- Protien

Protien is very important for formation of new cell and harmones for you baby. You must
increase you protien dosage upto 10grams per day. You can do it simply by eating yogurt, beans
and beaf.

Avoid Alcohol
If you consume alcohol during pregnancy your baby may develop behavior problems, learning
disabilities, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and aggressive behavior. There is no
safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy so better to avoid it.
Stay Away From Bacteria
Bacteria may harm mental and physical growth of your baby so always stay away from
bacteria. Keep your home and kitchen clean and always try to eat at home.
Avoid Junk Food
Taking junk food may distrub diet and nutrient requirejment of fetus and will result in a
weak and unfair baby so for having a fair baby avoid junk food during pregnancy.