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Federal Register / Vol. 67, No.

216 / Thursday, November 7, 2002 / Notices 67831

submission of a collection and control previously applicable instructions and south of Lake Maurepas in Louisiana for
system design plan is required. After requirements; train personnel to be able the purpose of restoring the ecological
review of the design plan and to respond to a collection of health and productivity of the swamps.
installation of the collections and information; search data sources; Over time, hydrologic modifications to
control system, and initial performance complete and review the collection of the riverine system have eliminated the
test and report for the system is information; and transmit or otherwise natural inputs of freshwater, nutrients,
required. There after, annual disclose the information. and sediment that built and maintained
compliance reports are required. Dated: October 29, 2002. the wetlands. These swamps are
Owners or operators are required to stressed and dying due to saltwater
Michael M. Stahl,
keep continuous monitoring records of intrusion and excessive flooding, which
Director, Office of Compliance.
the parameters reported in the initial is due to subsidence and insufficient
performance report and records of [FR Doc. 02–28355 Filed 11–6–02; 8:45 am] accumulation of sediment. The project
monthly monitoring of surface methane BILLING CODE 6560–50–P will divert in excess of 1,500 cubic feet
concentration. per second of fresh river water through
Burden Statement: The EPA would a proposed box-culvert diversion
like to solicit comments to: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION structure in the levee of the Mississippi
(i) Evaluate whether the proposed AGENCY River, then through an outflow channel
collection of information is necessary [FRL–7405–4] for a distance of approximately five
for the proper performance of the miles, and into the Maurepas swamps.
functions of the agency, including Notice of Public Scoping Meeting on The presently proposed water diversion
whether the information will have the Preparation of an Environmental would be constructed in the Garyville,
practical utility; Impact Statement (EIS) on the Federal Louisiana area, connecting to the
(ii) evaluate the accuracy of the Funding, Construction, Operation and existing Hope Canal north of U.S.
agency’s estimate of the burden of the Monitoring of a Coastal Wetlands Highway 61. As part of this alternative,
proposed collection of information, Restoration Project, the Mississippi the Hope Canal is proposed to be
including the validity of the River Water Reintroduction Into enlarged in order to accommodate the
methodology and assumptions used; Maurepas Swamp estimated flows. The project is
(iii) enhance the quality, utility, and estimated to benefit more than 36,000
clarity of the information to be On April 26, 2002, the U.S. acres of cypress-tupelo swamps by
collected; and Environmental Protection Agency, increasing input of freshwater,
(iv) minimize the burden of the Region 6 (EPA) published a Notice of sediments, nutrients, and oxygen. The
collection of information on those who Intent (NOI) in the Federal Register that EIS will consider impacts of this project
are to respond, including through the it was planning to develop an with existing and/or proposed flood
use of appropriate automated electronic, environmental impact statement on the control measures of the foreseeable
mechanical, or other technological restoration project as the Federal future. Efforts will be made to ensure
collection techniques or other forms of member of the Task Force created by the that severity of existing local drainage
information technology, e.g., permitting Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection problems is not increased as a result of
electronic submission of responses. and Restoration Act, Public Law 101– this project. Information from
In the previously approved ICR, the 646 (CWPPRA) designated to carry out reconnaissance level studies for project
estimated number of respondents for the project. The EPA will hold a development included preliminary site
this information collection was 3,837 Scoping Meeting for the EIS on reviews; hydrologic modeling of
with 384 responses per year. The annual December 11, 2002, at the Garyville/Mt. existing conditions and basic diversion
industry reporting and recordkeeping Airy Magnet School, 240 Highway 54, in scenarios; baseline ecological field
burden for this collection of information Garyville, LA 70051. Formal meeting studies; and surveys of elevations and
was 15,110 hours. On the average, each presentations will begin at 6:30 p.m.; cross-sections, and will be provided in
respondent reported approximately 0.10 the meeting room will be open with the EIS.
times per year and approximately 39 poster displays at 5:30 p.m. Individuals, Alternative Actions: The CWPPRA
hours were spent preparing each groups, officials, and Federal, State, Task Force may determine to fund and
response. The total annual reporting and Tribal, and local agencies are invited to construct the restoration project; the
recordkeeping cost burden for this participate in the scoping process to CWPPRA Task Force may deny funding
collection of information was $890,000. help determine impacts on resources, and construction of the restoration
This included an annual cost of issues, and alternatives to be examined project; or, the Task Force may
$788,000 associated with capital/startup in detail in the EIS. determine to take no final action until
costs and $102,000 associated with the Purpose: EPA has determined that the additional funds are available. The EIS
annual operation and maintenance proposed wetlands restoration effort is a will be utilized in other actions such as
costs. Major Federal Action significantly the Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit
Burden means the total time, effort, or impacting the human environment. The which (1) may be issued as requested,
financial resources expended by persons purpose of the EIS is to ensure that (2) may be issued with conditions, or (3)
to generate, maintain, retain, or disclose decisions are made in accordance with may be denied.
or provide information to or for a the policies and purposes of the To Submit Scoping Comments, To
Federal agency. This includes the time National Environmental Policy Act. The Request Additional Information, or To
needed to review instructions; develop, EIS will be considered by the CWPPRA Be Placed on the EIS Mailing List,
acquire, install, and utilize technology Task Force in its decisions on funding, Contact: Jeanene Peckham at EPA Water
and systems for the purposes of construction, operations, monitoring Quality Protection Field Office, 707
collecting, validating, and verifying and on alternative features and activities Florida Blvd., Suite B–21, Baton Rouge,
information, processing and associated with carrying out the project. LA, 70801; telephone (225) 389–0736, e-
maintaining information, and disclosing Summary of Project: The proposed mail
and providing information; adjust the action provides for the reintroduction of Estimated Date for Release of Draft
existing ways to comply with any Mississippi River water into swamps EIS: Spring 2004.

