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POSITION PAPER OF THE REPUBLIC OF TAJIKISTAN Khalid Prasetya Hidayat Ramadhan Sekar Pratiwi Prabaningtyas Country :


Khalid Prasetya Hidayat Ramadhan Sekar Pratiwi Prabaningtyas


: Republic of Tajikistan


: United Nation Women (UN Women)


: Constructing Progressive Movement Against Child Marriage

As the delegates of the Republic of Tajikistan, we definitely agree with the topic, look at the condition of Tajikistan had too many cases of early marriage is happening. Once, the wedding had been distorted to protect children from rape of the Soviet army. Because of this the Soviet fractional in the country, still a vibrant Soviet troops during the war that he raped the young woman there. Now when Tajikistan became independent, many of the women who were victims of the men.

70% of women do illegal weddings so that they can survive in the poorest countries in the Central Asia. Poverty and hunger in Tajikistan which later became a major trigger of early marriage. Many families who could not meet the cost of his life, also make their parents marry them at an early age. So many women's rights that cannot be fought. The illegal marriage not being their poverty problem resolution gate, even into action that provides an opportunity for the men to have many women. Many of them are just wasted his life. Most men find work more Tajikistan worth in Russia, after they prospered there then they even married women of Russia, and then easily they divorced their wife via short message only. Because our country is indeed a lot of things that make sense for the parents marry her in order to survive more feasible because there are no other options to solve the problem of poverty and hunger is.

This condition is required to obtain the world's spotlight to perform actions that are expressly for the early marriage problems. Need for appropriate policies for resolving the causes of this case beforehand, so that then the whole world can prevent early marriage occurs, which are generally detrimental to women


tackle the

problem of early marriage and the marriage illegal. The Government of

Tajikistan has enacted legalization of polygamy, so that the women who marry illegally can

be reduced. So

that the


and the rights

of women fighters can fight


women's rights who

became the wife of the second, third, and so on. It is also able to cope with

the expected early marriage is so high in Tajikistan

Based on the topic and our explanation about the case, as we look back to our country, the delegates of The Republic of Tajikistan with full of respect offer some solution to solve the child marriage problem and bring a better future for women, not only in Tajikistan, but also in the other country around the world that experienced the similar thing.

  • 1. socializing on the dangers of child marriage from the UN Women is absolutely needed in an effort to reduce and prevent community and the youth to do child marriage.

  • 2. needs to be done to improve the quality of educational systems in countries with a high rate of early marriages. A good education will prevent a lot of people, especially the youth to do early marriage because it already understand the dangers that will be faced.

  • 3. UN Women will need to set up a crisis center for those who have been victims of early marriage, especially for women who are divorced and even abandoned by their husband.

  • 4. Necessary funds for the enhancement of family welfare in countries with a high rate of early marriage, given the lower well-being is a major trigger which causes the growing number of early marriage

  • 5. It takes the cooperation and international

aid from

countries and organizations for the

settlement of the issue of early marriage generally takes place in poor and developing


By the end of our resolutions, we really hope it can be the best solution to solve the problem of child or early marriage, and we with full of respect are hoping your cooperation to make it comes true as our mutual benefit.