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Body Part Substitution (others)

Body Part Substitution (others) The ability to replace the limbs or other body
parts with those of another. Dr. Frankenstein would be the foremost example of
someone who had this power although he used technology rather than a superpower to
create Frankenstein.

The Patchwork Man is even uglier than Frankenstein (Swamp Thing V1 #3).

There is a DC universe version of Frankenstein.

Body Part Substitution (others)

There is also a Marvel universe version of Frankenstein.

Body Part Substitution (others)

The DC version of Frankenstein is born with the ability to make complex sentences
unlike the Marvel version that learns to say more than aargh later on.

Frankenstein's Daughter was a movie in which a woman was turned into a Frankenstein
monster. I must have been seven when I saw this movie on TV and somehow the idea of
a female Frankenstein was much scarier in my mind than a male Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Jr. #1(Gold Key) is superhero version of Frankenstein. Frankenstein Jr.

lacks sutures, can fly and absorb and project electricity.
Body Part Substitution (others)

A one shot patch work man in Ghostly Tales #162 (Charlton).

Body Part Substitution (others)

A Frankencracy is a government that uses body part substitution as a means of

governance. Baron Karza (Marvel) steals body parts from the living poor and uses this to
assuage the rich and stay in power (Micronauts V1 #5).

In the World of Krypton V2 #1 (DC) a much less believable utopian Frankencracy is

presented. In this version all Kryptonian citizens are immortal due to cloning but some
wonder about the morality of this system. One Kryptonian commits a little incest with a
clone of his mom thereby abusing the system and this somehow causes the whole
legitimacy of the system to be put in question. Obviously you install more safeguards
such as more security measures against the abuse of the system rather than getting rid
of the whole system, that presumably has worked for 100,000 years. Also, the reader is
supposed to believe that Kryptonians are so noble they will sacrifice their own
immortality for clones without a voice much less a vote!
Body Part Substitution (others)
Body Part Substitution (others)

The Island (2005) suggests the very plausible scenario that very rich people have a
contract with a private company in order to have a body bank they can use when
needed. Organ procurement is real and expensive and people with money do go to the
head of the line so this logical extension of this practice using clones makes sense.
Cloning technology would allow for more efficient transplant tourism.
Body Part Substitution (others)

Brigade (Marvel) is a 21st Century Frankenstein that is made up of the body parts of a
platoon that was blown up in Iraq (Marvel Nemesis - Rise of The Imperfects Official
Game Guide)!
Body Part Substitution (others)

If a Frankenstein is good then an Atomic Frankenstein (Dark Horse) must be better

(The Atomic Legion).

The cover is an homage to the cover of Swamp Thing V1 #2.

Body Part Substitution (others)

Milenna is a mixture of Edenian Flesh and Tarkatan Blood, so beautiful on the outside
but monstrous on the inside (Mortal Kombat 9 Prima Guide, 2011).
Body Part Substitution (others)

100% Biodegradable #1 (Biomekazoik)

Broken One - TSR 2140A Monstrous Manual

Body Part Substitution (others)

Stitched Devil - D&D 3.5 - Monster Manual V

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