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Flow of Major Transactions in the Accounts of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif & Mrs.

Mariam Safdar (2008-17)

Inflow/ Remittances Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Mariam Safdar Outflow from MS Landholding of MS
Total Inflow: Rs.1,416.450M Total Inflow: Rs.1,004.042M

Declared Gift & Amounts transferred Declared Land

Remittances 2011-12(Rs.24.851M) Declared Gifts to 14 individuals.
Remittances from
Hussain Nawaz Sharif One such account
2009-10 (Rs.104.730M) Rs.125.917M mention that amount
was received from
2010-11 (Rs.112.163M) Rs.129.840M 2010-11 (Rs.31.700M) Rs.31.700M Rs.32.059M
US$3,324,472 & sale of land. Also,
1,120,000 2010-11 (Rs.19.460M) increase of land 2011-12
(Equ.PKR 449.743M) 2011-12 (Rs.43.624M) Rs.51.624M holdings was Rs.74.055M
13 remittances from 2012-13 (Rs.189.321M) Rs.201.540M observed in wealth 270.376M
Jun.2010 to Aug.2013 2012-13 (Rs.35.868M) Rs.35.868M statement of MS for 2012-13
2013-14 (Rs.24.596M) Rs.41.470M(gift) same period. Value Rs.104.111M
Rs.192.050M of total land
Remittances 2013-14 (Rs.189.170M) Rs.192.058M increased from zero 2013-14
Remittances from Hill 2013-14 (Rs.172.517M) Rs.261.065M
in 2010 to Rs.
Metal Establishment 804.424M in 2016.
Rs.215.620M 2014-15
(KSA) 2014-15 (Rs.218.811M) 2014-15 (Rs.310.535M)
Remittances Rs.310.535M Rs.540.215M
US$ 6,823,283 & Cash
147,568 Rs.234.600M 193.039M 2015-16
2015-16 (Rs.236.893M) 2015-16 (Rs.172.522M) Rs.172.522M
(Equ.PKR 737.454M) Remittances Rs.804.424M
31 remittances from 370.233M Others
Oct.2013 to May 2017 2016-17 (Rs.106.623M) 2016-17 (Rs.39.306M)

Rs.69.228M 121.767M Family & Associates

Other Inflows:
Cash 47.700M
297.642M Cash
Family & Associates 33.851M Total Gifts by HN/ Hill Metals to MNS: EURO: 1,267,568
100.000M (2013) US$: 10,147,755
PML(N) Equivallent PKR, Approximately: 1,165,655,303
Others 99.393M 45.000M (2013)

Total Gifts by MNS to MS 822,725,745

202.130M Others