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The Urban Street Design Guide

Streets Are Great Streets are Streets Can

Public Spaces Great for Businesses Be Changed

Design for Streets are Act Now!

Safety Ecosystems
Streets Are Public Spaces

University City District

Its not sustainable if its not beautiful
Great Streets are Great for Business

Streets can be Changed

City of Atlanta
Design for Safety

Nearly an 80% chance of death if hit
Speed vs Turns

truck car

27 mph

R = 29 m
15 MPH
22 MPH
25 MPH
30 MPH
Speed vs Lane Width

9.8 10.6 11 12 13 14 15
3 MPH Reduction in Speed =

15% fewer collisions

10% fewer pedestrian deaths
20% fewer pedestrian serious injuries
Streets are Ecosystems
Urban Stormwater Issues

Source: Puget Sound Partnership, 2012, Integrating LID into Local Codes: A Guidebook
for Local Governments, prepared by AHBL for the Puget Sound Partnership, July 2012
Streets and Water Flow
Concentrated flow
Increased flow volume
Relationship to flooding

Source: CD+A

Source: on 12.30.2012

Green Design Elements in Sustainable
Plazas - Rain Planter Strips Curb Linked Tree Parking Lane
Gardens Swales, Rain Extensions Wells/Curbed Permeable
Gardens, Trees Rain Gardens Planters Paving, Rain

Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: on 04.12.13

Source: Source: on 3.7.2012 Source:

Green Streets
Green Streets
Act Now!