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'You can't win a race while looking back," are words that echo in my mind each time that

I think about the current race for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president. That is the sentiment that I derive from Illinois' own-- Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama. All throughout the primaries I have heard Senator Obama state that he is running for first place, not for second place." I admire him for that. I also admire how he graciously acknowledges the voters in various states whether he wins or loses in the primaries. Obama also made a lot of people proud when he said that he finds it funny how a person in second place is trying to offer a person in first place a job. In my mind, I also know that Obama is ahead of his time. Just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was. The masses know that they are speaking the truth. Pull the troops out of Iraq. Create jobs, provide tax incentives for the working poor, lower gas prices, provide feasible healthcare are all tangible subjects that the common man can sink his teeth into. Senator Obama offers viable alternatives. Earlier in the race Obama's counterpart stated that he had no experience thereby alluding to the conclusion that she posssses experience in order to run for and capture the highest office in the land. My question is what experience does she possess? She wasn't president her husband was. Yeah, okay she slept in the White House for 8 years. She is a senator and has passed and lobbied for critical legislation in her organizaton but so has Obama. She endured an embarrassing ordeal in front of millions of people. She stood by her man as he fabricated a tale after he stood over another woman. That gives her street credibility. She has been caught in telling tales about gunfire. She blames her ability to recall. Which is sort of reminiscent of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who in September of 2007 resigned after being questioned by Congress. He suffered from the same condition as Hillary Clinton does because he answered 'I don't recall' an estimated 55 times. Furthermore, I think when a person throws stones whether it be in the race for president or the race to the coffee pot they are admitting defeat because they have run out of gas. Instead they should be thankful for everything and everybody who has lead them to where they are in life. You can't win a race by looking back. You can't look back to 'dis' and opponent because they can sneak up and overtake you. You can't win a race by throwing stones but you may trip over one yourself whereby impeding your own travel. However, you can win the minds and hearts of millions just by standing erect and stating your position. Someone mentioned to me that we could have won either way if Hillary Clinton won the nomination because her platform is somewhat on the same page. Yeah, but the page is a half sheet. Obama took the high road and in doing so he avoided a lot of hurdles strategically placed in his way. In closing, I will say that yes, I have bought the Obama t-shirt and yes, I buy Obama's approach to governing. I wish he and his beautiful wife and children a peaceful journey on their stride to the White House. Until next time keep your heads to the sky. When man closes a door, God opens up a window. Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee