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Christopher Nicklin

Writing Assignment

Cartoons are not like ordinary shows on television. The do not have actors instead
they have drawn characters that interact in a made up universe. Because of this they
needed sound to back up the actions of these characters. Frequently classical music was
the medium of choice when choosing the background music.
In 3-5 pages find a cartoon that uses classical music and describe how the music
supports the cartoon. Is the character actually playing an instrument or is the music just in
the background? Is the piece well known to the public today compared to other pieces? In
addition form a position of whether you think this cartoon helps people be more
interested in classical music or hurts its position in society. Use articles from the schools
online resources to help defend your position.

Some cartoons that would have classical music

Looney Tunes
Woody the Woodpecker
Mickey Mouse Disney cartoons
Tom and Jerry