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SSB Receiver


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The RF signal is intercepted by the antenna and amplified by the RF amplifier. The amplified RF signal
is applied to the first mixer. The second input to the first mixer is from the first local oscillator. The first
local oscillator generates a frequency such that the output of the mixer varies between 3.096 and 3.104
MHz for the single side band received. This signal is then amplified by the first IF amplifier.

This receiver uses the double-conversion method to get the second IF amplifier. The output ofthe first
amplifier is provided to the second mixer. The second input to the second mixer is from the second
local oscillator, which generates a fixed local frequency of 3 MHz. The output of the second mixer gives
the second IF signal, which varies between 96 and 104 kHz. The detector then demodulates the
second IF signal. The output the detector is the modulating signal, which is amplified by the audio
amplifiers. The amplifiers consist of the audio driver and the audio power amplifier. This amplified audio
signal is then given to the speaker.

Reinserted Carrier
To demodulate the SSB the carrier frequency, also called the pilot carrier, is removed. The value of the
carrier frequency is 100 kHz. To remove the carrier, a localy generated carrier of 100 kHz is required.
You can obtain this two ways. The frequency can either be generated by a local crystal oscillator or
obtained from the received signal. A switch is provided in the receiver to connect the detector stage
either to the crystal oscillator or to the carrier amplifier, as shown in Figure (a), to reinsert the carrier.

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SSB Receiver

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