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Climate change

Informative, educational, unbiased-objective-balanced-impartial, trustworthy, reliable

Broad appeal, accessible

Q&A format- methodical, easy to follow- structure of FAQ pages

Organised, under heading- step by step guide for the uninformed- starts at the beginning

At times colloquialism, jokes, detailed description

- Idiom hot potato
- Accessible, chatty tone

Absence of jargon (specialised technical language, unfamiliar language) - unthreatening

Scientific information presented to the non- specialists/ uninformed/ everyman

Statistics- supporting evidence

Predominantly unemotional

- The article presents itself as objectively scientific, but uses techniques of persuasion
- The title is emphatic and unequivocal
- in association with the Science Museum- the quotes give creditability. the worlds best
climate scientists
- rhetorical questions in the subheading- engages the readers
- use of idioms hot potato and farting cows non-scientific language to engage all
readers in scientific issues
- Use of statistics gives the impression of scientific precision and accuracy: 0.8 increase in
global average temperature, top 12 warmest years since 1850