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67832 Federal Register / Vol. 67, No. 216 / Thursday, November 7, 2002 / Notices

Responsible Official: Gregg A. Cooke, issues. NACEPT consists of a Unit I. of the SUPPLEMENTARY
Regional Administrator. representative cross-section of EPA’s INFORMATION.
partners and principal constituents who FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Oscar Ramirez, Jr.,
provide advice and recommendations Leonard Cole, Biopesticides and
Acting Director, Water Quality Protection
Division (6WQ).
on policy issues and serve as a sounding Pollution Prevention Division (7511C),
board for new strategies. Over the last Office of Pesticide Programs,
[FR Doc. 02–28352 Filed 11–6–02; 8:45 am]
two years, EPA has undertaken a Environmental Protection Agency, 1200
number of actions to improve our Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington,
compliance assistance activities. To DC 20460–0001; telephone number:
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ensure that the Agency’s efforts to (703) 305–5412; e-mail address:
AGENCY improve compliance assistance are
implemented in a way that continues to
reflect stakeholder needs, NACEPT
created a new Standing Committee on I. General Information
Notification of the National Advisory Compliance Assistance. This will
Council for Environmental Policy and A. Does this Action Apply to Me?
provide a continuing Federal Advisory
Technology (NACEPT) Standing Committee forum from which the EPA This action is directed to the public
Committee on Compliance Assistance can continue to receive valuable in general. This action may, however, be
Meeting; Open Meeting stakeholder advice and of interest to those persons who are
AGENCY: Environmental Protection recommendations on compliance interested in agricultural biotechnology
Agency (EPA). assistance activities. For further or may be required to conduct testing of
information concerning the NACEPT chemical substances under the Federal
ACTION: Notification of public NACEPT
Standing Committee on Compliance Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA),
standing committee on compliance
Assistance, including the upcoming or the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide,
assistance meeting on December 3,
meeting, contact Joanne Berman, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Since
Designated Federal Officer (DFO), on other entities may also be interested, the
SUMMARY: Pursuant to the Federal (202) 564–7064, or e-mail: Agency has not attempted to describe all
Advisory Committee Act, Public Law the specific entities that may be affected
92–463, notice is hereby given that the Inspection of Subcommittee by this action. If you have any questions
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Documents: Documents relating to the regarding the applicability of this action
(EPA) will hold an open meeting of the above topics will be publicly available to a particular entity, consult the person
NACEPT Standing Committee on at the meeting. listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
Compliance Assistance (Committee) on CONTACT.
Dated: October 31, 2002.
Tuesday, December 3, 2002 from 8 a.m. Frederick F. Stiehl, B. How Can I Get Copies of This
to 4 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Document and Other Related
Acting Director, Office of Compliance.
Adams Mark Hotel at 111 Pecan Street Information?
East, San Antonio, Texas 78205. Seating [FR Doc. 02–28354 Filed 11–6–02; 8:45 am]
at the meeting will be on a first-come BILLING CODE 6560–50–P 1. Docket. EPA has established an
basis and limited time will be provided official public docket for this action
for public comment. The meeting will under docket identification (ID) number
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION OPP–2002–0301. The official public
focus on the areas of the Compliance
AGENCY docket consists of the documents
Assistance program on which the
specifically referenced in this action,
Committee has been asked to advise the [OPP–2002–0301; FRL–7279–4]
any public comments received, and
EPA. These are: (1) Strengthening the
Experimental Use Permit; Receipt of other information related to this action.
national compliance assistance network
Application Although a part of the official docket,
by helping identify opportunities to
the public docket does not include
enhance communication among AGENCY: Environmental Protection Confidential Business Information (CBI)
compliance assistance providers and by Agency (EPA). or other information whose disclosure is
promoting collaboration in compliance ACTION: Notice. restricted by statute. The official public
assistance planning and tool
docket is the collection of materials that
development; (2) developing and testing SUMMARY: This notice announces receipt
is available for public viewing at the
performance measurement systems to of an application 67979–EUP–E from Public Information and Records
demonstrate the effectiveness and Syngenta Seeds requesting an Integrity Branch (PIRIB), Rm. 119,
environmental outcomes of compliance experimental use permit (EUP) for the Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jefferson Davis
assistance; and (3) acting as a sounding plant-incorporated protectant Bacillus Hwy., Arlington, VA. This docket
board to provide feedback on thuringiensis VIP3A. The Agency has facility is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
compliance assistance policies, determined that the application may be Monday through Friday, excluding legal
strategies or other related matters. A of regional and national significance. holidays. The docket telephone number
formal agenda will be available at the Therefore, in accordance with 40 CFR is (703) 305–5805.
meeting. 172.11(a), the Agency is soliciting 2. Electronic access. You may access
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: NACEPT comments on this application. this Federal Register document
is a federal advisory committee under DATES: Comments, identified by docket electronically through the EPA Internet
the Federal Advisory Committee Act, ID number OPP–2002–0301, must be under the ‘‘Federal Register’’ listings at
Public Law 92–463. NACEPT provides received on or before December 9, 2002.
advice and recommendations to the EPA ADDRESSES: Comments may be An electronic version of the public
Administrator and other EPA officials submitted electronically, by mail, or docket is available through EPA’s
on a broad range of domestic and through hand delivery/courier. Follow electronic public docket and comment
international environmental policy the detailed instructions as provided in system, EPA Dockets. You may use EPA

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